Mommy Dear

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Son, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: She starts out to get back at her husband, but things take a strange turn.

I hadn't seen him come in the room. Not surprising since I had a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy and I was doing my best to get the three of us off. Also there was a crowd in the room that tended to block him from my view. Besides the two I was taking care of there were five more waiting for a turn at the slut on the king-sized bed.

Dave was sitting on the bed and I had my head in his lap while sliding up and down on Jake who was underneath me. I felt the bed shift as someone else got on it and I heard one of the guys say, "Oh man, that's sick" as one finger and then two started to probe my ass. I smiled inwardly as I said to myself, "Speak for yourself young man, I love anal sex" and I waited for the owner of those fingers to slide something bigger (I hoped) into my butt.

I felt his hands grip my hips and his cock poke at my butt hole and then I felt the delicious pain that I knew would soon turn into ragging pleasure as he slowly worked himself into my ass. The boy was no stranger to ass fucking - he knew to take it slow and easy - and he slowly stroked into me until he felt me start to push back at him. He and Jake got a rhythm going and it didn't take them long to bring me to my umpteenth orgasm of the night.

I was just coming down from the high when the guy in my ass said:

"She sure is tight. Her butt must not get used a lot."

I almost panicked and was getting ready to jump up and run from the room when I remembered that because of the hood I was wearing he couldn't tell who I was. But I knew who he was and that thought alone was enough to make me cum again as my son Marty continued to fuck my ass.

How did I come to find myself doing what I was doing? I spent a lot of time telling myself that it wouldn't have happened if my husband would have spent a little more time with me and a little less time on building his business. That and doing what it eventually led him into, but deep down I knew that wasn't totally true. I was a slut at heart and had always been one and after years of keeping it buried I had finally set it free.

Before I met Mike I had probably been laid by over two hundred guys. A lot of them were guys who had been at the gangbangs I usually found myself in and I never knew the names of most of them. I met Mike, feel madly in love with him and promised myself that my slut life was over and done with and that from then on I was Mike's only.

It didn't work out that way of course. I couldn't just turn it off and during the course of our two year engagement I strayed maybe two dozen times. A couple of times were gangbangs, but I was kind of proud of myself in that while I hadn't totally quit being a slut I had cut way back. I looked at it as "tapering off" and I told myself that by the time Mike and I wed I would have gotten it all out of my system. By the time Mike and I married I was only putting out for one or two guys a month and I hadn't done a gangbang in three months.

My friend Alice bet me that I would be cheating on Mike within a month of being married and I took the bet. And I won it! Mike and I said "I do" and for the next twenty-four years no cock but his ever entered my body. I wasn't totally pure and there were some men out there who were the recipients of a hand job or two that were given out at parties when I'd had way too much to drink and one man had gotten a blow job, but I had left the slut part of me way behind. Or so I thought.

I found myself at forty-four with three grown children and a husband who had seemingly forgotten how to take care of my needs. I had gone without sex for over two months and I was going crazy. The hard part is that there were males all over the place that wanted me and didn't bother to hide it. The worst part is they were constantly around me. My three sons, Dan (21), Marty (19), and Sam (18) had made our house "party central." We had a large swimming pool and it was always full of their friends.

I have taken good care of myself and I was proud to be able to say that at my age I was still able to put a lot of their young lady friends to shame. When I put my five foot six inch one hundred twenty-six pound body in a bikini you can believe me when I say I got plenty of stares and wishful looks from my son's friends.

My boys are old enough to drink and so their parties always include some alcohol, but I make sure that nothing gets out of hand. Their friends do get mellow from time to time and I've had several of those hunky young guys hit on me. I flirt with them, sometimes outrageously, and I've even let several of them "accidentally" rub up against me and touch me and sometimes in the pool during some horseplay I've even let myself get felt up pretty good.

The bottom-line being that I always have a house full of young studs around, studs that I know would fuck me in a flash if they could. There were days when I would look out at the pool, see all that healthy young meat and think of the days when I was a gangbang loving slut and wonder what it would be like to go out there and be one again.

