The Passing of the Crown

by RedHairedandFriendly

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Mom offers up her daughter for a crown.



She looked at the judges and watched as they studied each young woman. Her eyes flashed with jealousy and anger when she watched the pretty brunette receive high marks, higher than her daughter's. Karen's gaze moved to the two men that sat at the end of the judges' table. In time they eventually felt her gaze and they just looked back at her, not reading the venom in her forceful look.

Her attention was brought back to the stage when the announcer gave his speech about how all the women on the stage were beautiful, but sadly only three could advance to the semi-finalist round and only one of them would be given the title Miss Teen of Kalhoosa County. Karen was determined it would be her daughter Kristi. She had not groomed the perky blonde for the last 18 years, just so she could watch her come in second or third place.

The evening's activities came to a close and Karen stood up. She knew tomorrow would be the deciding factor. The three day event was over Sunday morning and she would be sure that her daughter wore the crown no matter what she had to do in order to guarantee it.

Kristi smiled down at the crowd and gazed with stars in her eyes at her mom. The stars disappeared when she saw her mom frown and she lowered her gaze and waited to be dismissed. She knew her scores were low, but she'd done her best in every contest. The title of Miss Teen of Kalhoosa County wasn't an easy one to get. You had your typical swimsuit contest, talent show, and interview, but there were other things too. They had to demonstrate their First Aid skills, driving talents, and put in community service time. It wasn't your typical stand there and look pretty beauty competition.

When they got the okay to leave, she headed back to the small trailer that had been assigned to her and another contestant. The trailer was empty and when Kristi stepped in, it wasn't long before her mom stepped in too.

"Damn it Kristi " her mother shouted.

Kristi jumped and turned around. "What? My scores aren't that low mom. I'm in third, it won't take much for me to take second."

"Second Second We don't want second " she shouted at her daughter.

Kristi sighed, "Mom... I'm okay with second. I'm happy with third." Kristi knew it was the wrong way to think, or at least voicing it to her mother was wrong. She cringed when her mother glared back at her and cursed.

"Well first is what we came here for, damn it " Karen shouted. She looked over at her daughter. She just didn't understand. If she won this, she got a scholarship and then she went on to the State Pageant... win that and she went National. She would get endorsements and all their financial trouble would be gone. "You will come in first, Kristi."

"Mom... I'll come in whatever place they put me in," Kristi told her. She slipped her swimsuit off and walked away. Her mom followed her and continued talking as Kristi got dressed.

"I'll find a way to make sure you win Kristi," her mother told her.

Kristi sighed, "What are you gonna do mom, fuck them? You can't buy the judges off, we don't have the money." She laughed at her joke and then turned around when Karen didn't say anything. "Mom " she yelled. "You can not sleep with the judges. That's like... ewwww... they are so... old."

Her mom raised a brow and looked at her daughter. "They are my age or a bit older thank you very much. There are two judges that I'm worried about. I think I may have to work on them, so their scores swing your way. I'll do what I have to do to make sure you win."

Kristi's jaw dropped. "Mom that's so wrong. I won't be apart of it. You fuck them mom and I'll drop out "

Karen glared hotly at her daughter. "You will not. I haven't gotten this far just so you can drop out when you learn about how it really works."

"What do you mean?" Kristi asked.

"I mean you haven't gotten this far, just by being pretty. I've worked hard to get you here, on the sheets, in between them and under them. One way or another you will wear that crown." Karen turned around and walked out, shouting, "Get home by 6:00 and be in bed by 8:00 "

Kristi jumped when the door was slammed shut and she sat down on the edge of the small cot that had been brought into the trailer. She studied the wall for several moments before shaking herself mentally and resuming the motions of getting dressed. When she was done she slipped out of the trailer and looked to the left. Her eyes grew wide when she saw her mom talking to two of the judges and her jaw dropped when she saw them all get into a white sedan.

When Kristi got home she immediately pulled out her journal and headed to the bathroom, to soak in a hot tub of bubbles.

Karen slipped her key into the front door, the hour now after 10:00. The two judges followed in behind her and she glared at them when they both spoke up. "Quiet," she hissed. "You wake her up now and its all over." Karen closed the door and locked it. She smelled like a whore and felt like one, but she still hadn't fulfilled the agreement to get her daughter a guaranteed crown on her blonde locks.

"This is it then right?" she asked the two men.

Jack Turner raised a brow. He'd fucked the woman several times over the last few hours and there was only one thing left to do... well several things really, but he was grouping all the events as one big thing. "That's the deal. Kristi will have her crown and no one will be the wiser."

Michael Alan agreed. His cock was already growing hard again. The two men had enjoyed Karen and her skills, but now the agreement was to be finalized and that final step was peacefully sleeping upstairs. "Lead the way," he told her.

Karen raised her head several inches and took the steps to the upstairs landing, turned to the right and then slowly opened her daughter's bedroom door. "Kristi. Mommy's home baby," she slipped in followed by Jack and Michael.

The two men started removing their shoes, socks, sweats and briefs while Karen moved toward Kristi's bed. She sat down and took a deep breath. She touched her daughter's arm and shook her gently. "Kristi."

Kristi heard her mom and stretched. Her legs pulled her comforter away from her and her blue pajama top peeked out, the front twisted slightly, pulling over her pert breasts. Her belly button peeked out above the waist bad of her pants and she slowly opened her eyes. "Mmm... Yeah?" she muttered, her voice thick with sleep. "What?" she asked, then closed her eyes again trying to return to her peaceful slumber.

