Leia Heats Up Hoth

by Syren Callista

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Set within the Star Wars universe during the Empire Strikes Back, Princess Leia has just finishing shutting up Han Solo by passionately kissing Luke Skywalker. Leaving in a huff, she finds herself alone and aroused in an empty part of the Rebel base on Hoth, where she finds time to herself.

The medical facility in Echo Base on Hoth was beginning to warm up from rising tempers as a heated argument erupted in the recovery room.

"Why you stuck up... half-witted, scruffy looking... NERF HERDER!" Princess Leia Organa shouted, her voice rising with each word. She glared daggers at Han Solo, the man who got her so worked up with his immature tauntings. Everything about her screamed anger, her posture tense and awkward with a barely controlled temper as her fists clenched and unclenched. She was just as disturbed by how angry Han was making her as to how much she had -let- him upset her.

Han, for his part, took a few steps away from the incensed Princess before responding.

"Who's scruffy looking?" he replied, doing his best to look hurt by the angry outburst.

"Must've hit it pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that, huh kid?" he asked Luke Skywalker, who lay on a bed with a slight bemused expression on his recently scarred face.

Nodding her head, an idea popping up as the rebel Princess moved towards the reclining Luke and turned to look at Han. Forcing herself to be calm and letting her hands unclench, she moved closer.

"Well I guess you don't know everything about women yet," she snapped out and then grasped Luke gently with both hands, kissing him firmly on his mouth. Her heart threatened to jump into her throat at her sudden actions and a warm flush spread immediately across her skin, a surprising stirring happening between her legs.

Needing to be alone to figure out why this simple kiss had gotten her so excited, she pulled away from Luke quickly and stomped from the medical bay, leaving a stunned young farm boy, a smug looking smuggler, and a chuckling Wookie behind. Hopefully none of them noticed the huge flush that had almost magically sprung up across her cheeks.

So concerned was she to get out of the medical bay before her tormentor noticed her strange reaction that she did not even pay attention to the direction she was walking. Taking several abrupt turns into different corridors, she finally stopped to find out where she was.

"Oh great," Leia muttered to herself, realizing that she was in one of the undeveloped sectors of the base. Finding the nearest sliding steel door, she keyed in her access code and stepped through the threshold into an enormous icy cavern.

"Wow," the awe-struck Princess muttered. The ceiling of the cavern was covered in fearsome looking stalactites, dangerously sharp, pointing downward like wicked daggers aimed at the floor. More majestic looking stalagmites littered the cavern floor, their tips smoother and not nearly as dangerous as their hanging cousins above. It was no wonder that the Alliance hadn't tried to convert this cavern into something, it would've taken incredible effort to clear away all the icy obstacles, not to mention the danger of falling stalagmites to the crews.

Further looking about, Leia could see that the cavern had been used for some minor storage, with large durasteel crates placed close to the entrance. Her curiosity getting the better of her, Leia wandered to the nearest crate and opened its lid, peering inside. She discovered there was nothing of interest inside; merely an abundance of thermal blankets.

On an impulse, Leia grabbed two of the large black blankets from the crate and spread them out on the icy cavern floor. Once done, she sat down on them, closing her eyes. She could tell just by how cooler the air felt on her face that her cheeks were still flushed, and was suddenly reminded of why they were flushed in the first place.

Luke. Those lips. Kissing him...

As Leia reminisced about this moment that was anything but intimate, yet had affected her so deeply, her arms shrugged out of her thermal vest, letting it fall to the blanket, and began to unzip her jumpsuit.

All of this time on Hoth had been lonely for the Princess. With no personal relationships to speak of, young Leia found herself jumping at every opportunity she had to explore her needy body which so desperately craved the touch of another being. Her cold hands worked inside of her jumpsuit and cupped her breasts, eliciting a gentle moan from her soft red lips.

A bead of sweat ran down Leia's face, clearly a cold sweat. Even though much her body temperature was rising, it was much too cold in this cavern for her body to actually sweat. Leia was acutely aware of the sweat, and through slitted eyes she noticed the way her deep breathing and hot breath raised tiny puffs of mist in front of her face.

Longing for more contact with herself, Leia pulled her arms free of the thermal jumpsuit and removed her white leather gloves. The Princess of Alderaan sighed gently as her ripe young breasts were released from their confines and exposed to the chilling air. Her nipples hardened almost instantaneously from the bitter cold air, while her slender fingers wandered over the stiff nubs.

Slowly letting herself lie back onto the blanket, Leia started reaching around, searching for something to assist her in her lustful needs. Her hand left the blanket and jerked away as it made contact with the freezing ice floor. While her other hand still worked at her soft breasts, squeezing and caressing, her searching hand closed on a piece of ice the size of a hydrospanner. It wasn't sharp, she could tell, as her thumb pressed over its smooth round end.

Smiling more now, Leia drew the piece of ice to her and let its freezing end trace against her erect nipple, the coldness of it such a sharp contrast against her hot skin that she gasped loud enough to make a stalactite at the far side of the cavern crash to the ground, breaking apart in a shower of icy shards. Ignoring it, ignoring everything but the electric sensations coming from her body, Leia let the frozen piece of ice wander to her other nipple, again teasing herself, bringing her nipples into the hardest state of erection that she'd ever felt.

Leia raised the shard away from contact with her hard nipple and then groaned deep from within her throat as icy droplets of water dripped on her nipple, her body heat having caused the miniature stalagmite to begin melting. No matter to her, Leia thought, as the cavern was absolutely filled with other stalagmites for her to use. The melting tip of the stalagmite in her hand traced under the curves of her firm breasts as Leia further teased herself, her breathing becoming deeper and raspier.

Finally needing more, Leia dropped the stalagmite and devoted both hands to slide under the waistband of her jumpsuit, pushing it down over her shapely hips, then down to her knees. Sitting up, Leia looked down and was not at all surprised to see the huge wet stain in the crotch of her panties.

Why not add to it, Leia thought, as she once more picked up the discarded stalagmite she had used on her chest and carefully moved it to her crotch. Taking a deep breath, she pressed the tip against the thin material of the panties. Her hips jerked on their own impulse as the ice came in contact with the puffy entrance to her most intimate of places. Pressing the stalagmite more against her swollen pussy, Leia started moving her hips up to meet the icy probe.

Pulling her panties aside, Leia jumped as she pressed the tip of the stalagmite into her cunt, shaking uncontrollably as the thin piece of ice slid into her core. Sliding it in several inches, she whimpered suddenly as she felt the tip break off inside of her, and she jerked the rest of it out, examining the broken off end. Barely disturbed by this, Leia brought the stalagmite to her mouth, and gently began to suck on it, letting her lips nurse at it the way she would suck a piece of candy. A pussy flavored piece of candy, she thought, as she swallowed the liquid that came from the rapidly melting stalagmite, triggered by her very hot oral orifice.

Much too soon for her tastes, the stalagmite was reduced to barely the size of a twig, and beyond capability for further uses. Standing up, Leia stepped out of her thermal jumpsuit, but left her boots and her panties on. Goosebumps formed all over her naked skin. Walking away from the blankets she had set down, Leia set her sites on a small stalagmite that was jutting forth from the icy floor. Rising up much of her legs, its tip at just below her waist, Leia thought it was perfect for her needs. She just needed two more.

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