Who Calls the Tune?

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Grand Parent, Aunt, First, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I'm sure you have all seen the adverts for penis enlargements, but who really is pushing this. Tom soon finds out, by being ditched by his girlfriend and meeting one of her relatives.


Surf the internet, check your emails, look in many magazines and you will be swamped with adverts promising you a larger penis. Is it the men, or is it the women who are demanding this enlarged appendix. The old saying "It's not what you have, but how you use it," is a dying saying. You never see adverts on how to reduce one's penis, do you?

Why would any man want to enlarge what nature considered acceptable? Think how hard it is to disguise any enlargement in a swimming costume. The discomfort you have when you play sports, or have to run any distance wearing boxer shorts with no support. How do I know this; I am one of the unfortunates who were born with a penis that makes a donkey shy away from me. Women were like the donkey, for years I never got past first base, for I misread women. I never realising their reaction was a front and all I should have done was press the issue and they would gladly have spread their legs. All their fantasies I have been told revolve around being shafted by a big penis, the bigger the better. All this was brought to my attention one evening just a month ago.

I called around to pick up a young woman of my own age who I had been dating for about a month. I knocked on the door of the family home, but it wasn't answered by Susan, but by an older woman. I had no idea whether it was her mother or just another relative, for I had never met any of her family.

"Is Susan in, we have a date and I'm here to pick her up," I said when the door was opened.

"Sorry Susan is off with her new boyfriend, you must be Tom," the elderly woman answered.

"But she had a date with me, we arranged it the other day," I spurted, feeling a right idiot.

"I'm sorry about that Tom and you look such a nice young man. Why don't you come in and have a talk with me, that is if you want to." The elderly woman answered after eying me up and down a couple of times.

At least I was reasonably dressed, clean and freshly shaven, with not too much deodorant applied. Anyway, the elderly woman was, well elderly, not as old as my grandmother, but older than my own mother, so why not, I have nothing else planned.

After a couple of hours just chatting sitting in easy chairs either side of a nice fire we now started on the more personal things. The woman was a great-aunt of Susan's, this wasn't Susan's home, she only stayed with her aunt while she attended university.

What was making things rather discomforting was the fact that Myrtle (The woman's name) sat with her knees apart. The only thing I could see was the flesh of her inner thighs, but imagination can play bad things on a twenty-two year-old male. The worst thing it was becoming harder to look into her eyes as we spoke, my eyes kept dropping to look up her dress. I could swear the dress was getting higher above her knees, or the knees were getting wider.

"Like what you see Tom?" Myrtle asked, throw me. Even though I knew what I was doing I hoped she hadn't noticed where my eyes had been lingering.

"What do you mean?" I spluttered, now looking into her smiling face.

"You know perfectly well what I mean! You have had your eyes up my dress for the past half-hour or so. You can't deny I've had some effect on you; I just have to look at your trouser front. Hell Tom, you must be some size to have a bulge like that, or are you like some men who stuff a pair of rolled socks down there to make themselves look big?" She replied still smiling.

Now I've never heard that one about the socks, why would they do that?

"Sorry, I have embarrassed you Myrtle," I managed to get out.

"It's you who are embarrassed; I take it as a compliment that I can still affect a young man that way. What were you thinking about, throwing me on my back and ravishing me?"

"Oh no nothing like that Myrtle, anyway you are an elderly woman."

"Think I'm past it, does you. By the way how many women have you ravished Tom," she said now leaning forward and in so doing showed me the deep cleavage of her large breasts.

"Well... ah to be truthful, none," I admitted feeling more embarrassed.

"Strange, I would have thought a good-looking lad like you would be knee-deep in admirers. Is it because you feel ashamed of having a large penis? You do have an extra large penis, don't you and that is no rolled up stocking stuffed into your trousers, is it?"

Now my eyes were riveted on the quivering flesh of her breasts, which seemed to become very mobile when she talked. What was this woman doing to me, my mother aunts or grandmothers didn't have this effect on me? Now I was as hard as bone with this talk and the view I was being given.

"Yes, I get so far then they call it off and that is the last I see of them." I managed to say, but I had never told anyone else this, so why was I telling Myrtle?

"Tom, all you had to do was contact them again and they would have rushed into your arms with legs open and knickers off. You are a woman's walking fantasy, all women dream of being at least once in their lives being fucked by a man with a big cock. Even me Tom, I've never met that man yet, but maybe I have. Have I?"

"You mean you and I, but you are so much older than me, it would be like well..." I said then realised that she was serious.

What would it be like with a woman much older than me? I have heard my mates saying that older women are that slack you can't feel the sides and you have to put your hand in to give yourself a wank. I knew that was a bit of an exaggeration, but was there some truth in it?

"You know I could teach you just what women like Tom and no-one need know about us." Myrtle almost pleaded, but missed by Tom.

"I... I, would like to but..." Tom started, but then stopped, just gazing into the deep crevice of Myrtles chest.

"Just for curiosity, how big are you Tom?"

"I'm five feet nine,."

"No not your height, your penis. Just haw big are you?"

"Twelve inches long and over three inches thick," Tom said with eyes looking at the floor. Why he told her this very personal thing he had no idea. He had often measured his cock and wondered how he ended up with such a cock. He wasn't sure but it was a talking point in the family behind his back.

"Well you are a big man, well in that department anyway. Does Susan know how big you are? I don't care about her; she had her chance and threw it away. So are you going to ravish me with that lovely twelve inches Tom?"

"Are you sure you want me to ravish you?"

"No I would much prefer it if we went to bed and ravished each other without any clothing restrictions. Well are we, I'm getting all wet just thinking of that lovely cock filling me."

