by J.C. Miller

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Slow, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Kristen danced with her professor after an honors club meeting and then spent the night. They were both pleasantly surprised by the mutual attraction, since she had been stood up by her boyfriend. Her roommate and long time occasional lover, Julie, demanded an explanation. After hearing, Julie tentatively accepted Kristen's offer to share.

Chapter 1

"Where in the hell have you been, Kristin? I was worried about you!" Julie asked me in a rather stern voice.

"I have been out," I dodged her question, after just walking into the suite at 11:00AM.

"You were wearing that same cocktail outfit when you went to the Society meeting last night. You didn't come home!"

"You're very perceptive, Julie."

"Did you spend the night with Mark?"

"Actually, no. Mark stood me up last night."

"You might as well tell me everything now. I will keep after you until you do. Where did you spend the night?"

"Come while I change and get organized." We spared no details of our lives; had no secrets.

"I was waiting around last night, helping Prof. Jacobsen clean up after the meeting, when my phone rang. Mark was calling to tell me that he had too much to drink, and he couldn't drive to come get me. His buddy had taken his keys."

"So, what else is new?"

I was getting out of last night's dress and hanging it up. I told her with disgust, "He wanted me to come over on my own and I was damned mad at him, so I just clicked him off."

"Good for you, girl!"

"I must have been yelling a little and Jacobsen asked me what was wrong. In my teary state, I told him."

"Why did he care?"

I finished hanging up my dress and slip, but I forgot that my stockings and panties were still in my purse. "I have known him for a year and he is always nice to me. He heard me out and then offered to bring me home or to take me to Mark's after we closed the meeting room and turned in the key. I had no ride, so I accepted."

"You had on panties and hose when you went out last night. So, he took you to Mark's?"

"They're in my purse. When we were in the car, he asked me for directions and I told him to bring me here. So, he did. We sat in his car for a few minutes chatting. He was trying to cheer me up."

"They're supposed to be on your body. Well, you made the right choice by coming home."

"I had no intention of putting those wet things back on my clean body. I didn't want to come in last night and he apparently was in no hurry to leave, so we talked. He asked me if that thing with Mark happened often."

"Did you tell him the truth?"

I took out my small suitcase and started putting a few things in it. "Yes, I did. Then, he looked over and said, 'You look too pretty tonight to be abandoned.'"

"I started misting again, and then he said, 'I'm going to the Colonial Club for dinner and dancing. We have a group that goes out there every week. Would you join me?'"

"That old guy just asked you for a date right there?"

"Like, I was going to the party with Mark after the meeting. There I am at this meeting of 40 people looking my best all dressed up. Everyone else was in jeans or sweats. I stood out and got lots of questions."

She leered at me, "Yes, babe, you do stand out."

"Stop that!" I put on fresh panties and started pulling up my jeans. "Maybe if I'd had my jeans on, I wouldn't have come in and dressed up, but I did look good and I did not want to waste it. So, I acted on a whim and told him I was honored to be asked and that I would love to go."

"So, you picked him up at the meeting and went right out on a date with him? Like, after he already brought you home?"

"I had to go in and fix my face right after we went to the restaurant. It was a mess from crying. Then, we went to a nice table overlooking the river and ordered dinner. I was starved. By then, it was after nine."

"What did you have?"

"I had a delicious fish in a cream sauce with all the side dishes. Their salads are outstanding. He ordered some nice wine and no one tried to card me. I'm glad I wore that dress."

"Probably thought you were his daughter!"

"Funny you should say that. When the dancing started, his regular group all got together at a larger table. Then, one of the women asked me that very question. For some reason, I was defending him, and said eagerly, 'Oh, no. This is our first date.' You should have seen the look on her face."

"So, you're on a date with this man who is easily old enough to be your father?"

I picked a thin bra and snug sweater and put them on. "He told me he would take me home any time I wanted to go. After dinner, of course. We had such a nice conversation at dinner; I had no intention of missing the dancing. 'In for a penny... '"

"What did you talk about that was so great?"

"First, we talked about school. Then, he wanted to know my career plans. After we exhausted that, we talked about recreational interests for an hour, well past the dessert and coffee."

"Sounds like you talked about you. No wonder he was interesting."

I continued to pack the bag for both indoor and outdoor possibilities. "He listens OK. We liked many of the same plays and concerts and that provided rich opportunities for discussion. Then, we talked about skiing and scuba and other fun stuff."

She arched her eyebrow in a question, "Oh, you like this guy?"

"You have good ears. When the band cranked up, we went out to dance some fast ones. We must have stayed on the floor fifteen minutes, working pretty hard. He dances well."

"What about the slow songs?"

I was gathering up my cosmetics and hair tools, "Oh, yeah! We did those, too. He whispered all kinds of nice things to me while we danced. I wasn't accustomed to being treated like a lady. It has, unfortunately, been a while."

"Did you sleep at his place?"

I had about finished getting myself together and my bag packed. Realizing that I was trapped, "I did, yes."

"Where the hell are you going, now?"

