Sweet Revenge

by FamilyMan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Humor, Cheating, Slut Wife, Incest, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I knew my husband was cheating on me even before we got married, and his cheating still continues today. Apart from the large assortment of women I did not care about, he went through all the females in my own family, which included my mother, my three sisters, two aunts and three cousins. But knowing that 'it takes two to tango' - I did nothing about it.

Special thanks to my Proof Reader, George Davis, for teaching me some English and improving my stories.


Before I go into my husband's doings, I must emphasize that it takes two to tango. Why is that so important? Only because I believe that all the women my husband wasted his sperm with, were total sluts. You see, Gary was one of the most attractive and sexy men I ever knew. He had a certain appeal that made (the right) women melt in front of him. Melt? Well, you know, when a certain part of a woman starts to drip, and the sticky liquids flow down her legs - it's like a melting candle. Isn't it?

When I talk about women being sluts I know what I'm saying, because some of these were the women of my own family. My mother, Sandy, (46), and my sisters Helen, Tracy and Jewel, all mid to late 20's. Yes, before I married I used to fuck around quite a lot too. We were an unusual family in that mom, I and my sisters would sit around exchanging stories about our sexual escapades and infidelities. Yes, my father was alive, well and kicking (and providing for us) and yet Mom was fucking up a storm all over town and then telling us, her daughters, all about it. My three sisters were married too, and taught well by mother - they did the same thing. I, being the baby girl of the family, was not married yet, but had enough experience with men to write a full size 'memoirs of a slut' in three volumes. Oh, by the way, my name is Beth.

One thing positive about our behavior was that we never fucked around in our neighborhood. Even a short travel by bus could bring the needed results (i.e. studs). Hell, it wouldn't have done any good if a Good Samaritan neighbor would have 'updated' Dad or my sisters' husbands what we were all up to, as we all loved cock so much, and lots of it, that we weren't going to stop. So what?

We used to sit most every afternoon on mom and dad's balcony, and Mom, always the first, started telling us about who she had fucked that day, describing the action in detail and ending with recommendations whether this guy was worth it for her daughters or he was just a 'fuck once and throw away' guy. By the time she finished her stories we were all masturbating like some fucking machines. My sisters followed with their own stories, but they could never catch up with Mom. She fucked AT LEAST one guy per day, many times more, and my sisters just could not compete. I once asked her what about Dad, and she said he was getting his dues and that we shouldn't worry, he was very good at what he was doing. Tracy's eyes started to twinkle so mother told us to stay off her private territory.

Anyway, I met Gary and fell for him head over heels and he said he fell for me too, so we started dating. For the first time since I've started sex - one man was enough for me. Unlike Mom and my sisters I decided I'd be faithful to him as long as I can keep him. Little did I know that Gary was fascinated not only with me, but with anything moving with a slit between the legs. The guy, as it turned out, was a magnet for women and the women were always the initiators of the sex acts with him. It went so far as that he never even tried any seduction. He didn't need to. The women just came to him.

Once I decided to follow him. He got on a bus to the mall, and I got on the same bus but succeeded in hiding from him. As there were no seats available, he was standing in the middle holding onto one of those poles. At the next stop somebody got off and a seat was available. Gary sat down, and within a minute, a good looking woman in her late 20's just came over and sat on his lap. From the surprised look on his face I could tell that she was a total stranger to him. But in the next 10 minutes (time to get to the mall), and after a lot of squirming on his lap, she produced a card and handed it to him. Safe bet that it was her phone number and possibly her address.

Mom and my sisters, who teased me and laughed at me about my decision to be faithful to Gary, also began sending me some very thick hints that I should keep an eye on him. I didn't understand them too well, because I thought that when he was with my family nothing could go wrong.

