Fire and Ice

by TheDarkKnight

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Group Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Cassie and Becky were two amazingly erotic women who lived across the hall. They were way out of my league. But when I came to their rescue, I became their hero, and discovered that sometimes the good guys do win. A good deed rewarded, in a most unforgettable way.

Chapter 1: I Meet My New Neighbors

Every man likes to think that when he finds his one true love, fidelity is a certainty. That is an easy ideal to live up to, if it is never tested. But occasionally life throws us a little test, a moral pop quiz, call it. It happened to me once. I failed. Oh, it wasn't a simple true-false or multiple choice test. This was more like a moral SAT. Let me explain.

It started innocently enough. I had just returned from a hard day of work at my new job. I parked at the apartment complex where I was living temporarily. As I got out of my car I noticed a young lady getting some groceries out of her car a few spaces away. It looked like she had too much to handle in one trip, so being a kind-hearted, helpful sort, I offered my assistance.

OK, I admit, it was more than just chivalry. She was a knockout. She appeared to be in her late teens or early twenties. Her hair was so blonde it almost looked white in the bright sunlight. It came down to her shoulders, and framed a face that was magazine-cover beautiful. She bent over to get stuff out of her trunk as I approached, so the second thing I noticed was her cute behind and the way it stuck out of her micro-shorts. I don't know where I was when the law was passed that made it OK for young girls to let their butt cheeks hang out in public, but it seems to be accepted behavior now. This girl had the body to get away with it. Nice long, well-tanned legs and an ass that didn't seem to have an ounce of fat on it. Trim and tight, no cottage cheese in sight. No tan lines either, and with so much skin on display I could only assume that she did her tanning in the nude. The package was completed when I noticed one of her grapefruit-sized breasts almost tumbling out of her skimpy top. I didn't see any tan lines there either. I made a note to check out the complex swimming pool one day.

"Can I give you a hand," I offered in my most gentlemanly, non-threatening voice.

She looked up and caught me staring at her cleavage, but didn't seem to mind. "Sure, if it's not too far out of your way. I'm in Building Six." That was a warning. The complex had an unusual layout, and some of the buildings were a long walk from the parking lot. Six was one of those.

"No problem. I live in Six too."

"It's on the second floor, 2C," she added.

"That'll work," I smiled, "I live in 2D."

"OK, sugar, her you go." She thrust two bags of groceries at me, and grabbed the rest for herself. "My name is Cassie, by the way."

"Glad to meet you, Cassie Bytheway. And my name is John Nextdoor."

She looked at me like she didn't get my little joke and I got the feeling that she probably wasn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

We chatted briefly while we walked to our building. Cassie was one of those naturally friendly people who liked to talk, especially about herself. She told me that she had grown up in Brunswick, Georgia, which her accent had already given away. She had lived in Atlanta for a couple of years, and had just moved to Tampa a few weeks ago. I told her I had just started a new job in town. Because my wife was still wrapping up some projects at her current job in Orlando, she wasn't ready to resign her current position, so we were somewhat separated. I was living in Tampa during the week, and going back to Orlando on the weekends.

"That's too bad, sugar," she commiserated in that easy-going, friendly way that a lot of Southern girls have. "Y'all need to be together more. My daddy traveled a lot when I was growin' up, and I think that's one reason that he and Mama broke up."

"Oh, it'll only be for a couple months."

"Well, if y'all ever get lonely, remember, little Cassie's right across the hall." She turned and winked at me as she said that. "I'm just teasin' ya, hon. Y'all know that, right?"

I smiled at her to let her know that I knew I was being teased. But there was part of me that for a brief moment wondered what it would be like to be a single guy again and have a neighbor like Cassie across the hall.

I followed her up the stairs. That gave me a perfect vantage point to observe that luscious ass in action. A girl that wears shorts like that has to know that any man walking behind her will be getting an eyeful. But she didn't seem to be at all self-conscious about displaying her body. She even seemed to give it a little extra twitch as she got to the top of the landing, kind of like an exclamation point.

