Pillow Talk

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A novel way to communicate.

Christina pulled into the drive and stopped, got out and got the mail out of the box. She leafed quickly through it and saw there was nothing of any importance, at least not if she paid them on time. She hit the garage door opener and pulled into the garage and parked. It had been one hell of a day at work and the air conditioner hadn't been working properly and she decided that she needed a shower before starting dinner.

She started shedding clothes as she headed up the stairs; she would pick them up later, but right then all she wanted was to get under the showerhead. She entered the bedroom, pushed her thong down and stepped out of it and then unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the floor. As she was walking by the bed on her way to the bathroom she saw the envelope on the pillow. She smiled and her pussy tingled as she thought about what that envelope meant. First off, it meant that she wouldn't be fixing dinner. The second thing it meant was that she would be getting to bed late that night and that she would most probably be sexually exhausted by the time she fell asleep.

As she soaped her body she thought back to the night sixteen months ago when she and her husband Gary had gotten extremely mellow on wine and started talking about actually doing something about Gary's favorite fantasy. One that he had spent almost ten years pleading with her to try.

It had been the night that they had celebrated their tenth anniversary. They had gone out for dinner and dancing and had come home in a pretty good mood from the drinks they had consumed. Gary had turned on the gas fireplace, opened a bottle of Caywood Cabernet Sauvigon and they had curled up on the couch and sipped the wine. Gary had looked over at her and had seen her staring into the flames with a look that told him that she was someplace else.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

She pulled her gaze from the fire and said, "I'm not sure that you would like them."

"Oh come on Christina, they can't be that bad. Come on, don't hold out on me."

"I was thinking of our honeymoon ten years ago."

"Why wouldn't I like that? I thought we had a grand time."

"We did. But what I was thinking about was that bartender you kept trying to get me to take up to our room."

"I'll never understand why you didn't do it. He was willing, I was willing and you told me you thought he was a hunk."

"And I was a newly married bride Gary. I'll grant you I wasn't exactly the virgin queen in the years before I met and married you, but I wasn't a round-heeled slut either. I was only two days from promising to be true to only you."

"What made you think of him tonight?"

"The bartender at the club tonight. He kept looking at me like he wanted to pick me up, throw me over his shoulder and take me into the back room."

"So what? Most men look at you like that."

"You really want to know?"

"Of course."

"If this one had asked me I just might have gone."

"You're serious?"

"He never asked so we'll never know."

"Why him and why after all this time?"

"Him because he reminded me a lot of the guy from our honeymoon. And why now? Why not? It is something I have wanted to do since the first time you suggested it."

"Then why haven't you? You know that you have always had my blanket permission to go play if you ever wanted to."

"A ton of reasons Gary. At the time of the honey moon I was afraid that if I did it you would have thought you married a slut. All I could think about was looking up into your eyes as the bartender screwed me and seeing your disgust. There was no way I was going to throw my marriage away on my honey moon."

"But you wouldn't have. I must have told you twenty times that I wanted you to do it."

"I know that's what you said, but I was more worried about what you would do."

"I don't understand?"

"You remember that kegger you took me to at the Pi Kappa house?"

"Vaguely. What about it?"

"Remember what you did?"

"I remember getting pretty well smashed. We had to get someone to drive us home."

"You don't remember walking out onto the dance floor and pulling me away from some guy who you thought was dancing too close with me. You don't remember telling him that you didn't like him putting his hand on my ass while we danced? Well I remembered. If you couldn't handle me dancing with some guy there wasn't anyway on God's Green Earth that I was going to screw some guy in front of you."

"That was over ten years ago. Since then I've seen you swap tongues with guys under the mistletoe at Christmas parties and some of the dances you've done with guys at parties looked more like acts of sex than dancing and I've never gotten pissed."

"And I'm supposed to gamble my our marriage on your being able to handle my trying a strange cock?"

"I wish you would. It is and always has been my fondest wish to see you with another man. Even just hearing about it if you feel too nervous to have me there would be good enough."

"I really do wish I could believe you Gary, because I've thought about it ever since you brought it up. But as much as I'd like to do it I will not risk my marriage unless I can be absolutely sure that you can handle it."

"Well then, since we both seem to want it how about we spend some time thinking about how to make it happen. Lets find a way that you can be sure I can handle it. I know I can, all we have to do is convince you."

