Changing states at Sunnydale Farm

by lil-r-r-h

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Rough, Light Bond, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Size, Body Modification, Needles, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The suited man needed to ascertain her intentions. Was she the one? Or was she yet another gold-digger? He devised the test at the farm to find out. Find out if she will willingly submit to his darkest whim, just for the honour of being with him.

She watched the door.


She was tied spread-eagle on a large bed that dominated the freshly decorated guest room. Her hands and feet secured at the corners and there was a low power vibrator buzzing away frustratingly deep inside her, just not quite sufficient power to do anything other than aggravate her aroused body. He'd spent the day pampering and exciting her; he'd kept her in a constant state of arousal and had denied her any satisfaction. Her naked prone body was rigid with tension and desperate for release.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the ever-present glint from the camera lens; she knew she could not escape its unrelenting surveillance. She felt exposed to her core and nagging doubts started to claw at her reality. Her fear heightened her awareness till she could hear muffled shuffling in some far off room of the unfamiliar building. The inevitable conclusion of the insistent buzzing at her crotch was becoming harder to ignore and she struggled to keep grounded under the assault on her senses.

He reclined at the scrubbed kitchen table, his lithe powerful frame encased in a perfectly tailored dark blue suit, languorously stretching his limbs with a coiled feline readiness. A mug of hot coffee sat steaming before him and a discarded sheaf of paper was flung haphazardly next to it. The brightly lit farm kitchen was cheerfully decorated in yellow and blue, a friendly warming Aga sat in the corner giving off a welcoming heat. A few random landscapes adorned the walls and a baby grandfather clock hung near the entrance from the porch. The handsome distinguished man seemed somehow out of place in this family room, his dark and powerful persona incongruous in the unthreatening surroundings.

He had arranged to spend the weekend at Sunnydale farm only that week and he was lucky that the remotely isolated homestead was available. He had heard about the place through a friend who, like him, valued their privacy. The only road access to the place was a 2 mile long dirt track that lead straight into the unkempt courtyard, weeds poked through the gravel and autumn leaves littered the edges blown by the unseen wind. A large L-shaped house dominated the square. The porch entrance, which led to the kitchen, could be seen directly in front of them. On the left stood a large distressed wooden barn on the verge of dereliction, curling paint scuffed the surface and large cracks could be seen in the boards. A grain silo marked the entrance, a gate sentry that buffered onto the barn, an aging tractor rusted at its foot.

He checked his watch and picked up the report from the table. He scanned through her details again, refreshing his memory of the notes he had compiled over the last few months. A lot of careful planning had gone into this project and he wasn't going to let it fall apart this close to completion. According to the rental agreement the farmhands left at 6pm, he had a little time to spare yet.

He was a wealthy bored retired IT consultant. He had made his fortune in his twenties and now at the young age of 32 he found he had far too much free time on his hands. He was currently running an experiment. He needed to know that this current potential wasn't just after his cash, as many before her had been. His high position in the rich list and the ever present paparazzi ensured that anonymity was a luxury he could not buy, so he had to devise ingenious ways to test the devotion of prospective long term partner's.

He had met her a couple of months ago at a charity ball, he retained his ties in the IT industry and was often invited to formal events. She had been a waitress that night and the moment he saw her in the tight fitting French maid outfit he knew he had to get to know her better. He hadn't been able to keep his eyes off her all evening; her long beautiful legs were encased in thin dark stockings and her very high heels gave them a well-defined shape. Her large breasts were straining against the fabric of her top and her nipples were just visible in an image of ultimate provocation. She had a heart-shaped face and crystal blue eyes topped with angelic blonde tresses. Her creamy complexion and pouting lips made her look younger than her actual age of 26.

He had spent the last few months romancing and learning all about her. She was a law student, in her last year, and she took on menial jobs to see her through her studies. She had a friendly, outgoing personality and slowly they started to fall in love, but he felt that he couldn't quite turn himself completely over to his feelings without proof of hers. He devised this evening's test for precisely for that reason.

It was almost Time.

If she submitted freely to everything this evening, if she proved that her trust in him was complete, that her desire for him was willing to overcome any fear, he would be satisfied that they were ready for the next level.

The farmhands gathered their tools and placed away in the equipment shed, being careful to lock the door behind them, as many of the tools were dangerous implements.

A tall stocky lad dressed in dirty overalls handed the keys to the foreman before rubbing the great Dane, sitting patiently at his feet, farewell.

"Whatcha think of the guests this weekend lad?" asked the greasy foreman.

"Dunno Bill, bit strange that Toff wanting to be here and not at some fancy joint in the city that's for sure, but his missus is a bit of alright." He said with a wink, as he headed for his car.

The foreman watched the lad drive off before he took the keys to the strange guest, who was still sitting in the Kitchen. The "hot missus" was nowhere to be seen. The overweight dirty farm worker could barely conceal his grin as he pondered why they had come to Sunnydale and thought it might be worthwhile to come back and "check" on the animals later that night.

"I'll just shut Wolf here away in the kennel Sir" he said, tugging on the large animal's chain to emphasise his meaning.

