Nemesis - Amy

by The Wanderer

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Desc: : A guy trying to sort out his marriage the only way he can think of. Maybe it's not the best way to do things, but it's the way he chooses to do it. Be careful, not to jump to any conclusions on this one too early, but sometimes the puppeteer can lose control!

As Always first things first. I thank my LadyCibelle and Techsan for their patience, proof reading, editing skills and of course encouragement. I might add that we don't always see eye to eye, so I take full responsibility for any cock-ups in this story.

When I married Amy, I didn't really know what I was letting myself in for. I didn't realise I was virtually marrying her sister Jill as well. Well, that's what it felt like.

You see, when I first met Amy, Jill's husband Ron was on a company posting in Singapore. Ron works for some bank in the city and they had sent him out there for a few years. Apparently he was in for a big promotion when he returned. Jillian had gone with him, of course, so when I met Amy and fell in love with her, I had no idea how close the two sisters actually were.

I knew that just after I had met Amy she had gone out to Singapore to visit her sister for a month or so and when she came back she did nothing but talk about Jill and Ron for weeks afterwards. Anyway Amy and I had been happily married for nearly two years when Ron and Jill returned to England.

I thought nothing of it when they found a nice house in the next street to ours. And in the beginning I didn't notice just how much time they spent at our house or how often I came home to find a note from Amy telling me we were eating at Jill's house that evening. She would never give me any warning like a phone call at work or anything. Just a note on the fridge saying "Dinner's at Jill's".

Okay, Jill is a nice girl, but to be honest with you Ron is a complete waste of space as far as I'm concerned. He encapsulates everything I don't like in life. He is, or rather was - he's getting on a bit now - a Yuppie. He works for a bank. No, not the sort of bank you find on the High Street. No, he works for one of these banks that buy and sell money on what they like to call the international money markets.

I didn't know. I think there's something immoral about buying and selling money and making huge profits out of it. Anyway this isn't the place to air my prejudices. Suffice to say I had to learn to tolerate Ron and his business associates.

Mind, he had to put up with the friends of mine whom I could still persuade to attend Amy and my parties once they had met Ron and his chums. Once I got used to the bugger, he wasn't all that bad. He just had a high opinion of himself.

Life with Amy was quite good, but after Jill and Ron returned, our sex life took a bit of a dive. There was no more slipping up for a quickie when I came in from work. No more sex anywhere any time, mainly because Jill was always there. When she was at our house, she rarely left until midnight and if Amy went around to Jill's place it was after twelve before she returned. With me rising at five every morning to get to the office, there wasn't much time for sex, except on the weekends.

Hold on, I suppose I'd better give you a few details about Amy. Thirty-two years old, she stands about five-six in bare feet and she has long blond hair. Slim with just the right size Bristol's' (she'll never need an implant). Could be she carries a little too much weight on her rear-end sometimes. But she keeps a close eye in it and when she feels it's required she'll spend some time at the gym correcting things. For Jill, read a twin of her sister and they always visit the gym together. Christ, I don't think they do anything apart. That includes going to the loo when we are out. But you all knew that, women always hold each other's hands when they go to the loo.

Anyway by the time we had been married six years I was just a little pissed off with having Jill and Ron's company "all" the time. Oh, I didn't say that Amy had been married once before I met her. I wonder now whether her first husband wasn't as tolerant as I am and got pissed off with living with Jill and Ron in his bloody pocket all the time.

I was looking for any way I could to separate the two girls, even if it was just for the odd weekend, when fate played me what I thought was a lucky hand. An old aunt of mine passed away. To be honest, I had almost forgotten the old dear existed. But the old girl was kind enough to leave me her little cottage in South Wales in her will. It was a tiny place with one bedroom and bathroom upstairs and small lounge-cum-kitchen on the lower floor.

Ideal, I thought for a holiday retreat and of course there was no room for Jill and Ron. I'm not sure that Amy was over-enamoured with the place at first but she soon fell in love with it.

