Pool Party

by Cherokee Minx

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Virgin gets her first taste of girl-girl loving.

Janie grabbed a cold drink and sulked out to the pool area in a huff. Her visit with her Aunt and Uncle was boring and dull. They were all playing cards inside the house, so she decided to put on her bathing suit and slip out into the darkness.

"I can Believe how dead it is here in this little town. I don't know how people cope with this" she grumbled to herself. She brought out her small CD player and turned it on low. She listened to the sounds of the night, and wished her Mom and Dad hadn't sent her there to stay with her relatives until they got home from a business cruise. Her cousin was nice, but much older and she had ran off with a date, leaving Janie there with the "Grown Up's"

She sat there a bit, then heard something. Suddenly frightened she froze, and looked toward the high fence in the back yard. She saw two girls sneaking in from the back fence.

They giggled as they approached the pool. Janie saw that one of them was her cousin, Pammie. Pammie hunkered down low, and put her finger to her lips. "You can watch if you like, but be real quiet and be on the lookout for us, ok Cuz?"

The other girl with her quickly plopped down on one of the chaise lounges and held her arms out to Pammie. With a grin Pammie threw herself down on top of her friend and began kissing her, and running her hands all over her body! Janie sat there open mouthed! Never had she seen anything like this! Hell, she'd never even done anything with anyone else, let alone watching something as naughty as this!

Pammie's frind Gina lifted up her bikini top to reveal pretty pink tipped nipples, in which Pammie began to lick, squeeze and suckle madly making mmmm noises the whole time.

The other girl moaned slightly, trying to be quiet. Pammie's left hand roamed downward to cup Gina pussy, and here she rubbed hard, arousing her friend to squirming. She slipped her finger in past the crotch of her panties and began finger fucking Gina right there!

Janie didn't know what to think. All she knew is she could see her Aunt and Uncle and their friends from where she sat in the darkness, they were so close, and here her cousin was fingering her girlfriend!

Part of her mind told her she Should be repulsed, but her pussy had other idea's. It tingled and twitched on its own and soon she felt warmth spread to her bathing suit bottom as her juices began to flow. Pammie tugged down the other girls bottom's and dove in between her legs. The girl gasped out as Pammie's hot mouth assulted her clitty. Gina clutched the sides of the covered chaise as Pammie expertly tongue fucked her.

Janie could hear the wet slurping sounds, and see Gina's obvious pleasure as Pammie tounged her, licking her clitty and rammed her fingers in and out of her little pussy. She found her own hand straying down to touch her pussy through the material of her bikini. Never had she done this outside of her own bedroom, and had only recently began to do this.

It felt so good to touch while watching the show before her. Pammie kept on stroking her fingers in and out, until she had Gina quivering and moaning quietly on the chaise. Suddenly Gina arched her back, and biting down her scream, convulsed and shook hard. Pammie licked her once more, then pulled the smiling girl up to kiss her deep and strong. The girl in turn told her friend to lay back on the lounge. Pammie stood up, casting a look at the people at the table in the house, then skinnyed out of her bathing suit too.

She looked over at Janie and grinned. She lay back while Gina was digging something out of the bag she had carried in. She strapped something onto her slim waist, and when she straightened up, Janie saw that it was a large strap on! "Oh my God!" she exclaimed. It Looked huge! The cock part looked a good 8 inches and was nice and thick. Pammie held her hand out and said softly, "Come closer and watch me getting fucked, Janie. Still keep an eye on Them, but come watch Us"

She spread her legs as Gina went down on her. She groaned and wrapped her legs around her lover's head and pumped her pussy up[ against Gina's greedy mouth. She held Gina's head lovingly against her pussy as the girl lapped hard, making her cunt sopping wet.

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