Fire and Ice

by TheDarkKnight

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Group Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Cassie and Becky were two amazingly erotic women who lived across the hall. They were way out of my league. But when I came to their rescue, I became their hero, and discovered that sometimes the good guys do win. A good deed rewarded, in a most unforgettable way.

Chapter 1: I Meet My New Neighbors

Every man likes to think that when he finds his one true love, fidelity is a certainty. That is an easy ideal to live up to, if it is never tested. But occasionally life throws us a little test, a moral pop quiz, call it. It happened to me once. I failed. Oh, it wasn't a simple true-false or multiple choice test. This was more like a moral SAT. Let me explain.

It started innocently enough. I had just returned from a hard day of work at my new job. I parked at the apartment complex where I was living temporarily. As I got out of my car I noticed a young lady getting some groceries out of her car a few spaces away. It looked like she had too much to handle in one trip, so being a kind-hearted, helpful sort, I offered my assistance.

OK, I admit, it was more than just chivalry. She was a knockout. She appeared to be in her late teens or early twenties. Her hair was so blonde it almost looked white in the bright sunlight. It came down to her shoulders, and framed a face that was magazine-cover beautiful. She bent over to get stuff out of her trunk as I approached, so the second thing I noticed was her cute behind and the way it stuck out of her micro-shorts. I don't know where I was when the law was passed that made it OK for young girls to let their butt cheeks hang out in public, but it seems to be accepted behavior now. This girl had the body to get away with it. Nice long, well-tanned legs and an ass that didn't seem to have an ounce of fat on it. Trim and tight, no cottage cheese in sight. No tan lines either, and with so much skin on display I could only assume that she did her tanning in the nude. The package was completed when I noticed one of her grapefruit-sized breasts almost tumbling out of her skimpy top. I didn't see any tan lines there either. I made a note to check out the complex swimming pool one day.

"Can I give you a hand," I offered in my most gentlemanly, non-threatening voice.

She looked up and caught me staring at her cleavage, but didn't seem to mind. "Sure, if it's not too far out of your way. I'm in Building Six." That was a warning. The complex had an unusual layout, and some of the buildings were a long walk from the parking lot. Six was one of those.

"No problem. I live in Six too."

"It's on the second floor, 2C," she added.

"That'll work," I smiled, "I live in 2D."

"OK, sugar, her you go." She thrust two bags of groceries at me, and grabbed the rest for herself. "My name is Cassie, by the way."

"Glad to meet you, Cassie Bytheway. And my name is John Nextdoor."

She looked at me like she didn't get my little joke and I got the feeling that she probably wasn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

We chatted briefly while we walked to our building. Cassie was one of those naturally friendly people who liked to talk, especially about herself. She told me that she had grown up in Brunswick, Georgia, which her accent had already given away. She had lived in Atlanta for a couple of years, and had just moved to Tampa a few weeks ago. I told her I had just started a new job in town. Because my wife was still wrapping up some projects at her current job in Orlando, she wasn't ready to resign her current position, so we were somewhat separated. I was living in Tampa during the week, and going back to Orlando on the weekends.

"That's too bad, sugar," she commiserated in that easy-going, friendly way that a lot of Southern girls have. "Y'all need to be together more. My daddy traveled a lot when I was growin' up, and I think that's one reason that he and Mama broke up."

"Oh, it'll only be for a couple months."

"Well, if y'all ever get lonely, remember, little Cassie's right across the hall." She turned and winked at me as she said that. "I'm just teasin' ya, hon. Y'all know that, right?"

I smiled at her to let her know that I knew I was being teased. But there was part of me that for a brief moment wondered what it would be like to be a single guy again and have a neighbor like Cassie across the hall.

I followed her up the stairs. That gave me a perfect vantage point to observe that luscious ass in action. A girl that wears shorts like that has to know that any man walking behind her will be getting an eyeful. But she didn't seem to be at all self-conscious about displaying her body. She even seemed to give it a little extra twitch as she got to the top of the landing, kind of like an exclamation point.

I started to set the bags down by the front door, but she motioned for me to follow her inside. I figured it was her small-town Southern upbringing that made her so trusting, and the fact that I come across to most people as a nice guy who wouldn't hurt a flea. The fact that that description fits most serial killers obviously was lost on my na‹ve new friend. We put the groceries on a kitchen counter. I took a quick glance around and noticed that the apartment was very nicely furnished. But it was plain that she wasn't a very tidy housekeeper. There were clothes scattered all over the place. It looked like she had another girl as a roommate. There were just too many clothes for one person, no matter how untidy they might be.

