The Drive-In

by RedHairedandFriendly

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A group of friends shows another a different side to herself and them.

For those of you who absorb useless facts, read on. For those that don't, skip the italics and enjoy! Otherwise, here are some interesting details about the Drive-In Theatres. They were created in 1928 by a man named Richard Hollingshed, who started out with a projector mounted to his car, and a screen nailed between two trees. Using his lawn sprinkler, he simulated rain storms, and liked what he saw. Richard used blocks and various cars, and was able to find out the correct angle of where these cars needed to be placed to get the spacing right, so everyone could see the movie. Thus, the first patent for a drive-in was made in 1932. In 1950 the courts of Delaware ruled that a drive-in could no longer be patented.

In the 1930's there were 18 Drive-In theatres. That number, we all know, grew and grew, and in 1948 there were a total of 820 theatres. After the baby boom, drive-ins became playgrounds for the kids. Many owners installed equipment for the children to enjoy till it was time for the movie to begin. Parents would arrive early, and the concession stand did even more business. By the end of the 1950's, the Drive-In was making its way across the country, and came close to 5,000, forcing that same number of indoor theaters to close down. The largest theatre was in Copiague, New York. It was 28 acres, and had spacing for 2500 cars. A train was used to shuttle people from their cars to various areas on the site. It included an indoor theatre for 1200, a playground, restaurant, and a cafeteria.

Unfortunately, by the 60's and 70's the drive-in had worn out its welcome, and many had begun to close down. Fewer families attended, so the playgrounds were taken away, and movies were geared towards teens and young adults. By the end of the 1980's only about 1000 drive-ins remained, and many of them were closing their doors. Cable TV and VCR's are what brought about this change in attendance. Finally, in the 1990's, drive-in theatres began to come back into demand. Some new ones were built and old ones reopened. Many added more screens for viewers. One Florida theatre added 13.

What will the 2000's bring us? I don't have a clue, but I live 20 minutes away from a drive-in and love it. The cost has gone up; we pay $6.00 for ages 12 and up, but everyone 11 and under are admitted free. Some nights the owners charge $6.00 a car; and man, you sure can pack a lot of people in the bed of a pick-up truck! The food is expensive, but it is still worth the nostalgia one gets when they pull up to the speaker post, and the kids play outside and enjoy the time before the movie begins. We probably shouldn't mention the steamy windows, from the countless lovers who take a moment to feel young again!

Abby and Todd waited patiently for the movie to start. Todd had agreed to a blind date with Abby just to appease his buddy's girlfriend, Sheila. Brice and Sheila, who were in the back seat of Todd's Town Car, had been dating for six months, and she, it seemed, had wanted to find a date for her friend Abby. He had been nominated the potential victim. So far, Todd had to admit he was having a nice time. Abby was better looking then Brice had described; then again, Brice was partial to blonde hair. Abby was definitely not what Brice would have ever found attractive, Todd thought to himself, as he compared her 5'-3" to Sheila's 6'0''. Abby's brown curly hair was cut close to her shoulders, whereas her friend's was long and wavy, and definitely bottle blonde. Todd also noticed that Sheila was as thin as a stick. Granted, she had enough to keep a man's hands busy in the chest department, but Abby had much more, and though she wasn't a big woman, she had enough there that a man felt like he was touching a soft female, and not a bunch of bones. Every man had a different taste in this world, and Todd could tell his tastes were definitely for Abby.

Abby glanced back at Sheila and Brice and blushed, as she quickly faced the front of the car. She knew she was taking her chances going on a blind date with a couple who obviously, from what she had just witnessed, couldn't keep their hands off each other for very long. So she watched the people moving in front of the car on their way to the concession stand, and she heard the children playing on the playground that was located at the front of the pack of cars. She loved coming to this drive-in. Her mom had told her stories of it, and how she and her aunts and uncles would ride their bikes and climb the trees to listen to the movies with their hand-held radios. They couldn't afford the money to go very often, since they were a family of eight, and times were never easy for them growing up. She had even pointed out the group of trees to her once, and Abby always enjoyed imagining herself in those trees, watching a movie. She related the story to Todd while she took in his appearance, bringing smiles to her eyes, as well as her lips.