The next day she came home from work and went up to the bedroom to change out of her good work clothes and put on her sweats before fixing dinner. She noticed an envelope on her pillow on the bed. She picked it up, opened it and took out several sheets of paper. Across the top of the first sheet was printed Chandra's Dates. She started reading it and found that it was a story about a wife who cheated on her husband, but in such a way that he thought she was faking it. When he finally found out that she really was cheating he accepted it. She had to admit that the story was hot and she was surprised to find that one hand had gone to her left nipple and she was rolling it between her fingers. She folded the story and put it in her upper dresser drawer.

The next day there was another envelope and she opened it to find another story. This one was entitle Cassandra's Guy and it was another cheating wife story where the husband finally accepted the fact that his wife was going to have lovers from time to time. She read the story and once again found herself playing with her body. The story joined the first one in her top dresser drawer.

For the next two weeks there was a story waiting for her on her pillow almost every night when she got home from work. She figured they were Gary's way of keeping what they had talked about fresh in her mind. They were all stories about wives who fucked other men with their husband's permission or of women who cheated, got caught and then had their hubby's accept it. The more stories she read the more she wanted to have another man. Hell, she'd always wanted to have other men, what woman doesn't at one time or another, but the choice was always a varied sex life versus her marriage. She loved Gary and couldn't really believe he would be able to handle her playing around so the marriage always won. If there just could be some way she could be sure that Gary could handle it. He said he could, but you don't bet a marriage on something like that. She had to know for sure. And then she suddenly knew how to find out for sure if Gary could handle her being with another man. She would lie to him and the inspiration for the lie came from none other than Gary himself.

She came home from work one Monday night and found the usual envelope on her pillow and she opened it up and read the story. The story was titled Lotion and a Dozen Condoms and as she read it she knew what to do. The story spelled it out for her. The story joined the others in her dresser, she changed clothes and went downstairs to fix dinner and began to make her plans.

First, she primed the pump. "You will have to handle dinner on your own tomorrow sweetie."

"Oh? Why? Not that I can't of course, but what's up?"

"The girls have asked me to stop with them after work tomorrow. We will have dinner and a few drinks. Kind of like a girls night out."

"Will you be out late? Should I wait up?"

She had giggled, "Maybe you should. I hear they have a very handsome bartender there and you know me and the thing I have for hunky bartenders, right?"

"Yeah, right."

"You never know sweetie, one of these days I might just surprise you."

For some reason just the thought of what she was going to try fired her up and she did something that she hadn't done in ages. She got off her chair, got down on her hands and knees and crawled under the kitchen table. Before had any idea what she was doing she was pulling his zipper down.

"What are you doing Christina?"

"Gonna practice what I might be doing to the bartender tomorrow night."

She worked Gary's cock out of his pants and then she licked it like an ice cream cone. She swirled her tongue around the head and then sucked it into her mouth. A couple of long, slow sucks later she took her mouth off Gary long enough to say:

"Think he would like some of that?"

"You bitch; don't stop now."

She laughed and bent her head back to her task.

The next morning just before she left for work she got a fresh egg out of the fridge, put it in a plastic container and then put the container, along with a fork, into her shoulder bag. As she left the house she reflected on the fact that it was a good thing that Gary left for work before she did because she didn't want to have to explain why she was taking a blouse on a hanger with her to work.

She stopped at a Walgreen's on the way to work and got the rest of what she needed. Once at work she went straight to the women's bathroom and locked the door behind her. She laid the blouse down on the counter and took the fork and plastic container out of the shoulder bag and got to work. She cracked the eggshell and broke it into two halves. She carefully separated the egg white from the yolk and then dumped the egg white into the plastic container and then tossed the yolk and the shells in the trash can. She opened the Walgreen's bag and took out the bottle of KY Lotion and the shaker of salt she'd bought and opened them up. She added two drops of the KY and several grains of salt to the egg white and then used the fork to whip the mixture until all the salt was dissolved. The she used the fork to drop spots of the mixture on the spare blouse. She was hoping that when the mixture dried it would look like cum stains. That done, she washed the fork and the container and then she took her blouse and headed for her office.

She hadn't lied to Gary. She did stop with the girls that night. She usually stopped at least once a week with them, but she hardly ever stayed for more than one drink. Kathy, Bev, Mary and Sue were all single and their table tended to become 'party central' as the guys moved in to ask the girls to dance and to see who might be able to get lucky. Being married she wasn't comfortable with that and so she had her one drink — two on a rare occasion — and then she went on home.

