A New Beginning: Bree's Story

by DG Hear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Humiliation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After two divorces, Bree tries again for a new love and also revenge against the men who caused her second marriage.

My thanks to 'LadyCibelle' and 'Techsan' The two editors who stick by me and make my writing readable.

I wrote a story 'A New Beginning' about a wife who was cheated on by her first husband and then made a mistake and cheated herself on her second husband. Lots of mistakes were made. To find out the whole story you will have to read 'A New Beginning.' This one is a stand alone story. I will give you a little insight as to what happened to Bree and then will see where her life went from there.

Bree Begins:

My first husband was always working late. He worked in an office downtown and said he had to put in the long hours to get ahead. I would complain but he always said he was doing it for us. He called again and said that he would be working over a couple of hours and not to hold dinner for him. I felt sorry for him and decided to pick up something for him at a quicky restaurant and take it to him.

I walked in with a dinner for him. As I approached his office door, I saw he had his secretary bent over the desk with her skirt up on her back with no panties in sight. He was plowing her with everything he had. They were making so much noise that they didn't see me walk in. He exploded into his secretary and then turned around and saw me.

Too late for any excuses, I screamed that he need not come home. He could stay with his slut. I would be at the divorce lawyer's office the following day. We had only been married for two years at the time. I took him financially for all I could get. I remember saying, if I had to do it all over, I would have picked up some guy and fucked him in front of him to get revenge. I guess I felt cheated by not getting my revenge.

I started dating again but was leery of most guys. Then I met Jack.

We met about fifteen years ago. Jack and his friends went to the local nightclubs. That seemed to be the place where the people met. I ran into Jack there. We hooked up pretty quickly and spent most of our time together.

Our life was good together or at least seemed to be. Jack was a personnel manager at one of the larger factories. I had a good job as a department head in one of the local department stores. Our life looked like it was going somewhere and was very satisfying. We didn't have any kids, not that we didn't want any, but it just hadn't happened. Jack's friends were jokesters, always pulling pranks. His friends would always try and get my goat. They would say what a pussy hound Jack used to be. I told them that was before he met me and that now his life was changed.

One time I got a little aggravated. I told his friends that if he ever cheated on me I would get even. I remember Jack saying I never had to worry about that because he had no intention of ever cheating on me and that he loved me too much.

It was about two weeks later that his buddies thought they would have a little fun with me. One of them took his girlfriend up to Jack's office while another one of his friends called me and asked me if I would bring Jack a dinner. He would be working late. The whole idea was when I walked in the office I would think it was Jack humping a woman when it would have really been his buddy with his girlfriend. Once I saw who it was everyone would have a big laugh at my expense. They didn't know that was the exact circumstances of my first divorce.

Jack had told me earlier in the week that he had a dinner appointment with his bosses, who were all involved in the latest contract negotiations. I guess I forgot about his meeting since he had so many of them. It wasn't that important to know anyway, he always had meeting.

Well, I showed up with some Chinese food and was headed to Jack's office. Bill, one of Jack's friends had his girlfriend over Jack's desk plowing her fields. I heard the sounds as I got closer to the door. I could see a man fucking a woman through the window. Of course I thought it was Jack since it was his office. I didn't go any further, I just dropped the food right there on the floor and headed out the door crying. I guess Jack's friends ran after me but didn't catch up to me in time as I got in my car and sped off.

I was horrified and not in my right mind. I went to the first bar I came to, a real dump and ordered a drink. Some guy, a complete stranger, came up to me and asked if I wanted company. I was crying at the time. Then I made the biggest mistake of my entire life. I decided to get revenge on Jack - this time I was going to get even. I took this complete stranger home to my house and fucked him. This time I was going to get my revenge. God, how stupid could I have been! I mean there was absolutely no excuse for my actions. I was totally enraged with Jack.

I let this complete stranger take me out of revenge. How stupid can a woman be? I heard the phone ringing but wasn't going to answer it. I wanted Jack to find me fucking another man to extract my revenge on him.

Jack showed up a few minutes later. What he saw was a stranger between my legs humping me for all he was worth.

When Jack entered the room, he looked at me and I asked him, "How does it feel, you cheating bastard?"

At that point, Jack's friends came into the room and saw me spread eagled with this stranger I had picked up.

Jack turned around and walked out. His friends tried to stop him but he kept going.

Here's what happened after Jack left.

They all stood there wondering what had happened. At about the same time the stranger pumped his load into me.

He got up and told me, "Anytime you want to get even again, lovely lady, give me a call."

He left me a card and smiled at them as he walked past them.

I looked at them and said, "Where the fuck is Jack? I want to know his fucking response. I told him if her ever cheated on me I would do the same. Where the fuck is he?"