Abby had been very apprehensive about going out with another one of Sheila's blind dates. Abby knew she wasn't as thin as Sheila, but she also knew that she was attractive. Many men had given her notice at clubs or while she shopped at the mall, yet they rarely ever approached her. She wasn't sure why. Maybe because Sheila was so outgoing to everyone, whereas she was a little more reserved, until she felt more comfortable with someone new. Abby was immediately glad she had agreed to this particular blind date. Todd was a very nice looking man. He was physically fit, with short brown wavy hair, and very deep blue eyes. Abby had felt a little dwarfed when he stood beside her, helping her into the car. She figured her 5'3'' frame looked tiny compared to his 6'4''. She also liked the feeling of protectiveness that his height had given her. She tried to keep a steady flow of conversation with Todd, to drown out the sounds of the two in the back seat, making out, as her face kept getting redder and redder.

Brice had his hand up Sheila's blouse when Abby had looked back at them, and he smiled against her neck as he started to suck gently on her skin. He always enjoyed making Abby blush. She had a nice, cute smile when she was embarrassed, and he loved seeing her smile. He felt his cock get even harder, thinking of Abby, while he continued to fondle Sheila's nipples. Brice had met Sheila and Abby at a bar, and had initially been attracted to Abby, but Sheila had come across right from the start as the wild one of the two. So he had ended up with her that night, and just hadn't bothered to try and sample Abby's delights, though many times he had imagined her in his bed or on his pool table, instead of his current lover. Closing his eyes, he moved his tongue over Sheila's neck to her mouth, while his mind imagined Abby's large breast under his hand.

Sheila moaned against Brice's lips and let her hand slide down to his crotch. She hadn't wanted to start groping Brice as soon as they got in the car, but she knew he was a man who needed a lot of attention, and so she felt like obliging him most of the time. She pressed her hand against his cock and bit his bottom lip with her teeth before pulling it in and sucking on it gently. She noticed Abby shifting uncomfortably in her seat, so she pulled her mouth from Brice's and slowly eased his hand from her shirt. "Later babe, when it's a bit darker." She heard his groan, and winced a little as he gave one last hard pinch on her nipple.

Sheila had wanted Brice the moment she saw him approaching Abby at the bar. She had seen that look in many men's eyes when she and Abby were out together, and she hated it. Sheila saw the way Brice looked at her friend, and she couldn't understand how so many people would rather be with Abby than with her. She was thinner then Abby, sexier then Abby, and so much more outgoing then Abby, yet almost every man she had slept with had at first wanted Abby. She was tired of always comparing her thin self to Abby's body. She admitted that even she found Abby attractive. She had an innocence about her; an untouched clean soul. Sheila had actually found herself imagining being a part of that innocence. She liked Abby, but hated how jealous she was of her. She tried to be quiet and demure, but just couldn't. She wanted to be Abby sometimes, and get the attention Abby got, but never realized she was getting. She wouldn't mind seeing what was so special about Abby, and decided that somehow she was going to get a taste of what was so unique about her friend.

"Hey Todd, let's go get these ladies something to drink, and a couple of large popcorns," Brice said, as he pried himself from Sheila's side, and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before exiting the vehicle to meet Todd on the driver's side.

"Don't forget the extra butter!" Sheila and Abby both shouted at their retreating backs, giggling together as the guys rolled their eyes at them.

"Sooooo... tell me what you think?" Sheila asked as soon as the men were far enough away that her question wouldn't be carried on the wind.

"I think I like him. He is a very nice looking guy and very polite. He even opened the door for me, and you know that doesn't happen much anymore."

Sheila noticed the sparkle in Abby's eyes and how her face lit up when she was enjoying herself. "Well, I think he's smitten with you also."

"Smitten! What are you, 80 years old? I think more like, attracted to me, is the word you're looking for... and you know what? I think he is. Well, I really hope he is, anyway."

"He is, trust me. Abby, you don't give yourself enough credit. Many men are attracted to you. I know Brice is. He admitted it to me once. I'll even admit to you, that if I were a man, I'd have had you in my bed in no time." Sheila let her words sink in before continuing on her attempt to bring out a new side to her friend. "I mean, think about it. You aren't a stick figure, like me. You have large breasts, great hips, and man, Abby, when you smile your whole face lights up. Yep, if I were a man, I'd do ya. Hell, I'm a woman, and I'd still do ya!" And with that statement Sheila headed out of the car, asking Abby if she wouldn't mind heading to the ladies room with her.

