by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A camper picks up a young woman who is being persued by criminals and gives her refuge.

I had only lain down on the couch in the darkened interior of my Winnebago, when there was a panic banging at my motor home door. I went and opened it, fighting against the cold icy wind and rain to hold it open. A woman dressed only in a sari, her hair in a mess, and soaking wet, stood there.

In poor English "Please let me hide here, bad men want to harm me." She blurted out casting a worried look behind her.

"Come in, please," I said glad to get the door closed, and us separated from the outside elements.

Even though she was shivering and wet, by the look on her face she was amazed at the luxury that these vehicles have.

"I am illegal migrant, bad men brought me this country, to marry but want me to work in brothel, I run away from toilet, please hide me, no let them take me."

"Well you can't stay in those wet clothes, and I have no clothes for you, what I do have is a pair of pyjamas, I will get them for you, and you change out of these wet things at the back, I won't let the men take you." Trying to be the white knight in shinning armour.

To be on the safe side, I thought I had better leave this rest area, but first I would have to fill my tanks, as I got into the drivers seat, and swivelled it round into the driving position. I saw three dark-skinned men walking around the car park in the pouring rain, with no rain gear on, looking for someone.

I pulled into one of the many filling bays and alighted to fill my tank. As I was filling the tank, one of these men approached me. "Have you seen a woman dressed in a sari, I seem to have lost her, and she is my wife?"

"Why are you looking for your wife out here in the pouring freezing rain? Surely she would be sheltering in one of the warm buildings."

"She would be wanting a lift, we had a tiff."

"Well it's easy to get a lift here, as you see traffic is continually entering and leaving all the time."

Now one of his friends, a real seedy looking character appeared from behind my motor home, "Forget it Ali, she's not worth it." Then they both disappeared into the night.

I paid for my fuel, and headed north, towards Edinburgh on the A1(M). Shortly after the Indian woman came forward, and I told her to sit in the passenger seat and do up her seat belt. She was dressed in my pyjamas and had let her hair down; she must have used my comb to comb it out. Her hair reached to her bottom, and was lustre black.

"Now tell me what this is all about," I asked her.

The story she told was:

Her name was Kari Patel, she thinks she is twenty-two years old. Two weeks ago; she flew in from Bangladesh, to get married. She came from a small town outside Bogra, where her family was very poor. A friend of an uncle came from Britain and said the men there don't want a dowry, and he would arrange a passport and passage for her. Seemingly, she didn't even have a birth certificate; it isn't compulsory to register births in Bangladesh, especially girls.

On arrival, here there was no marriage, she had been locked up in a room in London, and was told she was being taken to Manchester to work in a brothel there, to repay the cost of her airfare.

She said she had never attended school. She had picked up some English from an English girl whose parents had worked in her village for a short time. Since then, she had wanted to come to Britain.

All this was said in her broken English. I thought it was strange about the birth certificate bit, and then I remembered a documentary on present-day slavery and camel jockeys. Bangladesh was the country of choice, because of this very reason. In fact, there was no documentation on this earth to say that Kari ever existed.

What a problem I thought, what am I to do with this poor creature? Here I am off on a three-month solitude holiday that I have been planning for years and within hours of starting, I now have a woman companion.

I have kept away from women now for over four years, after a bad experience with my ex-wife. She had been giving free sex to all the male employees of the computer software company I used to own. It appears everyone knew about it except me. So when she gave birth to the child I thought was mine, but he was born black, then the truth came out. I had a sympathetic judge who heard my case and she got one of the three houses we owned and only 10% of the company. I immediately sold the company and within a few months, the new owners had bought her out at a lot less than they had paid me proportionally for my part.

The last I heard she had sold the house because of debts, and the father of her child had deserted her. She was now living in some Council flat in East London.

I arranged through a good friend of mine to allow their son who is attending some religious course for ministers in London to use my home and keep an eye on it for the first month of my holiday. I was getting the use of a camper pad they had in the north-west of Scotland. They had invested in a diesel generator, water and sewerage for the site and usually went there each year. This year they are off to Spain camping with a group. Therefore, I took up their offer of their site, as I wanted to get away from everyone.

Since my divorce, I wrote a small program, which raw copied CD's. I was approached by a big record distribution company, who bought out my patient, to prevent their CD's from being copied with the new protection. My program made this protection invisible. There was one other company who had a similar program and they were also approached.