So two months after I started dating Gary, Mom announced that she was pregnant. This was at one of those afternoon sittings, and of course all of us started asking whether she knew who the daddy was. (We had no doubt that it wasn't our father - hell, we were not even certain he really was OUR father). To our - MY - great surprise, Mom announced that the father was Gary, but she also asked that we don't mention it to him because she didn't want a storm in a glass of water.- She knew I loved the S.O.B and didn't want me to drop him. She just reminded me to keep my eyes open. That was while she gave the normal recommendations - and said he was a great fuck. Had she apologized to me? Naaaah! She just reminded me that any man she liked - she fucked.

Shortly after we got married, my sisters Helen and Jewel also announced pregnancy by Gary. Tracy complained that she tried but it didn't 'catch'.

Gary and I lived in the same neighborhood as my parents and my sisters and their families, and soon enough I heard that Gary was not as careful as we were about keeping his affairs out of the neighborhood. How did I hear about it? You won't believe it! Women he fucked came to me to compare notes and to ask for advice 'what he likes best' or 'how to make it better for him'. They were all sure that we had an 'open marriage' and everything was OK. What they didn't know, and what I only learned with time was that he never used the same woman more than three times. (Unless it was someone special like my family, a neighbor's wife, his boss' wife or such). Used? Well, he let them seduce him and he gave them exactly what they were asking for. As you may imagine, he had so many of them chasing him that he never lacked variety. With time I learned that he was fucking 4-5 women every day, not including me. - He was still fucking me daily also.

Let me give you a sample of a day's schedule:

08.45 - still at home, phone call from one of the neighbor women "please come to fix my plumbing as my husband is on a business trip".

10:00 - breakfast break with the boss' wife - at her home.

13:00 - Lunch break with the department secretary in the small forest that is on the company grounds.

17:00 - "drinks with the guys" - the guys' names are Louise and Betty, Sandra and Lily etc.

19:00 - if I'm lucky he comes home to have dinner and later to have me.

Up to now, it's an explanation to 'it takes two to tango' and why I did not even think about leaving Gary. After all, he was a male who did not behave any worse than my closest female relatives - meaning Mom and my sisters.

We now have been married for three years, and after Gary's 'passive' actions started bringing angry husbands to our home we decided to move to another neighborhood. This neighborhood was adjacent to a middle class Afro-American neighborhood.

Three months ago I decided that I want to start a family. I got off the pill, and told my intentions to Gary. On the most fertile day of my cycle I called Gary to bed, unfortunately for me - a football game that was on TV was so important that he couldn't come.

The next day I was with Mom and my sisters and told them about my lousy experience with Gary from the night before. That's when Mom told me that Gary had met her two sisters at her home and immediately 'succumbed to their seduction' and fucked the shit out of them. Aunt June, at age 40, is pregnant.

For two more months I tried to get Gary to impregnate me on my fertile day, but was refused each time with some lame excuse. I was really beginning to think about re-starting to fuck around, and do it bareback, especially on my fertile days.

New Friends And Planning Stage

As I mentioned before, we now lived next to a neighborhood of middle class Afro-Americans. (Am I allowed to say 'blacks'? It's so much shorter, and I'm really not a racist). I sometimes walked through their neighborhood, always getting a few explicit 'offers' to get me out of my boredom, to put some spice in my life (since when is it called spice?) and a few other like comments.

My body was actually starting to respond to those offers. Some wonderful memories came back from the 'pre-Gary' days of free frolics, and I started 'melting' just at the thoughts.

Then I met Tina. I had known her a few years ago as we used to frequent the same 'social circles', (i.e. - we attended the same orgies and fuck marathons). Going through the black neighborhood someone called my name, and there she was. The most beautiful, gorgeous and sexy black woman I'd ever known. She invited me in and introduced me to her husband, Mark. She then, totally without any shame or reserve, continued telling him where we had met and under what circumstances. Mark remarked that in all his experience he had always been disappointed with any 'white pussy' he'd tried, but that listening to his wife's descriptions he may go out of his way and try yet another 'white pussy' - me.

I thanked him for his offer saying that I have not yet started cheating on my husband, and promised to keep him in mind for a rainy day.

