Beach Vacation

by The Sithe

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The first day of a Virginia Beach/Chesapeak Bay beach vacation

As we walk along the beach, hand in hand, we are lost in our thoughts, it is warm but not too hot, the sound of the surf caressing our ears as we walk slowly, sometimes our feet in the water, sometimes not, passing other walkers who also seem lost in their thoughts.

The Chesapeake is unusually quiet tonight; only the dolphins swimming into the bay break the quiet sheen of the water. Soon we reach the edge of the public beach and enter the beach that fronts Sea Shores State Park. Now we are the only ones walking along the beach and instead of holding hands we have an arm around each other. We are no longer quiet, lost in thought but talking softly, enjoying our small talk, basking in the warmth of our emotions.

The sun is sinking in the west at our backs and we are looking for a quiet secluded spot where we can stop for a while. Out anxiety is heightened as the evening is proceeding much as planned. For we did not just set out for a quiet walk but to indulge our desire to make love on the open beach, under the setting sun and the stars and moon. Our passions are fed by our plans for the evening.

Our hotel room looks out over the beach from high up the hotel, the seventh floor to be exact the top floor. We have a private balcony that we have enjoyed since we arrived early this morning. We had driven all night to arrive and since we were tired we sat out on the balcony where the faint murmur of the waves, the call of the gulls and the sounds of people on the beach drifted up to us. Soon, too tired to sit and talk we pulled a mattress off the spare bed onto the balcony and having changed into looser more casual clothing we fell asleep on the balcony. How long did we sleep? I'm not sure but we were rested and we woke at much the same time. We looked into each other's eyes, kissed and started making out there on the balcony, stopping when we heard people on neighboring balconies.

I looked into your smiling eyes then reaching for you, we kissed softly. Lying side by side I began caressing your breast, realizing quickly that you were not wearing a bra under your cotton top. You sighed with rising passion and our kiss became ever more passionate. I pushed up on my elbows and pulling up your top I kissed your tummy softly. My tongue and lips roam at will soon I reached your belly button, your wonderfully sensitive belly button — one of your most erogenous spots. My attentions are rewarded by a soft moan from you and as your moans become more intense I move my lips up your body pushing your top up as I move. I am now licking the sensitive under slope of one your breasts and you are clutching at my head. I move slowly over the soft skin, slowly coating it with my saliva, not really ready yet to proceed onward.

Suddenly you push against me, pushing me away from you, so suddenly I wonder what I have done wrong, but before I can say anything you sit up and start pulling off your clothes.

"Hurry! Hurry up, get your clothes off, now!" you tell me softly but urgently.

I can take a hint! I hurry! You beat me by moments and we pause momentarily to gaze at each other, our thoughts our own, but my eyes were drinking in the sight of you, nude, your nipples standing stiffly, a hint of a flush on your skin signifying your arousal and then we are back in each other's arms, kissing and caressing softly.

Our mouths open as we kiss and out tongues are dancing about, flickering over each other's lips and tongues. Your tongue retreats, lightly touching mine, drawing my tongue into your mouth as I try to maintain contact. My mindless pursuit of your tongue is stopped as your teeth clamp down on my tongue and before I can react I feel your tongue stroking and caressing my tongue. It is an exotic, erotic, totally encompassing moment and I am lost in it.

I am lying on my side with one arm under your head, my other hand is free to roam and it slowly slides down your side to your hip, around to your back and up to your shoulders where it begins it's trip again. Slowly ever so slowly, as we continue to kiss, as our passions continue to rise, not to be denied, seeking consummation. My hand reaches your butt and I caress it, for me, your butt is one of the most erotic and arousing parts of you. I don't totally understand why, but I am intensely aroused by your butt. Softly I invade between your butt cheeks searching for all the hidden erogenous places that I know are there. Your tongue is slowing and you are now moaning into my open mouth as I continue to kiss your lips gently.

I pull your leg over mine so that my fingers are able to reach your vagina and that ever-so-sensitive area between you anus and your vagina. You jerk in response as my fingers caress that spot lightly. I reach your pussy — it is so wet, soaking wet and my fingers explore your wetness, moving ever so slowly in order to prolong and intensify the feelings for you. With the lightest of touches I stroke your labia waiting for your labia to open and allow my fingers to enter. You are so wet; I feel the wetness running down my fingers as I stroke lightly awaiting entry. Finally, your labia open and my fingers delve within. At first I can only feel the outer labia then I begin to feel your inner labia and my God, are you wet. I can't remember you ever being this wet. Using my thumb and forefinger I begin to pull on your labia, first the outer and then the inner. I grasp one of your lips and pull gently and due to the angle I am reaching from, I am pulling from front to rear. Actually, I am caressing between my finger and thumb more than pulling, sort of a gentle stroking, front to back, first one side then the other side, first the outer than the inner, gently, gently, stroking. You are so wet it is hard to get a grip which if your moans and sighs are any indication my fumbling attempts to grip and caress are driving you higher and higher. Suddenly, on one of my attempts I touch your clitoris and the stroke of my finger across it throws you into orgasm. Your body arches strongly against me, practically pitching me onto my back. I can only hold you tightly in my arms and continue to stroke and caress you as you twist and writhe in my arms, I have seldom seen you experience such an orgasm from so little, comparatively, foreplay. Finally, you calm enough that I attempt to lay you down on your back.

"No, no! It's my turn!" you tell me.

