Fifty Grand

by Patricia51

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Blackmail, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Blackmailers' make a wife an offer; sex with the three of them or prison. But things have a habit of never working out quite like you plan them.

"Yeah, suck it good slut," Ed Cooper, a fat untidy man about fifty laughed nastily. His fingers were locked in the hair of the young woman kneeling before him. His protuberant belly jiggled and all but rested on the top of her head as she sucked his cock.

The laughter was matched by sniggers and cat-calls from the other two men in the room. Alfred Ridgeway was sprawled on the bed. In some ways he was the opposite of Ed. He was short and so skinny that "Scrawny" was the only word that fit him. He was stroking his own cock, that from its wet appearance he was attempting to arouse for a second time. The third member of the trio, Brian Larsen, could have almost passed for handsome, had it not been for the self-satisfied, evil expression on his face. He stood behind the slender woman, his hands on his hips.

"C'mon, c'mon, Ed," the standing man urged. "Shit, she probably doesn't even know she's got a cock in her mouth with your little wizzer in there. Let's put her up on the bed. I want some of that tight ass again. I'm going to show her a real man."

Ed responded by grabbing the back of the woman's head and ramming his hips forward. She gagged and tried to pull away. He held her roughly as he responded to the other's taunt. "See that? Bitch can't hardly handle ol' Ed's horse cock. But shit, why should I be greedy? The afternoon's passing in a hurry." He stepped back, pulling his cock from the woman's mouth. "Get up on the bed," he commanded. The woman crawled to and then up on the bed without a word.

The woman was a complete contrast to the three men. She was blonde and in her middle twenties. Slender and athletic looking, she would have been extremely attractive had it not been for the mixture of sweat and cum streaking her body, combined with the almost continuous tears running down her face. She was completely nude, save for the gold rings on her left hand.

Brian walked to the bed. Almost casually he grabbed one ankle, pulled to woman over on her side and drug her along the mussed sheets. He lifted her leg and grunted.

"Here, Alfred. With her on the corner of the bed like this, you can do her cunt while I fuck her ass. She can keep blowing Ed." Suiting his actions to his words, he squatted enough to rub his cock between the woman's ass cheeks. Alfred didn't have to stoop at all as he prepared to enter her from the other side. They gave each other "mean little boy" grins and both pushed at the same time.

There was a strangled scream from the woman and a bellow from Ed. "Damn it! Count down or something would you? She nearly bit my cock off when you did that." He grabbed the woman's hair and twisted until her tear-streaked face looked up at him. "Do that again bitch and I'll slap the shit out of you." She nodded dumbly. He let go of her hair and she took his cock in her mouth again, her body shaking as the other two men continued to pin her between them as they thrust into her.

Eventually, one by one, each of the men came, emptying themselves into the woman. If she also had an orgasm, it went unnoticed. It wasn't as if any of the guys cared about that, not with her, not with any woman they had been with. Once they were satiated, they each pulled out and sat or lay down around the room.

Brian stretched out on the bed, bumping Ed to one of the chairs. He looked at the woman, dripping in cum, and his lip curled in disgust.

"God, MRS. Dexter, you are a fucking mess. You better clean up before you get out of here or everyone in this hotel will know what a slut you are. Of course, that's what you are, but why broadcast it?" He laughed at his own wit.

The woman gathered her clothing and staggered into the bathroom, closing the door. The shower ran for a few minutes and then she reappeared, dressed but with her hair still wet.

"Can I go now?" She asked. They were the first words she had uttered all afternoon.

Brian waved his hand as though he was the Lord of the Manor. "Get out of here."

She snatched up her purse and shoes, backing up to the door as though afraid her being released was only another cruel joke on their part. "You'll do what you promised? You'll destroy that evidence you made up?"

Not even Brian could completely resist the pleading look in the woman's eyes. "Yes, I'll delete the entire file of your 'embezzlement'. But," he looked at her through narrowed eyes, "You try to make anything of our little love fest afternoon and I swear you'll end up in jail. Now get the fuck out of here." He didn't bother to consult with Ed and Alfred. He was the one in charge and all knew it.

The woman quickly opened the door and slipped through it, hastily closing it behind her. As soon as she was gone, the others spoke up.

"Why let her go?" inquired Alfred of Brian. "I mean 'for good'. We could have her back and have fun with her again and again."

"Yeah," chimed in Ed. "She gives some good head. I'd like to have that pretty mouth around my cock any day."

"Two reasons," Brian replied as the trio began to dress and collect their things from the room. "First and foremost, we don't want her to become desperate. The longer we keep her on a string, the more likely she would be to have a crushing attack of conscious and tell her husband, or decide what we're doing to her is no worse than going to prison and go to the police. And hell, its not like the set-up we arranged of her stealing that fifty thousand dollars would stand up under the scrutiny of a CPA or someone like an IRS auditor. I don't know about you two, but I'm too young and handsome to go to jail."

"That makes sense," agreed Ed. "What's the second reason?"

"Secondly," chuckled Brian, "There's plenty more fish in the sea. We'll fuck not just her," he waved towards the closed door to the hall, "but lots more like her."

"I like it," sniggered Ed.

"Me too," said Alfred. "Got any ideas? Man this was fun today."

"Not right now, but I'll find someone."

Two months went by and Ed and Alfred were getting impatient. After all, neither one was much of a ladies man, no matter how much they liked to pretend different. Brian was the closest to being actually attractive, but his near good looks were marred by the extraordinarily high regard he had for himself. A regard, that really had no basis in reality.