"Then I'll leave you in peace. Bill will be back in the morning at 7 to check the horses, but he'll be gone by 9 so he shouldn't disturb you. There's numbers by the phone should you need anything Sir. I hope you enjoy your stay."

The man felt a relief as the foreman shut the door and his fingers idly played with the keys as he let the anticipation of the evening run through his veins. He went to his room to gather the things he required for the next step in his plan.

He went out to the large barn to set up. The huge interior was freezing and chinks of fading light could be seen through the myriad of fissures, drafts circulated the area and a cool breeze whipped around him, stirring up the dusty straw that strew the floor. He placed the expensive small video camera on its tripod in the deepest shadows; he was confident that it was unobtrusive and wouldn't provide a distraction to the main event. He trained the bright spotlights on the centre of the room and played with the angle and focus of the camera till he was sure it would capture all of the action.

He walked the long corridor to the room containing his prize and slowly opened the door. There she was, utterly helpless and horny. Her limbs were stretched across the mattress, opening her whole body to his gaze. Her erect nipples and wet sex was the picture of arousal and seemed to call to him. He hungered to expose her very inner sole for him to examine and knew that after this evening their relationship would be inextricably changed.

The man took a blindfold from the black leather bag he placed on a chair. He watched her eyes follow him across the room and rejoiced in her loving trusting gaze, he wondered if that would increase or disappear after this weekend.

Her body was incredibly aroused and it would take the smallest touch to send her over the edge. She felt as if her whole world was centred on the triangle of aroused points on her body. All other thoughts and desires left her mind; she was focussed on one consideration alone, the need to come.

After covering her eyes he moved his hands to her prominent bosom. He could hear her panting and moaning quietly in desire. Her large breasts were full and sat proudly upon her chest. She moaned as he squeezed and stroked the full flesh, massaging the globes then pulling the long nipples far from her chest before letting them drop.

She heard him rummage in his bag and then felt fingers pinching and rolling her nipples, making them tingle and her inner muscles clench in desire. She screamed as she felt the intense pain of a needle being pushed into her left nipple. Her mind blocked all other thoughts as the cold steel slid in and the pressure of fluid being injected was felt. The same procedure was repeated on the right nipple and after a few minutes the skin seemed to stretch and tauten as the medicine started to take effect. The intense pain and burning sensations were too much for the young girl and he watched as she slumped into unconsciousness. It was a bigger advantage than he could have hoped for.

He quickly loosened her bonds and flipped her over onto her stomach for easy access. He grabbed the lube and quickly applied liberal amounts to her rosebud before slinging her prone body over his shoulder.

She felt the strain in her arms, as she groggily came back to reality. The thoughts in her head were floating aimlessly and she was unable to get a firm grip on them. Her engorged breasts were burning and straining at her chest and the familiar tingle of carnal desire was present deep in her belly. She could feel that she was almost dangling in the chilled barn and a sluggish attempt to look up provided the information that she was tied with strong hemp rope to a beam. Straw was littered under her bare feet and she struggled to keep her tiptoes touching the dirt. The cold air was in direct contrast with her heated enlarged chest and made her nipples standout painfully. She almost managed to catch the wisp of a wonder at her current position but a sharp noise behind her distracted the remnants of her concentration.

She hard heavy footstep progress towards her location, they were almost rhythmical in their regimented, cool, calm and collected percussion. She felt hot breath on her cool neck and shivered as she realised she was utterly exposed and had no defences left.

"Do you submit?" he whispered.

"Yes," she mumbled.

"Louder Bitch"

"YYEEEESSSSSssssssss" She screamed with a gasp, too aroused to hold any pretence of modesty.

He moved around to the front of her and starting toying with the painful distended tips of her breasts, tugging and pulling till she groaned in ecstasy. She felt the cool steel teeth of the clamps before the gripping pressure was applied; she felt her breasts being pulled by the weight of the heavy devices, the hot swollen globes stretching taut under the strain.

His hand moved north and she felt her clitoris become the centre of his machinations. He pinged his index finger against the flesh, causing the nubbin to stand proud to attention. He sunk to his knees and placed his hot lips over the cool flesh. She groaned as he began to lick and suckle at that most sensitive of places. Her aching limbs and breasts forgotten as the wonderful feeling started to build higher inside. Suddenly she felt the biting teeth of cold hard steel where his lips had been moments before and she almost screamed again as the pressure of the nasty clamp was applied; her feelings of arousal were not lost in the pain, merely cloaked by it, ready to emerge more insistent than ever, when the pleasure returned.

She watched him stand under hooded lids and was almost aware, through her clouded pleasure pain haze, of him moving off behind her. She felt the rounded smooth end of a large butt-plug being pushed at her greased behind and groaned as it was forcefully shoved deep inside her, stretching her hole into a ring of flames and filling her ass with an almost uncomfortable pressure.

Then the caning began.

He started with short light blows on her ass till she felt a warm glow begin to emanate from the cheeks, the strokes started to rain heavier now as he increased the pressure and speed. She cried out as an accurate crack struck the clamp on her left tit, the excruciating agony intensified by the whipping blow. The stinging strikes continued on for what seemed like an eternity and her whole body felt aflame before he finally started to wind down his relentless attack. She heard someone faintly screaming and crying, it was sometime before she realised it was she.

