Dating Shelly

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: What's a girl to do when her man is away?

Shelly looked at herself in the mirror as she applied her lipstick. She smiled at what she saw, "No wonder the guys have been hitting on you girl" she thought to herself. She stood five feet one and had one hundred and five pounds distributed on a 34-22-32 frame. Green eyes and long brown hair completed the package. She took one last look at herself in the mirror and thought, for at least the tenth time, "You shouldn't be doing this girl" but then she shook the thought from her head and headed downstairs to wait for Greg to pick her up.

Shelly knew she was good looking. Boys had been sniffing after her since her fifteenth birthday. But she knew it wasn't her good looks that had her popularity at an all time high right now. No, the guys were sniffing around her now because she was married and her husband had been gone for three months and could be gone for another six months to a year. The conventional wisdom, at least among the guys, was that as a married woman used to a steady diet of sex and now deprived of it because of a missing husband she would be getting desperate and if the guys played their cards right some one would get lucky.

The truth was that she was indeed desperate for sex, but she had promised herself that she would be faithful to Ralph while he was off answering that idiot Bush's call to arms. Shelly saw no reason for Ralph and his reserve unit to be in Kuwait. No one she knew believed that we had any business messing around with Saddam Hussein while things were still not settled in Afghanistan, Al-Qaida was still on the loose and Osama bin Laden still had not been found. But then it didn't really matter what anybody thought because the bottom line was that Ralph was gone and would be for quite a while yet and that presented Shelly with a bit of a problem.

Shelly was not a 'stay at home' type of person. While not necessarily a party animal she did prefer the company of others to sitting at home and watching TV or staring at the walls. For the first two months that Ralph was gone she had stayed home and behaved herself. She had spent every day at work fighting off the passes from the guys she worked with and most of her evenings saying no to Ralph's "friends" who wanted to look in on her and see if there was anything they could do for her while he was gone.

Finally, after two months of going crazy in her house alone she had said yes when one of the guys at work had asked her out. She had made it very clear right up front that it was going to be a platonic evening - dinner, dancing, a few drinks - with absolutely no hanky-panky. She'd had such a good time that she had allowed him to kiss her goodnight and that kiss had turned into a ten minute necking session that had her so hot when she got into the house that she'd had to use her dildo to get herself off. The fact that she had been able to put a stop to things before they had gotten too far along convinced her that she could handle things and she had started going out on a lot more dates. It wasn't right and she knew it, but giving away kisses was something she did freely underneath the mistletoe every year and it hurt no one. Besides, her husband would never know.

Then word got back to Shelly that she was considered a 'cock-tease' because she would date, neck a little, and then walk away leaving her dates all hot and bothered. The fact that she was left just as hot and bothered never seemed to occur to anyone so one day Shelly had a little meeting in the company lunch room with the six guys she had been dating and she had laid it all out for them.

"I'm married and you all know it. The fact that I prefer not to stay home and stare at the walls and so I date does not change the fact that I'm married. I've told each and every one of you before I went out with you that nothing was going to happen so you have no bitch coming. I don't mind a little necking, but I am going to stay faithful to my husband. So, if you can't handle that then stop asking me out."

This of course had the opposite effect of what Shelly had expected. The guys accepted her little speech as a challenge and were now more than ever determined to get into Shelly's pants. They even formed a pool, each placing two hundred dollars in it with the man being the first to score walking away with the twelve hundred dollars. The result was that Shelly was asked out even more often. The guys had also noticed that the more alcohol they could get into Shelly the longer the make out sessions lasted and the feeling was that sooner or later the longer necking sessions would lead to Shelly's downfall. The next half dozen dates seemed to support their theory. A couple of guys managed to get their hands under her sweater and play with her tits and one guy even managed to get a finger in her pussy before Shelly shut him down.

And then Shelly found out about the pool. At first she was pissed, but the more she thought about it the more she thought that she should teach the assholes a lesson. If they thought she was a cock-tease before wait until she got done with them now. The first one to feel her wrath was Ted. He had taken her out for drinks and dancing and was surprised when halfway through the necking session he had gotten a hand inside her bra and she had placed a hand on the bulge in his trousers and squeezed it a couple of times. He had gotten a finger in her pussy and finger fucked her for a minute or so before Shelly had pushed his hand away and said, "I'm sorry, I can't. It wouldn't be right" and then she pulled away from him and ran into her house.

The next one was Mark. He had his tongue down her throat and had gotten two fingers in her pussy and she had moaned and squirmed. He unzipped himself and pulled out his hard cock and had put one of Shelly's hands on it. She had stroked it half a dozen times before pulling away from him and running into the house. Then Charlie, George and Bob fell victim to her with Bob, her last date, getting so far as having Shelly jack him off until he came in her hand. The only problem with all she was doing was that she had managed to work herself up to the point where she needed to be laid in the worst way and she had come to realize that there was no way she could wait for Ralph to come home and take care of her.

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