That night she surprised the girls and stayed. They were even more surprised when she got up and danced with whomever asked her. She even surprised herself when she let a couple of her partner's get away with copping a feel. That was nothing new of course, but before Gary had always been there watching and smiling. She had let one persistent guy walk her out to her car and kiss her. She had even let him get a hand on her right breast before pushing his hand away and murmuring:

"Maybe next time."

She stopped a block from the house and changed into the egg stained blouse. She then took the KY Lotion and poured some into the plastic container, added just a touch of salt and then stirred it with the fork. She poured some on her hand and then worked it in like hand lotion and then she sat and waited for it to dry.

Gary was sitting in front of the television watching a sports talk program when she walked into the room and sat down in the chair across from him. She sat there and tried to look nervous and waited for Gary to open the ball. He looked over at her and asked:

"Have a nice time?"

She looked away from him and hoped that to him it looked like she didn't want to meet his eyes and said:

"It was okay."

"Just okay? Something happened and it is obviously bothering you. Out with it Christina. You know I'll stay after it like a dog worrying a bone until I get it out of you."

She hesitated for a couple of seconds and then she blurted out, "I did it."

"You did what?"

"I did what you wanted me to. I had sex with another man."

"YOU WHAT?!!!"

She cringed at the yell and it wasn't faked and Gary saw it.

"Whoa baby, I didn't mean to yell like that, it is just that you surprised the hell out of me." He patted the couch next to him, "Come on over here baby and tell me all about it."

She looked at his face and saw that he didn't seem upset so she got up and went over and sat down beside him.

"Tell me baby, I want to know every detail. Where, how many times, how big was he, how did it happen, I want to know all of it."

"You're sure?"

"I'm positive baby, everything, every bit of it. Was it the bartender?"

"No. It happened at the bar, but it wasn't the bartender."

"Tell me."

"There really isn't much to tell. The girls and I stopped for drinks. Guys were coming over to our table and asking us to dance and after a couple of drinks I got up and danced with a few guys. There was this one really cute guy who kept coming back and asking me to dance and after the fourth dance with him I went back to his booth with him. We talked, had another drink and the next time we danced he pushed his cock into my leg and I pushed back. He smiled and let his hands slide down my back until they came to rest on my ass and I didn't push them away.

"The whole time we had been sitting in his booth talking I had been thinking about your fantasy and I liked the looks of the guy and he seemed real nice so I just let things run to see where they would go. After the dance we went back to his booth and talked some more and then he started playing 'footsie' with me under the table. When I didn't protest he got up and moved to my side of the booth and slid in next to me. He put a hand on my leg and I didn't push it away so he started moving it up my leg and I didn't stop him until his hand went under my skirt and then I stopped him and told him no, not in the bar. He said we could go out to his car and I nodded a yes and we got up and went outside to the parking lot.

" We got in his car, embraced and then started necking like a couple of teenagers. He was a pretty good kisser and you know how worked up I can get with a lot of frenching. Anyway, while we were steaming up the windows he got his hand up under my skirt and started rubbing my pussy. I spread my legs for him Gary. I opened myself up for him like an easy slut and he slid two fingers into my pussy."

"Christina, are you making this up? Are you trying to tease me?"

Moment of truth time she had thought and then she raised her right hand in front of his face. "Lick my palm Gary."


"Please, just lick my hand."

He had looked at her for a second and then he had taken her hand and licked it. He made a face and then he licked it again. Tastes bitter, almost salty. What is it?"

Here goes nothing she said to herself. "Another man's sperm Gary. You have just tasted the man I was with tonight."

Gary had looked at her in amazement, "No shit? You did it? You really did it?"

"Well, kind of."

"What does that mean?"

"I didn't fuck him. All I did was give him a hand job."

"Oh wow. I can't believe it. You actually went and did it."

"He came a little quicker than I expected and I wasn't ready for it. See the cum stains here on my blouse?"

Gary looked at the egg stains and again he said, "Oh wow."

"You're not mad?"

Gary had taken her hand and had put it on the hard lump in his trousers. "Does this feel like I'm mad? After ten years you are on your way to being the 'hot wife' I've always wanted and you thought I'd be mad? Silly girl" and he had started to undress her.

