Doing Jill

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Tom finds his doctor's wife, Jill, to be very sexy and very desirable. Finally, one night he pursues his own sexual fantasy to the logical beginning -- taking her sexually.

How can I describe Jill? She's one of the sexiest women I've ever had the pleasure of fucking. She's very pretty in a slightly mysterious way, and she definitely has the body and the face that make me hard from just seeing her. I've known Jill now for nearly six years and every time I get the chance to be alone with her, she amazes me at how sexy and sensual she is.

Who is Jill? Well, she's my doctor's wife. Yeah, I'm fucking my doctor's wife on a regular basis and I guess I hope he never finds out or I know he's got more ways than I'd imagine to make me a dead man. But, his wife, Jill, is so sexy and she's hot for me so I continue boinking her at every chance I get.

Let me try to tell you what Jill looks like -- she's got very pretty shoulder-length brunette hair and a very pretty face. The rest of her body is nicely built and well-endowed. I saw her the first time and got an instant hardon. I listened to my body's physical reaction to seeing Jill and determined then and there to seduce and fuck her at my earliest opportunity. That wasn't long after the first time i saw her in public with her husband. The night I saw Jill as a public social function, she was wearing a very nice but rather figure-emphasizing dress that allowed me to visually and mentally undress her while she was standing in a crowd of men and women talking. Her C-cup breasts filled the nicely fitting bodice of her dress and it was obvious that she had a very sexy hot body. I longed right then to take her to one of the nearby bedrooms and fuck her brains out. I knew I could do that and I was very tempted to try, but decided, given who she was, that I'd be a little bit more discrete about when and how I took her to bed.

I noticed as I watched Jill that night that as she'd occasionally look in my direction, very shortly afterward I'd see her nipples growing hard and perky underneath the bodice of her dress. I saw her at least four separate times that night and it was very clear that when she was near me, someone was turning her on. Of course, I assumed it was me and I loved knowing that. Later, when I broke the ice with Jill, it was true so I've always assumed it was me giving her the hard nipples from arousal and desire to be intimate with me.

Several nights later, I actually used a claim that I'd been asked to come by and see her husband at their home to get my foot in the door and my cock inside Jill. I knocked on the door and Jill opened it and greeted me very warmly. She asked if she could help me and I told her that her physician husband had arranged to meet me there in their home that night. Jill seemed confused and said that her husband was actually at a meeting out of town, and she felt sure he'd somehow gotten his schedule confused. She asked if she could fix me a cup of coffee or some iced tea to make up for my inconvenience and then I knew I was halfway home. She could just as easily had said, "Well, he's not here so I'm sorry, see you later," but she'd asked me on in and offered me some refreshment. The refreshments I really wanted were her sexy body, naked and hot, under the sheets with me.

I went on into the kitchen with Jill and she made mention that her three children were away down the street for awhile and we began to get very comfortable in talking to each other. I loved how Jill was dressed. She'd obviously dressed to go out somewhere that afternoon and she had on a nice plain white top but the bra underneath it was what caught my attention. The bra verged on being a demi-bra and it was solid white and the cups cut at a nice angle across her breasts and it was very clear to see what style of bra she had on underneath her top. I noticed as soon as we started drinking our coffee that Jill's nipples were very hard and poking out even through her top and the cups of her bra. I tried to make small talk with her and we made our way into the family room. We were sitting there when I noticed how Jill kept looking at me and at my cock. My hardon was very obvious through the front of my pants, and I felt pretty sure that Jill had seen it and wanted to see more of it -- unveiled and harder than fuck.

I finally wondered if I could actually seduce and fuck Jill that evening. I began to turn our conversation to topics that I hoped would open that door or shut it so I'd know there was no chance of bedding her.

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