Office Sales Call

by Rajah Dodger

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Light Bond, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A traveling saleswoman gives a businessman a very convincing presentation

Copyright© 1993-09-23 Rajah Dodger

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Bob Mathews was the quality manager for Farthing Software's new products division, and had been successful enough to rate a corner office on the fifteenth floor. He was reviewing the notes from his last conference when he was surprised by the appearance of a striking thirtyish woman in a jet-black business suit carrying a large sample case. "Excuse me... ?" he began.

"Hi, I'm Carol Parker from G-Case Products," the woman began. "We had an appointment this morning to go over our product line." Bob belatedly checked his appointment calendar, and found that he indeed had marked the company down for that morning. Carol continued, "We've got a new approach to code repositories that will give your team higher reliability and increased productivity. I've got several demo packages here, if you'll just let me put them on your computer."

Bob rolled his chair to one side as the woman came around the side of his desk, put a disk in the drive and began the installation procedure. His attention was distracted by a vague, almost musky scent he couldn't quite identify, and he was lost in thought so that Carol had to call his name twice when she was ready for him.

"I've got the main package in your DEMO directory," she said as she moved around behind him. Bob was just aware of the pressure of the front of her business suit against his shoulders but tried to focus on the software in front of him. The demonstration was, indeed, very impressive, and when she finished Bob could tell her honestly that he was interested and ask her to get some more information from her sample case. He took the opportunity when she walked away to adjust his pants, which were becoming uncomfortably tight. Carol's position leaning over her sample case did nothing to help, as her skirt clung greedily to her hips. She stood up, and Bob averted his gaze quickly before she could see him staring at her.

Carol came around his desk again with two more disks to install. "I wonder what perfume that is," Bob mused. As she worked, he took the opportunity to surreptitiously look over her profile from the auburn pageboy to her angular nose to the definite swell of her breasts behind her jacket. This time he was looking at the computer screen when she finished, and she suggested he run this demonstration himself while she stepped back to watch.

The new package was a standard "slide-show" program, giving summaries of her company's software features and benefits. Carol stood close beside him, giving details as each frame appeared. Suddenly, a slide appeared that was definitely not part of the company software! It was a color picture of a woman, dressed in a black bra and red panties, with her hand pushing the panties down and her fingers tangled in her pussy hair, obviously masturbating. Her eyes were closed, there was a flush on the visible part of her breasts, and her fingers were damp and glistening.

Bob's breath caught in his throat, and his erection came back with a vengeance. "What..." he began, then looked up at Carol, back at the picture, and back to Carol again. There was no mistaking the face...

"Yes, it's me," said Carol, as she reached into her pocket, "and since you seemed so... interested earlier, I thought you'd like that photo. These come with it." With that she pulled a pair of red panties out of her pocket, brought them down past Bob's node and placed them in his hands. Once again he smelled that odd musky scent, but now he knew where it came from.

"I do assume your door has a lock? Don't get up," she continued, "I don't think you'd want one of the office secretaries to know about your... little problem." She sauntered over to the door, closed it and turned the lock. "Now," she said, "since you've seen so much of me, I'd like to see what you've been trying to hide down there."

Carol came to where Bob was sitting and put her hand lightly over his crotch. "Are you going to do this, or shall I?" she smiled. Bob stood up, loosened his belt, unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor. Then he pulled down his undershorts, his cock slapping heavily against his stomach as it came free of the waistband. Carol stroked his fleshpole with her panties, breathing a count faster as she watched it pulse in the air. "Nice," she said, "why don't you put these on and see what it does for you?" Bob flushed, but couldn't deny the thrill the words gave him.

He sat down and removed his shoes and socks, stepped out of his pants and slipped the red panties up over his legs. They were ridiculously inadequate in size, holding his balls but only about an inch of his cock. Carol came to him and cradled his silk-covered balls in her hand, hefting them experimentally. She flicked her thumbnail against the purplish head, then wrapped her arms around him and kissed him savagely. Her tongue and his dueled as she ground her skirt against him, shifting from side to side and feeling his excitement. She pushed Bob back down into his chair and pulled his legs apart, leaned down and blew on him, hot moist air on pulsing flesh, inhaling his own scent as she breathed. "Let Carol show you how to maximize your potential" she murmured, and wrapped her ruby lips around the head.

Bob writhed as she bobbed slowly up and down, trapping his cock between the nubbly roof of her mouth and her rasping tongue. He gripped the sides of his chair tighter as Carol began to move her head faster, varying her rhythm and occasionally letting his cock come out of her mouth with an audible "pop!" before devouring him again. Soon, too soon, he felt the telltale tightness in his balls, and when she stroked them through the silk it was the final trigger to push him over the edge.

"Aargghh!" "Urrrggg!" "Ummffff!" Bob moaned through gritted teeth as he thrust his hips again and again, while Carol's mouth and throat drained him. His heart was pounding, and the air gave him a sudden chill while Carol was licking him clean and doing something with his cock and balls. She lifted her head and smiled devilishly at him, poking her tongue out.

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