But, an idea started forming in my head. Hell, my husband was neglecting me, I wanted a child and after three months without 'it' I was so horny I could stick a telephone pole into my cunt without a flinch.

But my husband was really busy. My family had its yearly reunion, which means a weekend at a second class hotel with my parents, sisters, aunts and cousins, and all spouses. My (female) cousins were at ages 14, 16 and 18. Well, Gary disappeared for the whole weekend, appearing for meals only (to change fuck partners?)

A few weeks later Mom told me that on that weekend Gary fucked both my aunts and all my cousins. (God, he was now doing teenagers!). My 16 year old cousin, May, got herself knocked up. Gary of course. There was a very quiet abortion and things were hushed up. Why so? Because, as I was told, my aunt and her daughter were together in the room with Gary. The mother first demonstrated the art of fucking to her daughter and then had her daughter do some practicing. The aunt only forgot about birth control.

Anyway, back to our subject. I continued visiting Tina (not Mark) and we soon became good friends again. So good, in fact, that I even confessed to her about my problems with Gary. When she heard about it she asked for a description of Gary, and I showed her a photo I carried with me.

"Is this guy your husband? He is quite well known in this neighborhood. I think he is the only 'white meat' to be let into quite a few apartments around here. I even had him myself once, and for a white guy he really was good. I don't know what colors will come out, but since he started moving around in the neighborhood the number of pregnancies jumped sky high. He is like a God of Fertility."

That was when I started checking my new ideas with Tina. Hearing what I had in mind she called Mark and we all sat there planning my sweet revenge. Mark had also known Gary's reputation in the neighborhood, and he confessed that he was watching when Gary was fucking Tina and enjoyed it quite a lot. However, he didn't like the fact that 'white meat' was horning into black territory. He was afraid there were going to be a few kids colored 'cafe au lait' instead of dark chocolate.

We finished the planning, and set our plan of action for the coming Friday - the middle of my present cycle. That was what I wanted. I wanted a baby, I wanted to get laid good and hard and I wanted my husband back - in exactly that order.

The Party - Sweet Revenge

I told Gary that we were invited to a party at the home of some new friends. Gary had no objections since the meaning of 'a party' for him was usually also 'partying'. Gary dressed in knee length shorts and a clean t-shirt, and I dressed in my new (Gary hadn't seen it yet) short black dress with no underwear. When I say 'short dress' I mean that it was so short that I had to shave my pussy before wearing it. When Gary saw it, something that was asleep in him for the last 4 months started to wake up.

Since it was a short distance to Tina's house we walked and when I started to lead the way into the black neighborhood Gary started showing signs of discomfort. When we got to Tina's house he became downright uncomfortable, but of course, he couldn't say anything.

Tina opened the door. We kissed each other's cheeks, and then she 'saw' Gary.

"Gary, sweet lover, how good to see you again!" she exclaimed and then she planted a huge and sloppy kiss right on his lips.

"I... Ummm... I think you got the wrong number here..." He tried to get out of the situation.

"Think so? We'll see about that later on."

The other guests were 5 couples, all black, of course. These were Tina's husband, two sisters and a brother with their spouses who turned out to be all of Mark's family.

For about an hour we just danced, chatted and had some drinks. Then Tina stood up and announced:

"Let the real party begin."

Two of the family males, both big hunks, sat on each side of Gary's, and a few pieces of thin rope appeared in their hands.

Tina went on with the announcement:

"Although we usually don't need a special purpose for our parties, tonight we have a very noble purpose. The purpose is THE IMPREGNATION OF BETH."

Gary's eyes flew open wide, and he was staring at me speechless.

Someone put on some very sensual music, fit for a strip joint, and I got up and started dancing in the middle of the room. As I said before, I was wearing my short dress, a pair of spike heel shoes and that's all. It had only taken 2 minutes and I was dancing totally naked in the middle of the room.

"Beth, what are you doing?" Gary could hardly whisper.

"Getting pregnant tonight, dear husband. You have refused to fuck me lately, and yet I didn't want to have any lovers behind your back (unlike your behavior), so you are here tonight to watch me get knocked up by people who care for me and want to help me get pregnant."

