Charlie's Angels

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: See what happens when you decide to take care of your son's wives. It may have started out innocently, but how long could you have lasted.


Rellik - Copyright┬ę 2004

I had never felt so lonely in my life as the day I returned to my home after cremating my wife. Suddenly I realised just how much I missed her and had depended on her always being there by my side. I had to be truthful with myself I had taken her for granted, for she never complained, but must have been in extreme pain these last few months until that dreaded 'C' took her away.

From the time I took her to the hospital, for she said she could take the pain no longer, until the time she was gone, was only three days. For those three days I sat by her bedside with my son's wife Jenny. Jenny was the only one who came to visit her in these last three days. My other sons, their wives and grandchildren did not visit their grandmother. The excuses they gave were pathetic. 'We were going to visit her at the weekend. We can't get time off work. I had to attend meetings every night this week; but not Jenny, she had taken a week off work, to help me with the arrangements. If only my other sons had been more considerate. Peter, Jenny's husband and my son was abroad when Terry took ill, but he managed to arrive back to attend the funeral. He had to return straight after.

They had all turned up for the funeral, no doubt to get the sympathy of others who had attended. Now I knew who I could depend on in an emergency.

For three months I lived in the house alone, the house I had built for Terry myself and our four sons. Terry and I were schoolyard sweethearts, we married young, and so we grew up with our children, in fact Terry was the only woman I ever have had sex with.

We had been lucky, winning enough money when we were eighteen, to build this house, with two children and another on the way. This was our only home, for we had lived in her parents home, before moving in here. Now the children have flown the coop, all marrying young, but not as young as we had.

It was Peter who approached me. "Dad for the next year I will be travelling back and forth overseas to here and Jenny hates living on her own, can she come and stay here, she will be company for you. I will pay for her keep and mine when I come back and forth, the intervals could be between a couple of days to a few weeks, I just don't know." Peter was a troubleshooter for an oil company, what that was I had no idea except he had a good wage and that's about all.

Peter should have let Jenny continue working, I know she only had a low paid job but she was out there mixing with people. I know she wasn't the brightest of women, but she had a kind heart and was always willing to help anyone in need.

"Jenny would be on her own, for I work five days a week at the university, so she is going to be on her own here Peter," I told him.

"Dad I don't want her working where she had been, you never know what is going to happen. Working in a mental ward as a ward-maid, is not what I want my wife doing," he shot back.

"What if I can get her a job at my place, she can travel back and forward with me."

"Could you, I wouldn't mind her getting a job at the university," he said and looking a bit more at ease.

So even before Jenny moved in, I got her a temporary position as a data processor operator in the Student Services. She was good on a computer and had Data entry experience, so she easily got the position before the other rabble that had applied.

Peter and Jenny moved in, storing all there spare personal affects and occupying the other which had been Peters old bedroom with a shared bathroom off the room which held their spare possessions. This way Jenny didn't have to go far, if she suddenly found she needed something which already packed.

Jenny was not a skinny modern type, neither was she fat, a nice covering and someone nice to cuddle up to I thought. She had dark wavy hair, sometimes combed down, other times in a ponytail and even in a bun. She refused to get it cut, and I have heard her and Peter argue over this, he had short cropped hair. Jenny had a nice body as most 22-year old women have, and didn't mind flaunting it. "If you've got it, flaunt it," was her saying whenever any comment came up about too short a dress, or of showing too much cleavage.

Never having had any daughters of our own, it took me a little while to acclimatize to having a young woman in the house. Also now my other two daughters-in-law visited and were in and out more than I have ever seen them. I was enjoying having the young women making a fuss over me, which helped me get over the loss of my wife and after all I was only 40 myself and was still sexually active until my wife died. Now I was becoming more aroused than I ever had been, with seeing a young woman moving about the house, sometimes in a state of undress.

