Anger Breeds Revenge

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Claudia finds out her husband is having an affair and plots revenge. Follow this woman as she meanders through the shopping mall finding men and then read the explosive ending.

I was sitting on my bed and had just sucked in yet another deep breath. I was trying not to cry and to make a major decision at the same time; to wit, if I wanted to get my gun from the safe and go down to my husbands' office blow his brains out. I had the errant object of my anger in my hand, an e-mail that was carefully folded and for the umptheenth time I opened it and looked at the picture and reread the text. The photo was quite good actually; it showed my husbands 23 year old secretary, Mindy, totally nude and sucking on a cock which could only be my husbands, she had even named his cock Big Josh. The e-mail was addressed to him in but she had mistakenly used our common e-mail address instead of his private one, her mistake — my anger.

Josh and I have been married for twelve years and he is 37 to my 34. For almost a year now our sex life has been steadily declining, from three to four times a week, to three to four time a month to... what... once in the past month? I had talked to Josh about it but he just shrugged his shoulders and told me that it was just the long hours and the stress of his job. Yea, right! The stress of having to fuck sweet old Mindy every day.

I got off the bed and walked into the bathroom, stripped out of my nightgown and looked at my body in the mirror. Even though I was almost 35 I thought I looked pretty good. Fortunately we hadn't had any children so my body hadn't succumbed to any of the weight and fat problems that arose out of childbirth. I stood 5' 8" and weighed 118 pounds. My 34C breast had just the beginnings of some sag to them but nothing that would turn a man away. I turned and looked at my rear and noted with pride that my butt still stood up high and proud, above my long, tanned legs. I had light brown hair that set off my blue eyes and came down just past my shoulders. I normally style it into either in a bun or in a ponytail but today I decided that I would wear it down. You see I had a plan for a quest and for it to work I needed to look my best.

I turned on the water and stepped under the spray and washed and rinsed my hair, then took the sponge and soaked it with my best lilac soap and began washing my body being careful to pay special attention to my breasts and vagina, I wanted them sparkling clean and ready for action. Once I finished my shower it wasn't more than an hour later that my hair and makeup were done and I was looking through my closet for something sexy but not smutty. I picked out a nice pair of black French cut thong panties and slipped them on then found the matching bra and when it was in place I looked in the mirror, perfect, just the hint of the breasts showing above the bra and my nipples clearly showed themselves through the thin material.

I took me a little longer than expected to find the right clothing. I finally settled on a skirt that came three inches above my knees and a zippered front sleeveless blouse that I wore unzipped to almost to my bra line. Once again I evaluated my ensemble in the mirror and noticed that a casual observer could see my breasts through the sleeve openings and a careful observer might get a glimpse of my nipples. I thought that I certainly looked fuckable. Once I was finished I walked downstairs and into the garage. I slid behind the wheel of my blue BMW convertible, pressed the garage opener and was off for a day at the mall.

It was 12:30 when I made a stop at Victoria's Secret. There wouldn't be any men in the store but you could always judge exactly how sexy you looked by the reaction of the women in a Victoria's Secret. I browsed through the lingerie section and caught the eye of almost everyone under the age of 30 and even once caught the attention of a woman I was sure was a lesbian. I hadn't given any thought to trying to attract a woman on this quest but maybe I should reconsider.

I walked down the mall and into J.C. Penny's and made my way to men's clothing and surveyed the available males. There were four guys out shopping and one male cashier. The only one that even remotely intrigued me was the cashier, a thirty-something guy who looked like he would be happy to fuck just about anybody. He was probably 5' 10" and looked to be in pretty good shape so I walked over and saw that his name was John and asked him if he could help me.

"Yes ma'am, how can I assist you?"

"I'm interested in some sexy underwear, what can you recommend?

He turned and waived over a female with a nametag that said Maureen. He asked her to watch the cash register while he helped me and he took my elbow and led me over to the men's finishing section. We looked through a variety of different brands of men's underwear and I finally settled on a pair of Tommy Hilfiger bikini cut briefs. "I think this one might be just the thing John."

