Girl's Intuition

by lamaro

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Interracial, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A wife gets tired of her husbands non exsisting enthusiasam, and decides to take matters into her own hands.

"Why don't you just leave me the hell alone?" it was like this most days. Him screaming and me edging him on. It's wasn't that I didn't love my husband it's just that he was to say the least, frigid. I know I know, guys usually love sex but my husband doesn't seem to like it at all. I mean I have tried to talk to him about it but it just doesn't work. Maybe I should cheat on him. No, no that would never work, I love him too much.

Silly me, look at me just jabbering on and, and well any ways. My name is Isabelle Smith; I am 19 years old, and quite a knockout if I do say so my self. I'm 5 feet tall. My breasts are a 36 C. I have a little baby fat on my stomach, which my husband thinks is cute. Well at least he used to. My hips flare out forming an hourglass figure, which has been the wet dream of many, and an ass that would put Vida Guerra to shame. I run every day so my legs are thick and shapely. I have chestnut brown hair, and matching brown eyes. I always die my hair so it holds a sort of red glare to it though. My thick lips are one of my most alluring facial features. I my self, think they are so sexy. My caramel colored skin comes from both my Puerto Rican mother and my black father.

My husband, Danny, is white some times I wonder what I saw in him. But then I remember how he is so good to me. Sometimes he goes out of his way to me, me feel like I am the most important thing in the world to him. He is a dream stud, with his dirty blond hair, and well chiseled facial features. His green eyes are one of the prettiest I have ever seen. They sort of remind me of the beaches back home in Puerto Rico. He has the sexiest abs a woman could ask for. He stands 10 inches taller than me, I always wanted a taller guy I just can't see my self with a short man. Sometimes when he kisses me I ca feel my legs get all Jell-O like. He just holds me in his strong hands and asks me if I am all right. Oh yeah Did I tell you? He has a huge cock. I'm talking eight inches long and 3 inches wide. I'm telling you, it fills me up completely. But their in lays my problem.

You may not know this but Latina women have an extremely high sex drive. I mean I have been having sex since I was like 14. Don't get me wrong. I have only slept with three other people, other than Danny. Well enough with my sex history This is about my sex problem with my husband. You see we have been married almost a year, and up to now he hasn't even licked my pussy. Not once We have only had sex in the missionary position. And never, he has never fucked the shit out of me. Do you see my problem?

I have yet to cum from one of our encounters. Don't get me wrong it feels good, but it is no way near satisfying. I mean I go to work horny every day. The man is just clue less. He doesn't even try to have sex with me any where other than in the bedroom and only at night. AAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH

How hard is it for you gentlemen out there to get a clue? I mean I have tons of sexy sleepwear. See through, crotch less, teddies, sexy matching undies, but it's as if he is impervious to anything sexy. I wear short shorts around the house when I clean, bending over in front of him every chance I get. I get nothing. When we go out I wear the shortest skirts, showing all of my glory when I bend over, still nothing. He doesn't even tell me how inappropriate it is for me to wear something like that out in public. When ever possible I wear low cut shirts and push up bras to show my cleavage, then I would bounce around him asking him for something in a whinny voice, just so he could see my breast bouncing about. He would just blush sigh and get me what ever it was I was asking for.

Danny isn't rich but we live quite comfortably. He bought an apartment when we first got married as a starting point, to our lives. He gets me every thing I ask him for. My material world is completely satisfied but my sex life is still dragging.

Today you walked in on one of our many fights. I don't even remember what the hell we were arguing about to tell the truth. I just wanted him to pay more attention to me. I had on one of his tee shirts and a pair of short shorts. I waltzed in front of the television set, which had his undivided attention, and the next thing you know it was a full fledge argument. Unbelievable.

When he told me to leave him the hell alone I turned around and headed for the bathroom, tears welling up in my eyes as I went. I turned the shower on and stripped my clothes. I set it on warm and stepped into the tub. I cried for about 15 minutes, before I actually took a shower. You know I don't know of a better way to calm you down. I looked my self in the mirror and decided that this had to end today. If it didn't it would ruin my marriage. So I slipped on a pair of pink cotton panties that hardly covered my ass, and a tight shirt that ended just below my breast.

I walked into the living room area. He was still lying on the couch looking at the TV. Still mad no doubt. Well I don't blame him. I didn't really care weather he was mad or not, we were going to fix my marriage one-way or the other.

I walked in front of him and stepped up on the couch. "Danny? Danny look at me." I said to him. He wasn't even acknowledging my presence. He just seemed to look through me towards the television set. I sighed and tried again. "Look Danny I know you are mad at me but I just want something from you." This brought his green eyes to meet mine. He looked annoyed. I threw that look away and decided to go ahead with my plan.

" I put my leg on the back rest of the couch and pulled my panties to the side. Exposing my bald pussy to him "all I want is for you to give me one long, wet, slow lick. That's all I want." My voice was low and sexy as I brought my pussy just inches from his face. He looked at my eyes and then at my pussy. His eyes stayed there. My pussy lips were already gaping with anticipation. I must have been wet as hell. "If you lick me just once I promise that I wont bother you again." He looked up at my face. At first their was nothing their, then I saw it. The glint in his eyes. I thought for a minute that he wasn't going to do it but then I felt his warm succulent tongue in between the folds of my pussy. I sucked in a breath of air when I felt it. He ran it from the hole of my cunt all the way to my clit. I almost came as he gave me that one swipe. I shuddered as he withdrew his face from in between my legs to look at me.

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