Heather and Lisa - Working Girls

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Heather and Lisa work for an agency that sends them out to service customers sexually whenever they're not making adult films. This afternoon their client is Ron Williams and he is so ready for their services.

Heather and Lisa sometimes worked together and often worked separately but today they'd been given a mid-afternoon assignment to go provide two hours of sexual entertainment to Ron Williams. Both girls were very cute and had sexy petite bodies that the guys always seemed to enjoying seeing naked and then engaging with them in all kinds of lusty sexual play. Heather was the shorter of the pair and she was a sexy looking petite blonde. She had a nice pair of rounded breasts that sat high on her chest, and her girlfriend, Lisa, was a true brunette and she had slightly larger tits with very sexy dark chocolate drop nipples. Lisa's nipples were very easily aroused and were very perky when she was turned on. Heather's pussy was smoothly shaved bald and Lisa still had a nicely trimmed bush of sexy dark brunette pussy fur that she thought set her pussy off just right.

Both Heather and Lisa also worked in adult films but neither of them had gotten famous enough yet to rely solely on their income from making fuck movies, so they also worked doing these special assignments that brought him some nice income as well.

"Girlfriend, I don't know about you, but I am so horny today," Lisa said as they drove to the address where they were supposed to meet Ron Williams.

"Oh, you know it, baby," Heather said, "I'm so horny I hope this guy can go more than one time," the sexy blonde said as she reached down between her legs and rubbed her hot wet pussy through the skimpy material of the teddy she had on underneath her overcoat.

"You know it, I love it when we get sent out to these strangers' homes and they turn out to be a total hottie and we have a wonderful time playing with him and fucking him like we were making a porn movie. Hehe, we ought to figure out a way of doing these customers and secretly filming it and then making a video of what we did," Lisa said. She thought about that more as Heather drove them the rest of the way to their customer's address. Then, they parked the car and got out, both of them walking up to Ron's door together. They been told to go ahead and help themselves in so he didn't have to break the fantasy by greeting them at the door. Lisa made sure they were at the right address and they opened the door and helped themselves on inside.

When Heather and Lisa got inside, they walked into the family room and sure enough, there they found Ron Williams waiting eagerly for their arrival. He wanted to act like they had been sent over for him by a buddy and it was a total surprise. Heather and Lisa always did whatever they could to make their customer's sexual fantasy as much a reality as they could.

"Hi, Ron, I'm Heather and this is Lisa," Heather said as they walked over to where Ron was sitting in only his gym shorts and a T-shirt. "We were sent by one of your buddies, and we're here to give you whatever you want," she said.

"You two sexy ladies are here to see me?" Ron said as though he was totally surprised by their arrival.

"Yes, we've been ordered for you and we want to have you do whatever you'd like to with us," Lisa said.

"Well, you girls get comfortable," Ron said. Hearing that Heather and Lisa both walked right up to where Ron was sitting and they opened their overcoats to reveal the sexy outfits that had on underneath. Heather was wearing a sexy little white teddy that showed off her nice breasts and her petite body and sexy ass to the best. And when Lisa unfastened her coat and slipped it off, she was wearing a sexy black lacy teddy too that was all she had on underneath her coat. Lisa's larger sexy breasts were poking out nicely against the front of her teddy and both girls noticed that Ron's cock jumped into instant erection when he saw the skimpy little lingerie outfits the two working girls were wearing.

"And you mean that you girls have been sent here just for me?" Ron asked, playing his personal sexual fantasy out to the fullest.

"Yes, we're all yours for as long as you want us," Heather said. "Do you want us to get comfortable for you?" she asked. When Ron shook his head "yes", Lisa and Heather both began to slip off their teddies, and Ron's cock really jumped into full hardness as he saw the two sexy young women remove the only clothing they still had on and get fully naked for him. Ron loved how hot and sexy both Heather and Lisa were when they took their teddies off and they quickly came over to him and helped him out of his gym shorts and the T-shirt he had on. Both girls got down on his naked cock and they quickly stroked him and started sucking on his dick to get him into full erection and ready for them to suck him and then give him the chance for their first fuck.

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