Since my divorce I have stayed well away from females, as it appears that all of my generation females are out to drain you dry for there own monetary gain, and the courts are not helping. This was why I said it was strange I now had a female companion, not that I was gay.

This Winnebago was my pride and joy; I had always envied seeing these vehicles in American movies and always wished I could own one. I stocked mine out so it would provide all my needs for a long holiday with all the comforts of a luxury home. I even had a trial bike on a special frame mounted on the rear in a special lockable glass fibre container.

I took the minor road at Scotch Corner and headed for Coldstream to enter Edinburgh by the south, rather than by the coast road.

We stopped at one of the lay-bys, as I now had been driving non-stop for eight hours, except for the brief stop when Kari came into the camper. I made a coffee and gave one to Kari who hasn't said much at all since she told me about how she got here.

"You have a very nice, what you call it," she said, spreading her arms and looking around.

"Mobile home, but I must say you look real cute in my pyjamas."

It was obvious that she had removed her bra (If she did wear one) for she was very bouncy when she walked around. Now in the light she was a very attractive woman, and it was a pity the way she had been treated.

"Kari, I am off on a long holiday, you are quite welcome to come with me or I will drop you off where you want. "

"You very kind, please I stay with you. I know no-one in this country."

"Well my name is Charlie Brownlow, Kari!" Holding out my hand and she shook it "Welcome aboard"

It was going to be a little difficult, as I only had the double bed; I had the other beds removed. So I said to her "Kari I only have the one bed and no spare bedding, you will have to share the bed, but have no fear you are quite safe I won't be molesting you."

She thought about it for some time and said "OK I trust you, but no sex please."

We agreed and she at long last smiled what a beautiful smile it was too.

"When we get to Edinburgh we will have to get you some clothing as you only have one set. I am only passing through Edinburgh I want to get to Perth, to spend two nights and visit some points of interest there." I might have said I am visiting the moon, as she had no idea where these places were.

"I only wear sari, I no like western clothes." She said emphatically.

We continued and entered Edinburgh about 10am and we were able to park in the fourth parking area we visited. Kari by this time had once more dressed in her now wrinkled sari, underskirt and short-sleeved blouse.

The first big shop we entered was Marks and Spencers, and I managed to get her fitted out with six sets of bra's and panties, two nightdresses, a Terri dressing-gown and a thick pullover, and cardigan, but that is as far as she would go. One good thing came out of it though, she was talking to another Bangladeshi woman, who came over to me and explained there was a shop nearby where she could buy good working saris and accessories.

In fact it was just round the corner, and we came out with three cotton lengths and three ready-made underskirts and long sleeve blouses, all in matching colours.

When we got back into the RV she went and changed into the new sari, when she emerged she did look nice with her hair rolled into a bun at the back of her head.

We continued over the Forth Road Bridge and within an hour, we were in Perth. Parked in a Camper site, and connected to mains and sewerage.

After a quick shower, Kari was amazed there was a shower in the RV, she had one too and changed into her new underwear. We then went to a restaurant and had a good meal. Well I did, Kari was out of her depth, and I should have realized from what she had told me that this would be the case. She was determined to learn and watched me like a hawk, and followed my example. The food also must have been strange for her too.

After the meal we took a stroll through the centre of the town and visited the gardens on the Inches. This is what they call the parklands on the bank of the River Tay. We drew many stares from the locals; a white chap out walking with a Bangladeshi woman wearing a sari wasn't a daily sight. Especially since she had her arm linked into mine.

We got back and eventually I got into bed, dressed in our night wear, she at one side of the bed and I at the other. Some time in the middle of the night we had met in the middle, and I woke up with her cuddled into my back with her breasts against my back and her arm thrown over my shoulder.

"Good morning Charlie," her voice sounded in my left ear and she planted a kiss on my cheek.

"Morning, Kari did you sleep well."

"I was frightened at first, in case you attacked me, but now I know I need not fear I trust you."

The previous evening I saw a notice about local day tours, starting at 9-30am, so we got to the designated start point and joined about 10 others and had a tour of the immediate area. The tour included a lunch so we were well catered for. On return that evening we ate out at an Indian restaurant, but Kari didn't like the way they had made their curries.

"I will make you a good curry, not the swill the restaurant made."

"You will have to wait until we get to our destination."

We watched a video on our TV before retiring for the evening. This time we got into bed and made no pretence of avoidance. After saying good night she lent over and gave me a kiss on the lips.

