DNA Test

by DG Hear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Humiliation, Torture, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After his girlfriend is caught cheating. He wonders about the baby she recently had.

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I'm pissed, mad, aggravated and whatever other adjectives you want to use that are negative. I can't believe what she did to me. My so-called wonderful girlfriend and future wife took what I thought was a good relationship and threw it down a toilet.

Let me start at the beginning: Sheila and I met at a private party. I was nineteen at the time and she was twenty-two. We always laughed when people asked if she was robbing the cradle. It didn't bother me at all. In fact at the time I was proud that a sexy older woman found me attractive.

I'm a decent size guy at six feet tall and around a hundred ninety pounds. I have a boyish face, at least that was what I was told. Sheila was a sexy gal, not skinny but slender, nice boobs, shoulder length hair and a nice ass. She always tried to look good and it usually worked. Sometimes too much. She got a lot of looks which made me a little jealous.

We started dating and after a few months she asked me to move in with her. She said she hated living alone. Maybe I should give you a little history about us before going on with the story.

I moved here from another state. I was able to get a job as an electrical apprentice at a major automotive plant but I had to take the training here. I took electrical training at the vocational school and scored high. My dad, who already worked at the automotive plant, got me the interview. I was really lucky to get this opportunity and took it. I got a room at the YMCA. It only cost me fifty bucks a week. It was only a single room with a bed, dresser and desk. I did have a microwave. We used the community bath and showers. They let me work out at the Y also. I used the pool but that was about it.

Sheila lived in a trailer park. It was actually a pretty nice park. Mostly older retired people with well kept trailers. There were a few younger people. It was a pretty good size park.

She was married for about two years but it didn't work out and the guy left. I was told that he had cheated on her and left with the other woman, but looking back it could have been the other way around. She kept the trailer and went back to her maiden name. She was a department head in sales at one of the local K-Marts. The money was good and of course she was paying on her trailer home.

It finally happened. She convinced me to move in with her. Life was great. Three or four times a week we had sex. She taught me everything. Neither of us ever talked about our past experiences. I didn't have much experience since I was only nineteen when I moved here. Sheila, on the other hand, had been married; she literally taught me how to make love, not just have sex. I really did feel I was beginning to love her, something more than just the sex.

About every two months the people living at the park held a get-together. There was a big recreation hall where they held dances and it could be rented for parties. They also had a pool where the members of the trailer court could swim. As I mentioned, most of the members were older retired people. So when Sheila showed up dressed sexy as hell all these old timers probably got hard-ons.

She would wear tight mini-skirts and blouses and sweaters that always showed her boobs. To me she looked great and, yes, somewhat slutty. It was fine if she dressed for me but after a while I got tired of all the men ogling her. It was just becoming too much. If she dressed and acted like this in front of me, I often wondered what happened when I wasn't around. I know I didn't like her wearing those tiny two piece bathing suits in front of the old men and of course the younger ones.

One day she came home with a new friend. It was a woman she worked with. She said they were talking while on break at work and found out they both lived in the same trailer court. Gloria and her boyfriend Stan lived on the other side of the court from us. I met Stan for the first time at the next gathering.

Stan was around forty years old, a big mouthy type guy. I really didn't like the guy much. Gloria, on the other hand, was a really sweet girl. She was probably twenty years old, a little on the chubby side but still beautiful. She had one fantastic personality. I couldn't believe she would be with a guy as arrogant as Stan. What does he hold over her that she stays with him? After all they are not even married and he was twice her age. She could leave at any time.

Sheila, on the other hand, didn't think Stan was that bad of a guy. I was surprised when she told me she had met Stan months ago at work. He used to work in the shipping department as a stock person at K-Mart where she and Gloria worked. She told me she really didn't know him all that well but saw him around now and then. She mentioned that he might seem arrogant but look what he did for Gloria. I had no idea what she was talking about. Just when she was about to explain it to me, Stan and Gloria came to sit at our table. I guess I would just have to wait till another time to find out about Stan.

