Bacon and Eggs

by Dagmar Vega

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Tear Jerker, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Short story. A fairwell to an importand woman

The knock at the door was heavy and slow. Busy at the stove, making eggs and beacon, it took him a minute to get to the door.

When he had opened the door, he saw a view that absolutely made him question whether or not he was in the right house. The sun was setting, setting in the morning; over rolling green hills. That was not the normal suburban view of white picket fences neighborhood kids playing stick ball, neighbors mowing lawns, no this was defiantly not normal.

In his confusion he looked bewilderedly left then right up then down. He noticed almost simultaneously; two men, dressed in navy blue cover alls, walking away down the side walk, and a crate. A plain unpainted unfinished pine crate, sealed with a lid that was nailed down. He called to the men, but they just kept walking. They didn't even look back. "Damn. That is a gorgeous sunset." He thought out loud as his attention was quickly turn from the two absurd strangers that had left a box for no reason and had not the common sense to get him to sign for it. His thoughts then turned back to the fact that all of his neighbors houses had vanished. Not that he thought about it for long though because he really did not care for any of them. The men in the navy blue overalls were now walking away from his house and down the narrow walkway. He took a deep breath and the scent of wild mint and lilac filled his nose.

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