That was enough for me, I stood up with the huge bulge showing, but didn't care. I took Myrtle in my arms and she blended herself close to my body, pressing her lower abdomen hard against my hard cock.

"Oh boy, a big cock and a virgin man to boot, this must be my lucky day," Myrtle said grasping my hand and leading me upstairs.

Once in her bedroom she got undressed quicker than I have ever seen anyone do revealing to me the lovely full breasts that I had been admiring and the dark bushy Venus patch of dark hair at her crotch. Then she slipped into bed as she stared at me undressing.

Once I dropped my trousers and my huge meat was exposed her eyes were like saucers and she even licked her lips. Myrtle was now no longer even making pretence of looking at my face, her whole attention on my cock. She held back the bedclothes so I could get in and came up close, our bodies touching that not even a cigarette paper could get between us.

Myrtle's body was soft and moulded beautifully into mine. This was the first time I had been in bed with a naked woman and I must say the feeling was wonderful.

"This time I want to be on top, after that I'll get into any position you want me to," she said as she kissed my ear and side of the face, her scented hair cascading over my face. I felt more comfortable with Myrtle than I have ever felt with all the women I have dated, even Susan.

I then felt her grasp my cock, but her hand couldn't reach all the way round the shaft. Then she swung herself on top of me rolling me over on to my back and sat on my hips with my cock up the front of her stomach, it reached well past her belly button. Surely all that cock length would get into her body was what flashed through my mind as I saw where it reached to.

Myrtle, with her eyes looking into mine knelt up and guided the large purple head of my circumcised cock between her legs while using her other hand to open her Vulva lips. Slowly she lowered herself and I saw what I thought to be an impossible task, my cock slip easily into her body.

The sensation was like nothing I have ever experienced, the warmth and soft yet firm grasp of my shaft by her vagina. Sliding up as she slowly lowered herself until she was sitting on my thighs and hips, our pubic hairs intertwined.

Now I knew, my massive cock was embedded in Myrtle's body. The smile on her face was even wider than before as she gave her hips a wiggle which sent the loveliest sensations running up and down the length of my cock.

"Oh Tom, you have filled me like I've never been filled before. The feeling is all I have dreamt about, but now I know what a big penis feels like let this be the start of a long mutual friendship."

"That is exactly just how I feel Myrtle, I hope you will allow me to feel your body wrapped around my cock again."

"Oh I'm glad Tom you too feel this way too," she said starting to rock back and forth and rising at the same time.

I took hold of her hips and helped her as she thrust herself down hard driving my cock deep within her eager pussy, her breasts bouncing like two jellies on a plate. Slowly I felt my climax rising this being the first time caused my a woman and not by my palm. Myrtle must have felt something for she grasped my wrists tightly.

"Just let yourself go Tom, I want to feel you spurt your seed into me. Don't worry I won't get pregnant, I'm past that time of life, so fill me as much as you want." She had difficulty saying this for she was thrashing her body on to me and her head was rolling all over the place, with her mouth open. I loved her long curly hair which hid her face from time to time.

When I did spurt my load into her it even felt better than it usually did, spending into a warm woman's body was even more enjoyable. Once I had spent Myrtle fell forward and I held her in my arms with her hair encasing our heads and our lips sealed in a kiss.

"Oh Tom, that was just wonderful, I hope you like me!"

"I do Myrtle, Oh I really do."

"I don't care if it's just for sex, but that will de me just fine."

"Myrtle, I must admit that it is only for sex, but you being my first woman you will always have a place in my heart that no-one else can fill."

"Glad you came in to talk with me tonight?"

"I'm glad Susan has found another boyfriend, if she hadn't we wouldn't be lying like this."

Now that I had felt what it was like to having had a woman I wanted more. Half an hour later I had Myrtle on her hands and knees with me behind her guiding my cock once more to her lovely warm receptacle. I loved the look of her wide hips and that lovely little mound nestled between her legs.

This was the closest I have seen a woman's pussy and I loved the way it just seemed to swallow up my thick shaft and slide into that warm sheath once more. This time I grasped her hips and pulled her on to me as she thrust her hips back driving my cock even deeper. I felt her Cervix slide past the head of my cock which gave another lovely feeling.

Slowly I thrust and withdrew as Myrtle coached, telling me women liked it slow. It was hard to keep it slow, for I wanted to speed up, but I also had to think of satisfying Myrtle, then I'll be welcomed back to perform this lovely act. I had become addicted and this was only the second time I had entered a woman.

I loved the feeling, which was nothing like that described by my mates, making me think that they had never fucked an elderly woman. Nothing could be better than this as we both loved what we were doing, for Myrtle was as active as I was. I lasted longer than the last time and now Myrtle was sitting on my thighs leaning back on to my chest. I had both arms around her with a breast in each hand, Myrtles hands were over mine helping me gently squeeze her breasts.

I was in heaven; never have I felt so contented and so relaxed. I thought that I would never attain what twice I had done this evening, with promises to continue.

Twice a week for the next three weeks I went round to Myrtle's and at least twice each evening I entered her willing body. I had to admit to myself that it was only the sex that drew me back, but I did have a liking for Myrtle. Now I was looking around at other women and wondering if they would act the same as Myrtle.

It was a Saturday morning when my mother entered my bedroom and reminded me I had to go to my grandparents to help my grandmother clear out her kitchen so the renovators could start work on the Monday. My grandfather was an invalid and was confined to a wheelchair so he couldn't help. My father wouldn't help, for my grandmother was a sour tempered woman and anyway my father and grandmother just didn't agree, so I was volunteered.

We had been working for an hour emptying the pantry and placing everything into two cupboards in the spare bedroom. My grandmother was bent over placing items on a lower shelf and I was standing behind her placing items on the top shelf when she moved back, my semi hard cock fitting between her buttocks.

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