Maiden of Rome2
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Fiction, Historical, White Couple, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Attia takes her mother's place as the elite woman warrior. Penelope is in her middle-age having lost her husband to cancer. She believes her daughter to be better than she ever was.

"Caesar, there is a delegate of Greek acrobats awaiting you outside. They want to put on a performance for you," Tribune Agrippa whispered into the Emperor's ear. Caligula was at the games and he was very bored by the lack of men being killed in his honor.

"Really? They've arrived early?"

"Yes Caesar, they have a new special act to show to you. No one but the acrobats has done this before. They insist that you be the first to see it."

"Well then, we shouldn't keep our guests waiting," Caligula grinned at the prospect.

Agippa led the way and the Praetoriun Guard fell in to flank the Emperor. On a signal from the Tribune Cassius, the father of the plan, the men surrounding him drew their swords in the private passage way for the Emperor and his guests. No one knew who was the first to thrust their sword into the flesh of Caligula as he received stab after stab.

"NO!" he screamed in pain. "You can't kill me, I'm a god."

"Then die as a god, Caesar," one of the Guard sneered stabbing him again.

"Agrippa, you are in this too, you must use your sword on him."

Agrippa had mixed feeling about this. He hated the Emperor but he had sworn allegiance to him. With Cassius' urging, he plunged his sword into the dead man's stomach. He grabbed a rag to wipe off the blood."

"Now we have to kill his wife and baby," Cassius said.

"What do you mean?" Agrippa argued. "She's a harmless woman and has just given birth."

"We don't want any of his seed to remain."

"I want no part of this," Agrippa said. "We agreed to kill Caligula then sack the palace for gold then leave. I think killing his wife and son is a bad mistake. You'll regret what you do!"

"Then get the hell out of here," Cassius snarled at the young man.

Agrippa turned and walked away with a few others who were against the murder of the woman and baby. The rest followed Cassius to finish the job. Agrippa headed to the new court room of the Emperor which contained a solid gold throne. He was accompanied by six others. Caligula was dead. Rome was without a head of state. There would be chaos in the streets, riots, looting, murder, and rape. The Praetoriuns couldn't deal with such a mob. Turning, he spotted a small room just off the main palace. He saw a pair of feet behind a curtain with its edge just six inches from floor. He drew his sword took it to move the curtain. He saw a frightened Claudius.

"P-p-please d-don't k-kill me," he stuttered.

"Uncle Claudius," Agrippa smiled. "What are you hiding from?"

"I-I heard about C-Caligula being s-slain. I w-was afraid."

"Of what?" Agrippa asked. Then it struck him. Here was the new Caesar! "Men," he called out. "Get in here quick." They raced in with swords drawn. "Give hail to our new Caesar."

"Claudius? You have to be joking," a man laughed.

"Not at all," Agrippa said. "He's related to Caligula. He'll make a fine Emperor," he winked at the others. "And we'll pledge our allegiance to him."

"Of course!" another exclaimed. "A new Caesar to guard. Boys, I think we don't have to sack and leave. Our new Emperor is right before us."

"I-I d-don't want t-to be Emperor," Claudius protested.

"Yes, you do," Agrippa smiled, putting an arm about the old man's shoulder. "You will be perfect. Unlike your nephew, you aren''t mean nor bloodthirsty. You are well read and behind that limp and stuttering tongue is an intelligent mind."

"I-I'm a f-fool."

"Ah you made your family think so but we of the Guard know better. I've seen you with your beautiful wife Messalina, you don't stutter then. Your limp is real but exaggerated. I think of you sitting in Caesar's seat with such a lovely wife will be good for the Empire.

"Do I have a choice?" Claudius asked without a stutter.

"I'm afraid not, Caesar. We only murdered Caligula for being the monster he was. We won't do anything but protect your life and that of your wife."

Resigned to the inevitable, Claudius became the new Emperor. By the time the Roman people learned of Caligula's death, Claudius was presented as his successor. He stood on the balcony with his wife at his side, receiving praise from the people. Claudius waved to crowd while Agrippa appeared before the Senate to tell them that Claudius was the new monarch and they had better accept it or deal with the Praetoriun Guard. Claudius had condemned Cassius and a few of his men to death, not for Caligula's demise but for the murder of the late Emperor's wife and child. Cassius pronounced a curse on Claudius then was escorted to his death.

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