It might have been my inner slut being awakened that put me where I am now, but it was my husband who was responsible for waking it up. Over two months of no sex and I was getting desperate. The three boys had gone camping for the weekend and Mike and I would have the house all to ourselves for the weekend and I was going to put on a full court press to get myself laid.

Friday morning I went to the mall and spent an hour at Victoria's Secret and by five-thirty I was ready and waiting for Mike to walk through the front door. I was wearing a black lace teddy with matching thong and a pair of strappy sandals with five-inch heels. I had a pitcher of martini's cooling in the fridge and lit scented candles in the bedroom. It was going to be my weekend.

At ten to six the phone rang and it was Mike calling to tell me he would be working late and probably wouldn't be home before eleven. I was upset when I hung up the phone. Hell, upset was way too mild a word to use for the way I felt. I poured myself a martini and sat down at the kitchen table to drink it. About half way through the drink I said, "To hell with this" and I got up and went into the bedroom, went into the closet and got a sundress, slipped it on and headed back downstairs. I grabbed my purse and car keys. I was going to get laid! If Mike wasn't coming home I would do him on his desk at work, but I was going to have a dick in me and that is all there was to it.

When I got to the office there were two cars in the parking lot, Mike's and Becky's. Becky was Mike's secretary and my son Dan's fiancée. The door was locked and so I used my key to let myself in. As I walked to the back of the building where Mike had his office I started hearing sounds, sounds that I recognized, sounds that had been missing from my bedroom for over two months.

When I got to the doorway to Mike's office I saw that I wasn't the only one who had thought of doing Mike on his desk. Becky was on her back, legs up on Mike's shoulders and Mike was pounding into her. She was moaning, "Oh yes, oh yes" as Mike was saying, "Like this cock baby? Like the way I fuck you?"

They hadn't seen me so I ducked back away from the door. From where I was I couldn't see, but I could hear.

"Whose slut are you?"

"Yours baby, I'm your slut."

"Who fucks you better, me or Dan?"

"You do baby, you do."

"You know that I'm going to keep fucking you after you marry Dan, don't you?"

"You'd better."

"Your first baby is going to be mine."

"Make it twins lover."

"Maybe even triplets. Get ready slut, here it comes."

Done with sex they laid there talking. Becky said, "Dan won't be back till Sunday night. Can we get together tomorrow and Sunday?"

"Yeah baby, I'll find some way to get out of the house."

"You didn't really mean it when you said you were going to father our first baby, did you?"

"Hell yes I meant it."

"How can you do that?"

"I fuck you bareback when you are fertile and you make Dan wear a rubber until I knock you up and then you tell him that one of his rubbers must have failed."

"That's nasty, but I do like the thought of him raising his half brother or half sister."

I quietly let myself out of the building, got in my car and sat there, numbed by what I'd just found out. That bastard! That miserable, rotten bastard! For two months I'd gone without sex while that fucking asshole was fucking his own son's fiancée. I noticed the lights in the building going out and I didn't want Mike coming out and seeing me there. I didn't want him to know that I knew what he was doing, at least not just then.

I started my car and headed for home. As I drove I considered my options. I could wait until he fell asleep, tie him to the bed and cut off his cock, but that would probably get me put in jail. As much as I wanted to fuck him up I didn't want to screw myself in the process. It looked as if I would have to go the traditional route - get the goods on him and take him to the cleaners in the divorce. I also needed to get Dan away from Becky before he ruined his life by marrying the little pig.

When I got home I got out the pitcher of martinis and went out and sat by the pool where I sat, drank and felt sorry for myself. I had worked my way through half the pitcher of martini's when the doorbell rang. I answered it to find Tony, one of Dan's friends standing there.

"Hi Mrs. Ransom, is Dan here?"

"No sweetie, he went camping with his brothers and they won't be back until Sunday night."

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