I Was The Only One Naked

by Smoothie75

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I happened to not have a swimsuit with me like the others, but confidently decided I didn't need one. I got in the hot tub naked with my girlfriend and our friends, but I had no idea it would later trigger such a series of events.

I was the only one naked. At least for a while.

I felt amazingly free and confident and strong. My girlfriend Tracy and my buddies Ryan and Kipp were in their swimsuits, and we were lounging on the large back patio of Tracy's house after getting out of her hot tub. Hot tubbing tonight was one of those unplanned events, the three of us guys stopping by to see if Tracy wanted to go out but ending up opening some beer and deciding to stay there. The other guys had swimsuits in Kipp's car, but I didn't, and figured between Tracy who sees me naked like all the time, and my two good buddies, it didn't matter if I went in naked. When we got out, I just decided to stay that way, at first feeling slightly self-conscious since they were all partially clothed, but soon I felt strong.

I was getting a major ego trip out of sitting back in my chaise under the patio light, arms folded behind my head, my nice soft cock confidently arching over my balls and hanging down between my stretched out legs, in front of them all. My only concern was getting a hardon looking at Tracy's slender, toned, tan body in her string bikini, but since we'd already had sex once earlier today plus a quick blow job she gave me a couple hours earlier in the evening when we had gone inside to "get more drinks for all of us", I figured I could keep it under control for a bit. The thought occurred to me though, if I did get a hard on, who gives a fuck. Ryan and I talk about sex all the time and have jerked off in front of each other many times while watching pornos, and Kipp was the party animal of the group and the guy most likely to go along with anything.

When Sid and Cassie showed up at midnight, I wasn't sure what to do -- when no one heard them knocking on the front door, they just walked around the side yard on their own, and came to the back to see what we were all up to. At first I almost ran in the house to grab a towel, but instead I gave Tracy an arrogant smirk and relaxed. Cassie and I dated and screwed last year (mostly screwed) for a couple months, and I didn't know Sid very well but didn't care.

Tracy made them some rum & cokes, and we cranked up the music, drank, laughed and went in and out of the hot tub from time to time. Cassie borrowed a suit from Tracy and Sid just went in his shorts. I stayed the only naked person the whole time. I even got in and out of the tub when I got too hot, and just sat up on the edge with my manhood in full view a couple times. Kipp made a joke or two with me about it, and Cassie kept staring longingly at a cock that had fucked her very thoroughly many times last year, but other than that no one made any issue of it.

I had no idea I would get off on this so much. I had never really fantasized about it, but it felt absolutely great. I felt more powerful and more virile than my friends. I felt like the object of attention, and I could tell that Ryan and maybe Sid were jealous of my sense of freedom. Ryan and I work out together and he has a very admirable figure if I say so myself, but he's somewhat shyer than me.

During all this, Tracy was getting the most drinking done, and getting goofier and more bold and crazy. She was talking dirty and making us all laugh, when suddenly she dove down under the water and engulfed my cock in her mouth, right there with all our friends sitting around us! I jumped at first to try to get up, but Kipp and Ryan held my arms down! I was shocked and sucked in a gasp of surprise and delight, and everyone whooped and voiced their approval! This did embarrass me a bit, but there was nothing I could do, she had my cock halfway down her throat and it was incredible to feel it getting hard in her mouth under the warm water. She came up for air about 30 seconds later, and everyone applauded as I turned red and rolled my eyes, smiling with delight.

"Get up on the edge of the tub Dave!" cheered Cassie.

"Yeah GO for it," yelled Kipp.

"You guys wanna see me get a blow job??" I asked.

"No, they want to see me GIVE one!" said Tracy, who was beyond any modesty.

I lifted myself up to the edge and leaned back, my hard 7 3/4 inch cock nearing full mast and jutting up towards my friends, and Tracy got a lustful look in her eyes and grabbed it. She immediately dove under my balls with her tongue, an area that she knows drives my up the wall when licked, and I arched my back and gasped with delight, to the approval of our small audience.

"Go baby GO", said Kipp, whose hands had mysteriously disappeared under the water. I remembered that about 5 years ago when we were in high school, he and Tracy had gone out for awhile and she was only his second lay, and I've always known she's been an object of his fantasies ever since. I started to get even more excited knowing that everyone was watching, which was also something new and invigorating for me.

Tracy gave my balls a complete tongue bath, and then went to work on my now steel-hard shaft, licking and suckling all over all sides of it. Then, in one confident move, she engulfed about the first 5 inches of it in her mouth and throat all at once and started pumping up and down on it. I love Tracy's blowjobs more than anything - she gives the BEST head I have EVER gotten, and here we were in the hot tub with our horny, drunk friends around, enjoying summer break from college classes, and me, the one naked guy getting the sucking of my life. I looked up at the stars and sighed and gasped and relished the entire situation immensely.

