Charlie's Angels

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: See what happens when you decide to take care of your son's wives. It may have started out innocently, but how long could you have lasted.


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I had never felt so lonely in my life as the day I returned to my home after cremating my wife. Suddenly I realised just how much I missed her and had depended on her always being there by my side. I had to be truthful with myself I had taken her for granted, for she never complained, but must have been in extreme pain these last few months until that dreaded 'C' took her away.

From the time I took her to the hospital, for she said she could take the pain no longer, until the time she was gone, was only three days. For those three days I sat by her bedside with my son's wife Jenny. Jenny was the only one who came to visit her in these last three days. My other sons, their wives and grandchildren did not visit their grandmother. The excuses they gave were pathetic. 'We were going to visit her at the weekend. We can't get time off work. I had to attend meetings every night this week; but not Jenny, she had taken a week off work, to help me with the arrangements. If only my other sons had been more considerate. Peter, Jenny's husband and my son was abroad when Terry took ill, but he managed to arrive back to attend the funeral. He had to return straight after.

They had all turned up for the funeral, no doubt to get the sympathy of others who had attended. Now I knew who I could depend on in an emergency.

For three months I lived in the house alone, the house I had built for Terry myself and our four sons. Terry and I were schoolyard sweethearts, we married young, and so we grew up with our children, in fact Terry was the only woman I ever have had sex with.

We had been lucky, winning enough money when we were eighteen, to build this house, with two children and another on the way. This was our only home, for we had lived in her parents home, before moving in here. Now the children have flown the coop, all marrying young, but not as young as we had.

It was Peter who approached me. "Dad for the next year I will be travelling back and forth overseas to here and Jenny hates living on her own, can she come and stay here, she will be company for you. I will pay for her keep and mine when I come back and forth, the intervals could be between a couple of days to a few weeks, I just don't know." Peter was a troubleshooter for an oil company, what that was I had no idea except he had a good wage and that's about all.

Peter should have let Jenny continue working, I know she only had a low paid job but she was out there mixing with people. I know she wasn't the brightest of women, but she had a kind heart and was always willing to help anyone in need.

"Jenny would be on her own, for I work five days a week at the university, so she is going to be on her own here Peter," I told him.

"Dad I don't want her working where she had been, you never know what is going to happen. Working in a mental ward as a ward-maid, is not what I want my wife doing," he shot back.

"What if I can get her a job at my place, she can travel back and forward with me."

"Could you, I wouldn't mind her getting a job at the university," he said and looking a bit more at ease.

So even before Jenny moved in, I got her a temporary position as a data processor operator in the Student Services. She was good on a computer and had Data entry experience, so she easily got the position before the other rabble that had applied.

Peter and Jenny moved in, storing all there spare personal affects and occupying the other which had been Peters old bedroom with a shared bathroom off the room which held their spare possessions. This way Jenny didn't have to go far, if she suddenly found she needed something which already packed.

Jenny was not a skinny modern type, neither was she fat, a nice covering and someone nice to cuddle up to I thought. She had dark wavy hair, sometimes combed down, other times in a ponytail and even in a bun. She refused to get it cut, and I have heard her and Peter argue over this, he had short cropped hair. Jenny had a nice body as most 22-year old women have, and didn't mind flaunting it. "If you've got it, flaunt it," was her saying whenever any comment came up about too short a dress, or of showing too much cleavage.

Never having had any daughters of our own, it took me a little while to acclimatize to having a young woman in the house. Also now my other two daughters-in-law visited and were in and out more than I have ever seen them. I was enjoying having the young women making a fuss over me, which helped me get over the loss of my wife and after all I was only 40 myself and was still sexually active until my wife died. Now I was becoming more aroused than I ever had been, with seeing a young woman moving about the house, sometimes in a state of undress.