We were all dancing. I was with Gloria and of course Stan grabbed up Sheila. I saw that Stan was holding Sheila up against his body, then he whispered something in her ear. She was laughing as I saw him run his hand down to her ass and grip it. She laughed and slowly pulled his hand back up. I was pissed and told Sheila I was heading back to the trailer. For some reason she didn't come with me. She told me I was acting like a child. I told her not to be surprised if I wasn't there when she got back. She just laughed at me. I was pissed. I went back to the trailer and packed myself a suitcase and left for the YMCA - they always had rooms.

The next day she called my place of work and asked me to call her back. Unless it's an emergency we aren't allow to receive calls at work. I called her back and told her never to call me at work again. I'm not losing my job over her slutty behavior. I didn't talk to her for over a week, I was pissed. Then one night when I got off work she was waiting for me.

"Jerry, please come home. I miss you so much."

"Don't you have Stan and your other lovers to take care of your needs?"

"Please don't talk to me like that. I didn't do anything wrong."

"You let every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Stan grab your ass. Seems pretty wrong to me."

"I stopped him. Jerry, I just didn't want to make a scene."

"What do you want from me, Sheila?"

"I want you home with me. I want our family to be together."

"Family! What family?"

"I'm pregnant with our child, Jerry. After the baby's born I want to get married. We can be a family - you, me and our baby."

"What? You're pregnant, how do you know?"

"I took the pregnancy test two days ago. It showed positive, so I made a doctors appointment for today and he confirmed it. You are going to be a daddy. Now will you please come home?"

I was elated. I was going to be a daddy. I grabbed Sheila and kissed her and told her I would be home as soon as I picked up my stuff. During her pregnancy everything was great. We spent time with her mom and dad. Her mom was so happy; she was a nice lady. I always called her mom and, according to Sheila, she adored me. I was there for the delivery. I helped deliver my little baby boy. We were so happy and so were Sheila's mom and dad. Sheila wanted to name our son Jerry Jr. after me. I had no problem with that. Life was good again.

Sheila took a three month leave of absence. After about two months we got in a big argument. She wanted to go out. I told her the baby comes first. I remember her telling me she deserved a little fun too. I was working more and more since the baby was born and didn't spend much time at home. I was busy earning a living.

I was on the second shift and headed off to work mad. I guess I didn't have my mind on my job when I cut my hand. I went to the dispensary and the nurse sent me over to the clinic to get a couple of stitches. I had to take some medication so I was sent home for the night. I stopped off at K-Mart to get my prescription filled and saw Gloria. She asked me what happened and I told her about cutting my hand.

Gloria asked if I was going home. When I told her I was she asked me if I would drop a package off for her. Of course I told her sure and took the package. It was beer and cigarettes for Stan. If I knew that I would have probably said no.

I got my prescription and headed home. I pulled up to Stan and Gloria's trailer and knocked on the door. I heard noises coming from the inside. Stan was having sex with someone.

He yelled out, "Just a minute, be right there," and opened the door. He had on a bathrobe. He looked really surprised to see me.

"Gloria asked me to drop off this stuff for you. I cut my hand and had to get a prescription." I kind of looked behind him and saw a pair of purple panties and a bra just like Sheila owned.

Stan quickly said thanks and took his package and closed the door. I hurried home hoping to find Sheila. She wasn't there, so I went through her underwear drawer hoping to find the purple ones. They weren't there either. I was not really pissed. Surely she didn't have the baby with her.

I wrote her a note. "Where are you? I came home early and you're not here. I have to go out for a little bit. Talk to you later." I put the note on the fridge and got in my truck and headed out. I had to think what I was going to do now. She wants to fuck around. Fine, I'll get even with her and Stan and then move out for good. I was thinking, 'what about my baby?' By then I was wondering if Jerry Jr. was even mine. Shit! Damn! Fuck! I was really starting to love her again and she threw it all away.

