Presently Yours

by Jay Petto

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Extra Sensory Perception, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Petting, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A telepath turns Bethany into a present for his friends.


This is a work of fiction and you really shouldn't try this at home. Do not read if this if it would be illegal for you to do so. Lyrics quoted are from Jethro Tull's "Pussy Willow" and are used without permission.

Chapter 1

Bethany finished brushing her long red hair and strolled into the bedroom, her dancer's body covered only by a towel. There was nothing, she thought, like a long hot bath to make you feel really human again. Better still, she had no classes to teach today and there was nothing that had to be done. The entire day was hers to do as she pleased.

The tune she was humming ended abruptly as Bethany realized that she was not alone. Her green eyes grew large at the sight of a strange man in dark clothes, seated cross legged on her dresser. He had reddish-brown hair; his mustache and beard framed a crooked smile.

"Hello, Beth", he said.

The sound of his voice snapped Bethany out of her shock and she turned with a cry towards the doorway. Her hand reached out for the doorknob but couldn't seem to grasp it. Each attempt fell short or went too far to either side; she had the crazy impression that the doorknob was dodging her grasp. Turning her head, she realized the intruder was still seated atop his roost.

"I'll scream!", she yelled. There was a lamp on the nightstand that might serve as a weapon.

"No you won't", he said. "Why don't you come over here and say hello?"

Bethany wanted to make a grab for the lamp but her body refused to respond. It chose instead to walk to the dresser. "Hi, Dave", said her voice. "Are we going to have fun today?"

What the hell was going on?

"We sure are, Beth", he said with a grin. "Today you start your new life".

"Yay!" Her voice had an irritating, chirpy tone. "What's my new life?".

"I'm glad you asked", Dave said, sliding off the dresser. He was tall, perhaps six inches more than Bethany. "You're going to be a present for some friends of mine".

Her voice was suddenly returned to her, though she still couldn't move. "A present? I'm going to be some kind of slave?"

He stood behind her and began to stroke her hair. "No. A doll - and a very lovely one at that. Of course, that's why I chose you".

She twitched inside. "I... I'm not a doll!"

"More of an action figure, I'd say". His grin spread as he opened a drawer and placed a pink vibrator on the dresser top. "And what interesting accessories you come with".

She reddened. "How did you know?".

"Oh, I've been hanging around for days - watching you, going through your things, tip-toeing through your mind. You just haven't been able to see me". He leaned forward to whisper in her ear. "But I've been able to see you".

"I don't understand how you're doing this!"

Dave reached around her and removed the towel. "That doesn't matter; all you have to know is that you're going to be toy for a married couple. Their very own living Beth doll - beautiful, posable, lovable. You can walk..."

Bethany's body turned to face the room. Both arms dropped to her sides and each bent at a ninety degree angle. She found herself marching across the room, her arms and legs moving in the jerky fashion of a wind up doll. Of course, real dolls didn't jiggle when they moved, they didn't try to resist or worry about their nakedness. But nothing she could do seemed to have any effect on the strange hold he was exerting over her. A sudden turn sent her back towards her grinning tormentor.

"You can talk", continued Dave.

"Hi - I'm - Beth!", said her voice. "Thank - you - for - wind-ing - me - up! I - like - to - be - played - with!"

"You can laugh".

I'm a living doll, she thought, giggling. Somehow this was extremely funny. There's nothing I can do about it! It was so hysterical Bethany couldn't stop laughing and she doubled over.

Suddenly the mirth was gone and she was paralysed again.

"I could make you cry, but neither of us would enjoy that". Dave strolled behind her, placed his hand on her shoulder. Its partner found her buttocks and gave one cheek a quick squeeze before he pulled her upright. Further adjustments to her pose left Bethany with both arms held in a curve before her. Her reflection seemed to be waiting for a hug.

Bethany was still trying to fight his control, but couldn't manage to move anything except her eyes. She tried to avoid looking at herself in the mirror. If only she wasn't so exposed!