Jenny, Lyn, Bob's wife and Dimples, Ray's wife appeared to be spending many early evenings together. Lyn was only 19, blonde and busty, Dimples was 20 and as her name suggested was plump and blond also, she too, in fact all three were well stacked in the bust department. While watching TV, most evenings I had these three lounging all over the lounge room. Legs spread wide and straight out, one foot up on the chair moving their knee from side to side, undone fronts, you name it those three young women done it without removing a piece of clothing, I saw it all.

Granted they were relaxed and joked between themselves, I was just a piece of furniture and ignored. No not ignored, for there wasn't an hour passed that I didn't get a kiss on the cheek, or a hug, even spread out on my lap. Pops that was what they called me; it was if they thought I was immune from the sight of their young female bodies. That was as far as it got for a couple of months.

One evening Jenny got a telephone call from Peter telling her he wouldn't be home for two months. He had been home last week and expected to be back next week, now there was no chance of his early return. I was sitting in my usual chair watching TV and Jenny was almost in tears on the settee after getting the call, looking real down in the mouth.

"Come on Jenny I'll give you a cuddle to make up for your disappointment." This wasn't something new, all three of my son's wives have sat on my lap and got a cuddle, there was nothing in it, just acting like a big family. Jenny came over right away and put her left arm around my neck and sat on my lap, right on top of my semi-hard-on. There was no way in this world could she not feel it, for she was only wearing a thin housecoat panties and bra, which was her normal dress for padding around the house.

The other arm went round also and she had my head in a head lock almost hugging me, pressing her breasts into me. Her perfume and the slight acidly sweat smell filled my nostrils. Again nothing out of the ordinary, I was trying to get used to all this show of affection from the three wives. This time she moved back a bit and brought her mouth down on to mine and kissed me with an open mouth and her tongue probed looking for mine. She ground her lips on to mine and then took her mouth away and looked at me.

"Pops I have wanted to do that for a long-time. You have been so kind to the three of us too, you are more than a father-in-law to me, and you are dearer to me than Peter can ever be. Please don't reject me, hold me tight, please!" She said raising her voice.

Without hesitation I did as she wanted and she rested her head on my shoulder and slid down my body to make herself comfortable, with her legs over the arm of the chair and her hip now between my thighs. After about ten minutes she was asleep as I held her, just like holding a little girl. Jenny I liked better than all the others. Everyone has a favourite and Jenny was mine, I wasn't ashamed to admit it.

About ten-thirty I stood up and lifted Jenny up also, walked through to her bedroom and laid her on the bed, pulled a quilt up over her and tiptoed out of the room, closing the door gently.

I went and had a shower and got into my bed. Since it was summer time I slept nude. I'm not that brave in the winter and wear thick pyjamas. I have no problem dropping off to sleep and almost as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep.

Something woke me, but I was in that state one is when woken in the middle of the night; half dozy. All the same I heard the soft footfalls, then the covers pulled back and a warm naked body slip in and cuddle up to me. It could be no-one else but Jenny, for there was only her and I in the house. I slipped my arm under her and she rested her head on my shoulder with her arm around me and her leg over mine.

I kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer and that was how we slept for the rest of the night. Needless to say I was as hard as a rock and had a boner that hard it hurt; I went to sleep with one and woke up the next morning in the same state.

When I woke, Jenny was looking at me. Like a real idiot I said "Hi" would you believe.

"Thanks Pop, for everything, I knew I could trust you and now you have proved to me I was right. You do respect a woman."

"Jenny, you just don't know what you have done to me."

"Oh, yes I do and I am sorry I got you into this state. Go and have a cold shower that will calm you down."

She then got out of bed and with no modesty at all, leant over and kissed me. "Pop, I'll be sleeping with you from now on and you needn't be such a gentleman from now on." Then she kissed me on the lips like a butterfly touches a flower and kept her lips there for about ten seconds. "I love you," she said as she left the bedroom her breasts bouncing on her chest and her bottom with a little wiggle.

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