An Angie Story - #3 Angie Goes to College

by msboy8

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Coercion, Humiliation, Interracial, Oral Sex, Petting, Fisting, School, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: In her third story, Angie is assigned as a resource for the professor and Law Enforcement students. What can Angie offer them, she is not the most knowledgeable of deputies, at least in police procedures?


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Illustration of a topless blondeThe phone rang again and again. It wouldn't stop ringing, Angie picked up the phone. "No Comment!" then slammed the receiver down. The phone began ringing again almost at once. Angie decided to let it ring for awhile. I'll just let those reporters stew in their own juices. The phone just kept ringing and ringing. Angie had enough of the shrill noise, She picked up the phone and screamed, "No Comment!" She was slamming down the phone, when she heard a familiar booming voice over the line.

"Don't hang up on me again deputy! I've been trying to reach you for almost an hour!" His voice seemed to lose its stress and had quieted down some. "Listen closely and don't talk. I'll pick you up tomorrow morning at 0700 in back of your apartment building. I'll be driving a blue Toyota Camri and I'll have an overcoat. Make sure that you wear a bra and your uniform with the skirt, under an overcoat. If you understand me, just say 'No Comment' and hang up. Angie did as she was told and then pulled the phone line out of the wall so she could sleep. It only took Angie two rings before she pulled the bedroom phone out of the wall as well.

Angie dressed the next day as ordered. Her bra was a demi-bra and her panties were a thong, both jet-black. She was wearing her two inch patent leather pumps, which she knew weren't the easiest to get around in, but pumps HAD to be worn with a skirt. What will going back to college be like? Will it be the same as before? I sure hope not.

Angie remembered the short time she had spent at SO Cal. She had not actually attended any classes there. Angie remembered that Labor Day weekend, at least part of it. She had checked in early to get her dorm room all set up. Angie had forgotten her cleaning supplies. Walking to a nearby 7-11, she was drawn to a house pumping out loud rap-music that had people going in and out. She tried to ask to borrow some cleaning supplies, but no one could hear her over the music. Her throat was parched from trying to yell, so she downed a cup of fruit punch that someone put in her hand.

The rest was a blur. That is until Tuesday morning when Angie woke up naked tied to a donkey in the main square of the college. That wasn't the worst. It was mid-day and the donkey's lead was in the hand of the statue of the founder of the college. Once Angie got loose she fled and was never seen on that college's campus again. I must make sure that nothing like that happens again, I was so embarrassed. Imagine a 21st century woman like myself seen riding a donkey!

Angie shook off the ghosts of the past and looked at the large yellow clock in the kitchen. She threw on her Police overcoat and hat. Angie wanted to be waiting outside when Deputy Sergeant Cook arrived to pick her up. There was no way she was gonna make him wait on her, even if he was a little early.

The best laid plans resulted in Angie being surrounded by reporters and cameramen. All they had to do was see her uniform hat perched on her pretty, blonde head and stay close to her. Angie really didn't appreciate the attention and kept yelling "No Comment!" and elbowing anyone who came to close to her.

A speeding car screeched to a halt next to her. The driver hunched over hidden under a dark grey Macintosh. The passenger door flew open and a large hand reached out to grab her. Angie avoided the reaching hand, until she heard a familiar voice swearing and telling her to get in the car. She almost lost a heel as she was jerked into the car. Cooke took several quick turns until he had lost any pursuit.

"What in the hell did you think you were doing? You were supposed to be inconspicuous, Angie. You couldn't have done worse, except for inviting them up to your apartment! I'm afraid that you will not be able to return to your apartment for a while. I've got an idea that might work, but in the meantime try to come up with a solution."

Angie tried to defend her actions while Cooke drove to the college. "I was just doing what I was told, wearing what I was told. Besides I couldn't invite anyone in, my apartment was a mess. I don't see what the big deal is anyway. I was just doing what I was taught at the Police Academy." Deputy Sergeant Cook looked over at Angie like she was crazy and spouting gibberish. He didn't say anything until they had pulled up at Saddleback College.