"Thank you for treating me so kind."

I was awakened in the night by her sobbing and crying. I turned and pulled her to me, and she cried on my shoulder falling asleep in that position. She was still there in the morning, but when I woke she was lying looking up at me.

"You very good man, no touch, when could, I now trust you very much". She said planting a kiss on my lips, while holding my head.

"Come on I want to reach Scourie by tonight." I said rising and dressing.

I made a cup of tea and a couple of slices of toast. Disconnected all the attachments and left the park. We were on the road north by 7 o'clock.

We passed through Aviemore, Inverness, and at Lairge cut inland towards the west coast. At last we saw our destination on the signposts. Then just a few miles the other side of Scourie we took a private road to the camping site of my friend.

It was as he described it, desolate and looking over the Bay of Eddrachillis. I turned the RV so the door and the retractable annexe were on the lee side, and parked on the concrete slab. The water and sewerage connections were standard fittings. I had a key to the stone hut that contained the generator and tested it for starting. There were solar panels on the roof to keep the starting batteries charged. The generator was big enough to supply a small village.

My satellite dish was a bit of a problem as it kept blowing over. A few rocks to wedge it soon solved the problem and we had TV and I could access the internet.

I never thought in the British Isles any place could be so desolated. There were only the birds, the wind and the sea crashing on to the rocks below. This was what I had come for; to get away from the false world I lived in and just enjoy the sound of nature. I hadn't planned for Kari, but so far she has been no trouble, in fact she is quite good company.

I made a trip daily to the shop in Scourie to collect bread, milk and the newspaper. Other than that we had no contact with anyone. We walked the cliffs and the beaches, on the few we could get to and just relaxed.

Kari did make nice curries, on our way here we stopped for a rest in Inverness, and she came out of an Indian shop with a bag of spices. She made her own mixtures and they had more bite than the ones in the restaurants.

We even tried fishing, and managed to catch a few, but nothing to brag about.

After about a month, we were very comfortable with each others company, and her English had improved dramatically. She was worried about being deported. The reason she said was she wanted to stay with me, forever.

That night in bed she started sobbing and crying again. So this time I asked "What is the matter Kari, what brought on this crying."

"I don't think you want me, you won't let me stay with you." She said through the sobs.

"I never said such a thing, Kari I love you beside me."

"But you never said you wanted me, to be with you."

"Kari, will you stay with me after this holiday?"

"Oh Yes I will always stay with you." Throwing her arms around my neck and locking her mouth on to mine.

It was just a natural thing to do I put both arms round her and pulled her to me. She thrust her lower body on to mine, and I had a sudden erection, not just an erection but a very hard painful one.

She couldn't say she never felt it, for her pubic region was pressed on my penis. Her breasts were pressing on my chest. She was grinding her mouth on to mine, and the tears were still flowing down her cheeks and dripping on to my face.

"Charlie I am a virgin, I don't know what to do I can feel your hard thing pressing against me, I don't want you to hurt me."

"Don't you worry I won't force you to do nothing you don't want, so calm down please, Kari."

I moved my hands from her back and through her nightdress I took her fair sized breast in my hand, and started running my fingers round working into the centre of her areole on her breast. She inhaled a deep breath and pressed her breast into my hand.

I took my hand off and slipped the strop of her nightdress off and down her arm. It was awkward getting it over her elbow but she at least helped leaving her breast bare. This was the first time I had ever seen her breast, the one I saw was as big as a rock melon, with a dark-brown areole and an almost black nipple now standing out proud.

I pushed up and took her nipple in my mouth and rolled it between my lips. Kari pulled my head to her chest and moaned with her head slightly back.

"Charlie, you are making me feel so funny and it goes down to my legs."

"Come take off your nightdress" as I removed my pyjamas top. She seemed a bit reluctant at first but she relented, but tried to hide her breasts by holding her arm across her chest as she once again got under the bedclothes.

This time when she came to me it was bare chest to bare chest, and it was Kari who was rubbing her chest on mine. I once again slid down and kissed and sucked her breast while I caressed the other. When I tried to run my hand down her body she just took a hold of it and brought it back up.

I could see she loved this breast petting, and she wasn't going to go any further for now, I respected her for this. There was plenty of time. A good thing is worth waiting for anyway, as long as it's not too long.

For the first time ever she said, "Charlie I love you!" Kissing me on the mouth.