"Beth, you are crazy! Get dressed and we are leaving!"

The two guys at his sides whispered something in his ears and showed him the ropes. Gary tried to jump out of the chair, but they grabbed him, slammed him back down and tied him to the chair so that he couldn't even move.

I kept dancing in the middle of the room, while all 5 guys took their cloths off. The smallest cock I saw there was about 8". The largest - Mark's - was at least 11".

"Ooooohhh," I said. "After 4 months without a cock in me I hope I can get these monsters in. I think 4 times each may fill in the void of the last 4 months."

"Mark, honey, would you give me the special honor and be my first fuck after 4 months of emptiness?"

I looked at Gary whose expressions were varying between total rage and humble humiliation.

Mark came up to me, and while I lifted one leg up on a chair he kneeled and started licking my already wet cunt. He was a very talented licker, and had me panting in a very short time.

"Stop, Mark. I don't want to cum on your tongue! I want to cum when you start filling me up with your seed!"

Mark was quick to oblige, got up, turned me around and immediately started pushing his monster tool into me. He fucked me expertly with slow long movements. He would slam in hard, causing an "Oomph" to escape my lips, and then pulled back real slow. Slammed in again, and pulled out slowly again. It was quite quick, really. After 5 minutes Mark announced that he was cumming and started spurting into me. His spurts were so strong that I actually felt each spurt slamming in, and on the third one I exploded.

"God, Mark, that was the best fuck I've had in 4 months!"

After calming down a little I went over to my dear husband, who was sitting tied to the chair, his face still showing all kinds of emotions.

"Oh, darling, this was so good. I hope you enjoyed it so much when you knocked up my mother. I did."

His face turned white, and his expression was blank.

The next one was Mark's brother, Jamaal. His beautiful cock of 9" was already dripping pre-cum. I was still well lubricated, and with the addition of Mark's cum I was really ready.

I went to an empty couch, lay on my back and lifted my legs high and spread them to the max. Without any preliminaries, Jamaal aimed his cock and slammed into me to the bottom. He was younger and less experienced than Mark. (I later learned he was the youngest kid in the family and was only 17 years old). He fucked me hard and fast, actually too fast. I wasn't even half way to cumming when he announced his climax and shot me full of his young, fertile sperm.

"You should learn to take things more slowly," I chided him. "Give the woman a chance to enjoy you too."

"Next time," He promised. "Watching you with Mark made me too hot."

I went over to Gary and whispered in his ear.

"This one was too quick," I said. "I hope it was better for you when you knocked up my sister Helen."

His face only turned white. My self assured husband was really speechless.

"NEXT!" I called out.

Tina's kid brother, 16 year old Mohamed, came next.

"Please control yourself so I can enjoy you too." I asked.

"Don't worry," He grinned. "Jamaal is a quick shooter. I've been fucking since the first time I had a hard-on at age 10, and my sister Tina is a real good teacher."

He went to the couch and lay on his back. "Get on top. I want to use my hands on your gorgeous body."

I was still soaking wet so there was no problem as I straddled him and had his 9" piece of meat slide all the way into me. I started fucking him slow and easy while his hands were doing things to me that I've long forgotten about. After about 15 minutes I came hard, and Mohamed followed soon. The kid really knew what he was doing.

On the way to Gary I stopped and told Tina how good her kid brother was.

I got to Gary and talked in his ear.

"This kid was really a good fucker. He can teach a lot of white men how to fuck. He said that Tina had taught him, and I know you had fucked Tina too. Must have been really good. I hope you enjoyed it as much when you knocked up my sister Jewel."

He didn't speak, but his eyes did. They begged me to stop.

"Gary, two more and then we'll let you join the party. Look at all the beauties waiting for you. But then, you are used to it, aren't you?"