Believe it or not I ended back up at K-Mart. I asked Gloria when she got off work.

"In about ten minutes. What's the matter, Jerry? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"I need someone to talk to really bad. Can we go somewhere and talk for a little bit."

"Sure, Jerry, meet me outside the main door in about ten minutes. I can't stay very long or Stan will kill me."

I didn't say anything right then. It would wait till we got to the restaurant. She came out and got into the truck. I drove to a little diner and we ordered coffee.

"What is it, Jerry? What happened?"

"I think I just found Stan fucking Sheila at your trailer."

"Oh, no, not again! He's back to his old ways," and she started crying.

"What do you mean 'old ways'? Has he done this kind of thing before?"

"Many times, Jerry. I'll have to tell you my life story so you will know what you're dealing with. God, I almost feel sorry for Sheila. He's a convincing but conniving bastard."

"She had a choice, Gloria, and she wasn't forced into it. I love her but our marriage is over. But I do want to hear your story. I need to know why you stay with this bastard."

Let me begin with: (Gloria's story)

Gloria said, "My parents were killed in an auto accident when I was twelve years old. We lived in Kansas at the time. I moved here to Michigan and lived with an aunt and uncle on mom's side. For a few years everything was nice. Then my uncle started touching me in inappropriate places. Just started with little things like slapping my behind or putting his hand on my thigh. I told my aunt but she was one of those 'afraid of her husband, look the other way' type women. I guess that's about what I turned into.

"When I turned eighteen, he got bolder. More touches more trying to feel me up. One night he came home drunk and got into my bed. I was able to fight him off but was really scared after that. I was a scared teenager and had no one to turn to. I was working at K-Mart as a cashier and, when I was taking a break, Stan saw me crying. He asked me what the problem was and I just let it out; I guess I needed someone to tell it to. He held me gently and said everything was going to be alright. I felt better after talking to him. He was almost like a father figure. Later that week I got in an argument with my uncle who basically said to have sex with him or get out.

"I was devastated that my uncle would do such a thing. Just so you know, I had dated and wasn't a virgin at the time, but he was my uncle. I ran out the door crying and went to work. Stan was there and saw me crying again and I told him about the ultimatum. He told me that he lived alone and, until I could figure out what to do, I could stay at his place. God, was I that naive? After work we went to my uncle's house and Stan went in with me. My uncle started calling me a slut and tease and things like that. I can't believe my aunt just stood there with a hanky and cried. Stan told my uncle to shut up and when my uncle started in again, Stan hit him. He said if he ever touched me he would come back and kill him. My uncle was scared to death as Stan, my protector, picked up my things and we left.

"Jerry, you have to understand that I wasn't in my right frame of mind, whatever it is. I was just glad to get away from my uncle. When we got to Stan's trailer he put my stuff in the spare room. I actually slept there for about a week. Then one night Stan took me out and got me drunk. We came back and had sex. I knew what I was doing even though I was plastered. I felt this man saved my life but of course he just started where my uncle left off."

"He started using me for sex and to keep his place clean. He would hit me if I didn't do what he said. Stan lost his job about ten months ago, not exactly sure when. He was called in the office and there were two charges of harassment against him. The women said he made sexual advances to them and they went to the office about it. To keep it all quiet and under the table everyone agreed that they would lay off Stan and he would never be allowed to work at K-Mart again. The girls were happy because they wouldn't have to testify in court since they were married. I found out later that Stan had sex with other women that worked there also. Most were single or divorced."

"Why didn't you leave him, Gloria?"

"I tried twice. I really had nowhere to go. I stayed at a cheap motel and he caught up with me and beat me. I wanted to go to the police and he told me he would kill me or mutilate me if I did. I was scared and went back with him. The second time he hurt me bad. He hit me in the mid-section and I doubled over. I missed two days of work that time.