It was one of the wildest nights of her life up to that time. Gary undressed her right there on the couch and went down on her. He licked and sucked at her clit and then stuck his tongue inside her and she shivered as she wondered if he would have done that had she gotten on Don's back seat and gone all the way. Gary stuck a finger in her pussy and began rubbing her G-spot and she arched up off the couch and pushed her pussy into his face. He inserted a second finger and then a third and she had moaned and then had cum.

Gary stood up and dropped his trousers, "I hope we don't stain the couch," he said as he drove his cock into her, "But I can't wait until I can get you into the bedroom."

It was a fast and furious fuck and Gary pounded her through two orgasms before he got his own and then he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. A session of sixty-nine gave her one more orgasm and Gary another erection and he lifted her legs up on his shoulders and slid into her sopping wet pussy. He slammed into her hard and fast. He fucked her with an urgency she hadn't felt in years and she had another orgasm. He kept pounding into her. It was as if knowing she had been with another man had flipped a switch somewhere inside him that turned him on and wouldn't let him shut off. He brought her to two more orgasms before he finally had his and he was about to swing into another sixty-nine when she stopped him.

"Save some for tomorrow baby. I need to get some sleep; I've got a hard day ahead of me at the office in the morning."

Gary fell next to her on the bed and she had rolled over and snuggled up to him. When her breathing had returned to normal she had said:


"What baby?"

"He wants to see me again. I gave him my number at the office and told him to call me. What should I do?"

Gary was silent for a second or two and then he said, "Fuck him." Two more seconds of silence and then he said, "I mean that literally. Fuck him and then come home and tell me about it."

The day at work she spent a lot of time looking out the window and trying to figure out what she wanted to do. No, that wasn't right, she knew what she wanted to do. It was what Gary had wanted her to do for years, but that she had been too afraid to do. She had never done it because she had always been afraid that he really wouldn't like it. Fantasy was one thing, but reality was a whole different animal. That she was going to do it was almost a foregone conclusion. Gary's reaction to the hand job story put most of her worries about him really wanting it and being able to handle it to rest. Most — but not all — so she had made a second trial run.

Two days later just before she left the house to go to work she told Gary, "Don called me at work today and asked me if I would meet him at the bar for a drink. Is that okay with you?"

"Of course it is."

"Are you absolutely sure? After the hand job he got the other night I'm sure that he is going to try and fuck me."

"Are you going to let him?"

"That's what this conversation is all about baby. The question is not whether I'm going to let him, but do you want me to let him?"

"The other night when you told me he wanted to see you again I told you to fuck him. I meant it."

"Okay sweetie, I'm trusting you on this. I may be late" and she had kissed him and headed out the door.

That night she stopped with the girls again and it was a repeat of the previous night she had stopped. Drinks and dancing, and since Don was there again, some heavy necking in his booth. She had stopped a block from the house and had squirted a liberal dose of KY Lotion into her pussy. Once in the house she had gone straight up to the bedroom. As she passed the living room she had called out to Gary:

"Better hurry baby, before all of him leaks out of me."

She had hurried into the bedroom, stripped and had crawled on the bed. She had spread her legs wide and then had watched the doorway. She remembered thinking that it was the acid test. She would know the minute he came through the door if he really wanted his fantasy to become a reality or not. She heard him coming up the steps and she braced herself for the moment of truth. She smiled in relief as Gary came through the doorway dropping clothes as he came.

"You did it? You really did it?"

She almost felt guilty at deceiving him, but she would make it up to him.

"Come on Gary, hurry baby, get your sloppy seconds while they are still fresh."

He fell on her. No foreplay, no questions, just shoved his cock into her squishy pussy and then he fucked her hard.

"Oh God, you did it, you did it," he moaned as he rammed himself into her. He was a raging bull. She came twice as he fucked her hard and when he came he didn't pull out. He held himself in her and she felt his cock start to soften and then it stopped! It was almost as if Gary willed his cock to get hard again and she felt it start to harden. She was amazed. As many times as she and Gary had had sex in the ten years of their marriage that had never happened before.

The second time was slower as Gary started out with long, slow strokes and said, "Tell me about it."

"No," she had moaned.

"Tell me Christina, I want to know."

"No. Fuck me honey, fuck me."

"Tell me Chris."

"No baby, not yet, not until you make me cum. He did. He made me cum twice. You have to make me cum; you have to earn your story."

"You bitch, you slut, you whore! I want the story."

"No!" she cried, "Not until you make me cum."

