Boris Bewildered

by Davis

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Boris (a cat) defends his turf

Across the soft green plain, the predator stalks his prey. Ears laid back against his skull, he flexes his claws. Soon the enemy will feel their sting. The interloper would pay for invading his domain, just as all the others have. The predator seizes the chance for a surprise ambush. In a blinding rush he leaps to the attack, vicious claws spring free and sink into soft unprotected flesh.

On the couch Greg and Beth kissed passionately. Tonight was their third date. Greg had almost cheered when she invited him back to her apartment.

"Ow," Greg yelled, right into Beth's startled face. "Your cat is out to kill me."

"Leave him alone," Beth said. "Boris is a good kitty."

From across the room, where he leapt to avoid his foe's counter attack, the predator blithely stares into the invader's accusatory eyes. The predator returns to the kitchen, his chances are limited if he stays in sight.

"You don't get it," Greg said. "That little monster has declared war on me. Even worse, he's winning."

"Boris is just playing. He likes you and wants to play with you."

Greg decided to table the matter. He knew he would never get around the stubborn blindness of his cat-lover girlfriend. He pulled her forward into another kiss.

In the kitchen, the predator hears the enemy lower his defenses and continue the bizarre human sex play. He cleans a paw, biding his time. Soon will come a chance for an even greater sortie against the hated invader.

Back on the couch, Greg forgot his four-pawed nemesis, passionate kisses all he could think of. He kissed down her face to the side of her neck. Beth's moans spurred him on. Greg caressed her breasts through the fabric of her T-shirt. He pulled her shirt up over her head, revealing her lacy black bra.

This is it, Greg thought. Finally we have entered uncharted territory, as long as... the cat! Greg swung around to search for sneak attacks, and saw Boris stalk towards him.

The predator sees the enemy notice him, and retreats to the kitchen. He knows surprise is of the essence when faced with such a formidable opponent. The predator is a clever beast, wise in the art of war. He will bide his time, and strike when least expected. Soon the invader's blood will stain his claws.

Beth didn't appear to notice Greg's momentary distraction. She reached around to unclasp her bra. She pulled the shoulder straps down and slipped her arms out. Beth leaned forward to kiss him, and the bra fell away. Soft warm flesh brushed against his arm as he returned her kiss. He ran his hands down her back across her smooth skin. Then he raised his hands to her shoulders and gently pushed her back.

Beth met his eyes then looked down at herself. Instinctively he followed her gaze. Greg saw she was all he had dreamed. Light pink nipples pointed at him from the peaks of her pale flawless breasts.

"So beautiful," he said

Her creamy skin begged to be tasted. He kissed her lips again. Greg returned to nuzzle and kiss the side of her neck. Beth gasped and writhed. He kissed her shoulder, collar, and between her breasts. He returned to her lips to steal a kiss, and then after a soft flick with his tongue, he took her nipple in his mouth.

Beth hugged Greg's head against her breast. Her soft moans drove him to suck, then softly bite. He noticed a flash of grey fur out of the corner of his eye.

The predator advances on his distracted enemy. He crouches low to the floor. His tail twitches in sharp jerks as he sets himself to pounce. The sudden movement is his only warning. A well-aimed pillow smashes into his head, tumbling him across the room. The predator retreats to the kitchen to avoid further attack.

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