The Conversion

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: She found Jesus (or so she said).

John was sitting in the chair watching as I worked on Bill's cock with my mouth. He was smiling at me and slowly stroking his erection. I winked at him, took my mouth off of Bill and got on the bed. Bill spread my legs so he could slide his hard cock into my steaming pussy for the third time that afternoon and I moaned:

"Oh yes, oh god yes, that feels so damned good."

He lifted my legs up onto his shoulders so he could push deep into me and began fucking me hard and I came and I came and I came. I felt him tense up and then he erupted and splashed my insides with spurt after spurt of his cum. I was astonished that he could push so much into me after already having cum in me twice.

Bill pulled out and fell to the bed beside me, but I wasn't through and I wanted more. I wanted more, much, much more and I bent my head and took his limp cock in my mouth and went to work on him. He recovered faster than I thought he would and I climbed on top of him and used my hand to guide him into me. I motioned for John to come over and join us and he got on the bed and moved in behind me. I felt his fingers probe my ass and I hissed:

"Yes, yes, right there, put it right there."

It was a good thing that both John and Bill had already been in my ass once each and had loosened it up or John's quick shove might have brought me pain instead of the pleasure I received when he entered me. I had to hard cocks in me at the same time and the feeling was incredible. I had the strongest climax of my life. It was totally fantastic and I wanted it to go on and on, but I knew I couldn't. Even in the almost mindless bliss I was experiencing I still had a small portion of my brain trained on the clock. I had to finish this and get home.

"Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me hard and make me cum" I chanted as I urged the two men on and I came one more time as the two men exploded inside me. I felt John's cock pulse as his pushed his load deep into my ass and seconds later Bill flooded my pussy. I held still and luxuriated in the feeling and then I said:

"That's enough sweeties. I'd love to stay longer, but I need to get on home and fix my husband's dinner."

"You going to feed him our cream pies?"

"Good heavens no."

"Why not?"

"Because my being that wet might make him suspicious and we don't want that, do we? We certainly don't want anything to put a stop to what we are doing, right."

"No, I guess not."

The two men dressed and left and I rushed to the bathroom to shower and douche before getting dressed and going home.

That's it boys and girls, one more true adventure in the life of Cyber Slut Wife. Stay tuned for the next time this bored housewife spreads her legs for some fun.

I clicked on the 'back' button until I got to the story index, checked to see if there were any other stories I wanted to read, found none and then signed of the Net. I checked my watch and saw that I had cut it pretty close again. Vickie was due home in fifteen or twenty minutes from one of her many church activities and I always liked to give myself a half hours leeway.

I was going to have to get a watch with a built in alarm. The last thing I needed was for Vickie to come home and find me reading erotic stories an Internet adult web site. I had pretty much run out of patience with my wife and another argument and preaching session could very well end our marriage.

It was a story that a hundred thousand people could identify with. Childhood sweethearts, going steady all the way through high school; separated by college and back together four years later. Marriage, three kids, now grown and out on their own and a wife with suddenly nothing to do to keep her occupied.

Most wives in those circumstances went out to see if they could get back into the work force or join a charitable organization and donate time. That might have been the route that Vickie would have taken if circumstances had been different.

I still don't know how it happened, but I went away for a two week training session and when I got home I found that in my absence Vickie had been SAVED! Washed in the blood of The Lamb, had accepted Jesus as her Lord and Master and I'm here to tell you that there is no greater fanatic in the world than the recently converted.

I pulled into the garage, got my suitcases out of the trunk and noticed a box with my Penthouse, Playboy, Gallery and other men's magazines sitting next to the trashcans. Something else didn't look right in the garage and it took me a minute before I realized that all my girlie calendars were missing from the walls.

I walked into the house and found Vickie sitting at the kitchen table reading a Bible. The girlie posters and magazines slipped to the back of my mind as I went over and kissed her. Instead of getting up so we could hug and kiss each other she turned her head so that my kiss just brushed her cheek. Not the greeting I had expected from a loving wife after a two week separation.

"Come on sweetie," I said, "Lets go upstairs, I'll unpack and we can make up for some lost time."