"Why is it woman always have to use the restroom in pairs?" Abby sighed, as she got out of the car and hooked her arm through her best-friend's, and proceeded to head off to the restrooms.

Todd and Brice were on their way back to the car, and stopped the girls to see if they wanted them to wait for them. The girls declined, and let the guys head back to the car. Both girls stopped to take a moment to turn and watch their dates walk away, enjoying the view of their tight jeans. Each one turned to the other, raised their eyebrows, and giggled that secret laugh that women have, when they are sharing a sexy secret.

"Well Brice, I don't know why you did it, but I think you left me with the hottest babe." Todd slid back into the front of the car and over to the middle some, wanting to be sitting closer to Abby when she got back. "I mean, are you blind?"

Brice laughed. "No, friend. I'm not blind. I wanted Abby first, but she was so quiet and shy, and the night I met them I wasn't in the mood for taking my time and using the usual lines to open a quiet girl up to me. I wanted a sure thing, and I wanted to get laid. Shellie was there, and obviously willing, and later I learned she was able. Very able, as you can see. I'm still with her. Granted, I wouldn't mind being with Abby, too. Now, that, my friend, would be heaven."

Todd grinned at Brice's last comment. "I'm sure it would be. Sheila is a looker. Don't get me wrong. I think you got real lucky with her. Abby, though, is different. They seem like night and day. I like her, and I'll probably ask her back to my place after I drop you and Sheila off. I may just offer to take her back to her house, since Sheila went and picked her up, and brought her to your place."

"Well, maybe we can all enjoy some of Abby this evening. What do you think of that?"

Todd stayed quiet for a long time. It had been years since he and Brice had done anything like that; shared women. He liked the idea; could even feel his cock starting to rise up, some. He imagined Abby's mouth on him, and Sheila's nipple rolling between his thumb, while Brice sat back with the camera, before he took his turn with the lovely ladies.

"I can tell you're thinking about it," Brice chuckled to his friend. "It's been a while, old friend, and I think Sheila would go for it. Abby, on the other hand... well, that would be the tricky thing... She is shy, but I guess, to hear Sheila talk, once that barrier is down Abby is a real wild woman. I've yet to see it, but god I sure would love to."

"Well Brice, I think you have a fascinating mind, and I'll do all I can to ease Miss Abby out of her shy state before we return back to your place. But I won't pressure her."

"I wouldn't want you to. She's a great girl. I just think she needs to experience a new side to herself. She needs to step out of Sheila's shadow. Think of it as brotherly concern for my fellow sister."

"Yeah, right! Believe me, I know you too well, and that ain't brotherly concern you're stroking, right now." Todd laughed hard, as he watched Brice's hand swiftly move away from his crotch. He reached over the passenger seat as he saw Abby come across the front of the car, and opened it quickly for her. "Welcome back, hon."

"Hi. Miss us?" Abby asked, as she slid into her seat and shut the door behind her. She quickly noticed how much closer Todd was to her, and how his hand had stayed on the headrest behind her. She let herself relax against his side as he answered her with a smile and a stroke to her hair.

"Just you," he whispered quietly in her ear, letting his warm breath rest on her before offering her some popcorn and soda.

Sheila placed her hand on Brice's thigh and settled against him, just as the movie previews began to run. Each person commented on the upcoming movies, promising to themselves that they would see this one, and not that one. The girls made jokes about the actors, and how they'd be willing to do a sex scene with that one; and if they were men, they'd even do a few scenes with a particular actress. The men enjoyed their own teasing, as the previews for the sci-fi movies and the horror flicks ran. They loved grossing out the girls with tales of other disgusting films the men had seen in the past, and relished in the faces they made, as they each described ghoulish scenes. Finally, the feature film began, and each couple pressed together closer so they could watch the movie, eat some popcorn, and have a nice time at the theatre.

