Second Chances

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Science Fiction, First, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sandy thought she was the only person left alive on the planet Earth. As it turns out, she was wrong. What secret does her new friend Alice share with her? Is there a new hope for the human race?

Hi all!

Just a quick note. This story used to feature a different famus building in a scene you will certainly be able to pick out. Although I wrote the story in the year 2000, I simply didn't have the heart to leave it as is. I really hope nobody minds the very slight re-write my heart told me to include. I couldn't bring myself to post it otherwise. I had let the story die out. I thought I deleted all copies, but recently discovered a backup on an old floppy disk. I hope you all enjoy it!

Thank you,
Your friend,
Honey Moon

The worst thing about the end of the world was the mind numbing boredom. Sandy made one final connection to her generator. Wiping the grease from her hands, she stood and surveyed her work. "That should do it," she said with a grin. "Now this is going to be good!" The pretty young woman made her way down to the street, and started to take off her clothes. "I better get ready. The sun's going down soon!" Sandy hurried to her camp shower, and washed the day's work from her body. Her hands wandered, as she became more, and more aroused. "Down girl!" she giggled. "Don't waste all your hard work!"

Sandy hurried through her shower. The plastic water bag only held 5 gallons of sun-heated water anyway. As the water trickled to an end, she thought longingly of the luxury apartment she had moved into. Her desire for a good hot bath had nearly killed her. That first attempt at running a water heater off a generator had started an electrical fire. Sandy had managed to stagger down the fire escape in time. Thank goodness the raging fire hadn't spread to other buildings. Not that anyone was left to be hurt, but Manhattan was one of mankind's better creations. It would have been a shame to destroy it. As it was, it took her nearly a week to shake the nagging cough from the smoke inhalation. This time things were different. Sandy had studied for months, raiding the library for every book on electrical engineering she could find. Weeks of practice on isolated structures had perfected her skills.

Now Sandy was confidant in her work. In fact, in her old life, her new knowledge would have made her quite a comfortable living. Finally, the sun was setting. Stars came out one by one, and soon the night sky was a blazing glory. In two years the air had cleared up remarkably. That, and the utter lack of man made light, let the lone woman see more stars then anyone ever had since the dawn of time. Sandy made herself comfortable on the king size bed she had dragged from a shop across town. It was hard work, but she managed to place smack in the middle of the once busy street. "Showtime!" she shouted, as she pressed a button on a radio control unit. A light flickered briefly then steadied. Once more, the massive Sony Jumbotron TV screen was lighting Times Square. The huge monitor had never shown anything like this before! Scene after pornographic scene played for Sandy's pleasure, and boy was it pleasure!

She ran her hands lightly along her body. The cool night breeze against her skin heightened her senses. Sandy's breathing was starting to grow heavy as she pushed her breasts together. With a low moan, she sucked her own nipples. It felt so good to pretend that some phantom lover was tenderly kissing them. She groped around the bed, and found her new vibrator. Thank god she could still find batteries for it! Sandy placed it to her mouth. Her tongue tingled pleasantly as she licked the buzzing toy. Never taking her eyes from the giant screen, her left hand wandered down her body. Slowly, it slipped between her legs. "Oh shit!" she gasped. "I'm so wet!"

Gently, she ran the plastic device down her tummy. The buzzing made her skin go all goose bumpy. Sandy touched it to her clit, and nearly sobbed with the feelings it produced. She placed the tip at her damp opening. With a whimper, she twisted it from side to side. Slowly, the toy worked its way into her body. "Oh wow!" she giggled. "That's rather nice!" She eased the vibrator deeper, until she felt it come to a rest against her hymen. "It's now or never, Sandy!" she said in a husky voice. "You don't want to die a virgin, do you?" the young woman's body trembled, but not with fear. She grasped the vibrator with both hands, and watched the film.

A man with a huge cock was about to do the leading lady. "Oh God! Now!" Sandy cried out, as she rammed the plastic phallus into her body. Her maidenhood tore away, just as the actor entered the actress. "Fuck!" she gasped through clenched teeth. "That hurt!" Sandy closed her eyes for a moment as she adjusted to this new feeling. "This, this isn't bad," she whispered. "In fact, I think I like it!" It was true. The pain was still there, but just a dull ache in the background. The wonderful fullness was more then enough to keep her mind off of it. Slowly, timidly at first, Sandy moved the vibrator in and out. The screen went blank for a moment. She was disappointed for a second, but then the second DVD player cut in. This one was a Japanese cartoon. A very erotic Japanese cartoon! "Countdown Part Two" was the title. Sandy picked it, because the two girls on the cover looked really sexy. The previews were over, and the first story was starting. Sandy's hands started to shake when she realized what she was seeing. Two young women were meeting in a waiting room in a wedding chapel. The taller girl was seducing the bride on her wedding day! Sandy's mouth dropped open in shock. "She's, she's a hermaphrodite!"