Jim spoke first, "He left, Bree. He walked out the door. The reason we are all here was to tell you that Jack didn't fuck anyone."

"Bullshit! He did, too. I saw him, in his office, fucking some woman."

Barb spoke, "It was me, Bree. I was having sex with Bill. God, I'm so sorry. We were just playing a little joke on you and Jack. You ran out so fast we weren't able to catch you. We called Jack and told him and waited for him to get back to the office. He asked us all to come over here and apologize to you. That's why we're here."

"Joke? What fucking kind of a sick joke is that? You probably ruined my marriage. What kind of friend would even do that? Where was Jack then, if he wasn't there?"

Jim spoke, "He had that contract dinner meeting with his bosses. Remember, he told you about it the other day when we were all together."

I started crying and told them all to get out. They tried to explain further but I told them I didn't ever want to see any of them again. I was so fucking stupid. All I could think of was revenge. God, would Jack be able to forgive me?

I kept trying to call Jack. I had to apologize. I had to tell him the truth. Finally Jack answered his phone. I guess he figured I wouldn't stop calling till he did. I kept telling him how sorry I was and asked him to forgive me. It was one big giant mistake. It was his friends' fault.

Jack finally talked to me, "Bree, you took a strange man into our marital bed within an hour of thinking I did something that I promised you I would not do. Our marriage is over. If that's the full extent of trust you have in me, it's not enough. I want nothing more to do with you. I loved you. I guess I always will have feelings for you. You don't just fall out of love with someone. At the same time, Bree, I hate you. I hate what you've done to our marriage. By the way, your stranger friend didn't even wear protection. I hope you didn't catch an STD or maybe even get pregnant. Don't call me again. You can talk with Sally, my lawyer, about the distribution of assets."

I did see a doctor and took a morning after pill. I was at least glad for that. I made the biggest mistake of my entire life. I lost the man I loved all due to his friends playing pranks. Jack told me that he could never forgive me; it was just too much to ask. Over time I was able to put my life back together without him but I know that it would be something I'd never ever forget.

I was working at the department store when I received more bad news. They were closing all our stores. Now I would be out of a job too. Damn my life really sucked. I befriended our personnel gal who tried to help her employees out. She took resumes of those she thought were better workers and said she would vouch for us whenever we had an interview anywhere. She really tried hard for us but was losing her job too. The two of us became friends, not buddy buddy but friends. I didn't know much about her personal life and I sure as hell wasn't going to tell her what a fuck up I was.

About a month after our store closed and everyone was unemployed we all got a letter from Jen, our old personnel manager. She had gotten a job as an assistant human resource person at a major plant in our area. Since it was a union plant and our department store was also a union employee store she got them to interview all her recommendations for jobs. I was one of the people who was interviewed. I was really happy but was a little worried about my chances of getting hired. I didn't tell Jen but her boss was my ex-husband, Jack.

When I went in for the interview she introduced me to Jack, my ex. Talk about someone seeing a ghost, it was Jack. He was totally flustered. Then I found out the real reason why. I thought it was seeing me but that was only part of it. You see, he was engaged to marry Jen.

Quite a mess if I must say so. Jen told me later that she and Jack talked it over and they were going to hire me but if I had any business in the human resource office I was to deal with her. I had no problem with that, I needed a job and this was really a good opportunity. Good job with high wages.

Jen and Jack were going to get married and Jen did invite me to the wedding. No way could I have ever gone. I lost Jack and being around him was not in my best interest. I was angry that he did make up with his friends. The same ones who pulled the prank and helped cause our divorce. Don't get me wrong; what I did was totally wrong, picking up a stranger to get even was wrong, totally wrong, I'll admit it, but I do blame his friends for starting the whole damn thing. I would love to get revenge, not on Jack but on Bill and Jim, the two who set up the prank in the first place and help ruin my life. I couldn't see any way to set them up and eventually dismissed the idea.

A few months had gone by since I started my new job. I even got to a point where I said hi to Jack when I saw him. I didn't have a lot of reason to go to personnel but when I did I almost always talked to Jen. We were still friends but not in a close way. The best way to explain it is we didn't hang out together but I do consider her a friend who went out of her way to help me find work. I respect her for that and I do wish her and Jack the best. They are two nice people.

I went on with my life. I was careful when dating. After all I already had two failed marriages. I told myself to take it easy. I hung out with a few of the single and divorced girls from work. I guess we all had a lot in common. Then I met Matthew. God, what a hunk. He came over and asked me to dance. I kept telling myself 'slow and easy' don't rush in to anything.

