Getting Heather

by johntackle2006

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, Light Bond, Humiliation, Interracial, White Female, Pregnancy, School, Transformation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The protagonist gets revenge on the girl who snubbed him but in the end they both seem to get what they want.

Her name is Hether. She was beautiful and would never give me the time of day. She was on of the beautiful people and I was not. We were both seniors in high school but we may as well have been from different worlds. I knew she was well to do and her entire life seemed to revolved around academics. She was always talking about what she needed to do to get in to the right college. I had the biggest crush on her and would have done anything to please her. She seemed nice and friendly on the surface but when she thought no one was looking she could be a real bitch. I asked her out to the prom junior year and she turned me down. "Why?" I asked her. "Because your Asian, and we'd have ugly chink babies." she joked but I knew she wasn't joking.(I'm actualy only half asian) I was devastated. Later on in our senior year we had gone on a school camping trip. The second day we did team building exercises. I had been( to my joy) paired with her. We were doing the exercise where we prevent each other from falling off of a log set high up off of the ground. I did my part and caught her. When it came to my turn she said she would catch me so I leaned forward. I was in heaven with the anticipation of landing in her arms. At the last second she pulled her arms away and I fell about a dozen feet to the ground. I broke my left arm, left leg, dislocated my shoulder and suffered a pretty serious concussion. The pain was unbearable. Later when I got out of the hospital she told me that she had slipped and gave me an evil smile. It was all I could do to not knock her head off right then and there. Eventually the urge was replaced with fantasy of tearing off her clothes and violently fucking the shit out of her. I became obsessed with getting back at her. But how? I knew that violence was good way to end up in jail and prison sex didn't really appeal to me. Vengeance is a dish best served cold. I knew that she was obsessed with her future in college and nothing could stand in the way of it. I also knew that she had only had sex once and didn't like it so she was abstinent. I realized that getting her pregnant would ruin her life. At the very least she would have to go through the trauma of getting an abortion and if I was lucky she would have my bastard child and not be able to go to college. The problem plagued me for months. I became obsessed with ways to get my seed in her from sleeping pills to mind control. How? The answer finally came to me by chance. I was in the school parking lot and happened to see her getting out of her car. Nothing too extraordinary, until I saw a manila envelope fall out of her bag. I quickly grabbed it up after she left and stashed it under my coat. We were in the final week of class and she was in a great mood. Across the room I could her talking excitedly to her friends about how she had just found out that she had been accepted to her choice Ivy League school. The entrance test had been grueling but she had done it. She looked like it was the happiest day of her life. Time was running out for me to get my revenge. There was only three days until school ended.

When I got home I opened the envelope and a bunch of papers fell out in to my lap. At first I didn't know what I was looking at and then It dawned on me. These were the answers for the entrance exam for the college she had gotten in to. She had cheated. Her name, address and credit card number were printed on the invoice from when she had ordered it. I finally had her.

After I calmed down I formulated my plan of attack. I waited a few days and watched her. She was on top of the world. She was going to go to college and everybody was so proud of her. She even got a new car from her folks as a reward for getting in. Now it was time. I called her late that night and told her I had proof that she cheated and If she wanted everybody would know what a fake she was, and she would never even get in to community college. She started to cry over the phone. Such sweet music to my ears. I told her if she wanted the packet back she would have to earn it. She got really quite then more sobbing. I told her to meet me at a motel in the next town over in three days. I gave her the time and address. If she didn't show up I would mail the packet to the dean of the college. She reluctantly agreed and I hung up.

Then the day finally came I arrived a few hours early and began to set up. I had brought a bag with me. In it was a video recorder, a few lengths or rope, lube, some condoms and the envelope.(I had made copies of the papers just incase.) I set up and hid the camera under some towels on the dresser and waited. Right on the clock I heard a knock.

"Glad you could make it"

""Please don't do this"

I put a hand on her shoulder and she flinched. She looked so timid and scared. My dick was begging to perk up. I guided her towards the bed. Here eye brimmed with tears. I leaned over and kissed her deeply. Her body writhed with fear and disgust. I fell on her and passionately kissed and groped her enjoying the little noises she made. I ground my body against hers. To my surprise after a few minuets she began kissing be back savagely. I broke our kiss and she lay there panting, looking confused and ashamed.

"You liked that, didn't you?"

"No, I didn't, I couldn't help it!"

"You're a little cock tease and your going to get what's coming to you."


"Yes, now get up."

She got up obediently

"Remove your clothes, Slowly."

She looked at me, her eyes pleading. Defeated she began to slowly unbutton her shirt and slid her jeans off. She stood there clad in only her black bra and matching panties. They were so thin you see right through them.

"You little slut, you wanted this" I told her running a finger along the waistband of her panties.

She looked down in shame. I could smell her musky scent.

"Your wet aren't you?"

Still looking down she nodded.

I put a hand on her shoulder and pushed her down to her knees. She was at eye level with the bulge straining in my pants.

"Open it" I ordered

Cautiously she unbuttoned the top button and pulled the zipper. Reaching in my boxers she fished my hard member out. Her hands felt so soft and delicate holding my pulsating cock. A bead of precum had formed on the tip.

