Daughter's Dream; Father's Fantasy?

by Lustybear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Erica wants her daddy in the worst, and best, way. Will it happen? What will be daddy's response?

Constantly horny and with a raving hunger for sex, that was Erica. She wanted a man to give her his big hard cock and she wanted him to do it soon. But Erica didn't want just any man's cock. Sometimes that was how she felt, but today, and mostly, she wanted one man's hard cock inside her—her Daddy's.

Erica had a totally obsessive desire to have her own father, Steve, fuck her and be her lover. She had always loved her daddy, and thought he was the most wonderful man in the world. But, when she entered adolescence, she began to view her daddy differently. Erica found herself not only beginning to feel her own sexual awakening, and her body developing into that of a maturing young woman, but she also began to feel her hormones raging and her sexual thoughts turning to images of she and her daddy making love. That taboo sexual desire blossomed until it became an insistent burning in her tummy. She wanted Steve, as she now chose to call him, to fuck her and make her one of his hot sexy women, maybe his one and only woman and fuck toy. Erica was determined that one day Steve would take notice of her differently and she would get him to make love to her like he did with her mommy, and as she knew he had done with other women.

When Erica finally turned 18, she devised a plan that would lure her father into bed. She knew that there wasn't anything illegal about her daddy fucking her. The only obstacle she had to overcome was any reluctance he might have about to actually fuck his own daughter. She hoped she could make him so hot and horny for her that he would give in to her seduction and fuck her.

One Friday morning, Erica finally got the chance she was waiting for. She knew earlier in the week that her mother was going out of town for the entire weekend, and that Erica would be completely alone with her father. Erica knew the time to carry out her lascivious desires had arrived. That morning she selected the seductive clothing she would wear to tease, titillate, and seduce her gorgeous hunky father. Erica arrived home from school that afternoon and quickly showered. The lust driven girl slid her firm, ripe teenaged body into a pair of tight jeans and a curve-defining cotton top showing off the sexy contours of her athletically-honed, young womanly body. Her perpetually horny daddy would soon see how hot his little girl was. Erica's was determined that her long hoped for dream to fuck her daddy would reach its climax that weekend, finally.

When Steve came home from work that afternoon, the daughter he very much loved, and who, if he accepted the truth burning in his mind and cock he lusted for, quickly went to him and enthusiastically hugged and kissed her father in a way much different from what a daughter would typically show a daddy. She wanted him to know beyond a doubt how she felt about him, and how she wanted him to be with her. Her plan to seduce her daddy had begun.

Steve suddenly realized by his daughter's overt affection that she might be feeling some of the same lust and desire for him he had long held for his maturing daughter. He felt his cock growing hard inside his jeans. He decided to follow his daughter's lead, and his own incestuous fuck driven wet dream, and see if his desire would be rewarded.

"Erica, my sexy little girl, what's going on? Are you coming on to me?" Steve asked, as he brought his beautiful young daughter into his arms, and pulling her body firmly and tightly against his own. He could feel her rounded breasts pressing against his chest. His cock hardened rapidly in his crotch. Steve wanted his beautiful Erica to feel how she aroused him. Perhaps he might even tell if he was arousing her.

"Oh, Erica, you're so sexy, and your daddy loves you so much. I want you to be happy, baby. Tell me what you want from me," Steve gently insisted. After lifting Erica's face to his, giving her a prolonged tongue probing kiss, eliciting an obvious moan of desire from her, Steve realized he had gotten his answer. Exchanging the kiss not of a father and daughter, but of two lovers, Erica realized her daddy felt the same as she did. Her heart leaped, and her hormones raged even more fiercely as she realized her father had gotten it and that he was going to make love to her, and now, too. She wasn't going to have to wait any longer for her daddy to fuck her.