"No Burt. I think you had better sit down. We need to talk."

"About what?"

"About God Burt, and how we have not let Him into our lives. When was the last time you went to church Burt?"

"I don't know. When I was twelve or thirteen I'd guess."

"Why did you turn your back on God then?"

"Probably because I came to realize that God was just a figment of imagination for people. That he didn't exist or if he did he wasn't worth paying attention to."

"My God Burt, how can you say that?"

"Easy Vickie, all I have to do is look around and see how screwed up the world is. If God so loved us that He gave us his only begotten son he wold not have let this world get into the horrible shape it is in."

"That is not God's fault Burt, that is the fau..."

"Park it Vickie. I don't argue religion with anyone. If they believe in God nothing I say is going to change their mind and there isn't anything they can say to me that is going to change mine. What the hell is this all about Vick?"

It turns out that while I was gone some bible thumpers came through the neighborhood knocking on doors and Vickie, tired of sitting home alone watching television, invited them in.

"I've asked God to forgive me for walking away from him all those years ago. I've joined a church Burt and I've decided that I'm going to devote my free time working for the church and helping to spread the Gospel."

She picked up a piece of paper from the table and handed it to me.

"Here is our schedule honey. We have Bible study on Tuesday and Thursday. There are other church activities scheduled for other nights of the week, but we will ease into them later. There are two services on Sunday, one at nine and one at eleven. I prefer the early service, but in truth it wouldn't hurt us to go to both. Of course you will need to give up your Sunday golfing.

"There have to be some other changes made around here and I've already started. I've gotten rid of your filthy magazines and I've pulled that trash off the walls of the garage. Oh, and all of those filthy videos have been tossed out. We also need to decide how much we are going to tithe the church. The accepted standard is ten percent, but with the children gone I think we can do better than that."

She looked at me expectantly and I took a deep breath and wondered where to start when suddenly it occurred to me that anything I said was going to lead to an argument that could not have any winner. I did the only thing I could think of that would make my position clear without words. I got up, went out into the garage, picked up the box of magazines and carried them back into the house. I took them into the den where I had set up a home office and I set the box down on my desk. Then I went back into the kitchen, got my suitcase and headed for the bedroom. I was unpacking my bags when Vickie came into the bedroom.

"Why did you do that?"

"Why did I do what?"

"Bring those filthy books back into this house."

"You forgot something Vickie. Those are my magazines, not yours, and you don't throw away my stuff without talking to me first."

"I won't have that garbage in my house Burt."

"It is my house too Vick and I will have what I want in it. And we might as well get this over with now. I wasn't going to say anything and just hope that it would go away, but that is unrealistic of me because it isn't going to go away. First off, I am an agnostic. I question the existence of God, but even if there is a supreme being I have no use for him, her or it.

"Secondly, I am not working my butt off to make money to give to a bunch of religious zealots. If you want to tithe it will be out of your household allowance. You can give up your beauty shop appointments for God.

"Lastly, I will not be going to Bible study, nor will I be attending any church services. All I am willing to do is go with you to church social events like potluck suppers or picnics. If you want to be a religious nut go ahead, but leave me out of it."

She looked at me for a moment and then she went over to the bed and took the pillow from the side she slept on and started out of the room. She stopped at the door and turned to me and said:

"I'll be sleeping in Krisha's old room until you come to your senses" and then she left.

That move ended our marriage. It continued on, but all it was after her changing bedrooms was two people co-existing in the same house.

For the next six months all we were was civil to each other. Vickie slept in Krisha's room and I slept in what used to be ours. It wasn't easy on me, but it wasn't a major hardship either. Like a lot of couples who had been together over twenty-five years we grew less passionate, but more comfortable with each other. The sex had been good, but infrequent, maybe five or six times a month, so I did miss it, but I wasn't going to die because it stopped.

What I did miss was the snuggling, the cuddling and the waking up in each other's arms. I hated that Vickie was depriving me of it, but at the same time I was questioning whether she had ever really loved me if she had could she do this to me, to us. We grew farther and farther apart.