About an hour into the first film Todd's hands moved into Abby's hair, and he slowly began stroking her neck. She snuggled closer to him, and her sigh encouraged him to continue his little caresses. He moved his fingers back and forth, while he popped some popcorn into his mouth. His eyes were on the movie, but his mind was on Abby. His fingers worked slow circles on her neck and massaged the muscles underneath the porcelain skin. Slowly, he moved his mouth closer to her ear, and let his tongue slide over it, smiling as he felt her shiver and sigh again. 'God, she's responsive' he thought, as he continued to move his hand around to the side of her neck, slowly running his fingers up and down the corded muscle. He noticed her shift slightly in her seat, and he knew that she was beginning to feel his effect on her body.

Abby had felt a real tremor as soon as Todd's hand had moved through her hair. She was sure he noticed her response to his touches, and then when he licked her ear she felt her whole body shake. She smiled over at him and took a drink, feeling a little like teasing him. She ran her tongue slowly over her lips, licking off the sweetness from the soda. She grinned even wider as she heard his groan, and saw his wink. Abby liked how he looked at her; as if she were the only one in the car with them, even though, from the sounds coming from the back seat, it was obvious they weren't. She placed her hand on his thigh and settled back against him.

Sheila had seen Todd's hand moving through Abby's hair while she had been slowly sliding the shirt from Brice's pants. 'God, she wanted to be up there with them, feeling like she was more then just a nice fuck' she thought to herself, but she did enjoy having Brice fulfill her needs, and she fulfilled her own at the same time. Sheila felt her pussy tighten as she watched Todd's tongue lick Abby's ear. She closed her eyes for a moment, and wondered what it would have been like to taste Abby's skin the way Todd had just done. She opened her eyes again as her hands worked on the button of Brice's jeans. She did enjoy this part of the drive-in, the make out sessions in the back seat; they always were the hottest. She wondered now if she'd cum harder then ever, since she had two people witness to the sounds of her pleasuring her lover.

Brice shifted in his seat and let his eyes wander back and forth, from the screen, to Abby, and then to Sheila. He hadn't really cared what movie was playing, but felt he should at least claim to be able to recall some of it. He felt Sheila's cool hands move his cock from his boxers, and leaning back, his eyes fixed on the back of Abby's curly brown hair. As Sheila's mouth closed over his member, he let his mind caress Abby's short hair, as he ran his fingers through the top of Sheila's blonde tresses. He felt as if it were Abby's tongue circling his cock's head, as Sheila's tongue slid over it. He saw, in his mind, Abby's mouth sucking him in deep, and him thrusting his big hard penis down her throat, while in reality, Sheila was sliding her hot moist mouth all over his dick. Brice opened his eyes and looked down at the blonde fucking his cock with her mouth, and let his finger rub over her ass. Pinching it slightly, he whispered Abby's name, causing Sheila to grind harder against his cock. Realizing that had turned her on, he whispered her name again. "Fuck me Abby," he said, before he felt his cum fill Sheila's hot mouth. "Suck it dry, Abby, all of it. Suck it all down." He continued to climax as Sheila worked his cock with her tongue and her hands, emptying his seed and swallowing it all.

Abby felt her cheek with her hand. 'Oh my god, ' she thought, as she realized what Brice had said, and that not only had Sheila heard it, but surely Todd had also. Her face was on fire as she looked over at Todd, trying to read his reaction. He smiled down and her and winked again. She felt his lips touch her cheek and move down to her neck, before sliding over to her ear and whispering that he wouldn't mind her doing that, either. She turned her head and pressed her lips gently to his. "Maybe someday, I will."

"Mmmm, I sure hope so," he answered back, just before he claimed her lips with his. He felt her melt against him as his tongue slid slowly along the sides of her mouth, then met with hers to stroke and dance with it. "Abby, you taste wonderful." Never letting his lips leave hers, he placed the popcorn on the driver's side floor board, and let his hand rest on her thigh while he continued to stroke her neck.