"A very smart choice, I think it will look good on your husband."

"I wasn't thinking about my husband John."

"Oh, well..."

I handed him the pack of underwear. "I was thinking about you. Do you think you might escort me to the changing rooms and show me what one of these would look like on you?"

He stood quite still for a matter of minutes then he smiled at me. "Yes ma'am I think I have just the place in mind, follow me please."

He led me over to the back wall where there was a partially hidden bathroom. The signage on the door indicated that it was a handicapped, male/female combination bathroom and had a baby changing station. He opened the door and let me go inside first, and then he looked around and came in and closed and locked the door behind him.

"I think we'll have privacy for a little while although my counterpart will be looking for me if I'm gone too long."

"That fine John, actually I don't think we'll need all that much time."

"Fine with me. And what, pray tell is your name?"

"Claudia, John, and now that we've been properly introduced would you please take off your pants." John kicked off his loafers, unbuckled and unzipped his pants and pulled them off his legs and hung them up on the door. Her reached into either side of his underwear and pulled them down over his butt and tossed them onto the baby changing table. He had a nice looking, if somewhat smallish cock that was hardening as we stood there talking.

"Aren't you going to get out of your clothes too Claudia?"

"No, I just want to give you a nice blow job, have you cum in my mouth and then I'll leave. Can you do that for me John?"

"Well sure but I would love to at least see those gorgeous breasts, any chance of that?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Sure, why not." I unzipped my blouse and pulled it off and hung it on top of John's pants then reached around behind me and unsnapped my bra and took it off and tossed it onto the top of John's underwear.

"Sweet Jesus but you've got great breasts."

"Thanks John, I appreciate the compliment." I sunk down onto my knees and took his cock into my palm and traced its design with my fingers. He was leaking a small stream of pre-cum and I licked if off his cock - he tasted salty but otherwise non-descript. I ran my tongue around the head then down the shaft before I slipped him fully into my mouth. He leaned back against the changing table for support and his cock slid to the back of my throat. I moved my head back a little so I could tease his cock by flicking my tongue across his head before I started my rocking motion.

"Christ Claudia you sure know how to turn a guy on."

I held onto to his ass and was rocking back and forth on my haunches while his cock easily slipped in and out between my lips and he watched my breasts bouncing up and down. I had my other hand on his balls, caressing him while I sucked his cock and when I felt them tightening up I know he was almost ready to cum.

"Oh God, Oh god I'm gonna cum."

He pulled my head all the way down to his pubic hair as his cock spewed out three quick spurts of hot cum. I swallowed as much as I could but I could feel some running down my cheek. I licked and sucked him until he started getting soft and then he finally released my head.

"I don't know what this was all about Claudia but if you ever need me I work every Thursday through Saturday."

"Thanks John but this will be a one time thing." I took a tissue from my purse and wiped my face then put on my bra and blouse. John let me out of the bathroom while he finished dressing. I didn't wait around; I left Penny's and walked down the mall looking for the second part of my quest.

I turned into the Nordstrom's and walked around the store looking for my next conquest. I though I had found him when I saw a good looking thirty-something male looking through the women's perfume section but even though I made it plain to him that I was available he just ignored me. I moved on and after a while found myself standing in the aisle in the women's undergarment section when I heard someone say, 'Excuse me?' I turned around and standing right before my eyes was this handsome, mature man. "Yes?"

"I was wondering if you could help me, I'm thoroughly lost."

"If I can."

He held up a pair of thong panties. "Do you think these look nice?"

"On you or your wife?"

"Oh," he blurted out. Then he stammered. "On my wife of course." He turned his head to one side and had an impish look on his face, and then he started laughing. "Although in these times I guess it could go either way."

I laughed too then I asked him a little bit about his wife and when he told me she was 61 I said that unless she was use to wearing thong panties it wasn't a very good idea to buy her a first pair.

"Really, why not?"

"Because, see this thin strap."


"That goes between the butt cheeks and if you're not used to it the strap it will rub you raw."