Jenny, Lyn, Bob's wife and Dimples, Ray's wife appeared to be spending many early evenings together. Lyn was only 19, blonde and busty, Dimples was 20 and as her name suggested was plump and blond also, she too, in fact all three were well stacked in the bust department. While watching TV, most evenings I had these three lounging all over the lounge room. Legs spread wide and straight out, one foot up on the chair moving their knee from side to side, undone fronts, you name it those three young women done it without removing a piece of clothing, I saw it all.

Granted they were relaxed and joked between themselves, I was just a piece of furniture and ignored. No not ignored, for there wasn't an hour passed that I didn't get a kiss on the cheek, or a hug, even spread out on my lap. Pops that was what they called me; it was if they thought I was immune from the sight of their young female bodies. That was as far as it got for a couple of months.

One evening Jenny got a telephone call from Peter telling her he wouldn't be home for two months. He had been home last week and expected to be back next week, now there was no chance of his early return. I was sitting in my usual chair watching TV and Jenny was almost in tears on the settee after getting the call, looking real down in the mouth.

"Come on Jenny I'll give you a cuddle to make up for your disappointment." This wasn't something new, all three of my son's wives have sat on my lap and got a cuddle, there was nothing in it, just acting like a big family. Jenny came over right away and put her left arm around my neck and sat on my lap, right on top of my semi-hard-on. There was no way in this world could she not feel it, for she was only wearing a thin housecoat panties and bra, which was her normal dress for padding around the house.

The other arm went round also and she had my head in a head lock almost hugging me, pressing her breasts into me. Her perfume and the slight acidly sweat smell filled my nostrils. Again nothing out of the ordinary, I was trying to get used to all this show of affection from the three wives. This time she moved back a bit and brought her mouth down on to mine and kissed me with an open mouth and her tongue probed looking for mine. She ground her lips on to mine and then took her mouth away and looked at me.

"Pops I have wanted to do that for a long-time. You have been so kind to the three of us too, you are more than a father-in-law to me, and you are dearer to me than Peter can ever be. Please don't reject me, hold me tight, please!" She said raising her voice.

Without hesitation I did as she wanted and she rested her head on my shoulder and slid down my body to make herself comfortable, with her legs over the arm of the chair and her hip now between my thighs. After about ten minutes she was asleep as I held her, just like holding a little girl. Jenny I liked better than all the others. Everyone has a favourite and Jenny was mine, I wasn't ashamed to admit it.

About ten-thirty I stood up and lifted Jenny up also, walked through to her bedroom and laid her on the bed, pulled a quilt up over her and tiptoed out of the room, closing the door gently.

I went and had a shower and got into my bed. Since it was summer time I slept nude. I'm not that brave in the winter and wear thick pyjamas. I have no problem dropping off to sleep and almost as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep.

Something woke me, but I was in that state one is when woken in the middle of the night; half dozy. All the same I heard the soft footfalls, then the covers pulled back and a warm naked body slip in and cuddle up to me. It could be no-one else but Jenny, for there was only her and I in the house. I slipped my arm under her and she rested her head on my shoulder with her arm around me and her leg over mine.

I kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer and that was how we slept for the rest of the night. Needless to say I was as hard as a rock and had a boner that hard it hurt; I went to sleep with one and woke up the next morning in the same state.

When I woke, Jenny was looking at me. Like a real idiot I said "Hi" would you believe.

"Thanks Pop, for everything, I knew I could trust you and now you have proved to me I was right. You do respect a woman."

"Jenny, you just don't know what you have done to me."

"Oh, yes I do and I am sorry I got you into this state. Go and have a cold shower that will calm you down."

She then got out of bed and with no modesty at all, leant over and kissed me. "Pop, I'll be sleeping with you from now on and you needn't be such a gentleman from now on." Then she kissed me on the lips like a butterfly touches a flower and kept her lips there for about ten seconds. "I love you," she said as she left the bedroom her breasts bouncing on her chest and her bottom with a little wiggle.

