Krystal's Baby

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He was so happy he was going to be a daddy until...

They say that love conquers all, but they (whoever they are) are full of shit. It doesn't matter how much you love somebody, there is always something that you just can't let slide.

I came home from work one day to find my wife in a very good mood and looking positively radiant. "Guess what lover? You are going to be a daddy."

"That was quick. We only decided to have a child six weeks ago."

"I guess you are just one potent guy lover. I missed my period and I've been checking myself weekly and last Thursday the stick turned blue. I went to the doctor this morning and the stick didn't lie. You are going to be a daddy."

In the coming months as Krystal's belly grew in size she also grew more sexually aroused. She looked sexier too. She gave off an Earth Mother aura - everything about her screamed "Come fuck me" - and we fucked like rabbits right up to the day the doctor said should be our last. The contractions started, her water broke and I rushed her to the hospital. I paced in the waiting room wondering if it was going to be a girl or a boy. We'd had an ultrasound done to determine if the baby was all right, had all of it's fingers and toes, but we told them not to tell us the baby's sex because we wanted it to be a surprise.

Five hours after I had delivered Krystal to the hospital a nurse came into the waiting room and looked around. She seemed confused since I was the only one she saw, "Was there a Mr. Williams here earlier?"

"I'm Bobby Williams."

She looked down at the chart in her hand, "Is your wife's name Krystal?"


"Oh my" she said as she turned around and hurried away. Ten minutes later Dr. Thompson came out to see me. He had been my family's doctor for over twenty years and he had been the one to deliver the baby. "Bobby, I wish I didn't have to be the one to tell you this, but there is a problem - a major problem."

"What's wrong Doc?" Is Krystal all right? Is the baby okay?"

"Both mother and baby are fine Bobby. The problem is that you are not the father of the child."

"I'm not what?"

"You are not the father of the baby. The father of the child that Krystal just gave birth to is black."

"No, that can't be, you must have gotten the babies switched somehow."

"I wish I was mistaken Bobby, but I was there when the baby came out. I cut the cord. I'm sorry Bobby, the baby is black."

I still didn't believe him. There had to be a mistake, there just had to be. It was another two hours before they let me see Krystal. When I walked into the room she turned her face away from me and started crying. I was moving to the bed to comfort her when the nurse came in carrying a bundle. She was all bubbly and cooing at the baby and she said, "Here she is Mrs. Williams" and she handed the bundle to Krystal. As Krystal took the baby the blanket fell away and there was no longer any doubt - the baby was black! I turned and left the room.

They released Krystal and the baby two days later and I have no idea who picked her up at the hospital and took her to the house, I just know it wasn't me. Krystal was at the house when I got home and when I walked into the kitchen she was sitting at the table feeding the baby. I almost tossed my cookies when I saw that black face stuck to my wife's white tit. Krystal looked up at me and started to say something, but I threw up my hand, "I don't want to hear it. I don't care what it is, I do not want to hear it." I went to the fridge, grabbed a couple bottles of beer and then went out to my workshop in the garage.

I was boxing up tools and everything else that I wanted to take with me when Krystal opened the door to the garage and told me that dinner was ready. I told her I wasn't hungry and kept on with what I was doing. I had already cleaned out my closet and dresser and had everything I planned on taking with me stacked in boxes by the garage door. As soon as I was done in the garage I would load everything up and get the hell out of Dodge. Twenty minutes later Krystal came out into the garage, "What are you doing Bobby?"

"I'm packing."

"We have to talk Bobby."

"You got nothing to say that I need or want to hear. That thing you had sucking on your tit said it all."

"She's not a 'thing' Bobby, she a lovely baby girl."

"You know what I'm saying Krystal."

"Please Bobby, can we talk? Can I at least tell you what happened?"

"No Krystal, you can't. It is all too obvious what happened and I have absolutely no interest in knowing how it happened. You got yourself bred by a nigger and he's the one you need to be talking to because I sure as hell won't be paying the bills around here anymore."

"Bobby please, let me talk, I'm begging you."

"Okay, start talking. I'll listen to whatever you have to say until I'm done packing and that's it."

"Please don't be this way Bobby. I love you, you know I do."

I looked at my watch, "I figure that I'll be done in about forty-five minutes Krystal. If you want to talk you better get started."

Krystal worked as a secretary/bookkeeper/file clerk at the local mill. The office help at the mill is mostly white and the work force is mostly black. Krystal was really good friends with Cindy who worked in the office with her. The two of them had gone to high school together and they were pretty close. Cindy was always a little on the wild side and she had the reputation as an easy piece of ass. When she started working at the mill she started dating some of the blacks that worked there and in no time she had a reputation as a nigger lover. White guys stopped having anything to do with her and Cindy could have cared less. She had all the cock she needed even if it was black.

Before long Cindy was working on Krystal to go out on double dates with her. Krystal always said no, that she wasn't interested, but Cindy kept working on her. Even after Krystal and I had gotten married Cindy kept after her to go out on dates when I was out of town. Several times she had even set up situations to try and entice Krystal. One night when I was out of town Krystal and Cindy went out to dinner. Cindy asked Krystal to stop for a drink on the way home from the restaurant and they hadn't been at their table five minutes when the black guy Cindy was dating "just happened" to show up with a buddy. The girls had a few drinks and Krystal had even danced with the guys, but when one of them had tried to kiss her she had gone back to the table and told Cindy that it was time to leave. One day Cindy had even told Krystal that she owed it to herself to fuck a black man at least once just for the experience.

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