Jessica's Tape

by johntackle2006

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, First, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jessica recives a tape of her own assault but has no memory of it.

Jessica woke up when she heard the doorbell ringing. She looked at the clock; it was pretty late in the afternoon. She must have slept really heavy again. She felt sore 'down there' maybe she was going to start her period. That was strange, she had had her period just a week ago, mayby she was early, no matter. She put on a robe and went down stairs. She looked out the peep hole in the door and saw no one. Then she noticed a package laying on the door step. She undid the dead bolt and the security chain. Living by yourself you could never be too careful.

The brown package was small and had her name written on it. Strange she had not ordered anything from the religious book store she frequented online. She opened it up and found a video tape with the instructions to play it as soon as opened. Jessica grabbed a cup of tea and curled up on the couch with a blanket and popped the tape into the VCR. She wondered if a secret admirer had sent it. She knew she was attractive and a lot of the guys at church wanted her even though she was saving herself for marriage. The tape started. It was a scene of her at a local mall with some of her friends. Strange, the scene cut to her pulling up in her driveway and entering her house. Now she was starting to feel weird. Something wasn't right. Then the scene cut to her sleeping in her bed. What in the heck is going on she thought.

This was too creepy and she wanted to turn the tape off but she couldn't. Then a man entered the scene. He was all dressed in black including a mouth-less ski mask. Jessica felt her stomach tighten." I Jessica, hope you sitting down and comfortable:" the man said." You're going to love this"

"What I am going to do is to rape and you can't do anything to stop me" the man chuckled." You look so helpless lying there don't you Jessica"

She felt the panic rising in her as she watched the tape. The man then took the camera and slowly pulled the bed sheets off of her. She lay there clad only in a green tank top and a pair of black cotton panties. The man then rolled her over on to her back and panned the camera across her. The man then pulled off her top and started to caress her small breasts. His fingernails were dirty and they looked even dirtier against her flawless pale skin. "I've been waiting a long time to see this" the man said and slowly worked her underwear down with one hand. He tugged gently and a few wisps of curly red pubic hair were exposed. He kept pulling and more and more of her fiery red muff came in to view. The man then pulled her panties entirely off and rubbed them under her nose. He then stepped back and let the camera take in all of her unconscious form. On the bed lay a eighteen year old woman spread eagle with pale skin, small but not too small breasts, medium length wavy red hair an a nicely trimmed bush of naturally red pubic hair. The whole seen was unreal to Jessica. The woman on the tape was her. But how could that be?

"Oh man, this is going to feel sooo nice finally getting to stick it to you." the man said.He then proceded to remove all of his clothing except his mask.He was in good shape and had a long skinny penis that was starting to become erect.

He placed a pillow and a towel under her ass.

He then spread her legs and held the camera close as he opened up her cunt lips. It looked so delicate and helples. He then produced a speculum and placed a little Astroglide on it and began to gently work it in to her sex. He was very delicate and slow about it, almost like a surgeon. When it was about three inches in he slowly opened it up and panned the camera so it could look down it." What you are seeing is your hymen. Your virginity. Take a good long look at it because I intend to pop your precious cherry bitch."

"No" she moaned to herself. She had worked so hard to keep her virtue, to stay clean and intact. It was something she had prided herself on. The man removed the speculum and her cunt lips closed up again.

"Now to the rape. You like that word don't you? Rape! Yea you think you're so high and mighty with your looks and your virtue, but after this you're just going to be another rape victim." the man snered.

He then took out a condom and proceeds to roll it on his pulsating cock.

Jessica felt like crying watching this. The camera panned on his long latex covered phallus. At least I wont get pregnant she thought in a strangely detached way. She was a devout catholic and so she was forbidden from morning after pills or abortions.

The man on the tape climbed between her legs and placed the tip of his condom coated cock against the opening of her vagina. He looked like he was going to start pushing it in when all of a sudden he stopped.

The camera panned to his cock and he began to pull the condom off.

"What is he doing!" her mind raced.

"Fooled you didn't I bitch.Not only am I going to rape you virgin cunt, I'm going to impregnate you.Im going To knock you up with a baby and you cant stop what's about to happen"

"No!" she let out a strangled sob on the coutch. I can't have a baby she thought.She had her whole life planned out. "Not like this, Please!" she pleaded with screen.

The man then panned to her sleeping face and then back to her cunt.

The tip of his cock had a large drop of pre-cum and he gently rubbed it around the opening of pussy. He had put the condom on just too lightly lube up his cock.

He placed the camera on a nearby chair with a close up view of their soon to be coupling. Then using both hands he spread her cunt lips apart and held her open. He tensed up his cock and a single drop of pre-cum dripped in to her open sex.

"This is it bitch, no turning back, Im going to rape you and enjoy every minute of it. I'm going to slide my cock in to you unprotected and squirt a load of sperm in to you. How do you like that?"

On the couch Jessica was crying. She felt so helpless to top her own defilement.

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