Would you like cream with that dessert?

by Thesandman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Masturbation, Petting, Food, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Dana chooses the perfect dessert topping to compliment her dinner

If there's one thing about my wife that I really get a kick out of, it's that no one knows the kinky little side of her like I do. Out of nowhere, Dana can come up with the wildest, craziest little ideas that can seem at first curiously bizarre. But if I have learned one thing, it's to never question or say no to those moments. They have always turned out to be some of the most erotic enjoyable experiences ever.

We'd gone out to a relatively nice restaurant for dinner one evening. Dana looked spectacular in a black low-cut evening dress that showed off a tantalizing amount of cleavage. She has beautiful breasts anyway, full, heavy, each capped with beautiful pink-tipped nipples that just beg to be sucked. And the fact Dana enjoys having them sucked, is just icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned.

We'd ordered off the menu, selected a nice Merlot to go along with dinner before and during, and were engaging in one of our favorite past-times, making one another horny as hell. I love it when Dana teases me, especially when she and I both know there isn't a whole lot we can do about it there and then, making the "later on" portion of the evening all the more enjoyable.

With the low-cut evening dress she was wearing, there were two distinct advantages to her having worn it that she was busily driving me nuts with. Between wine selections and the dinner menu, Dana had so far managed to bear enough of one breast several times that I was soon after sitting there with a major aching erection. She'd even remained sitting there for a few moments with a goodly portion of it peeking out through the deep "Y" cut of her dress so that when leaning forward as she'd done, our waiter had gotten a pretty good view of that magnificent tit himself. And though he had feigned ignorance in looking, I could see by the sudden flush in his face, not to mention the sudden attentiveness we began receiving that he too had enjoyed the show.

"Getting horny yet?"

"Fuck! Are you kidding Dana? Me and the waiter both!" I told her laughing.

She laughed, "I'll have to try and notice if he has any tell-tail bulges showing when he returns with the wine," she'd stated, which is when she casually pulled the neck of her dress just enough to fully reveal one very well rounded breast for my enjoyment as she kept a quick watchful eye on the goings on around us.

"We're safe enough for the moment," she told me. "Give it a little suck would you?" she asked.

I leaned over to do just that, feeling that hard taut little nipple rolling around inside my mouth for a few precious moments. I heard her laugh. "Company coming!"

I sat up grinning from ear to ear as she casually tucked that magnificent tit back inside her gown just as another waiter showed up to refill our water glasses, which were still full.

"I think the word must be out," I told her after he'd disappointedly glanced at the water glasses sitting on the table, hesitating only momentarily before asking us if there was anything else we might need. Like I said, Dana can be such a tease.

"Just something to suck on!" she said with a straight face, watching his eye's suddenly widen in knowing surprise as he returned a nervous laugh, finally walking away.

"Be careful what you ask for," I told her. "It wouldn't surprise me to see three, maybe even four waiters come back to the table, each one of them with their dicks sticking out so you can do just that!"

"And you'd enjoy watching me do that too wouldn't you?" she teased back as she ran her long sensual tongue over her lips, simultaneously reaching beneath the table, placing her hand on my crotch where she immediately confirmed my ever-growing arousal. "Yep... I can see by this", she said squeezing my cock, "that you probably would enjoy seeing me do that!"

I felt her hand fumble briefly with the zipper on my slacks, moments later freeing my now very hard stiff cock. Situated as we were sitting side by side in one of those horseshoe like booths made it perfect for the two of us to touch one another secretly beneath the table, all the while being able to keep a watchful eye out on the comings and goings around us.

The second nice thing about Dana's evening gown was the fact it was slit up along one side damn near to her crotch, allowing as she walked to reveal another goodly portion of that exquisitely sensual thigh of hers. But even better... it allowed me to easily slide my hand up inside that dress of hers too! I was just in the middle of fingering that deliciously wet split of hers when dinner arrived. I started to remove my hand when I felt Dana's hand placing itself on top of mine, holding it there as the waiter placed our dinners before us. To me, I think it was pretty fucking obvious where my hand was, which I was fairly certain the waiter took notice of, especially when he smiled almost knocking over one of the wine glasses.

"Oh fuck... I'm sorry!" he stammered, then he blushed and apologized profusely for swearing in front of us. Dana laughed assuring him as she did that it was ok, and then leaned forward, giving him another nice view of that precious tit. That seemed to calm him considerably, though it made me if anything even more excited.

We'd been touching, looking, and playfully fondling one another throughout dinner when the desert cart was wheeled over to us. Almost at once I knew what it was Dana would order.

"Ah, I'd like the strawberries and cream please!" she told the waitress. I went along with that because it sounded good for several reasons. I had gone back to fingering Dana's incredibly wet creamy pussy, even while being served our desserts. And I don't use that particular term loosely either. When Dana's pussy got that aroused, she truly had the juiciest flow of cunt-juice you've ever seen. Sweet, tasty and certainly more delicious than any desert topping I'd ever had.

After being served, I watched as she picked up her spoon, expecting to see her begin eating her dessert as I'd now begun to do, when her spoon disappeared briefly beneath the table instead.

"Oh fuck!" I moaned knowingly, watching Dana's eyes close briefly for a moment, knowing full well what it was that she was doing.

"Want some?"

"Are you kidding?" She knew I wouldn't be, and offered up a nice naughty spoonful of her slick pearly essence, pouring the contents onto the top of my already decadent looking desert. Then she slipped the spoon into my mouth where I could savor the balance of what hadn't poured onto my plate.

"You like?"

I felt my cock throb, twitch in answer to that, groaning and moaning out a reply anyway. "I love honey!" I told her feeling even more aroused now than I had been.

"Got some for me?" she asked.

I laughed, "Well... I'm sure that wouldn't be too hard to do," I said half-jokingly. But mine would take a few more minutes to produce.

"I can wait," she said matter-of-factly. "Besides, desert is meant to be savored, enjoyed... not rushed through!"

I sampled my desert grinning at her, then felt the cool semi-foreign feel of the spoon as she placed it along side my cock, rubbing it.

"How's that feel?"

"Naughty! Fucking naughty as hell!" I moaned as quietly as I could. Because it did! There we sat, Dana busily, playfully running the backside of her spoon up and down the length of my shaft, occasionally turning it over to actually tap the head of my cock with. Even that felt surprisingly good.

"Harder! Do that a little harder!" I whispered once again, then felt that tickling little 'thwap' as she did... repeatedly. Taking my own now available spoon, I slipped mine down between her legs where to my surprise, she'd already bunched up her dress sufficiently to just about fully expose herself. Legs spread, her pussy was about as wide open as was possible, so that running the back of my spoon up and down her wet glistening lips was about as easy as had she been laying atop the table, spread eagled in the most delicious looking desert imaginable! There we continued our play, occasionally nibbling our desert, feeding one another single strawberries, many of which I had also run up and down the length of her split with.

"I need a bit more cream though!" she proclaimed poutingly. "Think you can give me some?"

I'd been on the 'edge' as it were for quite some time now, so I knew that complying to that particular request would be easy. It was more a matter of logistics.

"Anytime you want it," I assured her. "Problem is... not sure I can promise to put it all in the spoon!"

Dana burst out laughing, causing more than one look our way in curiosity. I was half expecting another visit anyway, as we were due, but at the moment, I wasn't in the mood for any company.

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