"I'm tempted to keep you for myself", he said. "But their wedding anniversary is coming up and I want get them something they can both use". He sighed. "They've already got a toaster. I don't suppose you have any idea what to get them? Go ahead and speak if you want, but quietly"

"I... I don't know, but please don't do this to me!"

"Well, it's a bit late to change my plans. The movers will be here to collect your things shortly and you need to be dressed. A quick stop so you can quit your job, perhaps an early lunch and then I'll have the whole afternoon to get you ready".


"Of course - I may be telepathic, but my friends aren't. To turn you into their perfect doll, I'll have to make some changes to your mind. But we can talk about that while I dress you".

Bethany took several steps backwards and collapsed like a rag doll onto the bed. There had to be something she could do to get out of this, but what? How could she fight someone with this kind of power? If he was a telepath, that meant that he could...

"Read your thoughts as well as change them, yes", said Dave, who was kneeling beside the bed. "Here we go - pushed it a bit too far under there". He held up a box. "But the answer is - you can't. Not unless I'm lying so you don't discover my secret weakness".

She didn't like the way he chuckled.

"To continue", he said. "You've seen what I can make you do. It would be simple to just remove your will, but that would be sloppy work and no fun for me".

Dave was sliding something up her leg - stockings? His hands wandered across her thigh.

Several moments passed in silence.

"What... what are you going to do to me?"

He finished her other leg. "You need new reflexes, new patterns of thought more suitable for a doll. I'll be giving you those this afternoon. Some of those will be immediately obvious, others will take time to appear".

Shoes came next. She couldn't see them, but Bethany was pretty sure they were high heels. "What sort of... reflexes?".

"Ones that will make both your new owners and you very happy. Do you really want me to spoil the surprises?" Dave took Bethany's hands and pulled her onto her feet, causing a blush-inducing bounce. "I bet you peeked at your Christmas presents when you were a girl".

They were high heels. "It's not a matter of wanting", she said. "I have to know what - who I'm going to end up as".

"Well, I always was a sucker for a pretty face - or was it the other way around? No matter; here's a quick preview". He traced the outline of her lips for a moment, then gently pushed his finger between them.

To her surprise, Bethany began to suck on it. Her tongue worked the underside of the finger as Dave moved it farther in. She was suddenly aware of how much she needed to do this - and how satisfying it felt. When he pulled back, she was actually disappointed.

"I told you", said Dave. He fastened a garter belt around her waist.

"Oh, shit". Her voice was almost a whisper. This wasn't possible, was it?

"That's all for now". He raised her arms over her head. "We've got a busy day ahead of us and you're not dressed yet".

She remained motionless as Dave slid a sleeveless black dress onto her. It had a plunging neckline and was slit high on the right side. A thrill ran through her as he began to smooth the dress out, arranging it over her breasts, then working his way down. That isn't me, Bethany had to remind herself. It's his doing.

The last piece of her outfit was a white ribbon around her neck. "It feels very strange", mused Dave as he tied it into a neat bow. "To let myself into a nude woman's apartment and then dress her against her will".

The doorbell rang. Bethany tried to yell, but then recalled she was only allowed - only able - to speak if she did so quietly. She tried again.

"Help", she said in a conversational tone.

"Help, indeed - must be the movers. I'll get them started; you just stand here like a good doll. No talking!".

He started to walk away, then turned back. "Let me change your pose first. We do have company, after all". The doorbell rang again.

"They would have to show up early", said Dave. When he left again, Bethany stood leaning slightly forward, hands held behind her back and her mouth formed into a surprised little "O".

She could hear the door open, and the sound of voices. After a moment, footsteps approached the bedroom.

"Okay if I start in here?", called a man's voice.

"That'll be fine. Just put the small things in boxes. Someone will be by for the clothes and whatnot later", yelled Dave.

A brown-haired man entered, carrying a stack of unassembled boxes. He was wearing a green baseball cap and coveralls. Dropping the boxes on the floor, he turned to face Bethany. The name "Steve" was embroidered over his left breast pocket.

Bethany tried to think of some way she could communicate. Blinking was the only thing that occurred to her.