Mark's brother-in-law Paul was next. He had the smallest cock in the party, 'only' 8", but, boy, he sure knew how to use it! He had a trick of moving his hips around while fucking, and that made the friction happen on different sides of my cunt with every push. I guess this was to make up for what he lacked in size. The movements of the hips also caused him to find my G-spot, and seeing my expression, or better yet - hearing my gasps and groans, he locked on this certain angle and had me wailing in 10 minutes. In the middle of my great cum he joined me, but my convulsions were so strong that I could hardly feel his warm baby juice squirting into me.

"That was a great one," I told Gary. "I hope that my Aunt June loved it so much when you knocked her up."

There was an improvement with Gary's reactions - he had a huge tent on his pants. Oh, I forgot to mention it earlier, but Gary had nothing to be ashamed of in this crowd - he had a nice 10" policemen's club in his pants, and you already know that he certainly knew how to use it.

I squeezed his cock through his pants, which brought out a groan.

"One more to finish round one, baby. Then you can join the fun."

The next guy really surprised me. I mean, it surprised me who he was - Tina's father. A guy in his mid 40's, average looking - but with a 10" baseball bat between his legs. At full erection it really and truly looked like a baseball bat! The head was three times the width of the main body...

"God, man, please go slow with that monster, I want pleasure - not pain."

"Sure thing, Beth." He replied. "I've been using this thing for quite a few years and I know all the advantages and the disadvantages. Don't worry, you'll love it."

And I did. Being the 5th for the night and with all the cum that was in me he got into me with one, very slow, push. I felt myself getting stretched until I almost split in two - and I loved every second, or every fraction of an inch of it. If what you are supposed to feel is friction - there was so much friction there that I came three times while he was still pushing in the first time. While I was voicing my pleasure aloud Tina's mother came over and whispered in my ear:

"I don't loan him out very often, dear, but when Tina told us about your problem I agreed. Tina is paying a price, though - she can't have him this week. She is used to having him once a week ever since she was 13, but this week she gave her turn to you."

"What... does Mark... say about this?" I gasped.

"Oh, darling Mark fucks me when Tina is with her Dad. Many times we do it together on the same bed. That is real fun."

I told myself, before exploding in a huge orgasm, that I shouldn't forget to tell Mom about this arrangement.

"Look at that cock!" I said to Gary. "It made me cum 5 times in one extraordinary fuck! I hope my 16 year old cousin May enjoyed you that much when you knocked her up!"

Tina went to the middle of the room with new announcements:

"All right, listen up you bunch of fuckers. Round one is over, and you know that Beth wants 3 or 4 rounds tonight. You are all invited to take a shower. If you guys would please release Gary, but keep an eye on him in case he wants to harm Beth or maybe run away."

"Girls, you've all heard about Gary's reputation, and I'll be the first to confirm - it's all true. I hope Gary will decide to join us and have some fun, although I heard that he has already fucked 5 ladies today, and some of them more than once. Gary, you are being tested today for becoming a regular member of our small community, and you should consider that a great honor, being the first 'white meat' to be even tested."

"As you all saw, Beth passed the welcoming test with flying colors and is welcome with us at any time. It takes a slut to know a slut, so I can tell you that I knew beforehand that Beth was going to become one of us."

Tina's house had a huge shower stall, with several adjustable shower heads and enough space for a number of people. When I got into the shower I found myself with all 5 of the men who had previously fucked me. They helped wash every inch on my body, but when they offered to douche my cunt I refused. I wanted all of tonight's sperm to be locked in. Not washed out. I still needed one of those tiny swimmers to find its way into an egg and start working there. When I saw one of the men start stroking his cock I slapped his hand away, saying that I need his sperm inside me and not down the drain.

The party went on till morning. I fucked the 5 black men twice more each and in every position we could think of. Although I love it I refused to be fucked in the ass this time. The purpose of the evening was getting me pregnant and this does not happen when you are fucked in the ass.

When I exited the shower I was glad to see that Gary had decided to join in on the fun, as he was furiously fucking Tina's mother. By the end of the party, he had fucked every female. God, that made 10 females in one day, some of them more than once. This made me decide again that I wanted to keep him at any costs. After the party it would be the time for a long, serious and maybe even a bit painful talk.