I lay back on to the pillow and just stared at the ceiling. What have I done to warrant all this affection? Could I satisfy such a voluptuous young woman? What is Peter going to say? I looked at the time and jumped out of bed, for now I was running late and had to have breakfast and dress for work. So any thoughts of Jenny vanished from my mind for this period of time.

As I drove Jenny to work, I kept glancing over to look at her. I just couldn't believe she had said these things this morning. It was funny, I gave thought more to what she had said, than the fact that she had crawled into my bed naked, as if that was a natural thing to happen. The subject wasn't raised, she just cut in with her usual chatter we normally had on the way to work.

We spent our lunchbreaks together, but instead of sitting at opposite sides of the six person tables she sat close alongside me. It was obvious she wanted to be close to me and I wasn't objecting at all. I sat with the men I usually sat with for the ten years I have worked here, playing cribbage. Now Jenny sat close as though interested in how the game was played, with a hand on my thigh just at the knee, nothing that would draw attention to us, but I think more of a comfort for her. It was for me, for I knew she was by my side when I felt her hand resting there.

Everything was normal as it always was, we helped in the kitchen to cook the evening meal, we had prepared the evening before. Sat down on opposite sides of the table and ate our meal. Still neither of us brought up the subject of this morning. Then as usual the other two, Lyn and Dimples bounced in, for there was no other word for the way they entered. Lyn started making the coffee and we sat at the table and drank it with the usual banter that went on between them.

After everything was cleared away, the preparations for tomorrow's meal, our lunch boxes were packed and placed in the refrigerator we moved in to the lounge so I could watch the news. These three couldn't care less what went on in the wide world; all they were interested in was their own little world. Again I was given flashes of nylon clad vulva's and ample thighs as they stretched and lounged, while talking to one another. I was watching Jenny though and she was watching me with a little smile on her face.

I still got my hugs and kisses from the others even Jenny, and for a time I had Lyn perched on my lap, pretending to make passionate love to me. Then it struck me, was this all play, or is there more to all this flashing, hugs and kisses I have been receiving. But no way in this world was I ever going to make the first move, to even try to prove it one way or the other. Not even with Jenny, I will just let things flow their natural course and see what happens. What are their husbands doing, if they spend nearly every evening up to about 7-30 to 8 pm here with me and Jenny.

The only one I don't see up here is Daphnia, Frank's wife, but she has two young children to care for. Daphnia and Frank both work and the children are in day care, so she hasn't much time on her hands, so I don't expect her to keep calling into see me.

Jenny went to the door to see them off, she locked the front door for the night and came right back into the room and sat on my lap as she had done the night before. "Now I have you to myself," she said bringing her full red lips down on to mine and plunging her tongue between my lips forcing them open. How sweet she tasted and so soft she felt, as I held her to me. I had forgotten how soft a woman of her ages skin felt, not only soft but pliable. It had a freshness which didn't stay for very long. Here in my arms was a woman at the peak of her womanhood and she was willingly giving me access to all she had, for the housecoat she usually wore was now open, revealing me her scantly dressed body.

My right-hand was resting on her outer thigh, but she removed one hand from around my neck and lifted my hand and placed it between her legs just above her knee. Then she returned her arm around my neck, not once removing her soft lips from mine.

There was no denying what she intended me to do now, her skin was so soft here, that my mind flashed back to my early marriage days. I had only been with one other woman and that was my departed wife, I had no need to, I loved her deeply and we were contented in each others company. Now I was with another woman who seemed to like my company and I must say truthfully I enjoyed hers. Our relationship was now quite different from just only yesterday, for now she was offering me her body. Should I continue, my body was screaming for me to, but my conscious was screaming no.

The body won and my hand started caressing and moving up her thigh. The skin was now even smoother still, as I reached the junction of her legs and I could feel her heat through the thin gossamer material of her panties against the side of my hand. Not only heat, but a dampness, which had soaked through the material. It was soft and spongy, dare I go the one step further. Her panties were of the high hip variety and the crotch just moved out of the way by the pressure of my little finger and now I had my middle finger into her damp crack.