Cassie made it clear that she didn't have time for any more chit-chat, not that I was looking for any. "Hon, I've gotta lot to do before I go to work," she explained as she walked me back to the front door. Maybe I'll see ya' around, OK?"

That sounded like a 'see ya, wouldn't want to be ya' line, and I figured I probably would never see her again. A few days later I met Cassie's roommate. I was coming home from working late, and as I was fumbling for my key, the door to 2C opened and another spectacular young lady emerged. Like Cassie, this girl was dressed provocatively. She was wearing a short, black, shiny skirt that displayed a very well-formed pair of legs. She wore a camisole top that outlined her equally impressive breasts. I didn't see any sign of a bra, and I was impressed that tits that large didn't need more support.

When she saw me, she smiled and said, "You must be John. Cassie said we had a new neighbor."

"Hi, glad to meet you... ," I paused.

"I'm Becky," she said as we shook hands. If Cassie was the prototypical All-American blonde, Becky was a walking statement for the natural beauty of redheads. She had carefully trimmed flaming-red hair that just covered her ears. It was obvious that she spent a lot of time and money taking care of it. Not a hair seemed to be out of place. She had the peaches-and-cream skin to go with it, with a light sprinkling of freckles on her cheeks. Cassie obviously spent a lot of time working on her tan, but Becky's pale skin seemed to indicate that she was just as determined to stay out of the sun. Her eyes seemed to be somewhere between a gray and a green in the semi-darkness of the hallway. All in all, she was another enchanting creature.

For a moment I again wondered what it would be like to be single and have these girls as neighbors. But I quickly put those thoughts aside. Even if I wasn't married, those girls were way out of my league.

I was a little curious about how two girls who looked to be in their early twenties could afford all the nice stuff I had seen in their apartment, but I decided it really wasn't any of my business. Besides, just because they were knockouts didn't mean they couldn't have been successful young businesswomen, or lawyers for that matter.

The next night, right after I finished my take-home pizza supper, the doorbell rang. When I checked the peephole, I was surprised to see Cassie. I opened the door. "Hi Cassie, what's up?"

"Hey, John, are y'all a handyman?"

"Well, not really" I said begrudgingly. Actually I do have the ability to fix a lot of different kinds of things, something handed down to me by my father, but I am always reluctant to volunteer that information until I know what I am getting myself into. Since the maintenance staff at the complex would take care of any run-of-the-mill plumbing or electrical problems, I wasn't sure what she could need a handyman for. "What do you need?"

She flashed a thousand-watt smile at me. "Well, Becky and I went out and bought one of those fancy sound systems yesterday, with all those speakers that go all over the place, and we're tryin' to figure out how to hook it up. Do you know anything about them rascals, darlin'?"

I told her I would take a look and followed her back to 2C. When we walked in, Becky was bent over one of the boxes, attempting to get one of the speakers out. Apparently these girls just didn't own anything other than Daisy Dukes, because Becky had at least as much ass cheek poking out as Cassie had shown in the parking lot. It was another fine rear end that was aimed at me, with pale, delicate-looking skin, but just as firm as Cassie's booty. Both of them had tight, trim bodies. They must work out everyday, I thought.

I did a quick inventory of what they had, and asked a few questions about where they wanted to put the speakers, etc. I decided to help them, even though I knew it would mean a couple evenings of work. It wasn't like I had a lot going on in the evenings anyway. And of course, this would give me an opportunity to hang around with my attractive neighbors, and not feel guilty about it.

I determined right away that we needed a few more cables and better quality speaker wire, so Cassie and I made a quick trip to the nearest electronics store. During the trip we chatted, and I learned a little more about my new neighbors. As I had guessed, Cassie was twenty-one and Becky was twenty-three. They had met in Atlanta a few months earlier. I asked if they were still in school, and Cassie just grinned and said that they weren't exactly the studious kind. I asked what they did for a living, but all she told me was that they were in the entertainment industry. I didn't know what that could mean in the Tampa area, but I didn't push it any further. Cassie seemed a little uncomfortable talking about it, and didn't volunteer any more information.

When we got back to the apartment I spent a couple of hours stringing speaker wires as unobtrusively as I could. I was still working at nine o'clock when Cassie told me that they had to go to work. Whatever it was they did in the 'entertainment' industry, it had some strange working hours. Disk jockeys, maybe? I told them I would come back the next night to finish.