Matthew was divorced and had two children who lived with his ex-wife. We started dating and he started telling me about himself. He was a cop - yes, a police officer. He had been on the force going on fifteen years. Tall, good looking, muscular, most women's wet dream. I asked him what caused his divorce and he told me his ex couldn't handle his line of work. She was either scared for him or jealous of his job. Whenever he left for work she worried about him. Worried that he might not come home. Then when he had a bust, he dealt with the women of the street as he liked to call them. Everything from hookers to muggers. He laughed when he told me about them. He said he also had to deal with the men of the street too.

I told him a little about myself but didn't delve too deep. I didn't want to scare him away. We went out fairly often. We were two grown adults so if you are wondering, we did have sex. It was good but I had a tendency to hold back. I was afraid of falling in love again.

After dating a few months he wanted to know more about me. I told him I would tell him more when I felt more comfortable with him. I'm not sure he understood but was nice enough to tell me he didn't want to pressure me into anything but he thought he might be falling in love. He said he knew he was in lust. I didn't want to admit it but I felt the same way about him.

We went to the club where our whole group hung out. A few of the gals had dates and I was with Matt. As we were dancing I thought about Matt and what a wonderful guy he was. I was afraid when I told him about my past, I might lose him. Then I looked up and saw Bill and Jim with a couple of bimbos. When I say bimbos I mean it. I figured the way they were acting that their bust size exceeded their IQs.

I got real nervous when they saw me. This was the first time I saw them this close since my marriage ended. I was scared and started shaking. Matt held me tight and asked me what the problem was. I looked up and saw Jim and Bill telling their dates something they found funny and pointed in my direction. Then they were smirking and grinning at me. God how I hated them and now they were probably going to try and ruin my life again. I felt tears come to my eyes thinking it was all over for me when Matt said, "Honey, what's the matter? I've never seen you like this and it's worrying me."

"Matt, I made some really terrible mistakes in my life that I have been afraid to tell you and now the mistakes are going to take you from me. I'm so sorry."

"Rubbish, Bree, I really care for you and whatever you did we can work it out. I'm a cop and I've seen things in my life that were horrific that I had to live with after seeing. I know if you give me a chance and be honest with me we can work it out. Now let's go sit down and you can tell me this horrible thing that you have done."

"Matt, I've been married and divorced twice. I know I told you that my first husband cheated on me and when I found him screwing his secretary, I asked for a divorce. What I never explained to you was my second marriage and divorce."

I went on to tell him about picking up a stranger to get revenge and all the time my husband was innocent of any wrongdoing. I then told him about Bill and Jim who were watching us and laughing. They had said it was a prank and their prank along with my stupidity ruined my life. I told Matt that I would understand if he never wanted to be with me again. I tried to tell him between tears that I was not a whore or a slut. I was a woman who carried a bad grudge and let it get out of hand.

Matt looked at me and took my hand. "Bree, I know that was hard for you to tell me. You have to know by now that I really care for you. Time will tell if it's love that I feel. I can take all your past, let's call it indiscretion, as long as it is your past. Always tell me the truth and I know we can work it out. I feel some real hostility in you against these two men. I can feel it killing you inside. Do you want to tell me about it now or would you like for me to go talk to them right now and get this shit straightened out?"

"Oh, my God, Matt, please don't speak with them. I hate what they did to my marriage and have always wanted to get revenge on them. I'm afraid that if I did anything that it would backfire and ruin my life even more. Since I met you I thought my life was finally getting back on track."

"Bree, do you trust me?"

"Yes, of course, Matt. I trust you."

"I mean really trust me. Do you want me to help you settle an old score?"

"God, Matt, I don't know. I don't want to get you involved with my problems. But yes I would trust you with my life. What are you saying, Matt? You're an innocent person in all this. I would hate to involve you. It wasn't only hurting them I wanted as a revenge but to let them know how it feels to be ridiculed."

"Bree, If you're involved, that involves me. You can't try to do everything alone, Bree. If you're my woman, and you have to tell me you are, I will help you get your revenge."

"I really care for you, Matt, and I want to be your woman, I truly do but I don't want to see you hurt. The last thing I would want to do is hurt you, honest, Matt."

"Okay, Bree, just be my woman and together we will overcome any problems you have but I'll tell you right now you have to have total trust in me, no exceptions."

"Matt, I'll do whatever you ask but please don't cheat on me or hurt me. I don't think I could live through it again especially since I'm putting all my trust in you."

"With God as my witness, I promise never to cheat on you or hurt you, Bree. I want you to know if someone hurts you in anyway that they hurt me also. I protect and serve for a living and there is no one I want to protect and serve more than you, Bree."

I had tears in my eyes as we kissed and kissed again. We got up and danced and I held my new man close to me. I was already beginning to feel protected. Maybe life is done biting me in the butt.