It was 6am when I finally thanked Tina and all the others for the wonderful party, promising to bring over the pregnancy test kit that will - or at least should - be positive. On the walk home Gary and I did not speak a word, but we spoke in a different way - we had our arms around each other, something that had not happened in a long time.

The Aftermath

We went straight to sleep (really), and got up at 3pm. I prepared a big brunch, sort of, and until we sat down to eat we were awkwardly quiet. It was clear that I should be the one to start the conversation.

Taking a big breath, I started.

"Let there not be the slightest doubt in your mind, Gary, that I still love you, but I'm not so sure that you feel the same about me. I never said a word about the fact that you fuck every woman that comes along, and that I know that you fuck 4-5 women every day. I've said nothing because I know that you do not initiate these things, but on the other hand it does not even interest you who the woman is. Just as an example, I know very well who my mother is and what my sisters are. I'm a bit surprised at my aunts, but I guess that since they also grew up in the same house, they would turn out the same. I never got to know my grandparents. You also know pretty well that I used to be like my Mom and my sisters, and that I changed only when we started together. The problem is that doing so much outside brought you to a full halt at home for the last 4 months, and now that I want to have a child you disappeared for me altogether."

"I've never cheated on you and never had lovers behind your back, although you gave me all the reasons to do just that. Yesterday's party was a compromise. I hope I am pregnant now, even if it is a chocolate colored child, I got laid enough to cover for the 4 lost months and I had some revenge on you - letting you feel, at least at the beginning, what you have made me feel for a long time."

"As I said, I'm not holding the fact that you are fucking around against you - you are no worse than my mother, my sisters and what I used to be before we met. BUT I want to know why you rejected me for the past 4 months, and leaving last night aside for a few moments - do you want us to remain married."

Gary's face was chalk white and turning to grey. He was thinking hard, and that wasn't one of his main features. Finally he spoke quietly.

"I'm afraid of having a child. I'm afraid of being tied down. Yet I'm also scared of losing you, because I've found that I cannot be without you. I'm really confused and don't know what to do."

That was the most sincere and heartfelt sentence I had ever heard in my life from him. I hugged him and felt only love for him.

"Please, don't ever leave me." He whispered.

"I have no such intention, my love. But there are still a few things to discuss, don't you think?"

"I used to think that our marriage was not normal, but looking around I can say that neither is my mother's, or my sisters' and our new example - Tina's. I think that instead of being very one sided like my Mom, my sisters and you - we should adopt Tina's and Mark's system, where the whole family is having fun and everybody tells everybody else about it and they all enjoy. I'm not sure that you know what goes on with my mother and sisters. They all cheat on their husbands big time - Mom has at least one fuck daily, sometimes as many as 4-5. Then every afternoon we all sit on the balcony and discuss all the fun they had, and they end up recommending guys to each other or disqualifying them. But, this is all one sided. The women have the fun and enjoy discussing it, while the husbands are not even aware of what's going on. I've been with them for years, enjoying it too, but now that I've heard about Tina's family - I like it much more."

"So what do you suggest?"

"You like fucking around, and I won't put you in jail for it. However, I have the same rights and if I find someone I like in the physical sense I'm going to enjoy myself too. HOWEVER, we should both calculate the energy we spend fucking the whole world, so that we keep enough for each other every day. Also, we should have the time to tell each other about the day's adventures, because these stories will add a lot of spice to our lives. Do you think you can handle it if I started behaving the way you do? Fucking other men every day? Sometimes a few of them in one day? Do you know that I enjoyed getting gang-banged last night? Will you be able to live with that? You know that before we met I used to be like my mother and my sisters, and in the last 4 months I started missing those days. Will you allow me to become a slut again?"