"First, I'm going to his house. Then, we're going to do something outside—like a canoe or walk in the woods. Later, we are going to dinner and to a small concert at the University. When we get back to his house, I hope I'm going to get laid."

"For God's sake. He talked you into all this on the first date?"

"Uhm. Well, while we danced, he asked me to go out with him this afternoon and evening. I accepted happily."

"OK, he now has you in a social sandwich. C'mon, how did he pop the fucking question?"

"After we danced a while, I was glowing inside and holding on to him like a life raft. He kissed me and I kissed him back good. He made me itchy. So, on the way home--he was bringing me back here—I didn't ask him to. While we were at a red light, he took my hand and looked in my eyes. I smiled at him and he said, 'I wish you would stay with me.'"

"Just casually at a stop sign, he puts this move on you?"

"Nothing casual about it. I didn't think twice. I put my eyes on him and said, 'I'd love to.' He made a U-turn and we went to his house."

"Kristen, I have never seen you like this. You are so cool about it all."

"I was liberated last night on the dance floor. Mark became a 'has been' during one of the slow dances when Julyan kissed me on my cheek and complimented me on my hair and eyes. It felt good to hear nice things. I liked his words about me."

"'Julyan, ' now, is it? Pick up where you were going to his house."

"He took me in and I admired the decoration and artwork. He furnished the place with class. We stood in the kitchen and he made us a nice drink. He kissed me sweetly and told me how happy he was that I came with him."

"He plied you with drink to seduce you?"

"It helped. I was a tad nervous. He was new to me in the man-woman role. The next kiss came with much more passion and I wanted that."

"How long between the time you went inside until he had you in his bed?"

"Maybe a half hour. I did not improve my personal best time, however. He gave me a robe, then showed me the bathroom and told me to take my time. He gave me a hanger for my dress, new toothbrush, and made me feel completely at home."

"How many robes and new toothbrushes do you suppose he has?"

"Julie, really! He turned down the bedspread. It was one of those bright red, blue, and green large patterns that looked elegant. He dimmed the lights and invited me to join him in the bed."

"You had no second thoughts or misgivings? Just hopped right in?"

"I was anxious, but it really wasn't my first time. Then I let him watch me remove my robe, gave him a show, captured his eyes, and snuggled right under the covers. By then, I felt like I belonged there."

"Kristen, this is not you. Can I believe this story?"

"Every word of it. He brought me to him and when our bodies touched, I knew I was in the right place. We kissed intensely. He said, 'I am in no hurry. I want you to be comfortable in anything we do'."

"He let you off the sex hook?"

"That was his offer. I had no intention of getting off any hook. My panties were a mess when I took them off. When he kissed me in bed, it was all that I could do to resist jumping him right then."

"This story is getting me wet and I wasn't even there!"

"He touched me slowly and deliberately and considerately and made me terribly itchy. He filled my mind with desire and I didn't know if or when he installed the condom, but he did."

"The successful seduction of Kristen became a reality for him!"

"Um, yes, but I had a hand on it, too. I wanted to be filled right then, so I guided his hard cock right to my wet orifice and he took over from there. I was through playing around."

"It was good?"

"Good, better, and best. As good as my best ever. Better than all the rest."

"That is a surprise! Never heard you say anything like that before."

"The fucking was long and good, the after action was good, and I slept like a baby. I had to pee in the night and when I came back to bed, he brought me right back into his arms and kissed me. He stroked my hair until I went back to sleep. I felt so calm and easy."

"You can't hear yourself like I can, but you sound infatuated—you are smiling and almost glowing. This morning?"

"I think I was so emotionally down last night because of Mark and he was so supportive, I felt like I was supposed to be there. This morning, he asked if I wanted to eat or play and I told him I did. He asked, 'In what order?'"

"I answered him quickly, play first, eat later. For a professor, he asks easy questions. It was a no brainer. He ate first. I thought I'd never get his head away from my pussy long enough to get him where I wanted him. You know what it feels like to be crazy for it and then you feel it all there inside moving around making you gasp. When my first stormy spasm hit, he stopped completely still with his arms around me and kissing me and just waited while he was all the way in. Then he did that irritating slow thrust again just like those old locomotives we laugh about on TV. Right then, I hated him and his parents and all teasing males in the universe, then I went off like a rocket. He's even better in the morning."

"I believe I will go with you to the next meeting of that society. Your testimonial convinces me."

"I'm not giving a warranty. Anyway, he made super omelets which we took turns feeding each other. I know it sounds blah, but I needed—I craved—simple affection like you give me. He made me feel special last night and picked it right up again this morning. He gave me a lovely quick shower and here I am."

"I am worried about you girl. Jul-yan has to be 55 or so."

"Actually, 53. Yeah, I'm worried, too. I feel so good that I fear it won't last. While he drove me home, I decided to hang with him while I can. I am officially out of circulation until this all works out."

Julie shook her head "No!" Then she shrugged her shoulders, "Listen! Your daddy used to hold you when you were hurt and skinned your knee. Did you ever want to jump him out of gratitude?"

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