The long, slow strokes stopped as he pounded into her and she moaned and teased him.

"Fuck me hard Gary, he did. He was a bull Gary, he fucked me hard and fast. Do it Gary, hard and fast. Take your pussy back Gary. He claimed it. He owned it at the bar tonight, you have to take it back. Come on Gary, fuck me hard, take your pussy back."

She had moaned, she had cried and she had screamed as Gary rammed his hard cock into her. Her nails clawed at his back as he gave her orgasms. Sweat was dripping off him and he was breathing hard.

"Mine," he moaned, "Mine damn it, mine, mine."

"Cum for me baby" she had crooned in his ear, "Cum for me, fill your pussy baby, fill your pussy."

"Oh God" he moaned as he shoved hard into her and she felt his warmth flood her and held himself still while he drained.

When he had fallen to the bed beside her and she was lying next to him with his arms around her she made up a story about how Don had gotten her into one of the bar's storage rooms and had bent her over a stack of beer cases and had fucked her from behind. She told Gary she had turned around and sucked Don's cock until he was hard again and he had taken her a second time. To her surprise — and delight — Gary had gotten hard again as he listened to her story and he had mounted her again.

Her fears put to rest she decided to actually give him his fantasy.

She had already decided that the first man was going to be Don. He deserved something for what she had put him through with all of her teasing. She had led him on. She had let his hands wander all over her body and she had shoved her tongue down his throat a time or two. He was nice and she did like him so yes, it would be him.

But how? Should it be something leisurely, like a couple of hours in a motel or hotel? Or something a little more sordid? Gary had seemed to get turned on by her bent over the beer cases story; should she maybe try and do it for real? She quickly decided no on that. It would be way too risky. Getting caught doing it by the wrong people could be disastrous. The question that had to be answered was what would turn Gary on the most. The slow seduction or the quick and dirty. The more she thought about it the more she thought that Gary would like the quick and dirty. And for quick and dirty nothing could beat that old standby — the back seat in the parking lot.

She waited until Wednesday because that was Gary's bowling night and she didn't want him to see what she was doing. She got the pile of stories out of her top dresser drawer and looked them over. On the bottom of the pages she saw the Internet addresses of the sites the stories had come from and she sat down at the computer, pulled up one of the sites and then had gone looking. It took her almost an hour to find exactly what she was looking for and she printed the story out.

It wasn't a complicated story and that's why she had chosen it. A woman whose husband liked for her to screw other men went to a bar with her girlfriends. Some drinks and some dancing and then she had allowed a man to take her out to the parking lot. She did the man on his back seat and then went home and told her hubby all about it. She folded the pages, put them in an envelope and wrote, "Do not open until twelve noon" on the front and then placed the envelope on Gary's pillow.

She was in the basement working out on the Stairmaster when she heard Gary come home. Several minutes later she heard the shower running. It was another twenty minutes before she finished her workout and went up to take her shower and she found Gary sitting on the bed holding the envelope and looking at it.

"What's this?" he asked.

"You will know at noon tomorrow. Want your dick sucked before I take my shower?"

He did and so she did.

The next day at one Gary had called her at work. "I read what was in the envelope. What does it mean?"

"It means that I'll be home late tonight and you just read the script for what I'll be doing. You can wait up if you would like. I have to get back to work now. Bye-bye."

Then she had waited to see if he would call back and tell her no. He didn't call so after work she went to the bar with Kathy and the rest of the girls. That night she destroyed whatever image the other girls had of her as far as being a faithful wife was concerned. She sat and drank with the girls until Don came in, saw her and asked her to dance. She had moved to his booth with him and then it had gotten steamy. Their dances were lewd as he pressed his cock into her and she pushed her pussy back at him. His hands were everywhere. On her ass, on her tits, and he even slid his hand down inside the front of her skirt and rubbed her panty covered pussy.

In the booth they drank, swapped tongues and he ran a hand up her leg and she opened her legs wide to give him better access. As he slid a finger into her love hole her hand went to his fly, worked his zipper down and reached inside for his cock. It was the first cock she'd touched other than Gary's since she had said, "I do." It throbbed in her hand and she had felt so wicked to be sitting in a booth in a bar that was full of people and playing with the cock of a man who was not her husband.

She had worked Don's cock out and was stroking it when the waitress came to the table. She bent down and whispered:

"Stan has suggested that you take it outside before someone important notices what you are doing. He doesn't want to lose his liquor license."