"YESSS!" He hissed. "Last night when Mark fucked you the first time it was like a knife in my back, and so continued through the 4th guy you fucked, but when Tina's father fucked you I became turned on, I became so hot watching you that I fucked the 5 women there in addition to the 5 that I had during the day. I've never before fucked more than 6-7 women in a day until last night! Let's find orgies or swingers clubs and start joining in. I promise I'll reduce my daily fuckings. The morning neighbors - that feels like a neighborly service, so I won't stop. John's wife, she can have me fired if I stop fucking her, and I also have a feeling that John knows everything and is expecting me to continue. That leaves him free to take care of the three women he is keeping in different apartments. I'll be more selective with the noon fucks and stop the afternoon 'drinks'. I'll be home to fuck you and to tell you about my adventures while listening to yours."

"Now about the child. It should be perfectly clear that I'm going to have a black child, and I expect you to be the perfect daddy for it. I don't want our child to ever feel unwanted or unloved, although he is part of the revenge I've had on you. Afraid or not, I wanted a child, you did not give it to me so I had some good friends help me get it. The fact that it was done with a few men was deliberate. I don't ever want to know whose sperm was swimming into my egg. This is apart from the fact that it was another part of my private revenge."

"Honey, any child coming out of your belly is my child. I understood your revenge and I know it was justified. Actually it was a small revenge, because I was very scared you were going to leave me. That would have been justified too had you done it."

"Last but not least, love. We need open conversations in order to avoid more problems. For instance, had we discussed your fear of having children we may have prevented a lot of aggravations with each other. When in doubt, whether we agree or disagree - we must talk to each other."

With the serious conversation over, Gary carried me to the bedroom and made love to me in a way he used to do before we got married. It was so good that we needed two repeats, and then we fell asleep.

On Monday I bought the pregnancy test kit and rushed home - and straight to the bathroom. I made the test, and...

"Honey, we are pregnant!"

He lifted me in his arms, kissed me and started turning around faster and faster with my legs going higher and higher... when he put me down we had to sit because both of us were dizzy.

I wrote a big 'Thank You' on a sheet of cardboard, glued my positive test result to it and brought it to Tina's house as I had promised.

Later I called my mother with the news, and she wanted me to come over to the 'afternoon gathering' to tell everyone about it. I forgot to mention about mother's, Helen's and Jewel's pregnancies - mother aborted. Age 46 was a bit too much to start raising a new baby. Helen had a baby boy and so did Jewel. Only we, the girls, knew who the real father was.

Mother's Surprise

I went over in the afternoon, and told them everything about Tina's party, my revenge and our reconciliation. Funny, but no one teased me and no one laughed at me. I think I even saw some tears in their eyes. Before I went home, mother asked me to come again on Friday afternoon and bring Gary too. She asked the same of my sisters, and said there would be a surprise.

Friday arrived and we were all there. Mother started talking and in a few minutes had us (the girls) stunned and the men laughing.

"Girls, please don't interrupt until I'm finished. For years, we've been cheating on our husbands, then sitting here and telling each other about it. For years you thought that your husbands were perfect cuckolds who knew nothing about our behavior. Well, all our stories, or at least my stories, were true, but there was one small detail I have never told you, or showed you."

With that she pulled from behind her chair a large microphone, which was connected to a cassette recorder.

"What I've never told you was that your Dad knew what I was doing all the time, and has even set me up with quite a few of the men I was fucking. I used to record our meetings every day, later your dad and I had a great time listening to those recordings together. You should all know that over the years I fucked at least a few thousand guys WITH your father's knowledge and approval, but never, not even once, have I found a man who was better than your father in bed, though Gary was a very strong second best. Especially after listening to these recordings your father would fuck me like a great pile-driver and have me begging him for more."

"I know that due to my behavior you doubted the fact that your father is your real father. Be assured that with the pill, and when needed with diaphragms, I've never let another man impregnate me (apart from the accident with Gary). The risk was always there, but I was as careful as can be. I gave my body to thousands of men and I enjoyed most of them, but my heart always belonged to one man only - your father."

She took a drink of water, and then continued.

"Charlie, (that's Dad), you take over about the girls' husbands."