It was true. She watched in amazement as the woman began to fuck the bride. Sandy was having real trouble breathing now, as she pushed the vibrator in and out. While one hand worked the plastic toy, the other gently grasped her throbbing erection. "She's like me!" she cried, as she started to stroke her hard shaft. Sandy's whole body was burning up! Losing control, the hermaphrodite madly fucked herself. She could hardly read the subtitles anymore! That hardly mattered! Sandy did manage to make out that the bride was begging her lover not to squirt inside her! When the bride cried out, "Pull it out! It's hot, it's hot!" that was it. Sandy moaned, as her penis trembled. With an almost animal grunt, spurt after spurt of semen covered her heaving breasts. Some even landed in her mouth, but she didn't care. She just opened it that much wider! The intensity of her orgasm was frightening. The second story was nearly over, when she finally came back to her senses. "Wow!" she said in a shaky voice. "I never had such a powerful orgasm before! I should have done this a long time ago!"

The next morning, Sandy had a cold shower. She was all sticky from her entertainment the night before, and couldn't bring herself to wait the hours needed to heat the water. By the time she was finished, she felt like her bladder was ready to burst. Sandy looked up and down the street. A police car, perfect! She jogged right over. Each footfall gave her distended bladder an almost pleasant pain. She wasted no time scrambling up on the hood. Sandy wished somebody could see her as she proudly peed all over the police car's windshield! She felt so naughty doing it, that her penis soon became hard again. This time she didn't go slowly. Sandy jerked herself rapidly, using her urine as a lubricant. All to soon, thick ropes of semen were spurting all over the wet glass of the patrol car. Sandy knew she had gone a little strange in her two years alone, but at least now she had herself firmly under control.

She thought back to her first weeks, and blushed. Sandy still couldn't believe she had survived what was now painfully obvious a death wish! On some mad impulse, she had climbed the hundreds of steps to the top of the Empire State Building. She loved having the eighty sixth-floor observation deck all to herself. She didn't like the bars blocking her view though. Those nice safe railings were for the tourists! It took some time, but she finally found a maintenance shop. Blowtorch, pipe cutters, and a hacksaw! Sandy took these treasures, and went back to the deck. Working all afternoon, she cut away section after section of railing. Sandy just let those heavy bars fall. The clang of steel on concrete was surprisingly loud from the street below! That was much better! Sandy sat on the ledge while eating her dinner. Now the view was breathtaking! She had even masturbated there, not once, but twice! It was so funny to see her cum fly free in the wind! Then something inside told her to stand on the ledge and pee. That's when her life almost ended. The wind blew her urine back, making the ledge slippery. Sandy still had nightmares about how her feet simply shot out from under her. Somehow she managed to grab hold of the ledge as she fell. That minute she spent hanging by one hand, was the longest minute of her whole life. Even though soiling herself thoroughly, she managed to climb back to safety. Sandy just shook her head at her own foolishness. That stunt nearly cost her life, but at least it brought back her sanity! Hopping down from the police car, she went and dressed for the day.

Today, she had to do the grocery shopping. As Sandy walked the empty streets, she felt kind of guilty. She didn't really mourn the human race. All her life she had been a loner. She never dared to let anyone get close enough to discover her secret. Mom had died years before the meteor had impacted in South America. When it's mysterious extraterrestrial disease organisms spread across the globe, she didn't have any really close friends. It was still a puzzling why she was the only one immune to the powerful illness. Sandy was glad though. She was doubly glad that the victim's corpses were consumed by it! At least she didn't have to see rotting people everywhere she went. All that remained was small piles of gray-white ash. Even those swiftly blew away. It was almost as if something wanted her to be comfortable in her new lonely life. Sandy froze, hardly daring to believe her ears. She scanned the sky, and there it was! A helicopter was flying towards her! Well, sort of flying. It kind of lurched its way along, almost drunkenly, as it headed for Central Park. "People!" Sandy cried joyfully. Joy didn't ease her caution. The excited survivor checked to make sure her .45 was loaded, and at her hip.