"Wow", said Steve. His eyes roamed over her body. He looked quickly towards the doorway, then walked over to Bethany.

He must have noticed she was blinking - maybe he could help.

"Wish I had a toy like you", he said with a cheerful grin. "Wonder if I'm supposed to box you up, too?"

That didn't sound like a prelude to her rescue.

"I'd like to play with you, but someone would probably come in and complain if I did". He patted her head. "So you just watch me work, Red".

Steve began to assemble boxes. Sounds came through the doorway - furniture being moved, men talking. Music joined this and Steve began to whistle along with it.

In her fairy-tale world she's a lost soul singing
in a sad voice nobody hears.
She waits in her castle of make-believe
for her white knight to appear.

Dave appeared in the doorway. "I'm about to head out", he said. "Can you take her to my car? It's the grey sedan parked out front".

"Sure thing. Does she go in the front? She ought to be packed up if you want her in the trunk".

"Front seat, of course". Dave walked over to bed and removed a black purse from the box, then put her vibrator into it. "I think Beth will want to keep this".

"Hmmm", said Steve, looking her over. He bent forward to put her over his shoulder, straightened and headed for the door.

Dave made a sweeping gesture.

"Your destiny awaits", he said.

Bethany's couch followed as she was carried from her apartment.

Chapter Two

The trip to the dancing school passed mostly without words, though not in silence. Vivaldi's Four Seasons filled the car, accompanied by her captor's cheerful humming. Bethany, unable to speak, had no choice but to hold her new purse and watch the city pass by. When they arrived at the building, Dave sprang out of the car to open her door and lead her inside.

The third floor hallway was deserted. She didn't think anyone was likely to be around on a Sunday morning. Whether anyone could help her was a question Bethany wasn't sure she wanted to ask.

They walked arm in arm to the door of the school. The frosted glass window was lit from behind and Bethany could hear faint music. It sounded like Vivaldi.

"The G. H. Harmon School of Dance", announced Dave. He swung the door open and bowed as Bethany's legs carried her inside.

The main room was a large dance studio, occupied by two women. Bethany recognized both - Caroline Davis, who ran the school, and Olivia Alexander, her fellow instructor. Ms Davis smiled as the newcomers approached.

"Bethany, Mr du Bois. I'm glad to see you both". The older woman extended her hand, which Dave kissed. "Perhaps now you can share that big secret you hinted at?"

"I'd be happy to, Caroline - only it's not really my announcement, it's Beth's".

"It just seems so exciting for some reason" said Olivia. "Oh - would you like something to drink, Mr du Bois?" At his nod, the little brunette went into the bathroom. The sound of running water followed.

"Let's take this to the office", said Dave, leading the way. "I suspect we'll all be more comfortable there".

He appropriated the chair behind the desk and Beth found herself sitting on his lap, her hands folded over her new purse. Ms Davis settled into a chair; Olivia entered and handed Dave a glass of water before picking a desk corner. Mrs Harmon's portrait watched from above.

Ms Davis leaned forward. "I do hope this is good news".

"Good news and bad, I'm afraid. Beth?"

Bethany was suddenly very aware of Dave's hand between her shoulder blades. Even before he raised the glass to his lips, she knew exactly what was about to happen.

"I've really enjoyed teaching here". It was her voice, but not her words. "But it's time for me to move on".

"You're leaving us, Bethany?". Ms Davis seemed shocked. "But why? I know we can't pay as much as some of the larger schools..."

"It's not the money, Ms Davis". Her face felt like it was on fire and Bethany wondered what she was about to say. "Dave has promised to turn me into a living doll - a plaything for some of his friends. I just can't say no".

The room became very quiet.

Olivia smiled. "What lucky friends Dave has".

"We're very happy for you, of course", said Ms Davis. "Though I will miss you, Bethany. But who will teach your classes?"

Bethany's head tilted as she spoke. "I bet Dave can do something for you!"

"Already taken care of". He placed the glass on the desk. "An acquaintance of mine will stop by tomorrow; you'll find her perfect for the job".