She took her Daddy's hand and placed it on her left breast. Steve could feel easily that Erica wasn't wearing a bra. He felt the sexy and firm roundness of her naked breast, and her hard aroused nipple. He firmly caressed her breast, gently but firmly teasing the nipple. Daddy then pulled Erica's T-shirt up and over her head. He was thrilled, and increasingly lust driven by the mouth-watering sight of her extended dark nipples. Erica felt dreamy, so sexy, and losing control fast. Steve, maneuvering his slutty daughter over to the couch, motioned for her to spread her firm legs, undid Erica's jeans and slipped them off of her. He discovered her naked underneath her jeans, as his child temptress was under her top. Her pussy was freshly shaved and smooth, too. Steve, now raging with lust to fuck his daughter, urged Erica down to the couch, laying her on her back, naked, open and vulnerable to him. Daddy quickly got out of his own clothes. His cock felt harder and thicker and longer than he could ever remember it being.

Standing there in front of his sexy and fuck-driven teenaged daughter, his cock now fully erect and jutting up from his crotch, he knew this fuck with his daughter was going to be one of the hottest experiences of his life. Erica, dreamily gazing up at her daddy, was so turned on by her sexy hard-cocked father that she felt the wetness oozing out of her smooth tremulous cunt. She spread her legs for her daddy, and told him that she wanted him to make love to her now.

"Daddy, I'm so horny for you. Please give me your big dick now," Erica pleaded. Steve's cock was already dripping pre-cum from his own arousal. He craved to consummate his sexual relationship with his gorgeous young daughter as much as she wanted to be filled by him.

"Baby, you're going to get just what you deserve," Steve informed her.

Steve leaned over, licking his lips up while positioned over Erica's sexy naked pussy that she had freshly shaved for him that morning. He positioned himself commandingly over her naked body, lifted one of her legs over the back of the couch, with the other spread down to the floor, and lowered himself to position his hot and horny cock at the entrance to her young wet pussy. Erica, with both sets of fingers, pulled apart her pussy lips, displaying her pink cunt interior and hole, daring her father to enter her. When the swollen head of his hard thick cock grazed the liquid arousal of her exposed pussy, he glanced up to see his moaning daughter watching with anticipation his entry into her fuck tunnel. Erica spread her legs as much as she could, even pulling her knees back to the sides of her breasts to allow her handsome daddy full access to her needy cunt. Steve looked down, and with his hand, guided the pre-cum dripping head of his cock into Erica's thirsty pussy. The avaricious daughter lifted her hips to assist her father's cock penetration of her womb's gateway. Not wanting, nor able, to wait any longer, Steve urged his cockhead farther into Erica's love canal. Entering rather easily, assisted by his daughter's copious juices, Steve paused, allowing Erica's cunt time to adjust to his rather thick rod. Erica slid down the couch a bit, trying to get her daddy's prick further into her. Feeling time was now a wasting, Steve firmly, gently but insistently probed Erica's fuck hole further. He felt her cunt walls pulling him into her previously neglected cunt.

"Daddy, fill me up. Don't tease me. I want all of you inside me," Erica cried.

"You are one hot wet girl, Erica, and I'm going to fuck you all the way," Steve promised, leaning further into his girl, and fully impaling her on his hungry fuck meat. Now, being fully mounted in his lustful daughter, daddy began slowly the in and out act of fucking his daughter she so shamelessly wanted.

Sliding his now fully slickened hard-on between her engorged lips, Steve, with every second or third outstroke, paused momentarily with the head of his purplish prick just tickling the inside of his new fuck toy's pussy.

"Daddy, you're teasing me so good. I am so hot for you," Erica confessed, while moans began to show the body-coursing pleasure that she now felt.

"Erica, I know this is your first time fucking. I want it to feel so good, and to be special. And, it feels so fucking good being inside you. You are so hot, and wet, and tight," Steve responded.

Erica's pussy indeed felt so hot and so tight around Steve's cock as he penetrated her young horny pussy. It was almost indescribably intense, hot and fulfilling for the both of them, satisfying the hunger they felt for each other for a long time. He knew she would be tight, hot and wet; he knew this would be an amazing coupling. He was so right. And, so was she.

"Oh, daddy. Fuck me, fuck me. Your hard cock feels so good. It feels so good having you like this," Erica moaned.

"Oh my God, you are such a hot wet bitch. You are making my dirty dream come true," Daddy declared.

"Daddy, it's the best dream. Make me your bitch. Take me. Take me and fuck me good and hard."

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