"Then I met Sheila at work. I had never talked to her before but had seen her around. I told her where Stan and I lived and that's when I met you. I just told Sheila about my uncle and how Stan took me away from there. I never mentioned how bad Stan was to me. Since we four have been seeing each other Stan has been like a new man. I should have known he would have gone after a woman as beautiful as Sheila."

"What are you going to do, Jerry?"

"Do you want out, Gloria? Do you really want away from Stan?"

"God, yes, Jerry, I would do anything to get out of this hole I'm in. Will you help me, Jerry? Stan will beat me for just talking to you alone. He doesn't let me talk to hardly anyone. He's very possessive with me."

"As long as you promise to go along with everything I say and do, I'll take you away from all this. First, I have to find out if little Jerry is my son. It might take a couple of days. Can you just hang in there?"

"I've been hanging for over a year now. I doubt a few days will change anything. Just let me know what you want me to do, Jerry."

"Don't tell Stan or Sheila that we know anything about them and I'll get back to you."

I drove Gloria back to her car and then went home. It would be hard to put on a front but I knew I could do it. I was pissed enough to want my revenge on both of them.

When I got home, Sheila was there with the baby. I asked her where she had been and she tried to change the subject by asking about my hand.

"What happened to your hand, Jerry?"

"I was mad when I went to work and didn't keep my mind on my job and cut myself."

"You're not blaming me for you cutting yourself, are you?"

"No, but I would like to know where you were when I came home."

"I was at mom's."

"The car was here when I came home. How did you get there?"

"Mom came and got us. Why all these questions, Jerry? I didn't do anything wrong."

"Who said you did anything wrong? I just asked where you were."

"You act as though I went out and had an affair or something. I was at mom's."

"You act like I'm accusing you of being unfaithful. I'm not, I just asked where you were. Besides if I was suspicious of you, all I would have to do is verify it with mom, see, no problem. I'm going to go take a shower and go to bed. I have to take this medication and it's supposed to make me sleep."

As soon as I went into the bathroom I heard her on the phone. I could only hear one side of the conversation. Here's what I heard as She was talking as quietly as possible, but I heard her say, "Mom, I did something really stupid. If Jerry asks you if I was there, could you please tell him I was?"

"Please, mom, I need you to tell him I was there. I know you watched little Jerry for me but I told Jerry that I was there too and that you drove us both home."

"I know you like him and don't want to lie to him. But, mom, if he finds out the truth, I'll lose him and, mom, I love him but really screwed up."

"Please, I can't tell you right now. Jerry is in the shower. I don't want him to know I talked to you. I promise I will never ask you to lie for me again, mom. I promise."

"I can't tell you, mom. Just know it was the biggest mistake of my life. Thanks, mom, and I'm so sorry." I could hear her crying lightly as I got into the shower.

When I got out, I looked in the hamper and there were the purple panties with cum stains on them. She must have left quickly and came home and took a quick shower before mom came home with little Jerry. Damn, stupid broad, I can't stay with a cheating woman. The only thing I needed to know now was if Jerry was mine.

I got out of the shower and told Sheila I was going to sleep in the spare room for a couple of days. I couldn't take a chance of banging my hand. Of course it was a lie. I wasn't going to sleep with her; I was finished with this relationship.

I went to work the next day and went into the dispensary to see the nurse. She looked at my cut which was rather minor even though they wrapped it like I'd lost my hand.

I asked her if there was anyway that I could have a DNA test done. She told me that it was already on record and she could get me a copy by the following day. She would have to charge me five bucks for the paperwork. I told her that was no problem.

That evening when I got home Sheila asked if I called her mom to verify that she was there the day before.

"No, I never called. Why should I? If I can't believe you, then we have no reason to be together. Love and future marriage are based on truth and honesty, aren't they?"

She looked at me and said, "Yes, Jerry, it is."

I could see she almost wanted to tell me something but walked away. We watched a little TV and then I went back in the spare room. She was sitting there holding little Jerry, as I was wondering if he was mine and what I would do about it.