That night Cassie was there by herself. The hard part of the job was over, so it only took me about half an hour to finish. After I double-checked all the wiring, we decided to test it out by playing a DVD. Cassie offered me a beer, and we settled down to watch the movie she had chosen. I hadn't noticed what it was when she slipped it into the player, so I was a little surprised, and embarrassed, when it turned out to be a porn flick. I sat there, not sure what to say or how to react. I've watched a lot of porn, but usually by myself. My wife and I watched one together on our honeymoon, but she had been unhappy about it, so I hadn't tried that again. Now here I was watching a gonzo feature with a young lady that I barely knew.

Cassie finally noticed my discomfort. "I'm sorry, hon. I guess I just wasn't thinkin'. Becky and I are a little wild, and we like to watch this kind of stuff, but sometimes I forget that it don't float everybody's boat."

She stopped the movie, and quickly replaced it with a romantic comedy. I watched a few minutes of that with her, then decided it was more than time for me to leave. I finished my beer, said goodnight, and got out of there.

Even though I had talked to my wife earlier in the evening, when I got back to my apartment I gave her another call. For some reason, my conscience was bothering me, even though I hadn't done anything wrong. Well, other than watch a porn flick with a very sexy young girl. Nah, nothing to feel bad about, right? And no, I didn't share that information with my honey.

And that, I thought, was that. I was ready to write it off as a chance encounter with some interesting girls that would make for a good story one night when playing poker with the guys. The next day was Friday, and after work I drove home for the weekend. My wife and I had some better than normal sex that Saturday night, and I have to admit that a lot of that was due to the images I had in my head of my new neighbors. I was tempted to tell her about them, but decided that explaining why I had spent two evenings in their apartment might get a little complicated.

Chapter 2: Fire and Ice

I was still curious about how two young, very attractive women, without a college education, could be living as well as they were. They both drove nice cars, and from what I had seen of their apartment, they spent a lot on furniture and the latest electronic gadgets. The fact that they were in the "entertainment industry", and were very uninhibited were big clues, but I was still mystified. Then something happened that resolved the mystery, and I realized at last what a dummy I had been.

One of my new co-workers invited me to go with him to a local strip club one night after work. Normally, I'm not big on that kind of place, especially since getting married. But Randy had been very helpful to me as I had settled into my new job, and I thought it would be good to bond with him. When I arrived at the club, the parking lot was almost full, even though it was a weeknight. I didn't think all those people were there for cheap booze, so apparently the show was a good one. The headline act listed on the marquee was "Fire and Ice".

Randy was already there, and had claimed a table about half way between the bar and the stage. For an hour or so we talked, and admired the young ladies doing their thing. I was about ready to leave when Randy stopped me and said, "Stick around. The best part of the show is coming up."

We ordered another round, and picked up our conversation. About five minutes later, the emcee made an announcement. "Gentlemen, for your enjoyment, the Platinum Room is proud to present Fire and Ice." The theme from the movie 2001 blasted over the crowd, the stage darkened, and the center of the stage was illuminated by two spotlights. And there, back to back, stood my neighbors. Yeah, Becky and Cassie were 'Fire and Ice'.

After I got over my initial shock, I settled back to enjoy their act. The club was darkened for their act, so I was pretty sure they couldn't see me. It was easy to see why they were the headliners. Their show was spectacular. The other strippers had not done anything that hadn't been seen a thousand times before, but Cassie and Becky put made an effort to put on an erotic show, and not just parade around the stage naked. Even their lighting was carefully designed and controlled. At the beginning, they stood motionless in the center of the stage, back to back, bathed in twin blue spotlights.

They stepped apart, and as they did so, the light shining on Cassie changed to bright white. This emphasized the contrast between her cinnamon-tanned skin and her very blonde hair, and verified what I had suspected; she had no tan lines. Becky was now bathed in pink, which made her pale, white skin seem like it was glowing.

They stayed apart as they moved around the stage, as if putting on two separate shows. Even though they danced to the same music, their interpretations were as different as their coloring. Cassie was more outgoing. She must have had some ballet lessons when she was a young girl, because she danced with more grace than most strippers have. She slowly pirouetted around, proudly presenting her body for approval. She spent a lot of time caressing her very impressive breasts as she swayed to the music. Unlike a lot of women, her tits looked even better without clothing than they did in the tight, low-cut shirts she liked to wear around the house. They were large, perfectly symmetrical, and without a hint of sag. She looked like a bronze sculpture.