"So do you," she heard herself whisper. As the kiss broke for a brief moment, she heard his indrawn breath as she slid her tongue forcibly against his. Her hand moved slowly up his thigh as she twisted her body to press her left breast against his chest, letting her leg drape over his. Purring against his lips, she felt his hand snake slowly up her inner thigh. Abby could feel her body humming as his fingers slid along her skin, and her ears picked up the sounds of Sheila and Brice in the back seat. She moved her lips to Todd's neck, and opened her eyes to look at the back seat. Her eyes moved over Brice's open jeans and his soft cock, still glistening from his earlier release. She glanced at Sheila, noticing her friend's smile and wink, just before she licked her lips and put her finger against Brice's wet cock. Abby left Todd's neck for only a brief moment, to lick the wet finger that Sheila offered her, then turned her attention back to Todd's body. Closing her eyes, Abby felt her pussy get even wetter, as the thoughts of having shared a part of Sheila and Brice's pleasure aroused her.

Sheila turned her head and smiled at Brice. Turning her back to Abby and Todd, she straddled his lap. Leaning against Brice, her breast to his chest, she let her hands work his cock while she whispered in his ear, "So, you want to fuck Abby and have her mouth on your cock? Is that what you want, Brice?" Sheila bit his neck as she took the cock that she had been stroking, and rubbed it against her wet pussy.

Brice loved it when she tossed Abby's name back at him. She'd been doing that ever since he had admitted to her that he was attracted to her friend, and wouldn't mind seeing her in their bed sometime. He knew she liked the idea, because she'd fuck him and tell him it was Abby riding his cock. "Yeah baby, I want Abby on my cock, and your pussy in my face. Would you like that, hon? Then I could watch you take your sweet mouth to Abby's, and your fingers slide into her; or better yet, capture you both on film." He felt her hand tighten around his now fully erect cock and slide it into her wet pussy. Taking his hands to her hips, he slammed her down, thrusting his dick completely inside.

Abby could hear everything that Sheila and Brice were saying, and she couldn't believe how turned-on and excited she was getting. The images that Brice's words had put into her head, along with the slow fingers of Todd moving up to rub across her panties, were enough to make her pussy so wet, she knew that there was no way Todd could not feel her arousal. "Can you believe them?" she whispered into his ear. "I never knew Sheila or Brice would want to do something like that. Did you?" Abby looked into Todd's eyes and knew the answer, before she heard his words.

"Yes, I knew." Todd continued to slide his fingers up and down her wet panties, as let his lips slowly pressed kisses along her jaw. "Brice and I have done that a couple of times before, back when we were in college." His hand moved over her pussy and slowly slid up to the top edge of her panties, before sliding between her fine hairs and the silky fabric.

"Did you enjoy it?" she asked, as she let her legs part further, and her hips thrust against his hand more. "Todd, that feels so nice." Abby moaned against his hair as she quietly asked her next question. "Would you want to do something like that with me?"

"Oh god, yes, Abby," he growled in her ear, as his finger plunged deep into her slick, wet hole. "I think you're beautiful, and I think Sheila is nice to look at. To pleasure you, and watch the two of you pleasure each other; hell, I could cum right now, just from thinking about it." Todd felt her pussy clench against his finger as he rotated it to the right, and then the left.

Abby thought about her and Todd spending an evening learning how to please the other, and then imagined her trying to please Todd even more, by licking and stroking Sheila the same way she wanted Todd to lick and stroke her. She had watched porn with other boyfriends, and had listened to them talk about how much they would enjoy a three-way, sometime. They never had asked her, so she never really replied one way or the other. Now she let her thoughts take shape, and realized that she would like to try it. She trusted Sheila and Brice, and she also trusted their judgment concerning Todd. Though she had only met Todd a few hours ago, she trusted him also. She loved how he looked at her whole body, enjoyed touching her and being with her. His eyes didn't ogle her breasts, and he rarely glanced at Sheila's trim form. He had even admitted to her that he found Sheila nice to look at, so he was honest about his attraction to her.

Todd could tell Abby was really considering this new idea. He continued to slide his finger along the walls of her pussy, and let his mouth slowly suck on the sensitive skin under her ear. He pressed her head deeper to his neck, and urged her to suck his flesh harder. Todd took pleasure in the pain she brought to his neck as he pushed a second finger inside her hot, slick cunt. He took the bite she gave him as an urging to move his fingers faster inside her; to stroke her walls harder and quicker. Her body continued to clasp and unclasp against him as he moved his thick fingers deeper, and curled the tips to slowly scrape the inner front muscles of her cunt. 'God she's so wet, ' he thought to himself. His cock ached to be free from the tight jeans he had worn. Moving his hips to release some of the pressure on the swollen head, he felt Abby shift her hips and take his fingers in deeper. Her teeth bit into his skin again, as he felt her cum flow over his fingertips, then slide down, coursing over his remaining digits. It pooled in his palm, and fell onto her skirt, leaving it wet and sticky.

