Getting To Know The Daughter in Law

by Just Plain Bob

Copyright┬ę 2006 by Just Plain Bob

Erotica Sex Story: I never really liked her, but now she was married to my son and I had to make the attempt.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Cheating   Incest   Mother   Son   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Slow   .


She looked at the four naked men who were watching her undress. They were erect and ready for her and she supposed that that was some kind of compliment. She knew that she wasn't in bad shape for forty-six and it was nice to know that she could turn on men who were not much older than her son. The thought of her son put a scowl on her face.

Rotten fucking bastard! She wouldn't be there and in the predicament she was in if it wasn't for him. She looked again at the four men who were now stroking their cocks in anticipation and she wondered if they were going to want her ass. She hoped not. She really did not like anal sex.

It had started as an attempt to heal her relationship with her daughter in law. She had never really cared for Tiffany. Tiffany dressed and acted like a tramp and she could never understand why her son David had taken up with Tiffany. No, that wasn't quite right, she understood only too well - the answer was obviously sex! The little tramp was fucking David's brains out and he was too besotted with lust to take the time and step back and take a good look at her to she what she really was.

She had made several attempts to talk David out of marrying Tiffany, but had been totally unsuccessful. She thought that with a little more time she might be able to get David to see what kind of a woman Tiffany was, but she didn't get that time. One weekend David and Tiffany had gone to Las Vegas to do some gambling and see some shows and they came home married.

Becoming David's wife didn't change anything. Tiffany still dressed and acted like a slut and she was pretty sure that Tiffany was a slut. Several times at parties she had seen Tiffany doing things with other men that were of a highly questionable nature and if she was doing things like that where she could be seen God only knew what she was doing when she was out of sight.

She didn't care for Tiffany at all, but she was a realist. Tiffany was now David's wife and she would just have to accept it. She would have to try and find some way to become friendlier with David's wife even though she didn't want to. She wasn't good at hiding her feelings so she was pretty sure that Tiffany knew how she felt, but that was just one of the things she was going to have to work around.

It was David who came up with the idea. He knew that she didn't care for Tiffany. She had made that apparent went she tried to talk him out of getting married to Tiffany.

"You just need to get to know her mom. She's a great girl. What you two need to do is have a girl's night out. You and Tiff need to go out together and get to know each other. Have a few drinks and loosen up a little. Dad's out of town this week so instead of staying home and staring at the walls or watching television why don't you and Tiff go out and spend some time together?"

She really didn't want to, but she knew she had to do something. Tiff was there! She was a fact of life. She was David's wife and was going to have to be accepted so she agreed to a night out with her daughter in law.

The night did not start off well. When Tiffany showed up at the house to pick her up one look at what Tiffany was wearing reminded her of why she felt the way she did about the girl. Low cut blouse, a very short skirt and "come fuck me pumps" with five inch heels. The girl looked like something that should be standing on a street corner looking for a john. But she had promised herself she would get to know Tiffany better and she would work on it.

Tiffany was in a talkative mood and as she drove she talked and most of what she said was stuff that went in one ear and out the other, but one thing she did say was something that peaked her interest:

"I'm usually a lot wilder than I'm going to be tonight. I don't want to shock you too bad on our first time out."

While she was pondering that statement Tiffany pulled up and parked in the lot of a place named The Road House.

"Why are we here?"

"The place has a good band and I know the bartenders well enough that the drinks will be a little stronger than the normal paying customers get. Plus I'll know most of the guys here and we won't have a bunch of unknowns hitting on us."

"Hitting on us?"

"Of course. Two good looking ladies alone? We will be on the dance floor all night and we won't have to buy a drink after the first one."

"I don't know Tiffany, this just isn't the kind of thing that I do."

"What did you expect mommy in law? A girls night out to be a quilting bee or that we were going to go somewhere and practice knitting?"

"I'm not sure that Dan would approve of my doing this."

"Then don't tell him. He is out of town and he will never know unless you tell him. Who knows, you might enjoy yourself so much that you will want to do it again and you can tell him then. I can't see that he will get upset because you want to get to know your daughter in law a little bit better. Come on, my feet are starting to itch; I want to dance."

Tiffany had been right. They had no sooner sat down than a round of drinks appeared on the table in front of them and the waitress pointed at two men sitting at the bar. Tiffany waved them over and asked them to join us. She introduced John and Sam and said:

"She's my mother in law and I want you guys to help me see to it that she lets her hair down a little tonight."

Then Tiffany had turned to her and said, "Which one do you want mommy?"

The question had taken her by surprise and had put her on the spot. She hadn't known what to expect when she had agreed with David to give the 'girls night out' a try, but it sure wasn't what was happening. Tiffany was looking at her expectantly so she picked the one that looked the oldest and said:

"Sam will do fine."

Why she had picked Sam, let alone picked anyone at all, she didn't know. Even though he looked to be the older of the two he still wasn't any older than her son David.