Vickie continued her assault on my wicked ways. The box of magazines disappeared again, but I said nothing. All they were was symbolic and the only reason I had carried them back into the house was to make a point that obviously hadn't been taken. I'd already read them and just hadn't gotten around to throwing them out.

It was about six weeks before I noticed that I hadn't received my subscriptions to Playboy and Penthouse Letters. I found out that Vickie was throwing them away when she picked up the mail every day. I let it slide because it didn't really matter all that much to me any more — I had found the Net! More specifically I had found the thousands of porn sites that offered me everything that I had gotten from my magazines and much, much more.

It didn't take me long to realize that just as my magazines had disappeared so would my computer if Vickie found out what I was using it for. I would just buy another one and another after that if I had to, but it could get expense after a while. The only other option was to end the farce that our marriage had become, but to me that was the least attractive way to go. It would mean giving up my settled existence. The house would have to be sold and the proceeds split. Everything else, savings, certificates of deposit, my pension and 401k would be split fifty-fifty and I would probably end up paying alimony. It would mean giving up my wood working shop in the basement; the three car garage which would leave me without a place to work on the '34 Ford three window coupe I was restoring. Loss of the house would inconvenience me in a lot of other ways also, so to me the solution was to just stay out of Vickie's way and not give her anything to bitch about.

As far as the Net was concerned, my thing was erotic stories and I quickly found several sites that were free. Some were so-so, some were good and a few were excellent. I was soon spending all my time on three sites and before long I had a list of favorite authors and one of my favorites was Cyber Slut Wife. Her stories were a series (if she could be believed) of the sexual encounters she'd had.

Her first story described her fucking her husband's best man just before the wedding ceremony. Next were three men she slipped away with while on her honeymoon and then followed years of hanging horns on her husband with almost every friend he had, and a whole host of others. She seduced her paperboy, the home handy man who did some work in her basement, the cable guy, door to door salesmen and even a Jehovah's Witness. Each occasion fired her up for the next and she merrily went about screwing everything in pants until the day she thought she'd been caught. She worked her way through it unscathed and then backed off to let things settle down. Outside of an occasional back seat visit at a party or a bar pick up when hubby was out of town she kept her legs closed until her kids were grown and had moved out.

With the house empty now she had time to get back to what she liked to do most — fuck! She dressed herself up and went out to the hotel at the airport and let herself get picked up by a traveling businessman. She spent four hours in a hotel room with him and then went home and cooked her husband his dinner. Her next story told how she had done the same thing once a week for the next three weeks. The third week she was in the man's room in mid-fuck when another man came into the room and decided to join them. It was her first threesome and she had loved it.

The second man told her he would be back through town the following week and he asked if he could see her again. Her next story covered that visit. She met him at nine in the morning and by noon she knew just how big a slut she was. He brought in a friend and then a second one and she had her first triple penetration.

One of the men brought in was a local man named Harry and as the four of them were dressing the local guy had suggested that they could help each other. He had customers and clients that she could take care of which would eliminate her having to troll for fresh meat and she would be able to stop going to places where someone who knew her might see her. He would get her a cell phone that only he would have the number to; he would give her a clothing allowance so she could keep herself in sexy things and 'come fuck me' high heels and the biggie — he would rent her an apartment where she could 'entertain'. She thought it over and said yes.

Her latest story was about a six-man gangbang that took place when Harry hosted a poker game at the apartment. When it was over one of the men had asked her if her husband was going to notice how loose and sloppy she was and she had replied:

"He hasn't had me in almost a year so he'll never know."

"He hasn't fucked you in over a year? What is wrong with him?"

"Just stupid I guess."

I don't know why I was so into the Cyber Slut Wife stories. She was not the kind of women that I would like if I met her in person. The casual way she cheated on her husband and the callous way she always referred to him painted the portrait of a woman who was trash to my way of thinking. I think the reason I liked her stories was because they were just that, stories. She built a story around each meeting she had and included all kinds of details. None of that "I sucked his cock and then I fucked him and went home" kind of stuff.

