The Perversion of Lady Jane Grey
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Fiction, Science Fiction,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ned Holmes is the younger and less well-heeled cousin of a certain well known detective. He will take on 'unsavoury' cases, and at long last Sherlock has passed on a valued client.

Case File One: The Perversion of Lady Jane Grey.

Holmes gazed out of the window of the hansom cab, but his usually acute senses failed him. Oh, he could hear the stomping of the horses hooves on the cobbled street clearly enough; but even his keen eyes failed to penetrate the swirling fog. "Have we far to go driver?" Ned called.

"We are nearly there sir, despite this dashed awful weather!" Came the less than cheery reply.

"God alone knows how he can tell Holmes, I can't see my hand in front of my face." Barked Brighton.

"He knows these streets well old chap, I expect it's inbred in cabbies."

"Indeed, I was amazed he could find us though. I doubt if he has much need to go to Whitechapel." Brighton mused.

"My dear fellow, of course he will. Don't tell me you have failed to notice the number of gentry that visit the area for, well - entertainment."

"Of course I have Holmes, I have eyes. I just don't like to consider it. Repugnant business if you ask me."

"Ah, those maiden Aunt's of yours, they educated you so well. In some respects. But this now is our business, Hove old chap. Our bread and butter so to speak."

"I'm not sure I approve of it Holmes, I mean if these cases are too 'tainted' for Sherlock, why should we get involved?"

"Let me ask you a couple of questions Brighton. Firstly do you like to eat, and secondly do you like our lodgings?"

"The answer in the first instance is yes, but of course in the second, no."

"Precisely, as would have been my reply. These cases will fill our plates, and improve our circumstances. Surely that is more important than any 'taint'". Holmes grinned.

"You make a good case, but I will never like it. Not my kind of game, not my kind at all."

"Ah well, the debate is over my friend," said Holmes tapping on the carriage door with the stem of his still warm pipe, "we are here. Now do we take this commission?"

Brighton bent forward and eyed the columns before the substantive house with awe. "I expect we do Holmes, I expect we do."

"Stout chap! Now let us go see what adventure awaits us."

The butler escorted the detectives to the study, and there he asked them to wait on his mistress. For a couple of minutes the young men stood admiring their sumptuous surroundings. Neither of them felt out of place, for although they were not too well heeled at present, both of them had received a privileged upbringing. Upon leaving the army neither of them felt obliged to return home, rather they decided they would strike out on their own behalf.

It had been a rocky path so far, life was not as easy as they had imagined. Home life and indeed even the army had been a sheltered existence. The streets of London offered little in the way of shelter or if one was really unfortunate, existence. Holmes and Brighton, his ex-batman, ended up in a run down boarding house in the east end. Here they languished, until today, hoping for good fortune.

The door was opened and a regal, beautiful young woman swept into the room, she smiled briefly before taking a seat. "Please gentlemen, pray be seated."

"Thank you Lady Helena, please inform us of your concerns for your sister and tell us how we may assist you?" asked Holmes.

"Please understand Mr Holmes that this is a very delicate and difficult matter. It could ruin my sister's, indeed my very families reputation were it to be come common knowledge."

"Lady Helena, you and Sir Richard are assured of our discretion."

"Sir Richard! No, no, my father knows nothing of this, and nor must he. You must guarantee me. I need your agreement to this, both of you."

Holmes hesitated for a long moment, this was unanticipated. He had assumed he would be working for Sir Richard with his knowledge. Ned felt both Helena's and Brighton's eyes on him. Finally he nodded and spoke. "We shall do this, if we have your personal assurance it is essential."

"Thank you sir, you are indeed most kind. As my tale unfolds you will understand the need for secrecy, this scandal would kill my parents. My Mother is far from well, and without her Father would..." Helena's voice faltered, and her head slumped towards her bosom.

"Lady Helena do not despair, Brighton and I will work tirelessly to prevent such a circumstance."

"Thank you, Mr Holmes, you are most kind, and I am quite sure of your diligence," Helena shuddered, " now let me tell you the saddest of stories."

Holmes and Hove sat in silence, and respectfully waited for the distressed young woman to begin.

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