She felt strong fingers pushing between her soaked thighs insistently seeking the source of her moisture. They probed deeply searching into every fold and caressing her flesh with delicious persistence. She felt his other hand grasp the base of the large plug and tug firmly, as she jerked forward she felt the various clamps swing and exert extra pressure on her already sensitised nipples and clit. She almost exploded against her bonds as he rammed the plug back in and simultaneously tugged viciously on the clamp between her legs. She moaned with need as he stopped his ministrations, silently begging him to continue and give her the release she so greatly desired.

He stood back and gazed at her abused aroused body, she was beautiful in her submission to him and he took pleasure in knowing that the best was still to come. It was time for the ultimate test. Make or break time for his pretty new toy.

She felt her arms being loosed and gave a shiver as he massaged them back to life. He led her to a pile of hay, covered in a tartan travel blanket, in the corner of the barn. He helped her to gently lie upon the blanket and wrapped it around her cold body. He bade her to rest while he went to sort out some sweet tea (amongst other things).

He left the barn with long powerful strides, unaware of the eyes upon him, heading first to the kitchen. He filled the kettle and placed a mug out for tea, he grabbed a bar of chocolate from the fridge while getting a few beers. While the water boiled he went out to the kennels and brought Wolf back to the kitchen straining against a heavy chain lead. He gave the huge dog a couple of pieces of chocolate, then made up the tea. It was a bit of a balancing act but he managed to stuff a couple of beers in his pockets before making his way back to the barn, with all his "refreshments".

Wolf was pulling on his chain as they reached the barn door and pushed his way in first. He was too busy struggling to try and control the dog and not spill any tea, to notice the nasty foreman at first. The unwelcome visitor was leering over his precious prize, the telltale bulge in his filthy jeans evidence of his intentions. She was still dazed and wore a surprised expression as she tried to comprehend this newcomer.

"Well Bill," he said, "I see you decided to come back. I thought you might"

The ugly obese foreman looked surprised at his words.

"Sir, you've got me there," said Bill.

"Bill, I need you help and I think you might enjoy yourself in the process. Come over here and I'll fill you in on this evenings entertainments." He said striding over to one of the cluttered corners.

Bill followed him over, sidestepping various rusty discarded pieces of equipment, with an intrigued expression on his unsightly features. The dog's eyes earnestly followed his progress.

She worriedly watched from her position on the hay, her painfully swollen breasts causing an ever-present, pulsing, aching, need in her groin. She observed lots of nodding and signs of general agreement, then her icon in his sharp suit released most chilling peal of laughter she had ever heard! After a while the talking stopped and the greasy foreman started to drag a heavy wooden a-frame trestle to the centre of the spacious building. Her lover came towards her with a resolute expression. She knew that he had something serious he wanted to discuss.

"Well bitch, tonight's the night. Tonight I find out your true intentions. Tonight I find out if you are willing to do anything to be with me. It will be the ultimate test of your dedication to me. I wonder what your response will be..."

She grew pale as he proceeded to outline his devious designs. He wanted her to endure new levels of humiliation, she would have to willingly accept his degradation of her; she would be his toy to play with as he pleased and to give to whom he chose. To him this was the ultimate power, to be able to control her without effort, for her to willingly submit to any of his whims simply for the privilege of spending time with him.

He looked deep in her eyes.

"What do you say?"

He waited with baited breath for her response. He tried to guess what she would say from her expression, but before he could ponder she stared to speak.

"I, I,... I'll do whatever it takes... Sir."

"Good." He said with a wicked glint in his eye.

He reached down and helped her up into a gripping embrace, she felt him inhale deeply before he started to slowly guide her towards the centre stage. She could see the hidden glint of a lens in the shadows and knew that tonight would be something she could never forget.

He positioned her over the waist high trestle and secured her dangling appendages to the rough, splintery, adjustable legs. She felt embarrassingly exposed as a strong draft of cold wind blew over her exposed glistening holes and puffy, aroused, dripping, pussy lips. A single unbidden tear escaped from her eye and she gave a small shiver of trepidation, as she contemplated what she would have to endure.

He held his breath at the sight he beheld; her gorgeous limber body was stretched to its limits, an intricate pattern of red welts decorated her creamy skin. Her pert bottom was crudely spread and he could see the muscles in her glistening sphincter twitch and tense in the cool air. Her enlarged breasts seemed to throb with heat as they juddered in juxtaposition with her shivering.

He signalled to the slimy foreman who walked over into the girl's field of vision, a few feet behind her. She shuddered as he drew closer and preceded to unbutton the grimiest pair of denims she'd ever seen. The girl looked to her lover, He could see her reluctance, but returned her gaze with a cool hard unrelenting stare.

"You'll do it for me," he commanded. "You know the consequences".

She closed her eyes, in obvious defeat.

The foreman was a truly disgusting specimen. His hairy sweaty bloated bulges looked as if they hadn't seen light, water or soap in many a year. A rank smell emanated from his unwashed body and she wrinkled her nose distastefully as he drew nearer to her helpless form.

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