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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Bride announces she wants to keep fucking around even after the wedding. Husband surprises her by the way he helps.

NOTE: My proof reader's computer has crashed and at the moment he is unable to work. I know my grammar is terrible (English is not my native tongue) but I hope that a good story is enough to cover for those little things.

Hi there. I'm June Heller, 25, and I married Mark, my husband, last year after 4 years of courtship during college. My beautiful hunk of a husband and me were pretty loose and free sex wise and used to participate in frat orgies (his frat, mine and a few others) so it was quite clear that none of us was going to quit fucking around. We had discussed this when the subject of marriage started coming up and agreed that with just a few 'limits' we'll keep doing that.

The first limit was to not over do it, so that we'll have enough energy left for each other. Then, of course, pregnancy and disease control. And - not to have long term partners to avoid any possible emotional involvements. Mark also asked me to shower and douche between my flings and coming to him - he said that one thing he abhorred was finding on me or licking out of me the leftovers of another man. He was very strong about the last point, saying that feeling another man's 'leftovers' was a kind of humiliation he was not willing to tolerate.

Mark made it clear that he will not be using much of the permission to fuck around, claiming that I was enough to quench his thirst, however I was free. He only asked that I really think about the who, the when and the how much.

At that time, still before we finally decided to marry, I also told Mark about the short incestuous relationship I had with my brother Tim. Tim and I started fucking when I was 15 and Tim was 18, and it only lasted a few weeks before Tim went off to college. Tim hadn't just 'fucked' me - he had really and truly 'made love' to me, slowly, gently and considerately. Then I went to college, and all in all I haven't seen Tim for over 9 years till he came to our wedding. As such a long time passed I felt safe telling Mark about it.

We had our week of honeymoon in Hawaii, and then came back to Mark's hometown - to his parent's house. We had planned to live there for a while until we found our own apartment. Mark had a junior executive job waiting at his father's company and I joined an architect's office (owned by Mark's uncle) as an interior decorator.

Anyway, when we came back from our honeymoon Mark's parents prepared a small 'family only' party in our behalf. There were Mark's parents Martha and John, both in their mid 40's, both athletic, well toned and... yes - quite beautiful. They could easily pass as mid 30's and... well... John was q real hunk!

Then there were Mark's brother Tom, 28, and his sister Debbie, 23. I was surprised to see my brother Tim there, and at 28 he looked just as good as he had used to look at 18. We hugged and kissed and I started chattering with him - after all, I haven't seen him for 9 years and the wedding wasn't exactly the place for long conversations.

There were also Mark's Uncle Jeff (Martha's brother) and Aunt Jane, both early 40's, and then Aunt Lucy (John's sister) and Uncle Jerry.

Let me describe the parent's home. It was more like a mansion, with big columns at the entrance and a huge wooden double door, and a space for 10 vehicles to park. They had a front lawn that was so big you couldn't see the main entrance to the estate. The 'house' itself was a two story building + a large basement. The ground floor had the living room in the front, over looking the lawn. It was so large it had 3 full sitting corners. In the back there was the kitchen, a large dining room (with all furniture in place you could serve a meal to 70 people I was told proudly), the laundry room and some storage place (large enough to serve as a small apartment).

The top floor included 7 large and comfortable bed rooms, each with an adjoining bathroom.

The basement had two TV rooms with all the accessories such as VCR's, DVD's, Video games etc., + pool tables and table tennis.

John showed me proudly their garage which at the time had one Mercedes sedan (his) and one Mercedes two-seeter sports car (Martha's), one Porsche (Mark's), a new Volvo, an open roof BMW and a Lincoln Continental - belonging to various members of the family.

I came originally from a middle class family, and my parents were working very hard in order to put Tim and then me through college. Unfortunately they had both died a year ago in a bad road accident. Anyway, I've never been in rich people's houses and I was dazed by what I saw. This was also the first time I saw what kind of a family Mark belonged to. He kept this hidden from me till the wedding, and then I had the first glimpse only seeing the huge wedding party and then the trip to Hawaii with staying in the honeymoon suite of the most luxurious hotel I've ever seen.

So, after a short nap and dinner I was told to dress up for a party. I had put on my shortest skirt, a silk shirt with a deep opening, my new thongs, nylon stockings with a garter belt, and no bra.

When I came down to the living room everybody was dressed to kill. I was glad to see that all women were dressed short and provocative, even Martha, Mark's mother.

The men were dressed in light slacks and shirts, most shirts were open to the belt, some even not buttoned at all.