When she turned and we saw her in profile for the first time, the most amazing aspect of her body became apparent. Her breasts looked like they had breasts. Her swollen areoles puffed out from the surrounding softness of her mounds as if they had been stung by a swarm of bees. And jutting out from those mounds were the biggest nipples I had ever seen. They must have protruded half an inch, and were as big around as my little finger. I had never seen anything like that, and was fascinated with the thought of what they would feel like in my mouth. A quick glance around the room indicated that most of the men were having similar fantasies; I saw a lot of lips being licked.

The muscles in her long legs were well defined. Her body projected an aura of femininity and power at the same time. If not for her massive mammaries, she could have been an Olympic gymnast, or beach volleyball player. Her butt almost seemed too small in comparison to her chest, but had a delightful roundness to it. As I had noted when I first saw her, it was trim and tight, without a sign of a wiggle.

A few moments later, the girls switched and Becky moved in front of us. She was more reserved, which seems like a strange thing to say about a stripper, but compared to Cassie's lack of inhibition and delight with showing off her body, Becky appeared almost shy. She didn't touch herself as much, and even though she was totally nude she somehow managed to keep parts of her body hidden at all times through subtle movements and clever use of her hands. If Cassie's body was stunningly spectacular, Becky's was the kind that you wanted to bring home to Mom, if you could trust Dad. Her breasts were not as big, but they had that distinctive pointed shape that makes me want to run my hands gently up and down their length. In contrast to Cassie, Becky's nipples were small little pink dots at the end of her long, tapered tits. They went perfectly with her red hair and pale skin.

She was very flexible, frequently lifting one of her long, slim legs up to the point where her foot was alongside her head while she held on to one of the poles on the stage. Trust me, that is a move you want to leave to the professionals. She also lowered herself into a complete split several times, with excruciating slowness. She did all of this with her eyes either closed or focused toward the ceiling, almost as if she were ignoring the crowd around her. Cassie had flirted with the audience, but Becky gave the impression that she was doing us a favor by letting us look at her. If anything, that disdain seemed to make her even more desirous.

After about ten minutes of some of the most erotic dancing I had ever seen, they finally met back in the center of the stage, face-to-face this time, and entwined their arms and legs. They were back in the blue light now, and as it slowly faded to back, the audience gave them a loud ovation. That was the first time that night I had heard that. After the house lights came back up they made a lap around the edges of the stage, collecting the money that was being thrust at them. As they were doing that, Cassie looked up and saw me. At first she looked shocked, but she quickly covered that with a smile and a wink.

Now I really tried to make a getaway. Randy once again asked me to stay a little longer, telling me that 'Fire and Ice' were going to perform individually next. I had seen enough already, and now that Cassie knew I was there I wanted to avoid further embarrassment. While I was trying to find an excuse to get away, Cassie appeared from behind a curtain, now demurely wrapped in a satin robe. She walked straight up to our table, ignoring all the guys who tried to talk to her on the way. She gave me a big hug and a peck on the cheek. "Hey, Johnny, I guess our secrets out, huh sugar?"

Now it was Randy's turn to be shocked. I was too flustered to introduce him to Cassie, and I never answered any of his questions about how the new guy in town knew 'Fire and Ice'. When Cassie had hugged me I had been embarrassed, but in the few moments she chatted with me, I noticed the envious looks I was getting from everyone around us. For one brief moment in my life, I felt like the biggest stud in the room. There was no way I was leaving now. Randy and I moved to a table closer to the stage and settled in for the rest of the show. If she wasn't uncomfortable with me being there, then I was OK with it too.

Their individual acts were a little raunchier. Becky slowly made her way around the stage, and crouched down to flash a little open pussy at some of the guys who thrust big bills at her. The coolness that she had shown earlier was apparently just a part of their act. Now she seemed to enjoy displaying herself completely to the horny guys thrusting bills at her. I didn't know if Cassie had told her that I was there, but at the end of her dance, her eyes found mine and while she was staring right at me, she rubbed her hands back-and-forth along the length of those pointers just like I had imagined. It was almost like she had read my mind.

Cassie was more playful. She liked to shake her honey-colored melons in some of the patron's faces. She even let a few lucky ones suckle on those magnificent tips briefly. She picked out a guy sitting in front of us for a special treat. She turned around and slowly shook her tight ass in his face. He reached out and started stroking it. She didn't seem to mind that. But she did have her limits. When he tried to stick a finger in her butt she suddenly whipped around and slapped him. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her toward him. From my seat behind him I caught a flash of something metal in his hand. I glanced around quickly to see if any bouncers were coming, but I didn't see anybody coming to the rescue. Without thinking, I jumped up, grabbed my chair, and clobbered the guy over the head. When he hit the floor, I saw that the metal I had seen was the blade of a straight razor. Cassie saw it too as quickly ran off the stage.