The next morning I awoke, and as usual I woke with an erection. This time I was cuddled up to Kari and she had my hard cock between her legs hard up against her vulva, so the only way it could have got there was by her placing it there. I could feel the coarse pubic hairs rubbing against the head. I was more aware than normal of this close proximity.

I had my hand over her body and I gently took hold of her breast. As I did so Kari pressed her hand on top of mine, and held mine on her breast, and gave a little wiggle of her hips. I now knew that she was awake, and quite aware of what was going on.

"Morning Kari," I said in her with my mouth close to her ear.

"I like this feeling Charlie, is it always as hard as this in the morning."

"Yes Kari, its because I need to pee."

"Do you want me to let you go?"

"Oh God no Kari this is lovely and comfortable," drawing her closer to me

"I like it too Charlie, do you love me too Charlie,"

"I won't lie to you Kari, I really like you a lot, and I think I love you a little, you have definitely become part of my life, please give me time sweetheart."

"That's the first time you have called me that Charlie"

"Called you what Kari?"


"Is it, well I do mean it Kari."

She pushed even harder into me, and squeezed her thighs tighter, then relaxing them, almost masturbating me with her actions.

"Kari if you keep doing that with your thighs, you will be getting a surprise."

"Oh! Charlie I'm sorry, it was so nice too."

At that point she turned and faced me, and I just couldn't help it I slid my hand between her legs and ran my finger between the lips of her vagina and gently stroked her tender area.

Instead of pushing my hand away she pushed herself on to my hand, and let out a sigh. "Charlie that is lovely please don't stop, I love you so much," as she hugged me.

"Kari, I do love you, I suddenly realize how much." I said removing my hand from between her legs and putting it on her soft bottom and pulled her to me.

"Oh Charlie! I have never felt so happy in all my life; I want to stay with you, always."

I have no racial prejudice, but I had never seen myself becoming attached to a person of a different race. I don't care what people say. It just came to me the moment she turned to face me that I had this lump rise in my chest. She looked at me with those big brown eyes. It was the look of trust that was on her face was what brought the realization that I had fallen in love with Kari a while ago and I hadn't realized it.

"We have to get you legally registered in this country and then we will get married, Kari."

"What if they won't let me stay, I don't care if you marry me or not I just want you near me."

"Kari, we are going to do this right, I am at a stage in life that I can move anywhere, so if they sent you back I will come with you, but I don't think they will. I have a friend who works in the Immigration Ministry I will give him a call and see what he can do for us."

"I don't like London, too many bad memories."

"We will move up to this country, the Scots are a lot more tolerant, and it is a lot less crowded than the south-east of England." Already planning relocation in my mind.

We rose and had breakfast and Kari was like the cat that had swallowed the canary, she was going around so happy.

That morning I used my mobile, which I had switched off, intending not to use it all during the holiday, and rang Gilbert, the friend in Immigration.

I explained the circumstances and how I felt for Kari. He asked to speak to her and I heard her give many details about her home and named names.

After he had spoken to her he again spoke to me. He told me if I were serious and wanted to marry her do so now. He would approach the Bangladesh embassy, where he in turn has a friend to make some inquiries. He would be emailing me some forms which I was to fill out and get back to him as soon as possible, and to get round to the registry office as soon as possible.

I logged on to my email service and downloaded the forms. Kari and I sat at the laptop and filled in the forms together, when we came to the portion of proposed marital status. I said to her "Kari will you marry me?"

She leapt into my arms "Of course you fool; I will marry you any time you want."

So in this section I put within one month. I took note of all Kari's details as I was going to need them to register for marriage.

I then returned the forms to Gilbert. I then contacted enquiries and found the nearest registry Office was in Inverness. So I rang them to get instructions. Only one of us was needed to attend for registration.

I told Kari I would be gone for a couple of hours and rode the bike to Inverness Registry Office. The registration of intent was as simple as could be. I gave the woman there all the details. I wanted no special licence so a date was booked for three weeks at 10am. The licence was then put in the noticeboard outside the Registry Office for Public Display.

I then returned to the camp site, and told Kari what I had done. She just could not believe that she was at long last going to be married.

"Kari, one thing you must promise me, always wear the sari, I will always think of you wearing one, it's you and that is why I ask you."

"Charlie I don't feel dressed in western clothes, I told you before that I just wear the sari."

Three days later a police car pulled up and a Sergeant of Police knocked at the door. I admitted him and he removed his cap, and took the seat I offered him.