Then one day Brian had the other two meet him for lunch at the company cafeteria. He expansively let them buy him lunch before winking at them and motioning them to all put their heads together.

"I've got one," he announced. "And she's a perfect candidate."

"Who is it?"

"Don't be obvious by looking. She's sitting behind me, about three tables back."

"Which one?"

"The black haired girl. Her name is Sara Burroughs."

"She's cute." Ed appraised the woman. Dark-haired with a slender, attractive figure, her face was pretty without being gorgeous, although the serious expression she wore seemed to reduce her appeal a bit. Ed thought of seeing her sprawled on the bed in a hotel room and his groin reacted as though she was actually there already. "You think she's a good target?"

"Oh yeah," smiled Brian. "She just moved here, she's married and she works in the accounts payable department. I checked, she can use a computer but she's not that savvy about them. She'll never figure out how we set her up."

"No worries from the husband?" Inquired Alfred.

Brian snorted. "Hell, with the one she's got, she might just jump into bed with us of her own accord. Meet me at the main entrance at quitting time and you'll see."

At five o'clock the three conspirators were outside the main entrance to the office building. With open briefcases set on one of the stone tables, they were pretending to go over some work.

"Here she comes," said Ed out of the corner of his mouth. The guys looked her over, noting that she seemed to have a definite bounce in her step, and that her hips moved enticingly.

Brian snickered. "And here he comes." Eyes turned towards the man who got out of a rather beat up Ford LTD.

"Oh yeah, what a wimp," Alfred commented, blissfully unaware of the fact that his two friends considered him to be to be one himself. The guy did definitely look like someone who had manage to combine the worst features of Alfred and Ed together. He was reasonably tall, but so stoop shouldered he appeared shorter. His shirt strained from the rolls of fat around his waist and his thick glasses made him look pop-eyed. "Yeah, he won't give us any trouble, no matter what."

Brian frowned. "Just remember, the objective is to have her and never let him find out about it. You never know when some guy might lose it and show up with a gun."

The others agreed. Brian ran the show after all. Brian would be the one who got her in their web. And, although Ed and Alfred didn't know it, Brian was going to try a shot at Sara and if it succeeded, the others would be regretfully informed that she seemed to not be quite right for what they wanted. He'd think of something. After all, he did all the work, damn it. The others just showed up to fuck the slut.

He waited a week and then, under the guise of going over some statements, he asked Sara to his office one afternoon.

"Mrs. Burroughs," he boomed expansively. "I understand that you're doing a bang up job for us."

The dark haired woman looked surprised, but pleased. "Why thank you very much, Mr. Larsen."

"Please, call me Brian," he interrupted suavely. "Please, have a seat."

"Thank you again." Sara sat down, carefully crossed her ankles and tucked her skirt around her legs.

Brian made himself comfortable, leaning against the edge of the desk. He launched into his prepared spiel about looking for good help and how he was a rising star in the company and wanted to find good people he could depend on to give their all for him, and the company. He mentioned the great rewards that would accrue to those who helped him. As casually as he could, he rose and walked about the room. He stopped immediately behind Sara, who twisted and turned as she attempted to follow his movements.

He placed his hands on Sara's shoulders and began to gently massage them.

"Of course, there would be all kinds of rewards, especially for someone who was willing to provide 'special services'."

"Mr. Larson, Brian!" Sara shot up out of her chair. "I have to tell you that what you're proposing sounds very much like you're asking me to have sex with you! I'm married! And your suggestion is not only inappropriate but its completely in defiance of company regulations."

Brian shrugged mentally, even as he flushed. Fall back to plan two. Anyway, he'd like taking some of that self-righteous attitude out of her. He walked to his desk and pressed button that buzzed in the outer office. On cue, the door opened and Ed and Alfred entered, closing the door behind them and locking it.

"What is this?" Sara gasped, retreating to the wall and looking back and forth from Brian to the others. "I'll scream!"

"Oh no you won't, Mrs. Burroughs." Brian waggled his finger at the scared woman. "You speak of company regulations, and yet here you are, STEALING from the company."

"Stealing?. What do you mean? I'm not stealing anything!"

"Oh I beg to differ," inserted Alfred. He walked to Brian's desk, opened a folder and extracted a sheaf of documents from it. "Its all here. These show how you opened a dummy account off-shore and have been padding the invoices passing through your hands to be paid. Its very slick, you didn't go over five percent or so, but it adds up to fifty thousand dollars in just two months." He shook his head. "Major troubles there. Felony. Prison time."

"I didn't do any such thing!" Sara managed to gasp.

"So what?" laughed Ed. "We have everything here in black and white. Its the word of three company executives and a lot of nice documentary evidence against you. I think you better stop the protestations and listen as we explain how you're going to get out of this."

"What do you mean?"

"Its simple. Friday night you come to the Hilton Hotel downtown at 5 PM. Check at the desk and you'll get your very own card pass to the room we select. Be dressed a befits a woman who is going to show three men a good time."

Sara staggered, turned pale and then gasped. "What are you saying? You expect me to have sex with you? I won't. I WON'T!"

"Damn, you're pretty bright for a thief." Brian dropped his bantering tone and his voice grew cold. You have two choices. Go along with us or go to prison. If you try to go over our heads, well, the same result." He sneered, "I guess you could tell your wimp husband. But if he gets in the way, well, you'll just get him hurt and the consequences will be the same anyway."

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