"Oh Pops, I love you, and you can do anything with my body, just let me stay with you," she said in my ear.

Her speaking brought me back to my senses and I removed my hand and put it around her so the flat of the hand was against her back and drew her closer.

"Jenny this is wrong, you are Peter's wife I should respect you and protect you."

"Pops, he has another woman, he has been seen in the city, when he was meant to be abroad, why do you think I was so upset last night. Not only did I get a call from him, but also a friend of mine who saw Peter in the foyer of a hotel in the city yesterday afternoon."

"She must have been mistaken," I replied, automatically coming to the defence of my son. Surely he wouldn't stray when he had a beautiful woman like Jenny, who he had only married ten months previous.

"No, she took a photo with her mobile cell phone and is giving Lyn a copy to show me. I will know if it is true tomorrow. Since it's Friday, Lyn will be round early with it after she goes and sees her friend."

Lyn doesn't work on a Friday, She works Sunday to Thursday.

"Jenny I am so sorry, I am sweetheart, why would he cheat on you like that?" What a hypocrite I am, I thought, here I had my wife's son in my arms and minutes earlier had my finger up his wife's pussy and I'm calling him a cheat.

"That's all right Pops; our marriage I knew had the skids on it after only the first two months. He had been seen with another woman even then. I stayed with him so I could be near you. I have loved you from the first time I was introduced to you. I saw how much you loved Terry and wished you would love me that much too."

"Stop calling me Pops, you make me feel old, it's Charlie, so start calling me that. I still think Peter is a stupid fool looking at another woman when you are here."

"He thinks I'm dumb, perhaps I am, compared to all his college women, I can't help it, I just want to be wanted," she said now tears running down her cheeks.

"Well you are here, Jenny."

"I am, do you mean it?"

"I wouldn't say it if I didn't," I said pulling her closer and kissing her on her tear soaked mouth, even tasting sweeter than ever. "Come on it's time for our cuppa," I said lifting her up and placing her feet on the floor. We went into the kitchen together, Jenny with her housecoat wide open, showing me her lithe body. It was the same as I could see thousands of women on a beach display, but somehow this was more intimate.

We had our drink and I went and showered, as she did also. Then she padded into the bedroom with her hair freshly combed, wearing her housecoat, which she quickly removed and threw on the bed revealing, once more her complete naked body. She saw me watching her and she pirouetted in front of me. "Do you like?" Then lifted the bedding and came into my arms.

She had doused herself in perfume not a heavy perfume but a light subtle one, to me she smelt divine. "I think you look and smell wonderful, and appreciate you sharing my bed."

"I can't ask for more than that, but I do love you, so very much, Charlie," she said emphasising my name, as our lips again met and heaven surrounded me.

If it wasn't heaven it surely felt that way as she was on top of me and had inserted my hard penis into her warm vagina. I slid into her soft well lubricated passage, which made me feel like I was in heaven. No grunts and moans, just a smooth coupling of our bodies. Not only our bodies, but my feelings as well, for as we came together physically I felt our whole beings merge as one. Here was a replacement, no not a replacement for Terry, a new love. Our age difference just vanished in that moment when our bodies joined. Here I had a woman who I knew would love me, all she wants is to be shown she is loved and wanted.

As I started to lift my hips, "No let me, I want to make love to you, you will have a long-time to make love to me, but I want to do it all myself this time." She said now resting on her arms with her hands on my chest and looking me straight in the eye.

What else could I do but let her get on with it, but I was watching her in the dressing-table mirror and was fascinated by the action of her pelvis, on my inserted penis. If this was how all women's hips worked then they were very energetic indeed. It didn't take her long to bring on a climax, but she wouldn't let me remove my penis from her body and she received the complete stored sperm I had amassed for many months. Then she came into my arms and I held her close to me.

"You must stop letting me do that Jenny, you'll fall pregnant and then where will you be."

"Don't worry I am on the Pill, anyway I may want a baby one day, but I won't tell you when I stop taking the Pill. When I feel I'm ready for parenthood I will just stop, so enjoy yourself while you can."