I started to set the bags down by the front door, but she motioned for me to follow her inside. I figured it was her small-town Southern upbringing that made her so trusting, and the fact that I come across to most people as a nice guy who wouldn't hurt a flea. The fact that that description fits most serial killers obviously was lost on my na‹ve new friend. We put the groceries on a kitchen counter. I took a quick glance around and noticed that the apartment was very nicely furnished. But it was plain that she wasn't a very tidy housekeeper. There were clothes scattered all over the place. It looked like she had another girl as a roommate. There were just too many clothes for one person, no matter how untidy they might be.

Cassie made it clear that she didn't have time for any more chit-chat, not that I was looking for any. "Hon, I've gotta lot to do before I go to work," she explained as she walked me back to the front door. Maybe I'll see ya' around, OK?"

That sounded like a 'see ya, wouldn't want to be ya' line, and I figured I probably would never see her again. A few days later I met Cassie's roommate. I was coming home from working late, and as I was fumbling for my key, the door to 2C opened and another spectacular young lady emerged. Like Cassie, this girl was dressed provocatively. She was wearing a short, black, shiny skirt that displayed a very well-formed pair of legs. She wore a camisole top that outlined her equally impressive breasts. I didn't see any sign of a bra, and I was impressed that tits that large didn't need more support.

When she saw me, she smiled and said, "You must be John. Cassie said we had a new neighbor."

"Hi, glad to meet you... ," I paused.

"I'm Becky," she said as we shook hands. If Cassie was the prototypical All-American blonde, Becky was a walking statement for the natural beauty of redheads. She had carefully trimmed flaming-red hair that just covered her ears. It was obvious that she spent a lot of time and money taking care of it. Not a hair seemed to be out of place. She had the peaches-and-cream skin to go with it, with a light sprinkling of freckles on her cheeks. Cassie obviously spent a lot of time working on her tan, but Becky's pale skin seemed to indicate that she was just as determined to stay out of the sun. Her eyes seemed to be somewhere between a gray and a green in the semi-darkness of the hallway. All in all, she was another enchanting creature.

For a moment I again wondered what it would be like to be single and have these girls as neighbors. But I quickly put those thoughts aside. Even if I wasn't married, those girls were way out of my league.

I was a little curious about how two girls who looked to be in their early twenties could afford all the nice stuff I had seen in their apartment, but I decided it really wasn't any of my business. Besides, just because they were knockouts didn't mean they couldn't have been successful young businesswomen, or lawyers for that matter.

The next night, right after I finished my take-home pizza supper, the doorbell rang. When I checked the peephole, I was surprised to see Cassie. I opened the door. "Hi Cassie, what's up?"

"Hey, John, are y'all a handyman?"

"Well, not really" I said begrudgingly. Actually I do have the ability to fix a lot of different kinds of things, something handed down to me by my father, but I am always reluctant to volunteer that information until I know what I am getting myself into. Since the maintenance staff at the complex would take care of any run-of-the-mill plumbing or electrical problems, I wasn't sure what she could need a handyman for. "What do you need?"

She flashed a thousand-watt smile at me. "Well, Becky and I went out and bought one of those fancy sound systems yesterday, with all those speakers that go all over the place, and we're tryin' to figure out how to hook it up. Do you know anything about them rascals, darlin'?"

I told her I would take a look and followed her back to 2C. When we walked in, Becky was bent over one of the boxes, attempting to get one of the speakers out. Apparently these girls just didn't own anything other than Daisy Dukes, because Becky had at least as much ass cheek poking out as Cassie had shown in the parking lot. It was another fine rear end that was aimed at me, with pale, delicate-looking skin, but just as firm as Cassie's booty. Both of them had tight, trim bodies. They must work out everyday, I thought.

I did a quick inventory of what they had, and asked a few questions about where they wanted to put the speakers, etc. I decided to help them, even though I knew it would mean a couple evenings of work. It wasn't like I had a lot going on in the evenings anyway. And of course, this would give me an opportunity to hang around with my attractive neighbors, and not feel guilty about it.

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