The next day the nurse gave me my DNA report. I asked her how hard it was to get and she told me she just had to type in DNA/Jerry Brown and it went through the files and eventually spit it out. I knew a little about the reports, they were pretty popular nowadays. Our plant ran them on all new employees to save a lot of hassle up the road. The chances of error were pretty slim.

All I had to do is get little Jerry's and match it up with mine and see how many dots coincided. That night, when I got home Sheila was still working. Her mom was watching little Jerry so I was home alone. I went into the safe and pulled out little Jerry's DNA and matched it up to mine. Hardly any matches at all. Jerry was no more my son then the man on the moon was. I have had it. I guess it's what I expected. Stan was probably the fucking father. I remember Gloria saying he was with another woman while he was working at K-Mart. It was time to set up my revenge. Then I would start my own life all over again.

The phone rang and it was Gloria.

"Jerry, Stan hit me again. I want out, Jerry. Please help me."

"Okay, Gloria. I found out little Jerry isn't mine. He probably is a product of Sheila and Stan."

"Oh, my God, Stan was married years ago and has two teenage children now. His wife moved to another state to keep them away from Stan. Does Stan know?"

"I don't have any idea. I want you to come here to our house on Saturday with Stan. Can you do that?"

"Sure, Jerry, but what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to tell Sheila that I know the truth. Then I'm going to drug both of them and get even with Stan so he never bothers you again. What does Stan drink?"

"I'm scared, Jerry. Stan is liable to come after us. Are you sure about this?"

"Don't worry, he'll never bother you again after Saturday. If you are able to pack a few things without him knowing it, then do it. It will save us time when we leave. Now, what does he drink?"

"Jim Beam and Coke, sometimes he drinks it straight."

"You have to stay strong through all this. I promise you that you will be rid of Stan forever. Just do what I say."

"Okay, Jerry, I trust you. God, I hope whatever you have planned works or we will be a couple of dead people."

I had two days to set everything up and make plans on where to go. I didn't say anything about Saturday to Sheila. The less she knew the better. I found a little rent-by-the-week apartment that Gloria and I could go to Saturday. I paid two weeks rent ahead of time. I got all the stuff I needed together. Let's see, sleeping pills, a pint of Jim Beam, Margarita mix, lots of rope and a battery charger. That was about everything.

On Friday I acted really nice to Sheila. She seemed happy that I was talking nicer to her. I told her I made special plans for Saturday night and to ask her mother to watch little Jerry.

"What's the special plan?" she smiled at me.

"You'll know soon enough." I replied.

We didn't have sex on Friday even though I felt her up a lot. She wanted to do it but I told her to wait till Saturday. I did kiss her and rub her boobs and belly. I even slid my hand down to her mound and inserted two fingers. Damn, I was getting hot myself. I had to stop. Damn her, damn her to hell, she ruined our relationship and possible future together.

On Saturday she took Little Jerry to her mom's in the late afternoon. I started feeding her Margarita's early. I put just a couple of sleeping pills crushed up in the mix to make her woozy. I crushed up a bunch of pills and put them in the Jim Beam. I was just hoping I didn't overdo it. I didn't want an overdose on my hands in my home.

I was sitting there kissing a woozy Sheila when Stan and Gloria showed up. Sheila looked up and asked what was going on.

"I just invited our friends over for a couple of drinks. Jim Beam and Coke, correct, Stan?"

"Yeah, that's right," while he looked at a woozy Sheila who looked very disturbed at seeing Stan.

I said, "Sit down, Stan, while I make Gloria a drink." I had bought two bottles of Margarita mix and only put the pills in one of them.

Of course Stan sat on the couch next to Sheila who had on a very short skirt. You could almost see her panties. She tried to move away from Stan some but he scooted next to her as he gulped down his drink. I quickly made him another and another. After the third one I could tell he was feeling funny.

"What's going on here? You drugged me." replied Stan.

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