"Oh, I see." He turned a light shade of red the set the panties back down on the table. "Excuse me, not to be forward or anything, but would you let me buy you lunch? Just as a thank you, I'm not trying to seduce you or anything like that." Having said that I think he realized that he may have insulted my so he continued on. "Not that I wouldn't want to seduce you but... oh hell you know what I mean."

"I laughed. "Yes I do and I would be honored to go to lunch with you."

"Wonderful, let's go." He took a hold of my hand as we walked down the mall and it was as naturally as if he were my father or my lover. We went into a Red Rooster and were shown to a table right away. There weren't many customers mostly because it was almost three and we were between the lunch and dinner crowds. We both ordered a glass of wine and sat there chatting like old friends. His name was Mark and he was 66 and was a retired school teacher. He was in great shape and if I hadn't known his age I would have guessed he was at least fifteen years younger. He had a wonder smile, a nice sense of humor and black eyes that sparkled but were over shadowed by his salt and pepper hair. We were almost through with lunch when he popped the question and it was so unexpected that I almost choked.

"Tell me something Claudia. You're married and a very beautiful woman, so why are you wandering the mall looking for men?"

I caught my breath. "What makes you think I'm looking for men Mark?"

"Gut instinct and the power of observation. I'm a lot older that you Claudia and there are certain signs I picked up on. When you were in Nordstrom's your eyes were scanning every male like he might be a potential lover and then there's your dress. Oh I know that these times are different than the old days but you're not some young slut, you're an educated and sophisticated woman, yet your blouse is zipped so low that everyone gets a shot of your breasts. So tell me, what's going on?"

I was stunned that he had read me so easily and I was embarrassed at myself so I sat there and calmly told him the whole story and what my plans were for the day.

"Alright, I understand your need for revenge but are you absolutely sure this is what you want to do?"

"Yes I'm positive I just have to find a willing partner."

"I see, well if you're willing to take an old man on I would love to help you out. I'm really very good in bed"

There was a long silence as I starred at him. He was older than my father... yet. "Look Mark I would be proud to be with you, where can we go?"

"There is the Hilton across the parking lot. You let me go over and get registered then I'll call and I'll tell you the room number."

"OK." I wrote down my cell number and gave it to him. Mark left two twenties on the table for the waiter and walked out of the restaurant. I sat there sipping on my second glass of wine and waited for his call. Twenty minutes later my cell rang.


I went outside and drove over to the Hilton and went up the elevator getting off at the fourth floor. I walked down the hallway until I found 457 and I knocked on the door. Mark opened it and let me inside and handed me another glass of wine. "Thanks but I'm not sure I need another one."

"I do and I need about a half hour too."

"A half hour? Why?"

"To let the little blue pill take effect, I took it on the way over so I actually only need maybe another ten minutes."

"I've never known anyone who used Viagra, does that stuff really work?"

"Oh you bet it does. Christ I'm better in bed now than when I was twenty. One pill will last me for about three hours. I get hard and stay that way but I don't cum very fast which, I believe, is what you women call a God send. I can eat pussy all day and you can fuck me for hours but I won't cum until I'm really ready."

"Jesus, really? You can maintain an erection for hours and not cum?"


"Oh this I just have to see." I pushed him down onto the bed. "You just sit there and watch me getting ready for you." I unzipped my blouse and took it off letting it drop to the floor. I kicked off my shoes and then unzipped my skirt and let it slide down and puddle at my feet, stepping out of it I turned around and pointed to my ass. "See what I mean about the strap Mark?"

"Un huh, I sure do. But I got to tell you that is one great looking ass, disappearing strap and all."

I reached around behind me and unsnapped my bra, shrugged my shoulder and then let the bra slide slowly down and off my arms. I cupped my breasts with my hands and turned toward him, "You like?"

"You've got great breasts Claudia, absolutely great."

I put my fingers inside the waistband of my panties and drew them down over my ass and down my legs. I stood up totally naked in front of a man who I had met less than two hours ago. I did a 360 and presented myself to him. "So what do you think Mark?"

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