"Our first stop is with the Dean. Just let me do all the talking. I'm going to try and get you accommodations here." The two Sheriff's Deputies proceeded into the administration building, Cook leaving his overcoat in the car. The two were gawked at by most of the students they came across. The students weren't used to seeing uniformed deputies on campus, let alone a tall, muscular black man and a rather short, stacked blonde beach bunny.

They were shown into the Dean's office. He greeted them with smiles and handshakes. Angie thought that the Dean held her hand a little bit longer than necessary, but she might have been wrong, "I've heard many good things about the two of you, I'm sure that you will both be assets to our training here at Saddleback. Not only did you come with high recommendations from Captain Rooney, retied Captain Durocher had kind word also." The Dean was speaking to the both of them, but his eyes never strayed far from Angie's buxom form.

Deputy Sergeant Cook cleared his throat breaking the spell. "Thank you for the kind welcome Dean Stenstrum. I do have a favor to ask. Would it be possible for Deputy Applegate to reside here near campus, perhaps with a student looking for a roommate? Her apartment is terribly infested and requires fumigation.

"Oh I'm sure that something can be worked out. I'll see to that today, while you check in with Professor Bartol. He teaches Criminology and will be your faculty contact. The professor would have been here, but he has class this morning. You can find him in the Belair Building. He will see that you both are put to good use. Oh Deputy Applegate, Captain Durocher was saying that since you're back in an administrative role, you should revert to your uniform dress that you wore while working for him. He was very serious about this, he kept going on and on, and I happen to agree." The Dean's eyes seemed to glitter as he stared through Angie's bountiful blouse. Angie blushed; she knew what the Dean meant. Deputy Sergeant Cook sighed and rubbed his eyes; he had an idea of what was in store for the college.

Deputy Applegate and Deputy Sergeant Cook walked toward the Belair Building. They ignored the looks they got from the students; the students would soon become used to their presence. The two deputies found Professor Bartol's office; it was empty as he was still in class. They sat down to wait for their 'boss'. Angie stretched her tired legs out in front of her. Cook watched the leggy show of flesh from under his eyes. It was most sexy and helped the time to go faster.

A rather short, balding, pudgy man with a dark goatee entered the office without knocking. He glanced at the tall, black man before his eyes came to rest on the buxom blonde dozing with her pumps set on the seat of his office chair. The professor pulled the chair out from under her feet; her patent-leather pumps went flying and her bare feet landed on the floor jolting Angie awake.

"Humph, if this is what the police force has come to, I am going to be very disappointed. I am Professor Bartol; I assume that you two are the new deputies that will be attached as advisors to the Criminology Department, of which I am the Head." At that moment the phone on the desk rang. Professor Bartol answered it and an animated discussion followed." The professor hung up the phone and addressed the waiting officers. "Deputy Sergeant Cook, you are done for the day. Report here at 0800 tomorrow for duty. Deputy Applegate, a place has been arranged for you with a female sophomore that lives in walking distance of the college. Report to Dean Stenstrum; he will see to it that you get a ride over to the girl's apartment. I'm sure that you two will get along famously. See you here tomorrow at eight in the morning.

Angie walked back over to the administration building after Cook left for home. The Dean was waiting for her and led her to his chauffeur driven Mercedes. Once Angie was seated next to the Dean the car started off. Her feet were hurting from all the walking she had done in her heels, so she leaned back and slipped on of her heels off and began rubbing her foot.

She was starting to feel her foot loosening up and was relaxing until she felt herself being thrown back onto her back as her other foot was grabbed and her other shoe taken off. The next thing Angie felt was a pair of skillful hands rubbing her sore foot. "You really should take care of your beautiful feet, especially if you plan on wearing those heels all the time." Angie heard the Dean say as he soothed her aching sole. She was speechless as he took her other foot in his hands and massaged it as well.

"We'll soon be there Deputy Applegate. If you find you cannot live with this woman, please call me. Mrs. Stenstrum is away visiting relatives and our children are away at college, so there's plenty of free space in my bed... erm house. Feel free to call upon me anytime at all, day or night. Angie smiled with thanks as she pulled her feet back and slipped her heels back on.

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