What a difference having a warm body lying beside you, one you know loves you, and you love in return.

Friday night when we returned from work both Lyn and Dimples were waiting on us, with a brown envelope lying on the kitchen table beside the two cups of coffee already prepared. Also I noticed the bruising on Dimples cheek, which she had tried to cover with powder. I must ask how she got it I thought, but when the contents of the envelope were disclosed I forgot all about her bruising.

There was no disputing the fact that it was my Peter in the two photographs, one with his arms around a dainty brunette, the other, him sitting at a dinner table holding her hand.

I left the table and went into the lounge and dialled his mobile number, which he answered almost immediately. "Peter I don't care what you are doing, get round to my house immediately."

"How can I am not even in the country."

"Don't lie to me; if you're still staying in the Grove Hotel, you are only twenty minutes away, so get round here now." I slammed down the receiver. I was fuming, not because he was getting his leg over, but of the blatant lies he was telling.

Exactly eighteen minutes later he walked in the door, I was waiting for him and ushered him straight into the lounge and locked the door.

"You have been lying to me, I told all of you boys, no matter what you do wrong, don't ever lie to me, tell me the truth. How long has this deception being going on, saying you are working abroad, yet out fucking another woman while your wife is staying here. God man you can pick up any number of diseases and then spread it to innocent others. I want the keys of this house, now."

"Why do you want my key?"

"Because I don't want you in here, you have committed the worst offence by lying to me, what Jenny will say is entirely up to her, but I doubt she will want to see you around either. So arrange for your effects to be removed from this house. If they are not out by Monday I will hire a 'Skiff' and throw the lot out. Now go and talk to Jenny, then get out of this house you liar and fornicator."

I unlocked the door and held it open. Jenny launched herself at him pounding her hands on his chest, "Why, why have you lied to me. Peter it's finished." She threw her wedding and engagement rings at him.

I felt sorry for him, for he was surrounded by Lyn, Dimples and myself with Jenny in front of him. "Sorry Jenny!" Was all he could say as he removed the front door key from his key ring and placed it on the small table in the hallway. "I will arrange to collect my things tomorrow morning," he said

"They'll be on the outside lawn, so you had better come early, or they will all be pinched," she said turning on her heel and then run to her bedroom. It was either a classic bit of acting, or she was very upset.

Peter then left the house he had lived in for all these years, looking distressed.

I went along to Jenny's room and she was lying on the bed sobbing. "Should I have given him a second chance, but I don't love him any more, I love you, I feel so confused Charlie, please hold me."

So I did.

I was hugging her to my chest when the other two looked in. Dimples sat on the bed alongside Jenny and hugged her too so she was between us. Lyn sat beside me and hugged me.

Eventually Jenny calmed down and the three young women went into the spare room and started sorting out all Peters things, I went into the lounge and just sat watching the TV. I hadn't eaten and I didn't feel at all hungry, just angry, at myself and Peter.

I was getting a bit concerned about Dimples, she is having to many falls. I even suggested to her she go see a doctor, but she refused.

The divorce of Peter and Jenny was over within months, but Jenny didn't change her surname back to her maiden name. She said she was keeping it because it was mine.

Another crisis arose Lyn and Bob went their separate ways, Bob said that Lyn was useless and a typical blonde. He had moved in with another woman, also Lyn had lost her job. So she moved herself in to Jenny's old room, lock stock and barrel. She knew that Jenny and I were now a unit, for that came out shortly after Peter collected all his stuff and Jenny got rid of all the household effects that were from their former home.

I remember the day she said it, we were all in the lounge as usual, the three of them in their usual sprawling positions. "Jenny why are you getting rid of all your things, surely you will meet another chap and they will be useful?" Lyn asked and I could see Dimples was about to ask the same question.

"I already have, I will never be leaving this house, this is my home. Charlie and I are living together and share the bed."