"These campers are a real home from home aren't they?" He said with a slow highland brogue.

Kari I could see was real afraid, and was standing at my back clasping my pullover with both hands.

"Oh! I better introduce myself I'm Sergeant Ronald Macgregor of the West Highland Police. I have come to see you on the request of the Immigration Ministry."

Kari and I just stood and stared at him.

"And is the little lass who has had a bit of trouble then," indicating to Kari

"Yes!" I answered "She was brought here, tricked by being offered marriage, and found it was really for prostitution, but she managed to escape from her captors, and I gave her refuge."

"Why didn't you take her to the police at the time?"

"I don't know, I just felt sorry for her, now we are going to get married in three weeks, and I want her stay to be legal, that is why I contacted the Ministry."

"Where are you getting married?"

"Inverness Registry Office at 10am 18days."

He stood up put on his cap and addressed Kari, "I am arresting you for illegal entry into this country." Before he could go any further Kari dropped to her knees and was sobbing deeply, and had her arms wrapped around my legs.

He went on "I am placing you in the care of Mr Charles Browlow until a decision would be given on your status."

He then took off his cap, sat down on the chair and said "I wouldn't say no to a hot cup of coffee"

Kari stopped crying and was staring at the sergeant. I too was just dumbstruck and it took me some time to realize just what he had said.

"You mean you're not going to take her away and lock her up?"

"Do you think we have no sympathy for her, anyhow where would we be locking her up in this part of the country? She's your responsibility, don't lose her or you will be for the high jump. Now how about that coffee?"

I helped Kari up to her feet, and she quickly poured us out a coffee from the drip coffee maker.

"I'll be your best man if you want, and my daughter will willingly be your bridesmaid." He said to us both, "anyway you will need two witnesses, and I can keep an eye on you both" he said with a laugh.

"You can't very well drive this big thing to the Registry Office; I'll have Betty that's my daughters name by the way, pick you up in her car and take you there in goodly time. I will meet you there; I have to be in court that day, so I will just nip round for your wedding."

After finishing his coffee he rose and left, leaving the both of us rather stunned at the sudden turn of events.

"Kari, the wheels are now in motion for you to stay in this country, it seems that they are not too worried, allowing you to stay in my care. It looks as if we have a friend in the local police and a good witness for our marriage."

She came and pressed herself close to me wrapping her arms around my body. "Charlie I was very afraid that they were going to put me in prison." She said into my chest. "Please hold me tight, I need you holding me."

We just stood there holding each other.

That night she offered herself and I didn't really turn her down I suggested we wait until her wedding night, as all women would like to go to their nuptial bed a virgin especially Asian women. This was the greatest compliment I could have given her. She was very pleased that I had said this. But our other petting continued.

The sari she was wearing the night I found her was going to be her wedding sari. She had washed and ironed it and put it to one side it was by far a better quality than the ones we had bought in Edinburgh. I would rather have her wear something new and finer.

I then remembered Nanda Singh, who used to be a programmer with my old company, and was one of the few who hadn't been seduced by my former. Maybe because he was older, and had children of my age.

I rang his old number and his wife answered, who I had met but for the life of me couldn't remember her name. I asked if Nanda could call me as it was urgent. She asked the reason and I told her, she asked for Kari's measurements, which I told her from memory, and from what she had told the Indian in the shop in Edinburgh.

She said she would tell Nanda, but that she will get a sari suitable for Kari's wedding and have it sent by Express delivery, if she can get what she wants. I thanked her and she said to me." This woman won't treat you like your last wife, Asian women know how to look after their men properly, and I think you have made a wonderful choice."

Early the next week a parcel arrived from London containing the most beautiful sari in pale pastel blue, with a broad orange colour pattern and inlaid with gold thread it was like silk with a matching underskirt and blouse. It also contained a note from all of Nanda's family wishing us all the best.

When Kali saw the sari she burst out crying. "Charlie it is beautiful this is the most expensive sari's I have ever held in my hands, I will be very proud on my wedding day."

In the post that day was a temporary visitor's permit allowing Kari to stay impending investigation of her status.

On the day of our marriage we rose early, and were dressed early waiting on Betty to pick us up. I just couldn't keep my eyes off the beautiful woman beside me. They say that all brides are beautiful on their wedding day. I had to agree with the saying for Kari in the blue sari was the most exquisite creature I have laid eyes on.

When Betty arrived and stepped into the camper she stopped with mouth open looking at Kari "What a beautiful lady you are! I am honoured to be your bridesmaid."