She hadn't realized that she and Don had been so blatantly obvious. Don had put his cock away and they had gotten up to go out to the parking lot. She had stopped by the table and had handed Kathy her purse and had said, "Here, watch this for me till I get back" and she had giggled at the look on Kathy's face as she followed Don out the door.

Don's car was parked right under one of the parking lot pole lights and she had looked around and then pointed at the back of the lot where it was dark.

"Move your car down there and back in next to the Dumpster" and she had started walking that way.

Don was parked when she got there. On the way down she had thought about the bending over the beer cases story she had told Gary and she had decided to deviate from the script she had given Gary, but she didn't think he would mind when he heard about it.

Don was sitting in the car waiting for her when she got there, but she didn't get in the car. She had motioned for him to get out and when he did and he walked to the back of the car where she was he found her leaning over the trunk with her panties laying on the truck lid in front of her, her skirt up around her waist and her legs spread wide. She had smiled at him and asked:

"Why is your dick still in your pants?"

He had grinned at her and had said, "Oh my, the lady has a kinky side to her."

He stepped up behind her, pulled her ass cheeks apart and pushed the knob of his cock at her opening. She was already very wet and she pushed back at him and he slid inside her. He began pumping into her and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. She had writhed and wiggled on his cock as he slammed into her. Her hands were on the trunk lid bracing herself for his thrusts and to help her push back to meet him. She kept one eye on the back door of the bar in case anyone should come out and head their way as she urged Don on:

"That's it, fuck me, fuck me hard. Make me cum, get me off, harder, harder."

Don gave it to her hard and deep and she felt every inch of it as it slid in, slid back and then plunged all the way in again. She was near her orgasm and she moaned:

"Get me there, make me cum, get me there."

He slammed his cock hard into her and she went off like a rocket. His cock was rubbing her clit and it made her climax again and again. The she felt Don's cum gushing into her and the two of them just stood there, Don leaning against her as his cock softened.

She had wondered how she would feel after fucking another man and now she knew — she felt great! She felt so good in fact that she didn't want to quit and run on home. She didn't know if she would ever do it again so she wanted to make this time last.

She pushed herself away from the car and that caused Don to step back and his limp cock fell out of her. She had turned and knelt in front of him. She lifted his limp cock in her hand and then licked their combined juices off of it and then she took the head in her mouth and worked on it with her tongue. Soft, his cock filled her mouth and she took all of him in and sucked on him as he started to get hard again. As he grew she had to back her mouth off a little to keep from choking.

She wished Gary was there to see her giving another man head so she could look into his eyes as her lips moved back and forth. No matter, she knew he would be turned on when she got home and told him about it. Don was fully erect by then and she used her right hand to jack him off while her mouth sucked on his cock head and her left hand caressed his nuts. She felt his balls draw up tight and she knew he was ready to cum again. She pulled her mouth off of him and stood up.

"Back seat time baby" she said and the two of them had climbed in the car. She had lain down on the seat and put her right leg up on the back of the front seat and as she looked up at Don she felt just as wicked as she had felt the last time one of her high school boyfriends had taken her on a back seat. Don had knelt between her legs and was looking down at her feasting his eyes on the sight and she had smiled at him and had used her hands to pull her pussy lips apart and open herself up for him. He lined up his cock and pushed into her and her hands had grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him to her. The second time was long and very satisfying and Don gave her two more orgasms before he spent himself in her.

She was on her knees sucking Don's cock and trying to get him up again when there was a tap on the window. She had looked up and had seen Kathy looking in the window at them. She leaned over and opened up the window and Kathy had said:

"I'm leaving now so I brought you your purse" and she had handed it through the open window. After Kathy had gone and she had rolled up the window she and Don had looked at each other and had started laughing. Somehow that broke the mood and she had kissed Don, thanked him for a good time and then she had gone home to Gary.

Gary was in bed waiting for her when she got home. His cock was pointing straight up at the ceiling and she had smiled and asked:

"Is that for me?" and indeed it had been, three times.

She waited a week before she left the next "Do not open until noon" envelope on Gary's pillow. That afternoon at work every time the phone rang she picked it up expecting it to be Gary telling her "No!" When she hadn't heard form him by quitting time she had gone to the bar with the girls. As she was sipping her first margarita Kathy had asked:

"Is Don going to be here tonight?"

"I certainly hope so."