The other two just sat there with open mouths for a few seconds and then they all jumped up and hugged one another. I got as much attention as Jenny got and many unnecessary kisses from both of them. But things settled down as before, it was accepted that Jenny and I were a unit now.

I soon discovered that Lyn was as Bob had said, she was a real dumb blonde, but I had got used to her, with her evening visits. If you accepted her as you found her, she was a real nice young woman, granted not as tidy as Jenny, but good-hearted. She like Jenny, in fact all three of the young women weren't the brightest of the bright and had no interest at all in world affairs.

We took Lyn the next day with us to the university and as luck had it they were just about to approach a casual employment agency for a stenographer, which Lyn was, so she got started right away that day. Me turning up at lunchtime with two lovely young women now had all the young studs biting at the leash. There must be something about big busted blondes that arouse the male hunting instincts, for they were around the table like bees to a honey pot. But when Lyn said I was her father, they slunk away.

Two nights later I was watching a late-night movie and the two of them went to bed, about twenty minutes before the movie ended. I then showered and entered the bedroom naked as usual and sitting up in bed were the two of them, breasts bare and smiling.

"I said it would be all right Charlie for her to share our bed." Jenny said as she saw my bewilderment. "I told her no funny business, well not tonight anyway, but you are now sleeping in the middle, aren't you lucky having two young women sharing your bed."

I was mesmerised by the size and firmness of Lyn's breasts. Jenny's were lovely too, she had brown aureoles and Lyn's were pink. I climbed between them and they just moved closer. Now I had one on each side of me and a leg crossed over each of mine and I felt their pubic bushes one on each side and soft breasts pressed on to mine.

Jenny gave me a good night kiss as usual like a butterfly and I loved the way she did it. Seeing how Jenny kissed me good night Lyn done the same, but not with the same delicate touch. "I want to be a unit with you also, I am happy here and am content being number two wife, if you will have me.", Lyn said as she nibbled at my ear.

"We will see how it goes it all depends on Jenny." I said loud enough for Jenny to hear.

"Oh I approve Charlie, or she wouldn't be in or even near you in bed. We will take care of you, but I think we will need a bigger bed."

"Why this is a King-Size and we seem to have plenty of room?"

"I would like you to go round and have a word with Ray; he is beating hell out of Dimples nearly every day now, the drunken lout."

"So that is where she is getting the bruises from."

"Yes and you want to see her body she is black and blue." Lyn said.

"Why is he doing this?"

"Drink and drugs. If it wasn't for Dimples working and paying the rent for their flat they would be out on the street." Dimples works in another university near her home, surely someone would have noticed her bruising as well as I had. I had noticed it and took her word for the reason, so I suppose they did also.

What had come over my sons, three of them had turned out to be wasters. Maybe I should have beaten them, but I had been one of the vocal few who had advocated stopping parents beating their children, now look how they had turned out. Maybe the old saying 'Spare the rod and spoil the child' was right after all.

"Why would Dimples want to come and stay here with us?

"She says she feels relaxed and safe while she is near you, just like we do. You may be an old fudge, but we do love you. Please, go and have words with Ray."

Jenny seems to have taken on the role of mother, or wife number one the way Lyn sees it. I wasn't objecting in the least, but what will the neighbours think. That dirty old man has two young women living with him. God if Dimples decides to move that will be three; I haven't a hope in hell of satisfying three virile young women. I may wish I could, but I know my own stamina and it doesn't stretch to looking after three women. I would never throw them out, they have been like daughters to me, the daughters I never had. Well not any longer as far as Jenny is concerned, after all she is a divorced woman and is free to choose any partner she wants, the other two are technically still married to my sons.

I had a restless night, not only thinking about what I'd been told, but how I was going to get rid of the torrid erection I had. The other two slept like babies, but wow what babies they were.

We drove straight from work the next evening to Ray and Dimples flat. They lived on the first floor, in a block of cheap three level rental flats, with access from an open stairwell and outside walkway. Even before we arrived there I heard Ray's voice shouting in anger. What he was actually saying was unrecognisable.