After the usual toasts somebody put on dance music and the party started. I danced a few dances with Mark, then with my brother Tim. A slow dance started and John, Mark's father asked me to dance with him.

He held me close, and I put my head on his shoulder. I don't know what kind of perfume he was wearing but it smelled real good and had a strange effect on me - it made me relax completely. And then I felt it. A bulge started growing on the front of John's pants, and it was growing upwards. The thing simply did not stop growing. It grew over his belt, and then over his navel, and stopped just about 2" above his navel. It was like a big snake! And it became hard like a big metal telescopic pipe!

Suddenly I felt myself getting wet and Oh, so horny! I was feeling against me the biggest cock ever!

I looked up at John's face, who was just peaking down my shirt, and he whispered: "Sorry, dear." And tried to pull his crotch back. "Don't you dare move back!" I whispered and pulled him tight against me. God! I've never felt such a big cock, and I wanted it in me, immediately.

As if I was pretty obvious with my responses, Martha appeared next to me and whispered in my ear:

"Would you like to borrow him for a while, dear?" She asked and made a movement with her head towards the stairs to the second floor.

I looked at John's face, and found him smiling broadly. I looked at Martha again, totally bewildered.

"Go ahead, dear. We know the effect John's erections have on women, and I can live with it. Just say the word and you can have him for a while."

"God! I've never been so horny in my life! Yes, I want him. But what about Mark?"

"Leave him to me, dear. Everything will be all right. Don't worry - go and have fun."

I was too horny to think, and did not see the abnormality of the situation. I just took John's hand and dragged him to the stairs. Half way up the stairs I looked back and saw that no one noticed us going up, and only Martha gave me another broad smile and waved to me to move on.

John pulled me into the master bedroom, which had a huge bed in the middle. I've never seen such a bed - I think it was large enough to accommodate 10 people comfortably.

As soon as we entered I started taking my cloths off.

"No foreplay, John. Just stick this monster into me and fuck me hard!"

When John finished undressing and I saw the monster, I blurted:

"Oh God, Jesus super Christ! How big is that thing?"

"Only 12", dear. I've seen a few bigger ones in porn movies."

I lay down on the edge of the bed, my legs spread and held high up and gasped:

"Stick it in me and fuck me, John! NOW!"

John was more careful than me. He moved his bulb head against my slit several times and then slowly pushed his monster cock into me. Slowly - but in one long move. I thought my whole body was being split in two. I felt the wonderful hurt of being filled and stretched, a hurt that very quickly turned into pleasure.

John waited a while without moving until he saw me relax, and then he started pumping in and out of my body. His moves were slow and long - out till only the tip was in, and then again all the way in.

"Fuck me hard!" I screamed.

He kept the long movements but started accelerating until he was slamming into me hard and fast. After no more than two minutes of this I felt the wave of pleasure starting through my body. At the same time I felt John's cock expand and the first squirts into my womb.

"OHHHHH GOOOODDDD!!!!" I groaned, trying to pull more cock into me.

At that moment I felt the air in the room move, and as I turned my head I saw that the bedroom door was open, and there stood Mark and his mother.

I froze completely and felt panic sweep over me.

"Relax, dear. It's OK." John whispered in my ear.

It took a few more seconds to register that both Mark and his mother were totally naked.

"Don't they look great together?" cooed Martha to Mark.

"Sure, Mom. Trust Dad to give her the best welcome into the family."

Mark and Martha started kissing and fondling each other, and soon enough they were on the bed in a 69 position, Martha sucking Mark's cock while he had his head between her thighs lapping away.

I watched them, still bewildered, and felt John start moving in me again, very slowly. His slow movements started me up again and I was getting hot and wet.

"This time we'll do it slow and easy. Watch them, dear. Look how beautiful it is when a mother and her son pleasure each other. But be ready for more surprises, dear. The evening has just begun."

Next to us, Mark now lay on his back while Martha straddled him and impaled herself on his cock. I could hear them whispering to each other:

"I missed you, Mark. All this time in college that you hardly ever came home, I missed your cock in me."

"I've missed you too, Mom. But we had to make sure that June would be all right with our lifestyle. You know that if I had to choose between the family and June - it would be June. I still hope that she doesn't freak out on us. Ohhh, God, Mom, your pussy still feels so good around my cock!"

At that moment the door opened again, and Mark's brother, Tom, walked in - and - you guessed it. He was totally naked.

"Dad, do you want some rest? I'd like to have a taste of the new family member."

Without a word John pulled out of me and went towards the bathroom.

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