It had been fourteen months since Vickie had moved out of our bedroom and neither one of us had made a move toward reconciliation. Things might have gone on that way for another fourteen months had Vickie not had an accident. I was at work when the call from my daughter came. She had stopped by the house to visit Vickie and had found her unconscious at the foot of the steps. Vickie had apparently fallen down the stairs and smacked her head a good one.

Krisha had called 911 and Vickie was on her way to the emergency room at County General. By the time I got there she had been looked at and admitted. I talked with the doctor who told me that she had a concussion. X-rays had shown there was no bone damage:

"But we want to keep her overnight and take a fresh look in the morning."

"Thank you doctor. I'll go see her now."

"She's asleep right now. She was causing some problems and we had to sedate her."

"What kind of problems?"

"She was fighting the nurses and orderlies and trying to get away from them. She kept yelling that she had to get home before her husband."

"Odd. That doesn't sound like Vickie. Normally she couldn't care less if she was home when I got there or not. That bump on her head must have made her delirious."

"That's kind of what we thought too and that's why we sedated her and want to keep her here for observation."

I did look in on Vickie, but she was definitely out of it so I went on home.

The first thing that I noticed were the blood spots on the carpets at the foot of the stairs and I made a mental note to get a carpet cleaner in to clean it up. The second thing didn't register right away. I didn't notice it until I was ready to sit down and eat what I had fixed myself for dinner. There was a lap top sitting on the dinning room table. I didn't even know that Vickie had one. It was open and plugged in and curiosity got the best of me.

The screen saver was running and I hit ENTER and the last thing Vickie was working on appeared on the screen. I suddenly knew what was behind Vickie's panic attack at the hospital and the reason why she needed to beat me home. There on the screen was a picture of a naked Vickie with a black cock sticking in her cunt. The picture didn't show her face, but I didn't need a face to know it was her. Plainly visible were the two tattoos that she had gotten on her thirty-fifth birthday; a heart with my initials in it just above the hair line of her cunt and a butterfly on the upper curvature of her right breast.

I sat down and started looking through the contents. Luckily nothing was password protected and what I found turned my world on end. The first thing I found was that the picture was an attachment for an email that Vickie had sent or was about to send before her accident stopped her. The email itself said:

"That's for your support sweetie. Here is a little something to remind you to keep sending me good comments. Love ya, CSW."

I wondered what CSW meant. I was familiar with LOL and some others, but I had never seen CSW before. Next I checked Sent Messages and found forty-six more emails that all said thanks for your support and all had attachments.

My Pictures was next and it was a revelation. There were over a hundred pictures of a naked Vickie and in all of them she had a cock either in her mouth, her ass or her cunt and in several she had more than one in her. The ones that showed a cock in her mouth had her face blurred, but I could still tell it was her by the tattoos. A close examination of the pictures showed that there were at least fourteen different men enjoying themselves at my expense.

A trip to My Videos let me see Vickie being an absolute slut as in thirty-one videos clips she was fucked in all three holes and in a couple of clips she was taken in all three at once.

The mother lode was in My Documents and it was there that I learned the meaning of CSW. There, on the hard drive, was every story that Cyber Slut Wife had written, including a few that I had not yet read. My own wife was one of my favorite authors and the stories she wrote were of the things she had been doing behind my back. I'd even gotten myself off to a couple of them and wasn't that a kick in the teeth.

But even that wasn't the best part. The best part was a folder labeled "My Diary." It was an itemized account of every sexual affair that Vickie had engaged in. It gave names, dates, times and places and included a critique of the session. It started two days before our wedding and ran until the day before the accident. Her first was my cousin Tom on the night of our rehearsal dinner, her second was my best man the morning of the wedding and according to her diary there were seven other men who enjoyed her on our honeymoon when she wasn't being enjoyed by me. According to the story she wrote about it there were only three and I wondered about that. I guess she must have thought seven would be a little unbelievable for a new bride on her honeymoon.

I found out that she considered my best friend a 'lousy fuck' and my brother 'adequate." I was totally surprised to see that she considered me 'exceptional." If that was the case why was I only one of hundreds who had used her and why hadn't we been having more sex the last couple of years?

I found out that my daughter Krisha had been fathered by my about to become ex-best friend and that I might, only might, be the father of Darlene and William.