The outside door was ajar and we walked in, me in front. What I saw in that split-second made me as mad as hell. Dimples was lying on the floor with blood running out of a cut above her eye and cowering up at Ray, who was bent over with fist drawn back ready to strike her. "Give me the fucking money slut, I want to go to the pub." He shouted.

I grabbed him and pulled him back, but he swung the punch now at me. I parried and hit him hard in the solar plexus and he went sliding down the wall, holding his stomach looking up at me in astonishment. This was the first time in my life I have ever hit one of my children. I know they thought I was a big softy and I would rather talk my way out of a situation rather than use violence. Many people especially men think you are weak if you do this, and are shocked that you can actually do damage if pushed hard enough. Ray pushed me over that edge.

"Son, what I'm going to do next, is for your own good believe me." I said as I took out my cellular phone and dialled the police.

"I have a domestic situation here, where the man has badly beaten his wife, I have restrained him and she wishes to press charges." I gave them the address and hung up.

"Dimples you will press charges against Ray."

"I certainly will, that is the last time that bastard will hit me. Ray, I am leaving you, get your stuff out of my flat, I'm giving notice tomorrow, so go find somewhere to live with your other macho mates."

"Jenny, Lyn, go with Dimples and pack her things then put them in the car, don't waste too much time the police will be here soon.

"You just sit where you are Ray, you had a lovely wife and you fucked it up, look at you, dirty and drunk what would your dead mother think of her son now. You are a disgrace, get yourself tidied up and get out of this city, I don't want to be associated with you. You had everything going for you and you have thrown it away."

"I am well rid of that dumb bitch; there are a lot of better fish in the sea than that one. She's not even a good fuck, but then what do you expect from a dumb fat cluck like her."

"Ray, just cut it out and take a good look at yourself before you start criticising others."

"Is that the lecturer, or my father telling me this, why are you protecting these thick bastards for. I doubt if they know what day it even is."

"Do you. I'll tell you what day it is, it's the day you get a Police Record. Now if you want to get on, you will have to work a lot harder before anyone will even accept you even exist; a wife beater, you know what many people think about that?"

"Piss off, I don't give a fuck."

I saw Jenny and Lyn go out the door with two suitcases each and Dimples was sitting on a chair nursing her stomach. "Has he hurt you Dimples?"

"Yes I feel real sick he punched and kicked me in the stomach."

"Oh you are a real tough man aren't you Ray." He had slid up the wall and was standing up now. I hit him again in the same spot, but much harder than the first time and he dropped to the floor sliding down the wall and was sitting on his haunches nursing his stomach. "Hurts doesn't it son, now you know what Dimples is going through."

I heard the sirens a long way away and they got louder as they drew nearer, then they stopped and a minute later three police officers, two men and a woman entered the flat. The woman officer went straight to Dimples. The two heavy built officers came over and looked down at Ray; they were as tall as I was, just over six feet. "What happened to him did he fall or something," he asked.

"No he tried to hit me, I'm his father and I just tapped him in the solar plexus, he just got a little of what he has been giving my daughter-in-law. I should have intervened ages ago, but I didn't want to get involved. He was striking her when we arrived."

"Who is we?"

"My other two daughters-in-law, they are waiting down in my car."

"This woman has been beaten very badly," said the woman constable.

"Right matey, a real tough guy are we?" One of the constables said as he bent to lift Ray up. Ray lashed out at him and the other brought out his asp and brought it down. Ray was last seen being dragged out of the door.

"We would like you to come to the station, to sign a statement, could you and your daughters-in-law do that? I will have to get this woman examined by a doctor. If they don't admit her can you give her accommodation?"

"She's leaving Ray; she is coming to live at my place."

"That's fine, for she shouldn't be on her own."

"She won't, my other daughters will look after her."

Dimples handed me the flat keys as she left with the woman officer. I went round and closed everything down and locked the front door. Then the three of us made for the police station.