"Stick your tongue out and lick it"

Slowly her pointy little tongue emerged and leaning forward gave the tip of my cock a little lick. She licked the end like a lollypop for a while. I placed my hand on the back of her head and slowly forced my way in to her warm mouth.

"Suck and lick"

I slowly face fucked her. Her lips were so soft and her tongue was actually very talented. At first she was timid but after a while she seemed to get in to it and was sucking like a champ. After about ten minutes it began to feel unbearable and I knew I was close. I didn't want to tip her off, I figured it would be fun to surprise her. The tightness starting and using her hair I forced her to make eye contact with me. Her deep brown eyes locked with mine and then they got really big with surprise as she realized that I was cumming in her mouth. I held on to the back of her head and forced her to take the whole pent up load. I hadn't cum in almost a week. She gagged a little as some of it hit the back of her thought. I let go of her hair and se collapsed gasping and panting. She had spit most of it out and gotten a good amount running down her chin and on he chest. The pearly white cum contrasted nicely with her black sheer bra. She lay there on the floor almost in a fetal position crying. I unhooked the back of her bra and began to pull her panties off. She gave no resistance. I rolled her over on to her back and pulled of her bra. She had a nicely trimmed bush that just barley covered her soft looking labia. She crossed her arms over her full 32c cup sized breasts. After a while she calmed down and I ordered her to clean up and take a shower. She got up and started the water running and got in. After a few minutes I disrobed and got in with her. She retreated to corner of the shower but I pulled her over to me and embracing her form behind I began to squeeze and massage her firm little breasts. With the warm water running over us she soon started to relax and before I knew it she was moaning and rubbing her ass against my hardness. She hand slipped down and she began to rub herself to orgasm. When she came she let out a quiet little gasp. The warm water was beginning to run out so I turned it off and toweled her dry. She looked so small and venerable in that big towel like a little girl. A part of me felt kind of bad for her but I wasn't going to stop now.

She eyed my hard member and looked at me pleadingly.

"Please let me go."

"No, not yet, you have to earn your freedom dear. Maybe this will teach you to be nicer to people in the future."

"I'm sorry I was so messed up to you. I thought you were nice. I don't know why I acted the way I did."

"Well I liked you too but its too late for apologies. Now be a good girl and do what I say. "The sooner you do, the sooner you can go and get back to your happy little life."

She put her hands together in a little begging gesture but I just pushed her towards the bed.

"Get on your hands and knees" I ordered her as I retrieved a foil packet from the bag on the dresser.

She crawled on to the bed and got on to her hands an knees. She had a beautiful little and her cunt lips were still a little swollen from the shower I rolled the condom over my member. Getting on to the bed I positioned myself behind her and lined the tip of my cock with her small pink sphincter. I applied a drop of lube to her trembling rosebud and smeared some on my member. I pressed the tip against her hole and she let out a whimper of apprehension. I pressed and my cockhead flattened against her closed asshole and she let out a pained groan. Grasping her hips I pushed and gradually the bulbous tip began to force its way in her.

"Oh god, oh it hurts" she gasped as I slowly penetrated her. I wanted to just ram the rest of myself in to her but I took my time. After a lot of her squealing and begging I had finally gotten my whole length in her tight trembling asshole. I loved the sight of my cock buried between her pale white ass cheeks. The ring of her opening was painfully tight and the length of her colon hugged my cock like a fist. I began to slowly fuck her savoring the pained noises she made as my cock sawed in and out of her sensitive hole. After a while I began to speed up and really fuck her ass. A thin sheen of perspiration had broken out all over her body... She began to sob and make incoherent noises from the intensity of her ass fucking. I was getting close and began to slow down and to her relief I stopped. Her hands were clenched lightly in to the sheets and she was panting from the pain of having my cock in her cherry ass. She looked over her shoulder questioningly. I slowly pulled my cock from her asshole and she let out a pained/relived noise as she slid off of my member and collapsed back on to the bed. Her poor asshole was red and swollen looking.

"Turn over" I ordered her.


"Turn over!"

She gave me a worried look and rolled over.

"Put this under your ass" I handed her a pillow and she stuffed it under her.

"I'm not done with your ass" I told her. I positioned myself between her legs and grasping an ankle in each hand I spread her legs and pushed her knees up to her small breasts. Her ass gaped open at me. Her pussy glistened with wetness. I stabbed my cock at her rosebud and with a few hard jabs I had forced my way back in to her tight shitter. She grasped the headboard to prepare for the onslaught but instead I fucked her slowly focusing on the sensations and enjoying my domination of her. She kept her eyes closed tightly the whole time. After about fifteen minutes of slowly sodomizing her I was ready to nut. I didn't want to cum in her ass though. I waited un-till I was right at the edge and suddenly I pulled out and tore off the condom. Her eyes flew open from the sudden empty-ness in her asshole just in time to see the first spurt of cum shoot out of the end of my cock and splatter on her smooth flat stomach. I aimed a little lower and the rest of my load went ended up landing in her pubes.

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