I thought about making a run for it too. I'm fairly big but I don't consider myself a match for an angry man with a razor. But before he could gather himself enough to come after me, the bouncers finally showed up. One of them stomped on his wrist, and I think I heard something snap. In just a few second, they had hustled him out the door.

Randy and I stuck around for a little while, enjoying the free drinks that the club owner provided for us for my act of heroism. He spoke to me briefly and told me not to worry about any legal complications. Apparently the guys that hauled the creep outside had explained to him that it would be best if he just got lost. When we left, one of the bouncers escorted us out to our cars just to make sure he was gone.

Chapter 3: Dinner With the Girls...

I didn't see or hear from Cassie and Becky the rest of that week. The next Monday was the beginning of my last week of living alone and eating lousy food. That night, as I was sorting through take-out menus trying to decide on Mexican or Chinese, the doorbell rang again.

It was Cassie. "Hey, John," she grinned, "have you had supper yet?"

"Uh, no, not yet," I answered.

"Good," she said. "Becky and I feel like we owe you somethin' for saving my butt, so we would like to fix supper for you tonight."

I knew better, but I heard myself saying, "Sure, that sounds good."

An hour later I knocked on their door. Cassie greeted me and as soon as I walked in they both started apologizing for their lack of cooking skills. Cassie handed me a beer and said, "We're not really very good cooks, but I know how to fry a steak and bake a potato, and Becky can make a salad, so I hope that's OK."

The meal actually turned out to be pretty good. The steaks were massive, and cooked just to the medium-rare point that I liked. While we were enjoying the meal, our conversation meandered around aimlessly, with lots of jokes and silly comments. I mentioned that Susan would be joining me next week, and they wanted to know more about us. I told them that we had met in college, been married eight years, no kids yet, yada, yada.

No one brought up what had happened at the club, or what they did for a living. After supper, Becky opened a bottle of wine and we moved into the living room to enjoy it. That was when Cassie finally got serious. "John, I feel like I almost owe you my life, hon. I don't think just sayin' thanks is enough, but I don't know what else I can do. Girls like us usually don't have knights in shining armor in their lives." A few tears were starting to roll down her cheeks.

"You don't have to say anything more, Cas. I'm just glad I was there to help."

Becky wrapped her arm around her roommate's shoulders to comfort her, and said, "We're not exactly nice folks, as you found out. And we usually don't meet guys as good and decent as you." She seemed kind of down also.

I tried to cheer them up. "Hey, don't beat yourself up. OK, so you dance for a living, and maybe show a little more skin than your mama would be happy with. But it's just another way to make a living. You are spectacular looking young women, and you are just using what nature has given you. And you bring enjoyment and pleasure to some people who probably need a little of that in their life. I'm no expert, but you seem to be very good at what you do. That is rare, no matter what your job is."

Cassie smiled at me. "That's sweet, baby, but I'm still a little ashamed that you saw us perform. It's almost like having my brother watch me."

Great. The two most beautiful women I had ever been in the same room with, and they thought of me as a brother. Oh well, at least they liked me. The conversation seemed to die for a moment, nobody was sure what to say next. Whenever I am in an uncomfortable situation I usually try to get out of it by making a joke. "So, are there good benefits in that business?" I asked. "How's the retirement?"

We all laughed at my little joke, and the tension was broken. I thought that would be a good time for me to leave, but now that the mood had lightened Cassie wanted me to stay and watch a movie with them. "Not a naughty one, this time," she giggled. She held up the cover of the DVD. It was "The Day After Tomorrow". She was going to serve a little mayhem and disaster for dessert.

I agreed, but told them I needed to make my nightly call home first. I went back to my apartment and had a very uncomfortable conversation with my honey. I still hadn't done anything wrong, but somehow I still felt guilty. I almost didn't go back, but I really wanted to hear how that movie sounded on the system I had installed. Yeah, right, like I didn't know anything else was going to happen that night.

Chapter 4:... and Dessert

When I walked back across the hall their door was ajar, so I let myself in and closed the door behind me. The only light in the living room was from the TV. The girls weren't around. I called out, "Hey, where is everybody?"

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