We continued dating and I felt free of a burden. I had laid all my cards on the line and Matt still accepted me. I was a much happier person. Matt promised me that he would keep me informed of any activities that he was involved in that could possibly get misconstrued. He said he wanted and needed my trust if we were to make it. I came to trust him completely. I couldn't believe I could trust a man again but Matt was an exception. He always kept his promises to me.

If you are thinking he was going to cheat on me and try some shit with me, you are wrong. He was the nicest and sweetest man I have ever met. He always puts me first and does his best to ease my mind when he had to deal with discreet individuals.

About mid-week Matt showed up with his two kids, Mike and Michelle. They were twins. Beautiful looking kids. I think they were twelve years old. They were so respectable but yet pre-teen. Matt said they were all headed off for pizza and wanted to know if I wanted to join them. He said the kids wanted to meet me. We had our pizza and the kids told me about their likes and dislikes. They said their mom got remarried to an accountant. He was a nice man and treated them good. But he wasn't dad. They loved their father. I remember Mike saying, "If dad loves you, it's ok with us. What should we call you?"

"Mike, Bree would be fine with me or whatever you feel comfortable with."

Michelle looked at me and said, "Bree, you're beautiful. I can see why dad loves you. Me and Mike are so glad daddy found someone. Especially someone as pretty as you."

"Michelle, you're a lovely young lady and someday you will be a beautiful woman. Even though you are beautiful on the outside make sure you stay as beautiful on the inside."

Michelle came over and hugged me. It brought tears to my eyes. Matt was right when he told me I would love his kids.

One night Matt told me he had to go meet a few very special friends and he wanted me to know in case someone saw him with the women. I asked him if he could explain it further and he said the less I knew the better it would be for me. He wanted to make sure that I knew he wasn't having sex with these women, it was a down and dirty business. It also wasn't part of his job duties but he was doing a favor for a very special friend. I knew then that he never forgot his promise to help me.

I couldn't believe how I trusted Matt. He was turning out to be a very special person in my life. He asked me to go out again on Saturday. He wanted to go back to where he figured Bill and Jim would be. We went with two other couples from work.

As we sat down, I was approached by an old friend with whom I cut ties. It was Barb, the woman who was fucking Bill that awful night. Barb approached our table and asked if she could speak with me. I wasn't sure what to say until Matt told me I should listen to what she had to say. So I told Barb she would have to say it to both me and Matt. I kept no secrets from him. The three of us excused ourselves for a few minutes from the others and sat at another table. It was still early and the lounge wasn't jumping yet.

Barb apologized again to me saying she wasn't really in on the setup. Yes, she participated but only as a horny woman. They didn't tell her till later after I had walked out the whole story. Even then it wasn't the total truth. She said that they, Bill and Jim, were always somewhat jealous of Jack. They pulled the most pranks on him for that reason.

She said when she found out that the two of them weren't really sorry for what they did that she slapped Bill's face and walked out on him. She hasn't dated either one of them since. She did say the thought of them made her sick to her stomach. Again she apologized and had tears in her eyes. She really did want my forgiveness and friendship.

No one was a better judge of people than Matt. I looked over at him and he smiled and nodded. It was his way of telling me that Barb was being honest with me. I turned back to her and gave her a hug and told her I forgave her. She said she had just arrived with her steady beau. They were pretty serious about each other and asked if they could join our group for the night. I told her of course and she waved to a nice looking man and then I introduced Barb and her boyfriend to everyone including Matt.

We were all having a great time and enjoying our friendship. We were a group that trusted each other. Barb told us to look at what just came in. We saw these three women who came in together. They were rather hard to explain. They were knockouts but at the same time sluttish. They were on the loud side but yet they made you look at them. Of course some of the single men or at least those who weren't with women that night started hitting on them.

The gals accepted the drinks but played a cool game. They couldn't have been hookers because we could see that they weren't looking for Johns. Our little group had to admit that the three women were interesting to watch. When they danced they were sexy but if a guy put his hands in the wrong place he was reprimanded like a kid. These gals were different. A cross between a cop, a hooker, and a teacher all rolled into one.

I watched Matt looking at the girls and I could see they smiled at him. A slight sting of jealousy struck me but I was able to control it. Matt leaned over and kissed me and then whispered in my ears so no one else could here, "You're my woman, always remember that. Those three woman are my friends. Enough said." They he took me by the hand and we headed to the dance floor.

As Matt and I were dancing I remember him telling me I did the right thing with Barb. She was used also but not to the degree I was. Barb and I were friends for a number of years. She was a nurse at the local hospital. She always chose to work in the emergency room because she said it was such a fast paced environment. I remember her telling me that was how she became as wild as she was. She said the juices flowed with the blood pumping hard all day and she went out to help slow things down.

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