"Look, I'm glad you're having fun, but it embarrassed the hell out of me having to bring you your purse last week. Please don't do that to me tonight."

"I won't. Tonight I'm taking him home with me."

"Oh my God. What about your husband?"

"He's out of town on business for a couple of days."

"You're going to do Don on the bed you share with your husband?"

"Yep, and if I'm lucky hubby will call on the phone while Don and I are doing the nasty."

She had almost laughed when Kathy's eyes had gotten big. She didn't know why she was pulling Kathy's chain. It was probably because Kathy and the other girls (all of whom had made trips out to the parking lot) had always considered her a 'goody two-shoes' and she was enjoying bursting their bubble.

Just the Don had come in and taken a booth and she got up and joined him.

"Do you want to waste time on drinking and dancing or would you rather get right to the fucking?"

"Silly question. Take your panties off and lie down on the table."

"Right answer sweetie. Hubby is out of town on business. Follow me home" and she had gotten up and headed for the parking lot. Fifteen minutes later she had pulled into her drive with Don right behind her. He had followed her in the front door and as it closed behind them she had turned and gone to her knees in front of him. In seconds his pants were around his ankles and she had his cock in her mouth. She gave it several licks and sucks and then she had stood up and started taking off her dress as she said:

"Get naked lover and follow me."

She headed for the stairs stripping as she went. When she and Don walked into her bedroom they were both naked. She led him over to the bed, had him sit down and then she went to her knees in front of him again. She took his cock in her hand and slowly stroked it as she looked up into his eyes and then she had moved her head forward and licked it like an ice cream cone.

A side long glance showed her that the closet door was opened just a bit and she moaned and took the head of Don's cock in her mouth and licked all around it. She had one hand on Don's ass and the other cupping his balls. Her head moved back and forth as she fucked her mouth with Don's cock. When his hands went to the back of her head she pulled away from him and crawled up on the bed. She spread her legs wide and waited for him to mount her.

"Come on lover" she urged, Get over here and fuck me. Put that beautiful cock in me lover and make me scream."

She was wet, extremely wet, just from knowing that Gary was in the closet watching her be a slut for another man. Don slid easily into her and he began to slowly fuck her as she pushed her hips up at him to meet his thrusts. He began to pick up the pace a little and she lifted her legs and wrapped them around him. Two minutes into it she had her first orgasm and she cried out and her cry spurred him on. He was fucking her fast and hard and she was moaning:

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh God yes."

Her hands clawed at his back as her second orgasm swept over her. Don was close to coming and he began to ram his cock into her and she moaned:

"Yes baby, yes, cum for me, cum for me" and he shot his load deep in her cunt.

Don pulled back and rolled onto the bed beside her. He leaned on one elbow and looked into her face.

"I could fuck you forever if you would let me."

Her hand had gone to his limp dick and as she fondled it she had giggled and said, "If you could stay hard forever I would probably let you, but you keep going soft on me."

"But you always seem to be able to bring me back into a useful condition."

"Yes, I guess I do and it is something that I like to do."

She moved over him until she was in a sixty-nine and she looked toward the closet at where she thought Gary's face would be and she blew him a kiss. She lowered her head and, eyes still on the closet, she went to work on sucking her lover hard again. Her head bobbed up and down on Don's shaft as she licked and sucked. She was slurping noisily as she pictured Gary watching her be a slut.

Don grew in her mouth and she took her mouth off of him and spun around until she was poised over him. She took hold of Don's cock and guided it into her pussy. Once the head was past the lips she rammed herself down on him and took him all the way in. She began to slide up and down on his pole and she rode him like a bull rider. She bent forward so her tits swayed just above his face and he raised his head and captured the left one and with his mouth and bit at the nipple and she moaned.

Don wrapped his arms around her and rolled her over on her back. He lifted her legs up on his shoulders to get deeper penetration and then he started fucking her hard.

"Oh god yes, give it to me, give it to me" she cried. Don rammed her harder and faster and she moaned, "Oh yeah, fuck me, like that baby, fuck me hard like that."

He pounded into her hard for several minutes as she moaned and begged him to make her cum. She had two more orgasms before he grunted, "Coming, coming, I'm coming" and let loose in her. He fell to the bed beside her and she sat up and looked down at him.

"You have one more in you?"

"Probably not."

"Not even if I suck on your dick some more?"

"Well, you do have a magic mouth. I suppose we could try."

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