"Well, girls, I hope this will not stop you from having fun and enjoying life. But just as Beth knew all about Gary's straying - your husbands also knew about your activities almost from the start. Fortunately, instead of having big fights and divorces - all of them first came to me for advice."

My sisters were blushing, their faces all red with embarrassment and looking down at their knees.

"Actually you were so transparent," Dad continued, "That it wasn't that hard to know what you were doing. So when your husbands came to me I first asked them how much they really loved you. I got the right answers, so I let them listen to the recordings. Very luckily, apart from maybe two slip ups, you spoke all the time about your affairs and you didn't laugh at your husbands. Your mother and I and your husbands know that you actually love them and that you were trying to imitate your mother's deeds without knowing the truth about them. Maybe we should have stopped you, but we know that you are sluts, daughters of a slut who was also a daughter of a slut. Yes, your Grandmother was a slut too, and that stuck to your mother and to your two aunts. Your aunts are now teaching their daughters in the same ways, and that's the story of June and her daughter May with Gary."

"Anyway, when you happen to be in love with a slut you have to choose between two options. Either turn and run away, which means divorce; or you decide to live with it, keep loving her and maybe even help her fantasies to come true, which is what I did with your Mom."

"So I taught your husbands to look at things the way I did, and persuaded them to keep up the charade. I believe that all of you have wonderful lives together, including the sex, and that none of you cheats because of a need or a lack of sex, but because of the fun only."

"Girls, stop feeling uneasy. You cheated, you were caught and you just found out how much your husbands love you and how forgiving they are and have been over the years."

"I suggest we take a break, the girls can talk with their husbands, because without honest communication everything can blow up in your faces. Beth and Gary, please stay with your mother and me, as I would like to discuss a few suggestions that may improve everybody's life here."

My sisters and husbands went to different rooms, and Gary and I stayed with my parents with broad smiles on our faces.

"We really believed that Mom was cheating on you big time Dad, and we never gave a thought to the fact that she succeeded doing so for so many years without being caught. I don't believe anyone can get away with this behavior for such a long time. So, your kink is listening to all the stories and getting turned on by them?"

"Well, yes. Everyone has a little kink, but not too many people allow themselves to act out their kinks. Your mother being a slut and me just loving to hear all the details made our marriage a perfect one. I hope your sisters and their husbands will come out well with our new revelations."

"So what made you tell us about it?"

"First, your story about Gary and what you had to do to get pregnant, and second - Helen's husband started having second thoughts and was hurting about Helen's cheating. I want the whole family to remain a whole family without fights, hurts or divorces."

"In that connection, Beth," Dad continued, "I'd like you to tell me about that black family you got involved with. Oh, I must say that what you did, at least the way I heard about it, was very courageous while very risky. I don't know many men who would agree to become fathers for kids who are very obviously not theirs."

"Ok, Dad. First, although I had my fears about Gary's love for me, I just had to have a showdown that would end with decisions. The way I acted, slowly letting Gary know that I knew about all his escapades, was all planned and I was hoping for the right reaction from him, which eventually I received. Now what do you want to hear? Details of the party again?"

"No, no, I want to hear details about the relations within that family. I understand they are heavily into incest without any limits."

"That's right, Dad. They call it the community but it's actually all family with a limited number of friends added in at times. Sex is totally free and enjoyed by every member of the family. Brothers, sisters, parents, in-laws - whatever. Tina's father is the most popular among the females of the family, so much so they even have a schedule for him. The night of the party he should have been with Tina but she gave her weekly turn to me. God, just thinking about fucking him makes me wet and shivering again. While Tina has her Dad, her husband fucks her mother, and so it goes with all the sisters and brothers."

"Let's wait for the others to return and then try out some ideas I have for keeping the whole family together." Dad was very thoughtful, and his sincerity was obvious. I never knew he cared so much.

Slowly my sisters and their husbands came back to the balcony. They were all hugging each other, and we could see that Helen had been crying.

"Helen and Tom," Dad asked. "Will you be OK?"

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