Sheila had heard Abby's moan from her release, and ground deeper against Brice's pelvis, as she continued to slowly drive his cock up and down inside her moist pussy. She had almost cum when she heard Todd and Abby's conversation. Her mind worked out a way she could pull Abby to the side, and tell her how much she wanted them to do this with these two men. She felt Brice's cock deep inside her, and imagined the opportunity to not only fuck Brice once again, but to fuck Todd, too. She had never shared a lover with Abby, but she so wanted to now. She wanted a piece of what Abby had, and she wanted a taste of what her friend rarely gave others. She felt her pussy contract around her lover's cock as she continued to slide on him, prolonging their orgasms. Her mind continued to flash erotic scenes of her and Abby licking and fingering each other, or scenes of Brice licking her clit while she fucked Todd with her mouth. She came with the last thought in her head, seeing in her mind, Brice, with a video camera, taping them as they each took a turn doing Abby.

Brice grabbed Sheila's hips and ground her onto him as she came. He felt her cum cover his cock as he shot into her pussy, soaking his opened jeans and silk boxers. He gripped her hard and rocked her up and down, fucking her slowly, letting her spasm against him while his cock continued to pump it's seed deep into her. He moved his mouth to her t-shirt and bit her nipple through the material, running his tongue over the hard bud and soaking her shirt with his saliva. He moved his head back, and looked over Sheila's shoulder at Abby's eyes. Taking one hand from Sheila's hip, he pressed it against Abby's mouth. His body shuddered one last time as Abby's eyes darkened, and she sucked on his finger, running her tongue along the tip before letting it slide in and out of her mouth. Brice mouthed to Abby that he wanted her, and wanted to fuck her. She ran her tongue one last time around his finger before she nodded her head yes, and returned her lips to Todd's mouth.

Abby slowly eased herself from Todd's embrace and pressed her lips gently to his. "Sheila," she said in a passion-filled voice. "I need to use the restroom. Care to come along?"

"Sure, babe," Sheila answered, as she lifted her pussy from Brice's limp cock and slid over the seat. She opened the door and headed out to meet Abby on the other side.

Todd rubbed his cock a few times, and scooted over to sit behind the wheel of the car. Glancing back, he noticed Brice finishing up his undressed state, and allowed him to finish tucking his shirt in before looking back at his friend, saying, "Well, I believe we have other things to talk about now, don't we?"

"Fuck, yeah!" Brice grinned from ear to ear as he pictured Abby under him, over him, beside him; he didn't care where she was, he just wanted her. "I do believe we have two very horny women on our hands, who will need some special attention tonight."

"I do believe you're right about that. I'm surprised at how fast Abby responded to the idea. I wonder if maybe she hasn't been wanting to try something like this for a long time, but was to afraid to ask, or no one ever thought she wanted to. I had a feeling she'd be all for it, when she began trying to concentrate on my fingers and listen to you two at the same time. Brice, I'm not kidding! That woman was so wet while she was listening to you and Sheila talking, I thought I was gonna cum in my jeans. I need to fuck her soon, real soon."

Brice agreed that Abby did need a couple of good screwings, and he admitted again to Todd that Sheila wanted some of Abby, too. The question was, would they both be willing to, this evening? Together, Todd and Brice worked out a way that maybe they could use to convince the girls to make tonight the night.

Abby and Sheila waited in line to use the bathroom. Both women were very wet, and both women wanted to enjoy more of the evening. Abby couldn't hold back any longer. Not caring who heard, she asked Sheila her first in a series of questions. "Have you ever done something like this before?"

"What, a three-way? Or, in this case, a four-way? No, and I assume you haven't either?" Sheila knew the answer; she just loved watching Abby blush.

