The Continuing Adventures of Christina

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: If it is what hubby wants why should she deny him?

Authors note: More from Christina. I've told her that she could just as well send in the story herself, but for some reason she wants me to do it. As with BASW Christina (1) all I've had to do was make some minor changes to save her from herself. She keeps putting in information that would give her away to some one who knows her and reads the story. It isn't necessary that you read BASW Christina (1) to follow along, but it might make it more interesting.

To: Just Plain Bob
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006 5:16 PM
Subject: Story

Oh wow Bob, thank you so much for going through my story and taking out the things that might have identified me. I'm especially glad that you reworked the "Intern Party". If anyone I work with reads these kinds of stories and they read about that party the way I wrote it it would have been a dead give-a-way. They would know all the nasty things I'd done and especially about my pulling that train at the Christmas party!!!!! (giggle, giggle - just maybe they would be jealous).

I ended my last to you rather abruptly. I came home from the Christmas party gangbang and told Gary that I had been really, really fucked and ended the story. There was more of course. I didn't have my coat off and Gary was pressing me for details, but I was whipped and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and go to sleep. But fair is fair so I told Gary he could follow me to the bedroom and:

"While you see what it is like to follow ten or twelve men into your wife's pussy I'll tell you what happened until I fall asleep."

I didn't of course - fall asleep I mean. Gary is a marvelous lover and I don't care what other people say there IS a difference between making love and just having sex. I'd had sex for several hours that night and while it was good (hell! It was GREAT!!) it didn't give me what I got when Gary made love to me. The man played me like a violin and when he was done I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face.

I don't really need to say this because I'm sure you know from the last stuff I sent you, but Gary DID NOT leave me alone all weekend. Thank God I had children to take care of; it was the only way I could get a break from the man.

The rest of December was fairly quiet. Things did get a little sticky at work for a while. Steve, one of the men who had taken part in my X-mas party gangbang kept after me to get it on with him again. I didn't want to get into anything steady with anyone from work and I kept saying no. Finally I straight out told him to leave me alone. To soften the blow I told him that I only get wild and crazy like that at Christmas time and that if he were around come the next X-mas party we would see.

Gary and I attended a New Years Eve party and I think that he hoped I would sneak off with someone, but I had to disappoint him. The X-mas party proved that I could be a slut. Hell, let's be honest here; the last six months showed I was a slut, but even if I was a slut I wasn't going to start spending the majority of my free time on my back. I didn't tell Gary this, because I kind of liked keeping him charged up, but I was going to limit my extracurricular activities to once a month and even then only if I really liked the guy.

January First Friday

I told myself that it came too close on the heels of my X-mas party train ride for me to let anything happen and I planned on being super good. I did dance with Steve and I did go out to his car with him, but only to talk. I really wanted him to understand that I did like him, but that I wasn't going to play around with the people I worked with. He said he understood and somehow a minute later we were necking and that led to him fingering me which led to my giving him a hand job which I ended up finishing with my mouth. As I used my panties to clean up the mess I asked him to not even ask me to dance anymore.

"I really do need to work on being good for my hubby."

I guess he understood where I was coming from since he stayed away from me after that.

Nothing more happened in January, much to Gary's disappointment. I did have several opportunities to have something happen, but I just didn't feel 'the spark' with any of the guys. I do want to make Gary happy and give him what he wants, BUT I have to at least enjoy doing it.

February First Friday

Five of us girls stopped at a new lounge. Karen (you remember Karen - from the Intern Party? Slut, slut slut!!) had been in the place the night it opened and she said it was a real fun place. My God! It was one huge meat market (and some pretty good-looking meat at that). We had no sooner sat down than Karen said:

"See that tall, hunky looking redhead at the bar? He doesn't know it yet, but he just got lucky. He's mine girls."

The waitress came and took our drink order and when she brought it back to us she waved away payment.

"The men at table twelve picked up the tab."

"Which is table twelve?" Karen asked and the waitress pointed. We looked that way and saw five guys who could have come straight from the pages of GQ magazine (or Playgirl). Karen giggled and said, "Oh well, easy come, easy go."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"It means the redhead is history. I'm going for the blond in the sports coat" and she raised her glass to the men as a thank you for the drinks. Immediately, almost as if he'd heard her, the blond in the sports coat got up and came over to us. He introduced himself as Marv and said:

"I'm a strong believer in coincidence. In this entire place there are only two groups of five and I think we should take advantage of that and put our tables together."

Without asking the rest of us Karen said, "That's a great idea" and suddenly we were a party of ten. For the next hour and a half it was drinks and dancing and gradually pairs started to occur. Janice and Bill began dancing together exclusively. Next it was Marcie and Hank and then Bev and Joe.

