Stolen Passion

by Jana Cleveland

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Woman seduces next-door neighbor with break-in and black leather

(Author's note:This is an original story and I wrote it!)

It was an ordinary sunny, spring day. I began growing my flowers and I began watching my hot next door neighbor Eddie. He was tall, black-haired, brown-eyed and very sweet. In my mind, I want him for myself. Every day, I would watch him through my upstairs bedroom with either my own eyes or binoculars. I have watched him take a shower, work out, and every now and then watch him talk on the phone.

Often times, I would imagine myself with him with erotic thoughts. I had to take action and I got a plan. That night while he's sleeping, I got out me black leather outfit which consisted of a black leather and lycra bustier, a thong, knee-high boots, sheer stay-up thigh-highs, jacket, and gloves. I got dressed, put on a mask, and was ready to spy.

I walked over to his house. I noticed that his front door was open. I went in. Slowly, I crept up the stairs to his bedroom.

I opened the door slowly and quietly. There was Eddie sleeping like a baby in his bed. My gloved hand began touching his body under the sheet while he's sleeping. I noticed he was shirtless, guess he likes to sleep either in the buff, in his underwear, or with just pajama bottoms on. Without a sound, I carefully peeled back the sheet to see what he wears in bed. He wearing white pajama bottoms and no underwear. I look through his underwear drawer, his closet, and his bathroom. Then, I went downstairs. I looked at the kitchen, the living room. I went to the kitchen and looked at his fridge which was stocked. Suddenly, I heard footsteps, sensing that he was awake and knows something's going on. As I was about to leave the kitchen, he tackled me to the floor. I let out a scream. He took off my mask and saw me quiver.

Knowing that I'm his next door neighbor and was shocked, he clamly asked me "Claire, how did you get here?"

I said "Your front door was open. While you were sleeping, I took a little tour of your house."

I was still quivering when his hand touch my right thigh.

"I have reason for getting into your house. I would watch you from my bedroom window. Plus, I'm trying to seduce you."

He got out both of his hands and pulled me up by the waist.

He asked "You would watch me?"

I replied "Yes, I watched to take shower and you have a hot bod. The kind of bod like an Abercromie & Fitch catalog model. And you have a firm ass."

All of a sudden he deeply, hungrily kissed my lips. His bare hand was cradling the back of my head. He slipped his tongue into my mouth.

I pulled myself away and said "I thought I was supposed to seduce you, but you turned the tables on me..."

He smiled "I've never told you this, but I too would watch you. I would see you wear lingerie, taking off your clothes, relaxing in a bubble bath, rubbing lotion all over your body. Your body really turns me on." he said as he continued to kiss my lips.

He picked me up and carried me to his bedroom upstairs. When we got to his bedroom, he laid me down on his bed. He lustfully looked at me. Eddie smiled as he looked at every inch of my curvaceous, womanly body.

He whispered "I've never seen you wear leather before." as he felt the buttery softness of the leather of my jacket.

I looked into his eyes and said "Well, when I wear silk or satin or lace, I feel sexy and sensual. But when I wear leather, I feel a little daring and adventurous."

He bent down to take off my boots and got up to touch my thighs and removed the thigh-highs from them. His hands moved up from my knees to my hips. He laid his body on top of mine. His hands were touching all over my body, feeling every curve.

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