Moving Day - A Naughty Nicola Story

by Max Scat

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports, Scatology, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Naughty Nicola moves into a new flat, meets her new neighbour Max, accidently discovers his secret desires and so finds a sexual soulmate with whom to realise her filthy fantasies.

Nicola had just finished unpacking and putting everything in its place in her new flat. She put the coffee percolator on and went to her newly decorated bathroom. She wanted the loo urgently. She sat down on the toilet seat and looked at herself reflected in the mirrored wall opposite. She'd had it put in so she could exploit an occasion like this one. She watched herself in the mirror as she pulled up her pleated skirt with her right hand and plunged the fingers of her left into the front of her knickers. She speedily brought herself off to a climax. As she did she let go a stream through the fabric of the crotch and filled the rear with a small obscene bulge. She carefully pulled down her now heavily soiled knickers so that the obscene bulge fell into the bowl with a splash. She then threw them aside and they landed near the shower. She wiped and threw the paper in the bowl then flushed. She then heard the coffee percolator chuckling. She ran to her bedroom and quickly pulled on another pair of knickers then went to her fridge in the kitchen. Looking at the empty shelves she remembered that she hadn't shopped yet.

At just before 11 on a sunny Saturday morning Nicola rapped on her new neighbours door. She'd just moved into a house that had been split into several separate flats and this was the door closest to hers. Max opened the door to his flat unselfconsciously wearing his 'Arther Dent' style dressing gown. He was delighted to see an attractive brunette on his doorstep. Nicola explained that she'd just moved in next door and asked if she could borrow a drop of milk. She invited him over for some properly made coffee, not instant, in return for the milk. After going to his fridge and returning with a plastic bottle of skimmed milk for her Max muttered about a few minutes to get dressed. Then he'd be over.

Max and Nicola chatted over coffee about their respective flats and various local amenities. The milk ran out after their second cup. Nicola volunteered to run down to the corner shop for more. She'd found Max quite interesting and wanted to continue getting to know him. He said he'd wait for her return although the shop was at least ten minutes away. After he heard the front door of the house slam Max felt the coffee bearing on his bladder.

Max entered Nicola's bathroom and shut the door behind him. He walked over to the toilet, unzipped and let loose into the bowl. After a sigh of relief and a shake he returned his penis to the inside of his pants, zipped up then rinsed his hands. As he dried them on a bright orange towel, which hung from the rail on the wall, he noticed a pair of Nicola's panties laying on the tiled floor near the shower. He then crouched down for a closer look at the white knickers. He guessed they'd recently been worn and saw they were stained at the crotch. His pulse quickened as he tried to resist carnal desires. Max finally gave in and picked up Nicola's soiled underwear from the floor. He stood upright and thought his guess was right as the cotton fabric was still warm. He held the front of the knickers up near to his nose and sniffed. He could detect the scent of Nicola's perspiration and the perfume of her sexual excitement. He felt his penis harden. He then concentrated his attention to the crotch area which was yellowed and still glistening with dampness. He breathed in the aroma from her wet urine and sticky orgasmic discharge. This further aroused him causing him to turn the knickers around. He then inhaled the smell of the heavy dark brown stain in the seat of the white knickers which had been up the cleft between the cheeks of Nicola's dirty bottom. He turned them inside out. He stared closely at the wet creamy patch on the crotch linking to the large greasy shiny skidmark in the rear. All the deposits in these knickers could hardly have been fresher if Nicola had actually been wearing them.

Max had left sometime ago to fix himself lunch and after her own snack Nicola went into her bathroom to give her hair a brush in front of the mirror above the wash basin. She saw her dirty clothes basket reflected in the mirror as she brushed. Laying on top was the pair of knickers she'd removed after her naughty session sitting on the toilet masturbating. She remembered that they'd been rather soiled. She panicked a little thinking that Max must've seen them. She felt worse when she realised he must've moved them there from the floor where she'd left them. She turned around went over to the basket and picked them up. Her heart pounded as she inspected the white cotton briefs. She felt the clean crotch still damp from Max's saliva. The brown skidmark had also been sucked out. It really aroused her that Max had smelled and tasted her filthy knickers. She spun around blushing. On her way to the toilet she thought about Max and her knickers. Nicola had always left stains and skidmarks in her knickers after going. No matter how well she wiped herself, there was always a little pee and poo in her knickers. This had over the years transformed into part of Nicola's sexual personality. Max had sucked her knickers clean, and that thought made Nicola extremely excited. She was going to make incredible stains and more in her knickers for Max. Without pulling them down she rubbed herself off as she sat on the toilet as she'd done earlier. This time thinking about Max sucking on her filthy briefs. Nicola wanted to see her neighbour and tempt him with her dirty panties. She came as she partially emptied her bladder and bowels.

Max was napping on his sofa when he was aware of a repeated knock on his door. He opened the door and Nicola gently pushed past him into his flat. Max shut the door walked over to the sofa and resumed his seat. "To what do I owe this pleasure", he said nervously. Nicola moved to stand in front of Max with her hands on her hips and asked him if he knew why she was there. He blushed bright crimson and hung his head in shame. Nicola patted him on the head and quietly said "I'm not angry or disgusted with you". Max looked up into her face to see her mouth smiling and eyes smouldering. Nicola continued in a whisper whilst holding his gaze, "The thought of you sniffing and tasting my dirty knickers excites me. In fact I want to see you do it." She took her hands from her hips reached for the hem of her skirt and slowly lifted it up. Max could see the wet crotch of her knickers in front of him. Nicola pushed her crotch further towards Max's face and told him to sniff. Max sniffed. He could smell her fresh cum and piss. He could see that her crotch was still dripping. "Go on lick the crotch of my knickers", she whimpered. Max extended his tongue. He lapped at the now translucent front of her knickers. Nicola began to shake with excitement as she realised she could indulge her filthiest fantasies with Max. She let her pee dribble through her knickers as Max licked and slurped. He opened his mouth wide inches away from her when he guessed what she was about to do. Nicola's pissing soon turned from a dribble into a stream. She relished watching it flow into Max's gulping mouth. Her fingers pressed on her clitoris as she emptied her bladder into Max. Max tasted her cum in her pee as the flow subsided to a trickle. He pressed his lips again against her crotch and sucked until the material of her knickers crotch was relatively dry.

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