That's when things started to get uncomfortable for me. You know that 'spark' that I never felt in January? I was feeling it that night, but it was with Marv and what's more, he seemed interested in me. Given Karen's statement that she was "going for the blond in the sports coat" (who just happened to be Marv) I was between a rock and a hard place. For the first time since December I'd found someone I liked enough to give Gary what he wanted, but if I did I could screw up my relationship with Karen and I didn't want that. I'd just about made up my mind to call it a night and go home when Karen leaned over and whispered in my ear:

"You slut! I hate you, but go ahead. I'm not interested in Carl (the other man at our table), but I notice that the redhead hasn't hooked up yet. Maybe he was fated for me all along."

She patted my hand and got up and headed for the redhead who was about to get lucky. I had one thing that I had to do and I might have been jumping the gun since Marv had yet to say anything, but I needed to call Gary.

"Hi honey."

"I'm just calling to let you know that I love you."

"Well, yeah, kinda. Would you mind terribly if I was late tonight?

"Really, really late honey."

"Of course that's what it means. Is it okay with you?"

"I don't know. He hasn't made a move yet, but if he does I wanted to know you were okay with it."

"You know I will honey, every last little detail (and then I giggled and said, "I hope it's not too little.").

When I got back to the table Janice asked, "Where did you go?"

"Called my hubby to check in" and then I looked right at Marv and said, "I told him I might be late - really, really late." and Marv smiled at me.

I followed him to his apartment and he led me straight to the bedroom. I hadn't been in his apartment two minutes and I was kneeling on the floor in from of him sucking his cock. He tried to pull me up and get me on the bed, but I wouldn't let him.

"I want to get the quick one out of the way and then we will move to the bed."

I licked, sucked and played with his balls and was rewarded with several spurts of his cum and then we got up on the bed and he moved into a sixty-nine over me. As he dove into my pussy I captured his cock with my mouth and went to work at bringing his cock back to life. He brought me to two orgasms with his mouth and then he swung around and I spread my legs wide for him. I screamed with pleasure as he speared his cock into me and then we sucked and fucked until we both fell asleep.

I woke up at five-thirty and took one look at his limp cock lying across his leg and I couldn't resist going after it with my mouth. He woke up, got up and then took me doggie. He gave me one very nice orgasm and then it was time for me to run home and get ready to go to work.

Gary had already left for work by the time I got home and I felt bad about that, but I made it up to him that night (and almost every night for the next two weeks).

The only other major thing that happened in February was not sexual (at least not just then). My department head asked me to have lunch with him. We talked about our department and he asked me if I knew of anyway to make some of the things we did any easier and I gave him some of my thoughts and then we went back to work. Two days later he called me into his office.

"Chris, this is strictly confidential and you can't mention it to anyone until the announcement is made, but we have bought out XXXXXXX Industries. They have six facilities and we are putting together a conversion team to visit each facility, see how they are set up and then get them on the same page with us. It will mean a lot of travel and overnight stays for a couple of months. I want you to be our department's representative on the team. Are you interested?"

Was I interested? My God, was I ever! Ten years with the company and I thought that no one even knew I existed and now I find out they think enough of me to entrust me with a project that important. I could have climbed over his desk and kissed him (or under it to do you know what). I walked out of his office on air. It is a great feeling to know that your worth is recognized.

Gary's response to the news was predictable. His eyes lit up with all the possibilities, all of the chances I would have to feed his fetish. I hated breaking the bad news to him to him, but I told him that would not be the setting in which to have any screw-ups, either work wise or personal. That it was a big enough thing that I expected it to affect my career and I had to make sure that it affected it in a positive way. I told Gary that on the trips I was going to be a good little girl and be as straight as a nun.

March First Friday

First Friday in March was a non-event. We were so busy mapping out what the conversion team was going to be doing that by the time I got off work it was too late to join the rest of the crew for drinks.

The conversion team is made up of four people; John from Human Resources, Mike from Marketing, Glen from Engineering and myself representing Finance. I was sorry that I'd told Gary that I was going to keep things on a professional level because Glen and Mike are hunks and John isn't bad (for a man with male pattern baldness and a potbelly).

Our first trip was to Toledo, Ohio. We spent the first day doing a preliminary audit and that evening we went back to the hotel to clean up and then we met in the hotel dining room for dinner. After dinner the four of us went to the lounge to have an after dinner drink or two and to listen to the live band. Glen asked me to dance and I said no. I wanted to dance, but as far as our little group was concerned I wanted to keep things on a professional level.

An hour and several drinks went by, during which time I also turned down John and Mike when they asked me to dance. Then Glen came up to me again and said:

"Are you going to loosen up for us or be a tight ass the entire trip?"

"What do you mean?"

"John and I have both seen you with your hair down and quite frankly we hoped it would happen again. In fact, that's all we've thought about since you were named to the team."

"What are you saying?"

"John and I were both at Kevin's apartment the night of the company Christmas party. He was with his wife and couldn't get loose from her to get a taste of you. I was there with my girlfriend and she wouldn't even let me look in your direction. We were both hoping that we would get our chance on this trip."

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