She ran to the park, only slowing slightly as she plunged into the two-year growth of wilderness. Some poor soul in his last hours had let all the animals loose from the zoo. One never knew what one would run into in that thick undergrowth. "Oh shit! It's not going to make it!" Sandy cried in despair. The helicopter was spinning out of control, as it rapidly approached. The machine hit hard. The rotor blades tore free as it plowed into the ground. One came dangerously close to her, stabbing into the ground with a solid thump. Sandy saw someone weakly struggling inside, and ran for all she was worth to try and help. "No!" smoke was billowing from the wrecked motor. The aviation fuel could explode any time! Sandy yanked open the door, and helped untangle the dazed pilot. "Move it!" she commanded in fear as she half carried the young woman to safety. Sandy had been not a second too soon. The fiery blast knocked them both off their feet.

The dark haired women looked at Sandy in awe. "Are, are you real?" she asked quietly.

Sandy giggled. "I'd ask you the same thing, but that explosion sure was real enough for me!"

The pilot looked at her burning vehicle, and sighed. "Rats! I thought I had the hang of landing!"

"Got the hang of?" Sandy asked puzzled.

"Yeah, I decided to teach myself how to fly. I figured I could go exploring better that way. Thank goodness I did! I thought I was the only human left alive!" the would-be pilot suddenly started to cry, and hugged Sandy.

"It's ok now!" Sandy said kindly, as she held the girl tightly. She hastily pushed away, when she felt a familiar stirring between her legs. "Come on. Let's get out of here! I wouldn't want you to get eaten by the lion, your first day in New York!" As the two women left the area of the park, Sandy couldn't help watching her new friend's rear end. It was so cute, she had to fight the urge to run her fingers over it. She sighed... She didn't want to scare the girl off. Maybe someday, they could be more then friends. Sandy may not be a guy, but her penis was just as good as any man's. "Hey, what's your name, anyway? I'm Sandy Moore"

"I'm Alice Green, from Washington DC. Glad to meet you, Sandy!" Rather formally, the two shook hands, and then started to giggle.

Too late, Sandy remembered how she left her camp area in Times Square. "Um, this isn't what it looks like!" she stammered, as Alice noticed the big bed in the street, walked over, and picked up the rather large chrome colored vibrator.

Alice giggled. "That's ok, Sandy. I've done some strange things myself, back in DC." She looked up, and noticed the huge TV screen, glowing faintly blue in the daylight. Sandy had neglected to cut the power last night. Alice looked closely at the sheets, as Sandy blushed. In the bright sunlight, several spots of blood were plainly seen. She went to Sandy, and patted her hand. "Don't worry about it. I'll tell you a little secret. My first lover was a really big carrot!" The dark haired woman giggled. "I got a little carried away one night, and pushed a little too hard."

Sandy couldn't help it, and started to laugh. "How was he?"

It was Alice's turn to blush now. "I hope you don't think this is sick, but I was so pissed at what I did, I ate the carrot!" The two women started to laugh, and soon were getting along quite well.

In the days that followed, the two women became good friends. They worked, laughed, and talked together. Sandy realized one morning that she was falling in love. She kept her head, and tried hard to hide it. It didn't show, but her heart would pound every time Alice smiled at her. Worse yet, her penis would get hard if she thought about her, and that would show! To make matters worse, she thought about Alice all the time now! Luckily, they chose to have separate rooms in a nice hotel that Sandy had successfully wired with it's own generator. Every night was the same. Sandy would fantasize about pretty Alice doing all kinds of things with her, as she stroked herself to one orgasm after another. Everything changed one sunny summer morning. The two friends needed new supplies, so they set out for a near by market. They dashed in, flashlights in hand, and hurried to collect canned goods before the rotting smell of the meat department could make them sick. It was then that Sandy made her mistake. She was out of the store first, and really had to go! In a habit formed over two years, she just stopped by the nearest storm drain, unzipped her fly, and peed right into the iron grate. She didn't notice Alice had followed her.

"Oh my God!" Alice said in shock. "You're a hermaphrodite!"

Sandy's blood ran cold, as she stuffed her penis back into her jeans. "I'm so sorry!" she whimpered, as she started to cry. "Please don't hate me! I never had a friend before! Don't leave me!" Sandy sat on the curb, covered her eyes, and sobbed. "I don't want to go back to being alone!"

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