"Of course not!" Abby answered back, rolling her eyes and sighing. "Sheila, I think I'd like to try it. Do you think, if one of us is uncomfortable with it, that the guys would get angry, and then we'd have problems? I really like Todd, and I really have always wondered what it would be like. Would you be okay with Brice and I? Sheila, I'm pretty sure that they would want us to do things to each other, too." Abby could hear her own indecision in her voice, as well as some concern that Sheila wouldn't want to do it. Abby knew that if Sheila wasn't into trying it, then she sure wasn't going to.

Sheila wanted to set Abby's mind at ease, so she moved herself in front of Abby, knowing that the area was dark where they were, and few, if anyone, could see them. The people in front of the line were absorbed in their own conversations and the people behind her friend couldn't see what Sheila was planning on doing. She bent over to Abby's ear and whispered, "Abby, you're my friend. You can trust me and believe me. I want to do things with you." She slipped her tongue into her best friend's ear, while she snaked her hand up to Abby's protruding nipple, and gently rubbed it through her thin blouse. "See, honey, I want to slide my hands around your breasts, and feel how heavy they are." Sheila felt her pussy getting wet again as she lowered her hand and pressed it against Abby's cunt, rubbing her skirt slowly against it. "I want my tongue here on you, and my fingers. Abby, I want to suck and taste you. I want you to cum for me, for Brice and for Todd; but most of all I want you to cum for yourself."

Abby was breathing heavily as Sheila whispered in her ear, her body responding to Sheila's ministrations just as quickly as she had responded to Todd's. "Oh god, Sheila. I had no idea. I think I want that, too." Abby moved her hips slowly against Sheila's palm and ached to have Sheila do all the things she had mentioned. Looking around, Abby slowly let her fingers run over Sheila's breast, leaning in to press her lips against her friend's cheek. Then she slid her tongue to her ear. "Yes, Sheila I want to try this, too. I want to see what this is like; I want to share myself with you."

"Tonight?" she asked, as her fingers pinched Abby's nipple harder. "Do you want to fuck tonight, Abby? You could have my tongue, and Todd's, and yep, even Brice's. He wants you Abby. You heard him. He called your name while I sucked his cock. You want us all to fuck you, don't you, sweetie?"

"Yes," Abby gasped, as she felt more wet juice slip along her pussy and rest on her underwear. "Yes, Sheila. Tonight."

The girls slowly pulled apart, and held hands as they walked into the ladies room. They waved an older woman ahead of them, allowing her to use one of the free stalls, and they opted to share one. Shellie led Abby in, and locked the stall door behind them. She quickly pressed Abby against the stall door and thrust her tongue into Abby's mouth. She stroked her friend's tongue with quick, long licks; tasting her, and grinding her breast against her own. She pulled up Abby's skirt and rubbed her pussy through the soaked panties, her teeth pulling on Abby's bottom lip. Sheila let her nails skim across the lacy seam of her soon- to-be lover's underwear. She slipped her finger inside, and let her long nails rake over the fine, soft pussy hairs, before letting one finger rub and caress Abby's clit.Abby was taking in Sheila's tongue, stroking it and sucking it, as her hands buried in her friend's blond hair. Her body was on fire again, as Sheila rubbed her clit, then slowly slid her finger deeper inside her wet and aroused hole.

She tugged on Sheila's lip before she left her mouth completely, to suck on her neck. Her body was taking over her mind, and she felt her pussy wanting to have more of her friend filling her. She slid her tongue along Sheila's neck and sucked on her earlobe. She moved her own hand from Sheila's hair to under her blouse, grabbing her breast and kneading it, feeling the nipple under her palm. Suddenly, they both felt the knock on the stall door against Abby's back, and Abby slowly removed her hand from Sheila's blouse, frowning as Sheila removed hers from under Abby's skirt. Abby bent down and placed a kiss over the nipple that had not yet seen any attention from Brice's mouth. She ran her tongue over the hard bud and licked it a few times, before raising her head back up to kiss Sheila's mouth softly. "Tonight, Sheila. With or without the men, I don't fucking care."

Sheila smiled widely and licked her lips, before unlocking the door of the stall, letting Abby walk out in front of her. She covertly slid her hand up against Abby's ass and smoothed down her skirt, smiling at the young woman who had been waiting for the stall, and let Abby hold her hand as they headed back to the car.

