A Dream to Some...

by Jay Petto

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Lesbian, Science Fiction, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Julie's strange dreams are trying to tell her something about herself, her roommate... and space?

The dreams came again that night.

Julie found herself back in high school, sitting in Ms Rosewell's class. Someone wearing a red spacesuit sat at the desk in front of her. She couldn't recall his name - or was it her name? The teacher was giving a lecture and her terrible droning voice made it hard to concentrate.

Her notes! She'd never get out of here if she didn't take good notes! Brushing back a few stray locks of blonde hair, Julie looked down at her notebook and tried to find her place. Diagrams filled the page, crowded by strange squiggles that refused to yield meaning to her study. The largest picture was of a woman's hips; an arrow pointed directly at her pussy. At the pussy, she corrected herself, not mine.

The teacher's voice drifted back into her awareness for a brief moment. "... launched Sputnik. By 1969, excitement was building over... ".

Pussy, whispered something in her mind. Julie's thighs clenched together without her realizing it. One hand reached down and began caressing her leg. Wasn't this history class? She was here to learn.

How good it would feel to slip a finger inside herself while no one was watching.

Pay attention! There isn't time for this now.

"If this hubcap represents the earth, my hand is a satellite in orbit", continued Ms Rosewell. "Each orbit brings my hand closer and closer; if the right steps are not taken, it will burn up on entry".

The person behind Julie tapped her on the shoulder and tossed a note onto the desk. It could wait.

Julie felt herself growing wet. Her left hand was already starting its plunge, while the right had moved up to her breasts. A little gasp escaped her as she slid a finger inside and moved it just so.

The teacher's voice broke in from very close. "Are we enjoying ourselves, Miss Rawlins?"

Omigod! She was right there and saw!

Somehow, the teacher had changed into her roommate. Cindy still wore the same white blouse and dark slacks as Ms Rosewell had, but she filled them out much better.

Her hands still busy, Julie tried to keep herself from moaning. Embarrassed, she looked down and suddenly realized she was naked. Everyone was watching her - even the astronaut in the next desk!

"Playing with ourselves in class? That's inconsiderate and very naughty", said Cindy with smile. Her eyes, like those of everyone else in the room, were large and completely green. Something sparkled deep inside them, holding Julie's attention. She pushed the desk aside and knelt between Julie's legs. "I hope you brought enough for everyone". Her tongue flicked in and out, in and out...

The bed was damp from more than just sweat when she awoke. Through the open window Julie could hear a few birds singing, calling to each other in the first traces of dawn. She stumbled to the bathroom and started the shower. Even the cold water splashing across her body couldn't erase what she'd felt during the dream.

She tried thinking of the day's schedule, of classes, of bills that needed to be paid; all of these melted away even as her mind tried to hold on to them. It was Cindy's face that kept floating before her, even after she'd gotten dressed and made some coffee. Her roommate usually wore loose clothes - a sweat shirt and blue jeans was her normal attire - but Julie's imagination insisted on offering vivid ideas as to what lay beneath.

Seated at the kitchen table, she sighed. Cindy's interest had been clear for quite a while, but Julie just didn't have those sorts of feelings about her roommate. She'd been sure of that and a short, embarrassed talk had made this clear with what had hopefully been a minimum of hurt. That had been almost a year ago; what was going on now? Her feelings didn't make sense.

Staring at her reflection in the coffee, Julie was suddenly aware that she was not alone. A dark-haired pixie in glasses looked over her shoulder, smiled and disappeared.

"Hi Roomie!". Her roommate was a morning person, full of energy even with her mysterious night job. "You don't look so good. Are those dreams still bothering you?". Behind her came the sounds of cabinets opening and cereal being poured.

Julie started, almost spilling her coffee. She could feel her cheeks burning. "This was a different one. It - ah, it was one of those 'naked in class' dreams". Somehow she couldn't bring herself to tell Cindy the whole thing. The situation was already confusing enough without confessing... without dragging someone else into it.

"I wouldn't worry about it too much. Finals are coming up and it's probably just stressing you out".

"I guess so".

"Trust me - I'm a psych major". Cindy walked behind her and begin to rub Julie's shoulders. "And I wouldn't worry about the other ones. Dreaming about an invisible someone rubbing you with silk doesn't sound so bad. The ice cubes sounded pretty cool, actually. So loosen up!"

Cindy's hands knew what they were doing and Julie had to admit it was relaxing.

Maybe 'relaxing' wasn't the best word for it.

"I'm going to be late", she said, not looking at the clock. "I'd better go".

The day was a surreal haze. Her thoughts keep wandering and it was all she could do to keep her hands from doing the same. During Sociology, Julie caught herself drawing spirals across her notes and licking her lips. Later, she was startled while walking across campus by a distant student in a hooded raincoat. It struck her as being somehow familiar and she watched the red-clad figure until it disappeared into the mist and rain.

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