Posturing For Action

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Missy was a very horny and sexually hot young girl. She'd had several lovers but now her focus was on one guy -- her older brother, Ron. She wanted him to fuck her but she wasn't sure how to make it happen.

Chapter 1

She wanted it in the worst way. That's what Missy always thought whenever she let her mind wander to her older brother and her longtime sexual fantasy of having him fuck her. She found herself obsessing on wanting him to take her and fuck her like he'd obviously done with many of her female girlfriends in recent years. Missy could never forget how many of the girls at school had told her what a fucking stud her brother, Ron was and how they'd coined several phrases to describe his big thick cock and his ability to fuck a girl until she'd been well satisfied. Missy wanted to know that same sexual bliss of having Ron's big cock in her pussy and him filling her with his dick and then with his hot cumload.

Missy knew that her sexual fantasy and infatuation with having her brother become her lover wasn't just her own wishes. She knew that he found her very sexy and she frequently found him visually undressing her and caressing her budding young body with his gaze. She had even felt his hands on her body and now she craved having those same hands caressing her and preparing her for a fuck with him. When it had happened in her early years of puberty and when her body was beginning to develop and mature from a young girl into an adolescent and then a matured young woman, Missy had began to realize that her brother's hands and his feels of her body had been an overt attempt to get her attention and for him to get his jollies in playing with her. Now that she was a woman in her late teens, she'd come to realize that even back then, if she'd been willing or ready she might have been able to entice Ron to have sex with her. Now, that was one thing that she desired so badly that it occupied her thoughts in every waking moment. She wanted Ron to fuck her so badly and to be her lover so much that it almost hurt.

One night, Missy had been in the bathroom when she'd suddenly realized that something was blocking the light that normally came through the keyhole from the hall outside. She was scared and then she realized that it had to be Ron peeking through the keyhole to watch her as she was naked and then getting into the tub for her bath. She felt more comfortable and even felt herself getting aroused as she realized she was actually being watched. Ron was seeing her totally naked and he was still out there watching her. She decided to give him a show.

Missy stood from where she'd been sitting in the tub and with her body soaking wet, she began to caress and play with her naked breast, ass and pussy. She caressed her hands up and over her B-cup breasts, pulling on her sexy nipples and teasing them until they were both aroused and hard. Then, she let both hands slide down into her crotch, and she caressed her body and then let one hand's fingers slide up and down over her pussy lips and her clit. Missy was not only performing for her "viewer" but she was also getting herself turned on and actually intended to bring herself off. She stepped out of the tub, and grabbed a big terry cloth towel and began to sensually dry off her body. She was actually swaying and dancing to music playing in her head as she tried as hard as she could to get her brother's attention, even hoping he might come into the bathroom right then and take her with his big cock.

Then, Missy acted like she'd accidentally knocked a fingernail polish bottle off onto the floor, and she turned her back to the door, bent over and stayed bent over in that position for quite some time. She knew that her naked ass, her bare legs and her pussy slit were all totally visilble to Ron's peering gaze and since she regularly shaved her pussy smooth, she knew what he was viewing through the keyhole. She hoped it was so hot that he couldn't resist wanting her. When Missy stood and finished drying off, she noticed that the darkness at the door's keyhole suddenly went away and she gave her brother a couple of minutes to make his getaway before she put her robe on and walked back to her own room.

When she opened the bathroom door, she saw Ron just slipping into his room, not that she hadn't known it was him secretly watching her all along. Missy opened the bathroom door fully and then she walked back to her room, passing his bathroom door and hoping that he was watching her from the shadows. She felt her pussy growing very wet and horny as she played back in her head all that had just happened, and she felt her bare nipples poking out hard against the material of her robe. Missy wasn't quite sure what she needed to do to get Ron to fuck her but whatever it took, she was more than willing to do it.

Chapter 2

Missy had been wanting her brother Ron to seduce and fuck her for quite some time. Then, that night he'd been peeking at her nakedness as she was in the bathtub, taking a bath. Missy knew it was him looking through the hole at her because she knew no one else was at home right then. She'd teased and titillated him by getting out of the tub and giving a little sexy dance as though she didn't know it was out in the hallway, gazing at her hot naked body.

When Missy had finished teasing her older brother, Ron, by doing a little dance naked there in front of him as he peered through the keyhole, she finally got her robe and put it on, preparing to go back to her own bedroom. Her pussy was so wet and her nipples hard from knowing that her horny brother had seen her entire body from her sexy hot shaved pussy to her rounded B-cup breasts and her pretty face and figure that she was ready to spread her legs and let him mount and fuck her right there in the hallway. How badly she wanted Ron to not only want her sexually but also to take her and forcefully make her let him slam his hard cock inside her hot pussy. The more Missy thought and considered Ron forcing her to have sex with him, the more she wanted him to take her. Missy couldn't believe how horny and depraved she felt, but she could just remember her girlfriends' comments about how big and thick Ron's cock was and how much he came when he ejaculated. She wanted that for herself, too.

Missy had given Ron a totally erotic "show" when she realized he was sneaking peeks of her naked body while she was bathing. And she'd hoped that her little private show would make him so fucking hot that he couldn't resist her indirect sexual advances. She wanted him to fuck her. Now.

Missy walked back to her room with her robe on but the front totally undone. Her B-cup tits were showing nicely through the open robe and she could feel her nipples hard both from the cool air and also the hotness of her own sexual desire for her brother. Missy was burning up with sexual hunger to be fucked. At that moment, she didn't want just any horny man to fuck her -- she wanted Ron to take her sexually and do her.

Missy was tired of waiting. She didn't want to be too "up front" with Ron, but she was so horny for him to respond that she decided to put the ball in his court and see if he wanted to play or not. She quickly slipped her sexy robe off and then grabbed a pair of the sexiest thong panties she had and a T-shirt that would clearly show off her sexy breasts and aroused nipples for her brother's eyes. Missy knew she had very sexy nipples and breasts and she knew from talking to some of his former girlfriends that Ron thought a girl with a shaved pussy was the hottest. She'd been shaving her pussy smooth for several months and she hoped Ron would get a chance to discover that.

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