"The judges baby... remember. I was going to talk to them," Karen whispered, again shaking her daughter awake.

"Hmm? Oh yeah... the judges. You mean you were going to fuck them mom. Be honest," Kristi said and then rolled away toward the wall.

The two men just listened and waited. They knew how bad Karen wanted her daughter to win. After all she had spent several hours drinking cum and getting fucked nine ways to Sunday, hadn't she?

"Kristi " her mom shouted. "Wake up NOW " Karen pulled the blankets from her daughter's body and Kristi shot up.

"What the fuck mom?" she growled out at her and then her face paled, her eyes grew wide and she stared at the two naked men in her bedroom. Their cocks were hard and both were stroking their stiff tools. Fear shot through her and she looked at her mother. "No, mom... no fuckin' way."

Karen just looked at her daughter and pushed her hair back from her eyes. "Kristi, its this way or you don't win." Karen eyed Jack and nodded her head. "Jack and Michael agreed to give you the crown as long as they get us both. I've fulfilled my part, now its your turn."

"Fuck you mom " Kristi shouted and tried to scurry from her bed. Her mother though grabbed her wrist and twisted it back.

"Listen to me Kristi. I didn't get you all prissy and beautiful so you could fuck this up. You'll lay there and let them fuck you and you'll be the Beauty Queen I always knew you could be. Do you understand me?"

Kristi's body shook with rage and fear as she stared at her mother. "Fuck you mom. I'm not doing it. I'm not playing your whore." She hissed and reached up to strike her mother. The contact never reached when she felt a hard grip on her wrist and she looked into a pair of dark brown eyes.

Jack had stepped in, his cock jerking from the display of Kristi's body that was wiggling all over the bed as she struggled with her mother. Michael was at his side in a heart beat and was already reaching for the young girl's ankles. He grabbed them both and brought them to the edge of the bed.

Kristi screamed and twisted her body, but was unable to free her legs. Karen let go her daughter's wrists and moved away, letting Jack take over for the time being. Her body shook in rage over how this was all taking place, but the thought of all those wasted years were just to much for her. Karen left the room for a moment and headed to her bedroom. She pulled a bottle of pills from the top drawer of her dresser and grabbed a glass of water from the bathroom.

Jack watched the blonde's chest rise and fall, his cock growing harder as he continued to hold her down. "God baby, you're as hot in pajamas as you were in that pink bathing suit you were wearing today. Tell me Kristi... will we be your first? Huh?" Jack leaned in and whispered, "Will you bleed for us baby girl?" he asked.

Both men turned around and watched Karen return. Kristi's eye grew wide as she saw her mother approaching. "Please mom... I don't want to do this. Please, don't let them. I can win the pageant without doing this. I can really."

"I know baby, but this is just insurance," Karen whispered. She slipped onto the bed and straddled her daughter. The bucking was hard, but eventually Jack had Kristi held down and Karen was shoving sleeping pills down her throat. "You'll be okay baby. I'll be here the whole time. Just some fucking and their gone."

Kristi sputtered and choked, but the two pills her mother forced down her throat eventually reached her stomach and she knew she was done for. The pills were prescription ones Kristi's mother used for Kristi's dad before he passed away. They were used whenever the cancer kept him awake and she knew how powerful they were.

Karen jumped off her daughter and went to the picture window. She looked at the two naked men and watched as Kristi continued to fight. Michael reached up and pulled the woman's pajama bottoms and panties off. Kristi screamed and Karen turned away to look out the window. Her eyes focused on the swing set her daughter had used when she was a child and it was those thoughts that she focused on as the sounds behind her faded away.

Michael grinned at Jack and Jack grinned back. Jack then reached out and with one quick move ripped open Kristi's pajama shirt. The buttons flew everywhere and the sides fell away. Jack feasted on the perfect globes and barely caught the fist that was coming up to hit him. He would have slapped Kristi, but he knew that would mar her figure and Karen would have shot him for bruising her daughter. "Hold her down for me," he growled at Michael. Michael nodded and Jack straddled the pretty blonde beauty queen.

He took her wrists in one hand and forced them over her head. "It will be over soon pretty girl."

Jack lined his cock up with her pussy and entered her quickly. The young dry cunt was tight and welcoming to Jack's dick. His pre cum had been slipping and sliding over his swollen head and now the heat of the young girl's blood swam over his cock, easing the movements of his fucking.

Kristi screamed and shouted for her mother to stop them, but her words fell on empty ears. She twisted her body, bucked up and down trying to force the man off her, but she couldn't. The drugs seemed to work faster, the medicine moving through her bloodstream quickly. She felt her body become heavy as the tears fell down her cheeks.

"See baby. I told you it would be over soon. No more pain. Now we can have fun," Jack told her

Kristi closed her eyes and welcomed the heaviness that was consuming her. As she lay there she felt the man's cock pushing deeper inside her. She felt him pull back and slide in again. He did this several times and her body began to respond. A moan escaped her and she felt her hips rise up to meet his thrusts. Her fingers curled into the blankets and when she felt the bed shift, her ankles no longer being held in a vise like grip, she sighed in relief.

Michael's cock ached and the pressure building inside his balls only increased when Jack tore into the virgin pussy. He left the foot of the bed and walked over to the headboard. His fingers pushed into Kristi's hair and he lifted her up. "Come on sweet thing, no falling asleep yet," he groaned.

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