Cassie, meanwhile, had started an underwater hand job on Sid, and his skinny frame was arched back in the water as she slid his shorts down his legs with one hand and pulled his cock up and down with the other, kissing his tightly-muscled chest and making him groan with pleasure. Kipp and Ryan were unabashedly jerking off and cheering us on. Tracy reached one hand under water and started jerking Kipp off while continuing to suck my cock, and I didn't mind or care anymore. We were all having a fantastic time and were enjoying immense freedom, intense youthful hormones, and a camaraderie that comes from knowing everyone has just become a lot closer.

Tracy's sucking was driving me insane and I instinctively tried backing away from the maddening, delightful sensations as an orgasm was starting to build within me, but Ryan quickly stood up, hard on poking visibly out of the top of his trunks, and got behind me. He put his arms around my shoulders to hold me in place and cheered Tracy and me on. I think he'd always wanted to see me having sex. He isn't actually gay and has definitely had his share of women, but has always looked up to me since I started getting laid a full year and a half before he did, and we've always been very close. Tracy sucked with an amazing distribution of pressure to just the right parts of my cock, under the head, down at the base, and along the thick veins underneath, and pulled back and forth on it at just the right tempo to keep me agonizing with the desire to cum and the determination not to, so as to keep enjoying this.

Within just a couple minutes, Cassie had Sid sitting up on the edge of the tub for his own blowjob in front of everyone as well. We'd all only met Sid a few times in the month she'd been dating him. He's a wiry little wrestler, and Cassie is taller than him and has very large breasts and a sturdy, though not really fat, figure. But we had all imagined how she must overpower him in bed - she's definitely the in-charge type. Sid was panting and ooohing and talking nasty to her as she sucked his nice 7-inch hard on, which did look impressive on someone as small as he is.

Tracy, feeling adventurous, took her hand off of Kipp's cock underwater and decided to give Ryan a reward for helping keep me in place for her. She reached behind me and pulled down his shorts and started pumping his cock up and down too! I couldn't believe Tracy was acting this way -- she and Ryan had never been "familiar" with each other before, and he's my best friend. But by now, everyone was sexing out some how, and I had this huge sensation of joy and lust and strength, and just kept thrusting my hips forward towards Tracy's mouth.

Kipp hollered that he was cumming, and his face twisted in delight as he shot his load underwater, hollering and thrashing about. Sid also announced his imminent moment, and Cassie grabbed the base of his cock and pumped it into her mouth as he unloaded a lengthy series of cum spasms. After enjoying the sexual force in the air from seeing two other guys orgasming in the same hot tub, I finally couldn't hold back any longer. I let the cum that had been boiling in my loins make its way up my plumbing, gasping and twisting and clutching Ryan's arm for support. I put my feet on the underwater seat, partly stood up with my hands bracing me behind, and practically screamed as Tracy grabbed my cock with her hand and pumped it forward towards the middle of the hot tub. There, in the middle of my friends, my first stream of cum shot up in the air and landed across the water a few feet away. Then another arched out, and another and another, and I kept cumming and hollering. Finally it subsided to small spurts and dribbles as I shook my head in amazement and Kipp and Ryan and Cassie all applauded.

We all settled back down on the back patio on the lawn chairs and chaises and chatted and drank and listened to music for about 15 minutes. I gently fondled my mostly-softened but still healthy-looking cock, and slowly rubbed the cum remnants out of it. Sid joined me in being naked at this point, and told us he was thrilled to meet such an open group of friends. We told him we had never quite done this before all together, though some of us had been couples together before.

Then Sid asked the big question that had been on all of our minds, I'm sure.

"Do you guys all like, want to have sex together out here too? That'd be so cool!"

My cock twitched and started rising. Kipp laughed at the idea. We weren't quite sure if that was something we were ready for. We were pretty liberal friends, and all of us were pretty promiscuous, but had never done group stuff before. But then Cassie started stroking Sid's cock, and ripped off her bikini top, and none of us complained. Tracy laughed and started dancing in front of Ryan and I, and I looked at her and nodded towards Ryan, who still had a huge hard on showing through his trunks. Tracy grabbed Ryan's hand and led him back to a bench that was behind where we were sitting, so they would have a little privacy, and proceeded to pull down his trunks and started sucking his cock for the first time. I gave Kipp a "what the hell" look, and we started jerking our cocks and watching Cassie suck on Sid.

"So you're into group sex, Sid?" asked Kipp.

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