It was too much too fast. There was still a ton of stuff to read, but I couldn't take the time to do it. I needed to get back to the hospital and be there when Vickie woke up. Fortunately Vickie's laptop had a CD burner and I got some blanks and downloaded everything. Leaving the laptop where it was I headed back to County General.

I was sitting in the room reading a book when Vickie woke up. She was a little groggy at first and when she finally got around to noticing me her face registered alarm.

"How long have you been here?"

"Since it happened. Krisha found you, called me and I came straight from work."

"You haven't been home yet?"

"No, not yet."

I saw the relief wash over her face. Just then Krisha came in and I got up and went to the bathroom. When I came back Krisha was gone and I asked where she was Vickie told me that she had just stopped by to check on things and her boyfriend had been downstairs waiting so she left. I stayed for another fifteen minutes and then said I needed to get on home and feed the cat, but Vickie stopped me and gave me a list of people to call to let them know what happened. I said I would and started to leave again and again she stopped me and asked me to talk to the doctor before I left. It was obvious that she was trying to keep me from going home. It was another hour before I was able to get out of the hospital and when I got home I was not surprised to see that the laptop was gone.

The doctor told me that they would be releasing Vickie around two that afternoon so that gave me three hours to be nosey. I searched her car and found an overnight bag with two pair of high heels, some nylons, a garter belt and a lot of make up. I really didn't expect to find much because if her stories were true, and I didn't doubt them for one minute, most of the incriminating stuff would be at the apartment Harry had rented for her. In the closet in her bedroom I found the carrying case for the laptop, two boxes of blank CDs and some manuals. I didn't disturb them; there was no way I wanted Vickie to know that I was on to her.

I headed for my computer to spend some time on the stuff I had downloaded. The one thing that had bothered me most since finding her laptop and seeing what was on it was trying to reconcile Vickie's religious conversion with her whorishness. I found the answer in the information I had downloaded. In her diary she described how Harry had told her not to have sex with me any more. He told her that she belonged to him now and not me.

Vickie's religious conversion was a fake! It was a wedge she could use to split us apart and keep us apart. It was the age old use of sex as a weapon. Withhold it until you get what you want and then give it as a reward. In my case Vickie knew I'd never give in on the subject of religion. All her bible study classes and other church activities were just her way of getting out of the house so she could spread her legs for whoever Harry pointed her to.

That afternoon I picked Vickie up at the hospital and brought her home. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary and as far as Vickie could tell I wasn't the least bit suspicious of anything. I spent two days going over everything I had downloaded from her laptop and thinking about what to do. I finally made an appointment with a lawyer and he gave me the bad news. In our state any divorce was going to cause a 50/50 split of the assets regardless of the reason for the divorce and I, in all likelyhood, would have to pay for both lawyers, Vickie's and mine. The only way I could get out and keep what I wanted was to find a way to make Vickie walk away without a fight. What I had to do was sue for divorce, ask for what I wanted and not have her contest it.

I spent another week thinking on it and I came up with a plan. It left a sour taste in my mouth to have to do it the way I was going to have to, but it was the only way for me to come out ahead on the deal. I hired a private investigator, told him what I wanted and three weeks later I had most of what I needed. I had all the information on Harry, I had the address of the apartment and I had the personal information on twenty-seven of Harry's clients who had visited the apartment. One of the most interesting of those names was Thomas Shift, our city manager.

The next step was to find a twenty-four hour locksmith and one night after Vickie had fallen asleep I took her keys from her purse and went to the locksmith and had them duplicated. I already knew from the detective's report that the apartment wasn't used when Vickie wasn't there so I took the duplicate keys and paid the apartment a visit.

The apartment closets held enough sexy lingerie to fill a Victoria's Secret store and enough pairs of high heels to outfit a Vegas chorus line. One of the bedrooms was locked and I found the key that opened it and I let myself in. There was a see through mirror mounted on one wall that allowed you to watch what was going on in the next bedroom. There were also three video cameras set up to tape the action. In the bedroom closet I found over a hundred videotapes. I'd seen enough to give me an idea on how to go about getting Vickie to fade away quietly.

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