When we arrived at the Registry Office we only had a ten minute wait. The Sergeant had brought two other Constables with him. So instead of us just being on our own we now had a reasonable gathering. After the ceremony and all the signatures gathered we were handed our marriage certificates. The Sergeant said he had a surprise for us, and Betty would be taking us, and he would be following soon.

She drove us to just outside Durness to a group of houses. When we entered one, there was a group of people waiting. They all wished us the best of happiness. The sergeant and his family had arranged this reception for us with his friends in the area. He had told them the story of Kari and what she had gone through, and they wanted to show that all the British are not bad.

"I love you all for what you have done for me and Charlie. I wish that I could live here for you are all so friendly, I really appreciate what you have done for this is the happiest day of my life."

"We would love to have you stay here you would be very welcome, we have never had an Indian woman live here. There is a house for sale just up the road; you should take a look at too. "A young woman about our age said.

"I'm not Indian, I am from Bangladesh, and I will try to talk Charlie to look at it, he did say he would live anywhere I would like to live. So you may find me in your community permanently, but first I have to be allowed to stay in this country."

Kari seemed to be getting on with the women splendidly, and they seem to have taken to her as well. Kari now was seated, with all the women seated round her. She was outstanding, sitting there proudly talking to them.

The sergeant and his two Police friends turned up, and we then all sat down to a meal. We had the usual speeches, and the subject of us moving here was brought up again. In fact we were to be taken round the house in two days and the Sergeant and Betty was going to show us around.

"Kari," the sergeant said addressing Kari and everyone present, "This is unofficial but I have been informed that you have been given permanent residency. Your National Insurance number and all relevant documentation will be sent to you soon. I haven't told you, but welcome to Scotland we would love you to join us here."

Everyone clapped and wished her all the best. Afterwards, one of the Constables who was on his way to Ullapool dropped us off at our camper.

I carried Kari over the doorstep as a true romantic; I don't know if it was a custom in her country. "Welcome home Mrs. Brownlow," and kissed her open lips.

"Am I now really Mrs. Brownlow, and I am your wife, I just can't believe it." She said with a smile on her face.

"Indeed you are, and you are getting to stay, do you want to live up here, it is a bit remote?"

"Oh Yes these are nice people, and I like them all, they have been very kind to us, and I think they would love to have us."

"Kari, these Highland people are real clicky, and take a long-time to accept strangers into their community, the one thing in their favour is that they did ask us, so maybe we have been accepted. We are going to see the house day after tomorrow so we will wait until then Mrs. Brownlow"

"I love that name, Mrs. Brownlow, my mother would be so proud of me."

"How many sisters have you got Mrs. Brownlow."

"I have one, Mr. Brownlow." She said with a giggle.

"If we get a big enough house maybe we should get them here with you, what do you say?"

"Oh could you, this lifestyle is different from what my mother is used to, she may not like it." She said excitedly.

We left it like that and we retired to the bedroom. There was no vanity now she displayed her body to me without embarrassment, and got into bed.

Immediately we got into bed she grabbed my hand and placed it between her legs and then put both her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. I gently moved my finger between the lips of her wet vaginal entrance and she shivered in pleasure and let out a small sigh through her closed mouth.

I slowly sank down her body, kissing her breasts and flat stomach, down over her lower abdomen and I got myself between her thighs, kissing the smooth inner surfaces, and slowly working up to her vagina. I used two of the fingers I had there to open these brown lips exposing her wet shinny pink flesh. I placed my mouth there and she shouted out in pleasure. Grabbing my head and pushing it into her pelvis area, and rolled her hips.

"Charlie, that is wonderful, why haven't you done this before? I just love this feeling." She barely got out through the panting.

I kept this up for a good ten minutes and she was in such a state that I just had to touch her clitoris for her to go into a thrashing frenzy with her highs. My head was getting the bashing by those beautiful brown thighs.

I slid up and placed the head of my rock-hard penis at the entrance of her vagina and she immediately raised her hips to accommodate me. A short way in I came against the resistance of her hymen I was expecting a lot of resistance but I felt it give and I plunged into her. She let out a sharp shout and pushed her hips on to me as I slid all the way in.

"Charlie that was a bit sore, but please don't stop, I will be all right."

I looked down and I saw that she was bleeding a bit, as there was a red ring around my shaft. So I took it very gentle and took very slow easy strokes, but she wanted to go faster as her hips became demanding by increasing her tempo.