At first I thought things were going well for us again. Could be we would get on and start a family. Amy, having had one marriage collapse, had been a little reticent about having children. We started going to South Wales about one weekend a month. Then one Friday I came home from work and on the Fridge door I found the ubiquitous note.


Jill and I have gone down to the cottage for the weekend. You boys behave yourself whilst we're gone. Don't you and Ronny go getting up to any mischief? I've seen the way the girls look at you down the Golf Club.


Oh, the cowboy bit? I'd rather not say, but I will to keep you happy. When I was younger, I used to ride horses. I gave up when I married Amy, because she could never see the fascination in riding. The only folks she ever saw riding horses were cowboys on the TV. So she claimed I was a frustrated cowboy. Hence the name and, unfortunately, quite a few people have taken to using the name for me. Well, if you can't beat them, join them; I answer to the name Cowboy nowadays.

Well, Ron turned up at my house once he had gotten home from his office and had discovered a similar note from Jill. I could tell he was about as enamoured as I was that the girls had gone off without us. To keep myself from having to put up with just Ron's company that evening I suggested that we go out to the Golf Club to eat.

We darned near spent the whole weekend there. Mind you, that had its drawbacks, as Ron is bloody useless at snooker. But then again, he's better than I am at golf, so I managed to win back the money that I had lost to him on the greens.

Did I show my anger that Amy and Jill had gone off to the cottage without warning me in advance, when they returned? Like a bloody idiot, no, I didn't! I loved Amy so I played the loving husband when she got back on that Sunday evening. Oh, and Amy tried to kill me and wear the bed out that night. Hey, kinky - Amy couldn't get enough of me that night. Every time I climaxed she'd go down on me to get me back on duty. I had to take Monday off of work because I was so knackered.

Amy, of course, was off to see her sister at what seemed to me like the crack of dawn that Monday morning. I was still in bed at 3 o'clock in the afternoon when Amy returned with Jill. They had Ron in tow. Apparently Jill had tried to kill him as well, so he had taken the day too.

Two weeks later Amy and I had another weekend at the cottage. We had a great time. Being at the cottage without Jill and Ron was like being on honeymoon again. I really looked forward to our little breaks there, even if the drive was a pain in the arse.

I must admit I was surprised, and pissed off, again a fortnight later, when I got home on the Friday evening to find yet another note from Amy. Once again, she had taken off with Jill to the cottage for the weekend. I can't say Ron was very happy either. But like a numskull, I let it pass again. However I noted that Ron wasn't taking it as easily as I was. He never said anything, but I knew the guy quite well by then and I could almost hear the little cogs going around in his head.

But you've got to understand Ron and the way his mind works. As I said, he's an arsehole. Well, maybe I didn't say that, but he is. He wasn't so much annoyed that Jill had gone off to spend a weekend away without him. I think it was where she had gone that irked him.

The cottage belonged to me and Ron didn't like that. That's what his problem was. He was the big man who worked in the city and made all the money. Whereas I missed my wife and had to put up with the Pratt, he was more upset that it was Amy and my cottage the girls had gone to.

It was the same when the girls returned. Both of them tried to kill us with love and after that it became a regular thing. Every other weekend either Amy or I or Amy and Jill took off for the cottage.

That is until Ron dropped the bombshell on us that he'd splashed out and bought a villa in Spain. I could see his reasoning - he had trumped me on the cottage. There was no way I could afford a villa in Spain.

The trouble was, nipping down to Southern Spain isn't quite as easy as driving down the M4 motorway. Jill and Ron (all right, often with Amy and I in tow) would fly over there for a week or so at a time.

It didn't make too much difference to Amy and my getaways to South Wales. And it didn't make too much difference to the girls' trips down there either.

Alright, some of you less trusting individuals might ask, what are the girls getting up to in South Wales without their husbands? Well, to be honest I'm damned sure my Amy didn't get up to anything she shouldn't. The cottage was in a small village and Amy and I had become quite well known there. The trouble with small villages is that everyone knows everybody else's business and they couldn't keep their mouths shut.

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