"I'm more interested in what you've done with Bethany", purred Olivia.

"Yes", said Ms Davis, "I know it's all very normal, but I'm not certain I understand it either".

Bethany found herself rising with Dave. He led her to the front of the desk and cleared off a section so he could make her sit.

"It's fairly simple, Olivia", he said. "I can look into Beth's psyche - sense and alter her thoughts, her memories, her perceptions. Since most people aren't very resistant to the effect, I generally do as I please - and so do they, for that matter".

"About Bethany?", prodded Olivia.

"Let me give you a demonstration first", said Dave with a grin. "Nothing up my sleeve...". He raised his right hand slowly, fingers moving as if across a guitar neck.

Bethany was wondering why nothing was happening to her when Olivia suddenly arched her back and shivered.

"I felt fingers running up my spine", said the brunette. "Was that you?"

A tingling sensation started in Bethany's feet and slowly began to inch its way up her legs. She managed to wiggle her toes with effort. Was the effect wearing off? She might be one of those resistant people!

"I made you think you felt it. Counterfeiting a stimulus is pretty much the same as altering a thought - or adding new ones. Just think of her mind as a canvas I'm painting over".

Bethany almost jumped when the tingling hit the top of her legs. It continued upwards, but she barely noticed. Her pussy felt as if it was being savored by an electric tongue. For the first time since she'd seen Dave, the smile frozen on her face wasn't a lie. The important thing was that she not move at all - if he wasn't paying attention there might be a way out.

"And that's what you've done with her?" Olivia's fingers danced lightly along Bethany's arm.

She had to exert every ounce of willpower to avoid moving. At another time she might have been able to enjoy it, but not like this.

"Yes, though it'll be on a much larger scale. Beth will see herself as a living doll - not just respond like one. Once she's ready - well, you can tattoo 'Mattel' on her rear end".

"Make her do something! Please?"

"Give her a hug and see how she responds".

Olivia smiled. "You don't have to tell me twice". Placing her arms around the redhead's shoulders, she leaned forward so her lips were next to Bethany's ear. "I used to think about you sometimes", whispered Olivia. "Seeing you like this, I couldn't have kept my hands off you for much longer".

The tingling had reached her breasts and Bethany wasn't sure if she could take much more. Olivia's warmth, that slim body pressing against hers - it was so hard to think. Her arms rose of their own accord and embraced the shorter woman. Their lips met a moment later and Bethany nearly lost herself.

"She likes that", giggled Olivia when they parted. "I could feel her nipples poking me". She ran her fingers through long red hair.

Bethany tried to pull her mind away from thoughts of... of being played with. She was certain she could move her arms now and the tingling was almost up to her eyes. But how to get away without being zapped again?

"Dolls like to be complimented", said Dave.

"Oh?" Olivia arched one eyebrow. "Pretty dolly", she said. Her hands continued to run through Bethany's hair. "Such a good dolly".

The "pretty dolly" flushed with pleasure despite herself. She wasn't sure if she wanted to strangle Olivia or - it wasn't important. If Dave would just leave - there were two other women present - didn't the bastard want to screw one of them? He was certainly paying a lot of attention to Olivia.

"I hope show and tell isn't over", said Olivia. She turned towards Dave with the wide-eyed look that always meant she wanted something. One hand made its way to Bethany's shoulder, then down, where it began to trace her collar bone.

Most of Bethany hoped it wouldn't explore any lower.

Dave chuckled. "You're a hard woman to please".

"Not if you know how", replied Olivia. Her hand drifted downwards; one adventuresome finger slipped under Bethany's dress, where it decided to tickle the underside of a defenseless breast.

It was important that she not move. Very... important. The tingling had swept across her entire body, but Bethany's limbs felt heavy. She was positive making a dash for it would fail.

"Care to tell me?", asked Dave. He seemed to be looking at Olivia with interest.

"Can't you see it in my mind?"

"Sorry, but she's already promised. Perhaps later on the other idea". He grinned. "I have to go see about a package and get something set up in the other room. You ladies could use that time to say goodbye to her".

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