"I should have stepped in ages ago, when I first spotted the bruises on Dimples. It is as much my fault as it is his." I said as we drove.

"Come on Charlie, it was no way your fault," said Lyn.

"What a lousy load of sons I have, they have treated you all badly."

"Frank doesn't treat Daphnia bad, he is a bit like you and they get on fine together, they keep to themselves and enjoy each others company, just like you and me Charlie," Jenny said patting my knee.

"And me Charlie, I am happy being with you," said Lyn from the back seat.

We were three hours at the police station, while Dimples was interrogated and examined by a doctor. She refused to be admitted, but wanted to come back with us. Also the poor woman had to go through the embarrassment of being photographed. There was hardly a part of her body that didn't have a bruise on it. The doctor gave her a sick note for a weeks leave and told her to rest. We only had to make out a statement to say what we saw this evening. They weren't interested in that I saw the bruises weeks before they noted it but it wasn't included in my statement.

Dimples looked a mess as we helped her into the car, watched by the woman policewoman, who waved as we drove off.

"Well Dimples this is your home now for as long as you want. No-one will beat you here, well you should know, you spend some time here almost every day."

"Pops, can I call you Charlie too?"

"Of course you can, sweetheart, why should you not when these other two do."

"Your harem is growing," she said.

"Not any more it isn't I don't know how I am going to cope with three women in the house."

"Oh we will treat you fine Charlie," Lyn said coming over and giving me a kiss, a real passionate one too.

"I see you are more than our father-in-law," said Dimples. "I thought it was just you and Jenny, but Lyn I see as well, I am in good company."

"Did you hear what that bastard called Dimples," started Lyn.

"Lyn, I don't want to hear his name mentioned again in this house, he doesn't exist. I don't feel that way about you, all three of you, my three lovelies. Oh God I just thought "Charlie's Angels". I said laughing, which brought laughter from all three of them.

When I went to bed that night only Lyn was in bed. I got in and she came to me and wrapped her self round me, her large firm breasts pressed to my chest and her hand grasping my rising penis. Her mouth glued on to mine for about thirty seconds. Within that time I had a boner of all boners, as her soft skin was pressed hard against mine. She rolled on to her back bringing me with her, opened her thighs and pushed my boner into her womanhood. It was now up to me to take it further. She lay beneath me all sweet and beautiful with her blonde hair spread as a halo around her head. How could any man refuse such a beautiful woman? She lifted her hips and I pushed forward and sank into her moist cunt, no not a cunt that was too crude for this beautiful woman, her Garden of Eden. It felt like a velvet glove which had surrounded my penis and I passed her Cervix as I now stretched her vagina to hold me. It was beautiful, nothing crude about it; we got into a slow rhythm and made slow wonderful sex. I have heard it said that if the sex act was good you left your earthly body and floated on a cloud. That was the feeling I had with Lyn, she definitely knew how to use her body to give maximum satisfaction. My climax came as an explosion; I again flooded one of my angels' bodies. She didn't seem to object at all.

"Charlie, I've never felt like this before, it was wonderful."

"You too, I felt as if I were on a cloud."

"Was I there?"

"You were the cloud sweetheart."

"I love making love to you, if this is how it should feel."

"I hope so too."

"I, like Jenny want to stay with you always, will you let me, I will not disgrace you, I promise."

"I want you to stay, I want all of you to stay, how I will ever keep you all happy is beyond me."

"We are happy, you just leave it to us, and we will arrange everything."

"Come on you two, I want to come to bed," said Jenny from the doorway.

I rolled off Lyn and on to my back as Jenny climbed in also.

"Well, everything work out Lyn,"

"Oh yes, Jenny, I have found my man."

"Our man, remember we are 'Charlie's Angels'" she said with a giggle. "Some Angels eh!"

So now I know what the routine was, if I found one in bed by herself then that was my sex night with whichever one was in bed. If two were in bed that was a no sex night. Surprising though it may seem I wasn't as pressed as I though I would be.

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