I just couldn't hold any longer after over four years of abstinence I felt it rising from the root of my penis. Just as I was about to blast into her I felt a shiver go through Kari's body. She sat up and pulled me down on to her and hugged me as tight as she could and was kissing the side of my head. Her legs locked over mine, we were entwined and our bodies were locked as one.

"Charlie, I love you and that was really wonderful, I will be a faithful wife to you, you are my master, I want you always with me."

We lay locked like that for at least half an hour and I had difficulty getting her to let me go.

"Thank you Mrs. Brownlow that was lovely, I love you Kari." I kissed her brow.

"When can we do that again."

"Whenever you like my angel."

It wasn't long before I was hard again, but this time I was on the bottom and Kari was sitting on my thighs. I could watch her and she me. She took my penis in her hand, she was thrilled by holding it in her hand I could see. But it wasn't her hand she wanted it in, but inside her body. She placed the head inside her vagina and gently bent her knees and I slipped into her so slowly.

"Its not sore this time and the feeling is a lot better, Oh this is fantastic, what have I been missing Charlie." She said smiling at me.

She looked like a nymph with half her hair cascading down her back and the other half over her shoulder and front. It was that long the ends were lying on my stomach and my thighs. I didn't expect the feel of hair to feel so nice.

She sat right down on my thighs. "Charlie it fills me completely, it feels like it is up to my heart, this must be cupids arrow." She said with a laugh.

Then she started rising and lowering herself on my shaft. The look on her face was enough to see that she truly loved doing this.

"Charlie you like this don't you? I can see by your face that you like me doing this to you."

"Kari, you have hit the nail on the head, I will let you do that any time you want."

"No I have the nail inside me." She said with a laugh, as she increased her tempo.

I tried to help her but she didn't want my help, this was to be her play. She let me know by rising and stopping until I stopped. Then she would start again. I reached up and took a breast in each hand and she leant a little closer so I got a bigger handful. When I felt myself ready to shoot my load, I reached and grabbed her hair and pulled her down to me so I could hold her close.

"Charlie I felt you shoot your liquid into me, I liked the feel of it shooting into me, Oh Darling I love you so much, keep loving me darling."

We rolled so we were lying side by side and I kissed her, "Good night Darling Mrs. Brownlow"

"Good night Mr. Brownlow."

We fell asleep then as a new unit which this time I was determined to keep as one.

I was nice waking up with a loving wife by my side, but I wish she wouldn't just lie and look at me when she woke up. Whenever I opened my eyes she kissed me on the lips.

"Good morning dear husband" she said "I love you."

These were the words that I would hear every morning when I woke up.

The next day we were picked up and taken to view the vacant house. It was quite large, far larger than the houses we were in the other day. It had five bedrooms two bathrooms and three public rooms with a large kitchen. It stood on about an acre. God I thought, this will cost a fortune, I was judging on the price of property in London.

Kari loved it; it was the kitchen more than anything she loved. I must admit it was well equipped and not one of those pokey little holes I have seen in most houses, with walk-in pantry, and laundry.

When Ronald told me the asking price, I nearly collapsed it was one-fifth the price of my place in London.

"Are you sure that is the asking price, it seems very cheap compared with London."

"That is the asking price for you, do you want it?"

"Oh Yes we will take it. In fact I can pay for it right now."

"No need just put quarter down and the rest when you move in."

I made a cheque out for the amount, and handed it to him.

"Kari, this is going to be your new home, I have just bought it, you wanted to live with these people, so now you can."

"Welcome to our community the pair of you, we will all help you move in and get to know everyone in the area, we help one another, we have to since we are so isolated."

Betty and Kari hugged each other and dashed to look again at the kitchen.

"I will have to arrange to sell my house in London, and get all my stuff up. I will have to leave the camper here while I do this; if I bring it up to this house can you watch it for me. I may be gone for a couple of weeks I would also appreciate it if someone can take us to Inverness airport."

"We will look after everything, do you want me to arrange to connect services for you, I know that you should apply yourself, but I will talk to them and you can go and sign when you get back."

"Please we would appreciate that. Can you get us to the airport tomorrow?"

"I have to go into court again tomorrow; I will pick you up at 6-30 will that do."

"Great! Donald I appreciate all the help you and your family have given Kari and I, I will have to repay you somehow."

"You just bring yourself and your pretty wife back."

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