Giving Thanks

by Mischievous Fae

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A girl who had fallen hard for her brother's college roomate over spring break gets a chance to show him just how much when he surprisingly shows up at her family's thanksgiving dinner.

Jenna's brother was coming home from college for thanksgiving break. That was the message that she had on her voice mail. Jenna hadn't seen him since Easter when she visited him over a long weekend.

"We'll see you tomorrow." The message said.

"We?" Had Joe finally met a girl worth enough to bring home to meet the family? Jenna couldn't wait!

"Sis!" Joe exclaimed as she walked in her parent's living room.

"Come here and give your big brother a hug!"

As Jenna walked towards him she saw out the corner of her eye the figure of a person coming into the room. As she turned, expecting to see Joe's new love, she was shocked.

"Jen, you remember my roommate Matt."

"How are you Jen?"

"Stopping dead in her tracks she turned fully to look at him. He was just as striking as the last time she saw him.

"I'm um, good, Matt. It's um, good to see you."

A bright smile came across his face and her heart raced.

"We" meant Matt? Oh god, why is Matt here?! Jenna thought to herself. "What is wrong with my brother, of all people he could have brought home, he brings Matt.

Jenna and Matt had met the weekend she visited Joe for spring break. She had felt an instant connection to him but Matt was involved with someone else at the time. She left that weekend thinking she would never see him again.

"Matt's parents are away visiting family and I couldn't leave the big lug alone to fend for himself on Thanksgiving, so I brought him here!" Joe replied.

"Dinner!" came the call from the other room.

As they entered the dining room, their mother passed out seating directions.

"Jenna, and Joe sit on the right side of the table" said their mother.

"Matt you can sit next to Grandma on the left."

"Everything looks fantastic ma'Am." said Matt.

Jenna looked up to see Matt looking directly at her, again that same brilliant smile.

Bashfully Jenna looked away. "Yes Mom, everything looks wonderful."

After dinner everyone retired to the living room to finish their drinks.

"What do you say we go get some beers Matt?"

"Sounds good — you coming Jen?" Matt said.

"I guess so, do you mind big brother?"

"I guess not, if she has to!" he jokingly replied.

The bar was crowded with strangers all there for the same reason, to relax and unwind after a hectic work week and to celebrate Thanksgiving which was just a day away. For Joe, one beer turned into two, two turned into three, three lead to shots. Jenna and Matt found themselves watching him manage to drink himself into a pretty good stupor. After several hours it became apparent to them that Joe had gotten ahead of them in the game, and mutual decision was made; they needed to get him home.

As the three wandered out into the night a light rain had begun to fall.

"I think we should get this big guy home first, and then I can drop you by your place." Matt said to Jenna.

"Yesh, you take her home, you take care of my baby shister."

"Shounds good." Jenna joked.

"OK big fella, let's get you into the house" said Matt.

"You make sure my shishter gets home" Joe slurred as he playfully smacked Matt's cheek.

"I will, trust me."

As Matt got back into the car to take Jenna home she knew there was too much between them to just overlook.

"So, do you still have a girlfriend?"

"Oh god, what did I say that for? I sound like such a child!" Jenna thought to herself.

"No, that didn't work out." Matt quietly replied.

As he began to pull away, he looked over at Jenna who was grasping tightly at her purse.

"Jen, where am I going? Matt joked.

"Oh! I'm sorry, end of the block, turn left..."

Other than giving Matt directions, Jenna and Matt drove the rest of the short trip engaging in idle conversation.

Several minutes later they arrived at Jenna's apartment.

"Well this is me."

Matt put the car in park and turned to look at Jenna. "It was really good to see you Jen."

"Do you maybe want to come up for some coffee before you head back to my parents?" Jenna blurted out.

"Oh god, you idiot! Why would he want to come up?" Jenna scorned herself quietly.

"That probably isn't a bad idea considering I have been drinking."

By now the rain was pounding the pavement. A strong wind had picked up and flashes of lightning could be seen in the distance.

"Looks like we are in for a bumpy night" said Matt.

He had no idea.

"Have a seat and I'll put on the coffee" Jenna said as she disappeared into the kitchen.

"This is a nice place you have here."

"Thanks! It's small, but its home to me."

Jenna emerged a couple minutes later with a mug of coffee for Matt, a glass of wine for herself. "Wine?" said Matt.

"I can't drink coffee this late or I'll be up all night!"

The storm was worsening, thunder shook the windows and the lights flickered intermittently. Jenna got up and lit some candles.

"Better safe than sorry" she said as she rejoined Matt on the couch.

"Jen, you're shivering."

"Yes, my feet got pretty soaked coming in, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go change into warmer clothes."

Alone in her room, Jenna thought to herself as that she needed to do something to let Matt know she wanted to take this to the next level. She stripped of all her clothes and slipped into a fuzzy robe.

"Well don't you look cozy" chuckled Matt.

Jenna sat down next to him and picked up her glass. She took a sip and let out of soft "mmmmmm, this tastes good."

"So tell me Matt, how do you like our little town?"

"I think it's really beauti--."

Before he could finish, the lights went out.

"Well what I can see of it is beautiful!" They both laughed.

Jenna and Matt sat in the candlelight talking for over an hour before Jenna realized Matt was out of coffee. She jumped up and said "I am a terrible hostess; let me get you something else to drink." As she reached for his mug Matt grabbed her wrist and said "no."

Their eyes met and the air seemed to have electricity to it. Jenna turned to face Matt who was still seated on the couch. She realized his face had changed and there was a look of eagerness in his eyes. He slowly undid the ties on her robe and let them fall to the sides. Sliding his hands inside the robe, he slowly revealed her curvy figure in the candlelight.

"You're beautiful" he said to her as he placed his hands on her sides.

He pulled her a bit closer and Jenna let go a faint sigh as she felt his warm hands firmly on her skin. He caressed her stomach, ass and the small of her back. Allowing his hands to linger on her back, he pulled her into him more and pressed his mouth against her soft stomach, repeatedly kissing her belly, gently licking the same spot his mouth had just met her skin. Jenna's body quivered, her skin bumped as she felt Matt's hands begin to slide up her sides to her breasts. Jenna felt her legs weakening as he caressed her breasts, pinching and rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Head back, eyes squeezed shut; she felt her pussy throbbing, becoming wetter, moans were rising in her throat.

"Lay down" matt whispered as he pulled her gently to the couch.

As she laid back Matt spread her legs so that he could slide over her. Opening her robe his hands and mouth sought out her full breasts. This time the motions were harder, he licked, sucked and gently nibbled each nipple, paying equal attention to both. Below him Jenna's body arched to press her against his, her fingers digging into the fabric which still covered his back. She so desperately needed to feel him. He lowered his kissing down her chest to her belly where he stopped and sat up.

"Why are you stopping?!" Jenna asked in torment.

Matt reached for her wine glass, slipped a finger into it and ran the warm liquid across her lips.

"Ssshhhhh" he said as he kissed her.

She closed her eyes and moaned softly in reaction to Matt slowly drizzling the wine across her body. He followed the train with his tongue from her belly down to her bare pussy. As the stream ran down her lips he slid his tongue along the folds, back to front, curling his tongue on her clit.

As he tasted the sweet mixture of wine and that of Jenna's sex, he teasingly said "mmmm... it does taste good."

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