Todd and Brice both noticed the girls at the same time, and how each one appeared even more flushed than when they had left, if that was at all possible. Todd watched how the two girls moved, and saw that they were now holding hands tightly and walking close, as if they were two lovers on a first date. He noticed Sheila's hair was more rumpled than it had been when they left, and he observed that the front of Abby's skirt was wet, almost matching the back. His eyes locked for a moment with Brice's, as each man had the same thought... tonight was the night.

Brice waited until both women were seated in the car before launching into conversation. "So, ladies... enjoy the trip to the restroom?" he asked, as he cupped Sheila's breast once more, running his finger over the small wet spot that he knew he had not placed there. "Anything important, or exciting, you may wish to share?"

Sheila looked at Abby, getting her nod of approval before telling Brice and Todd that she and Abby really didn't want to stay for the second feature, and that each would like to go back to Brice's and play a game, or watch something there. Sheila winked at Brice and ran her hand down across his cock. "Unless you and Todd have other plans for us."

Todd quickly kissed Abby on the lips, and started his car. "Ladies," he said, "I don't have any plans for the rest of the night, or tomorrow either. We're all yours." With that said, Todd put on his parking lights and tuned the radio back to the local rock station, slowly maneuvering the car out of the drive-in before turning on his head lights. He smiled as Abby slid herself across the seat, buckled herself in with the middle strap before resting her head on his shoulder, and stroked his thigh with her hand.

Chapter 2

Everyone was quiet on the drive back to Brice's home, each person lost in their own thoughts. Abby, of course, was thinking on whether this was the right thing to do or not; Sheila worked out in her mind who would get Abby first; Brice thought of his cock sliding home into Abby's pussy and Sheila's cunt in his face; and Todd thought about how nice it would be to have Abby beneath him, enjoying her body, and how nice it would be have the movie of them to watch, whenever she and he wanted to. Todd knew that if all went well tonight, he and Abby would be together for a while. He slid his fingers through her hair as he tried to keep his mind on the road.

Brice reached up and tapped Todd's shoulder. "Hey pal, pull over at the store right there, and I'll grab us some beer. You and the girls head over to the video store and grab a movie."

"Sure thing, as long as the girls don't mind." He checked with each one, and pulled off the road into the parking lot of the strip mall. "Well, lovely ladies, what kind of movie shall the three of us choose?" he asked as he slid the shift handle into park.

Getting out, Todd opened the rear door for Sheila, and kept his open as Abby slid out from the driver's side. His eyes roamed over Sheila's body, and he felt some arousal from her thin form, but he felt his pulse quicken when he stole a glance down Abby's blouse and saw her much rounder and fuller breast hidden in her shirt. He held Abby's hand and placed his other against the small of Sheila's back, thinking to himself that he should let Sheila get used to the feel of his touch on her person. When the four of them reached the sidewalk, Brice waved them goodbye and told them he'd meet them in the car after a bit. Todd and the girls proceeded up the walk, and Todd released both women to open the door for them. He let his eyes take in the nice sway of Sheila's ass, and pictured it pressed up against his cock, while he looked down to see Abby's pussy being licked my Sheila's mouth. His cock began to grow in his jeans again, and he groaned a frustrated sigh as he walked in behind Abby.

The three of them wasted no time in deciding what type of movie they wanted. They all knew the movie was just a way to relax, and move back into the conversation and/or action that all wanted to partake in. Each one moved to a different section of the adult movies and scanned the various titles and fetishes. Finally Abby reached out for one, and read the small details it had on the back. This movie, she felt, was the right one for the evening. It involved two men and two women, but the women were the domineering role players, and the men were more of the submissive type. Though Abby seriously doubted she could dominate Todd, she did like the idea of watching how it could be done, if she decided she ever wanted to try it. The group agreed that this movie would be the right choice for what they planned, and headed to the counter and then out to the car to meet up with Brice.

Setting out to Brice's place, this time they only had a few minutes on the road. Brice looked over the movie as Todd drove, and leaned up to whisper in Abby's ear, "A great pick, hon, for a wonderful evening." His lips pressed against her neck, and his tongue slid down it to caress the skin that lay against her collar, before sliding back to Sheila's side.

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