John and Tiffany got up to dance, but she had told Sam that she didn't really feel up to dancing so they sat at the table, sipped their drinks and talked. She told Sam where she was from, where she had gone to school and he told her the same. By the time the band began their third set of the evening she'd had enough to drink that Sam was able to get her out onto the dance floor. By the middle of the fourth set Sam was pushing his cock into her leg which gave her mixed emotions. She wanted to push him away and go home, but she was also flattered that a young man like Sam found an old hag like her exciting.

When they returned to the table after one dance she found that two more men had joined their group and she was introduced to Bill and Ralph. From then on no one asked her to dance, they just took her hand and pulled her out onto the dance floor. Several more drinks and she had begun to feel lightheaded and Tiffany said that it was time to get her out of the Roadhouse. Sam helped her to the car and then Tiffany had started up and had driven away. Several minutes later they stopped and she had seen that they were at a motel.

"What are we doing her?" she had asked in a slurred voice.

"Waiting for Sam to get a room."

"What room? Why do we need a room?"

"You want to get gang fucked on your own bed? I would think you would like to save that sacred place for your hubby."

"What are you talking about?"

"I've decided I don't like your looking down your nose at me mommy dear. Since there isn't any way to get me up to your level I've decided to bring you down to mine. By the time this night is over you will be as big a whore as I am."

"You are crazy," she had said as she reached for the door handle, but she found that she couldn't lift her hand.

"Don't waste your time mommy. Your last drink had a drop of 'special k' in it to disorient you and screw up your motor skills. It also had a tab of Exstacy that will be kicking in pretty soon. It won't be a bad night for you mommy. Sam and John have really nice cocks and so do Bill and Ralph. I promise you that you will like what is coming. There's Sam; it looks like he is heading for room 137. Come on mommy, let's go and get you fucked."

The door on her side of the car opened and Sam reached in and pulled her out of the car and then he and Ralph had supported her as they walked her into the motel room. She was placed on one of the beds and then Sam started undressing her while Tiffany got undressed and laid down on the other bed. She tried to raise her hands to push Sam's hands away, but the felt like cement blocks and she couldn't lift them.

On the other bed Ralph was between Tiffany's legs and fucking her. Tiffany lifted her legs up and put them on Ralph's shoulders as she cried:

"That's it lover, push it deep, fuck me hard lover, fuck my pussy hard."

Sam had her naked and then he picked her high heels up from the floor and put them back on her feet. He stood there looking down at her as he undressed and she could see the lust in his eyes. He moved to get on the bed with her, but there was a knock at the door and he went over to let John and Bill in. The two men started undressing as Sam came back to the bed and got on it.

Sam pushed her legs apart and began working his cock into her. It was only the second cock to ever touch her and something in the back of her mind was crying out:

"Dan isn't going to like this, he isn't going to like this at all."

Sam lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and then pushed into her. All she felt was a pushing and a tugging; something similar to the way she felt when the dentist gave her a shot to numb her mouth and then pushed, poked and probed at her teeth. She heard Sam as he fucked her:

"You are one tight pussy lady, one tight pussy. I'm really glad that I'm first because there isn't anything better than tight pussy."

He stroked into her for a couple of more minutes and then said, "Here it comes honey, here comes my load" and she felt something inside her and then Sam was gone and John was pushing into her. After John it was Bill and then Ralph. The four men moved back and forth between her and Tiffany and she heard Tiffany screaming at the men to fuck her, make her cum and cum in her.

It was Bill's second time in her when she felt the first tingle between her legs and by the time Bill had emptied into her the tingle had grown to an itch - an itch that had to be scratched. When Ralph entered her for the second time she had pushed up at him as he fucked her. By the time Ralph came she had her legs clamped around his waist and she had moaned out her displeasure at his coming and leaving her right on the edge.

Then it was Sam again. "Not so tight now baby, but I can tell you are going to be one hot fuck before this is over. You ready for me baby? Show me you are ready for me" and she had spread her legs wide for him and he had laughed.

"You are going to be one fine slut when we get through with you" and then he had slid his cock into her. Her hands were clutching at his ass and trying to pull him inside her when she came for the first time that night and he laughed again and rammed himself hard into her for a half dozen more strokes and gave her another orgasm just as he spilled himself in her.

He hurriedly got out of the way and said, "Keep her going" as John mounted her and began fucking her hard and fast. Bill moved to her head and pushed his cock into her mouth and then held her head while he used her mouth to jack himself off. And then it was Ralph in her and Sam in her mouth and them Sam in her and Bill in her mouth.

They picked her up and turned her over and got her on her hands and knees and Ralph laid down and pulled her head down onto his cock while Bill moved in behind her and started fucking her doggie style. She didn't notice when Ralph took his hands off of her head leaving her to bob her head up and down on his cock on her own as she shoved herself back to meet Bill's thrusts. When Bill had spurted his cum in her and pulled out she had cried out in protest:

"No, not yet, not yet damn you" and she heard laughter as Sam said, "Not to worry sweetie, we will keep you full of meat" and she felt another hard cock slam into her.

She had no idea as to how long it had gone on, but daylight was peaking through the window when the last man left. She lay on her back on the bed, exhausted and staring up at the ceiling. She heard Tif talking on the phone:

"I'm in no condition to drive. No, neither is she. Okay. Love you too, bye."

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