"Not yet", I say, "I have more in mind for you, please allow me to finish. You will have your turn soon enough""

You agree and I lay your now limp body down on the mattress. As I roll you onto your back you are as limp as a rag doll, your body still quivering at times from the intensity of your orgasm. Gently and slowly I straddle your hips and I begin once again to kiss you. First your mouth, then your eyes and your cheeks. Still you seem lost in the intensity of your orgasm so I move to your neck and down the curve of your breast to your nipple. It is now only partially turgid but it quickly tenses as I kiss it a few times. I move down the inner slope kissing as I go, then up the inner slope of the other breast, on to the other nipple. Now I push your breasts together so your nipples are almost touching. I take both nipples into my mouth and begin licking, flicking my tongue against them. Your gasp and the arching of your back tells me that I have surprised you, but a pleasant surprise and I continue to flick them with my tongue, sucking then softly, even nipping a bit with my teeth. After a few moments you grab my head and pull me away.

"Too much! Too much, I can't take more right now!" you gasp.

As you have already pulled my mouth from your breasts, I gently release them from my hands and I begin to lick up the strings of saliva left by my attentions. I lick gently from chest to nipple, never actually touching the nipple, a lot of licks, broad slow sensuous licks till I have coated your breasts with my saliva. Your body has relaxed a bit and settled back onto the mattress, but your sighs and moans tell me that you are still deeply into this moment.

I begin to kiss you again moving to find your navel. I take time to lick and kiss your navel and am rewarded with more moans from you. I have always been amazed and somewhat in awe of the erogenous of your navel. I could spend hours at your navel, intoxicated by the sounds you make as I lick and kiss it. I am totally amazed and a bit envious.

Slowly, I begin to move down to your mons and my fingers gently pull your hair as my lips and tongue rapidly soak it. I can also smell your scent, your incredible scent. I have read many times that redheads have a stronger scent than others, a particularly intoxicating scent that often overwhelms men when they first encounter it. I don't know if this is true or not but I am entranced by your scent, addicted to it; it is an incredibly heady and intoxicating scent. When we make love one of the most arousing, exciting points for me is when I can first smell your scent. It is love, lust, sex, desire and more all in a scent. I want to smell and taste it — I want to smell and taste you because it is your scent. I am drunk with desire and intoxicated with your scent.

I move between your legs, moving them up an apart gently, but urgently. Your genitals now lay open to my view and I drink in the sight as a thirsty man drinks in the sight of water. My hands itch to touch, my mouth waters at the thought of kissing your labia, my penis, already hard and throbbing begins to twitch but my mind tells me it isn't quite time yet. I start to lick and kiss your inner thighs from your knees to your crotch, first the left, then the right, moving from side to side growing ever closer to your crotch. I know that my attentions are affecting you because you are unable to keep still. You tell me that I am cruel to tease you this way but the smile on your face and the frequent sighs tell me that you are enjoying this as much as I am. I continue to lick and kiss and nip till I am licking up the crease at the juncture of your thigh and abdomen. I am a hairs breadth from your labia but not touching them. I pull small hairs with my lips, teasing you. I am awash in your scent, I am so close it is almost overpowering. As I lick I also taste you as your wetness has seeped out onto your thighs and crotch. So intoxicating, so controlling, it is hard to maintain control and continue rather than burying my face into your labia. Your hands are on my head, sometimes pulling at my hair, sometimes stroking, constantly urging me to do more and more.

I move to your labia and rub my nose up against you stroking gently toward your clitoris. I am rewarded with a flood of your moisture and a wave of your scent overpowers me for a moment. My nose dips deeply into you and touches your clitoris, I am lost, totally immersed in what is occurring on autopilot, and hardly aware of whom I am.

Oh! In your passion you have pulled my hair, hard! It brings me back to control of myself. Mentally, I thank you and now I can continue.

My nose rubs again so softly against your labia, they are beginning to open more and more. Opening slowly, like a flower in a slow motion film, opening to expose more and more of you to my view and to my tongue. Gently I extend my tongue to lave at your wetness. Your hips have been in jerking occasionally but my tongue seems to have clicked a switch, as your hips rotate and thrust trying to find my tongue. I ride above you always touching always licking but never allowing you the amount of contact you are seeking.

Softly my tongue touches you, entering your labia, caressing the outer and the inner. I like one side then the other, concentrating on the outer labia, urging them to open more and more, exposing the inner labia for my attention. Again and again I move from left to right but now I am taking the lips into my mouth, sucking gently on them, sucking and licking gently leaving them turgid and quivering. The inner labia are beginning to expose themselves, almost as if they are demanding their share of my attention. First one then the other extends and I reach for them, first one then the other, licking them gently, urging my tongue between them to caress the unseen sections, constantly moving my tongue.

Suddenly, you pull your legs out of my hands, they are moving up and back and your vagina opens up before my eyes. Not only have your outer labia been opened but the inner and I can see the pink inside of your vagina. Your inner self pulses with your passion and I am drawn ever closer. I can see each beat of your pulse. My tongue reaches out to catch the moisture flooding out of your vagina. The taste of you is as always incredible. My nose touches your clit as I continue to lave your vestibule. With a moan your feet touch my back, your legs still up and back. I don't mind your feet, you are obviously too aroused to hold them up, I am so happy to know that you are enjoying my ministrations so thoroughly and fully. As I continue licking at your vagina it is almost as it you grab my tongue and pull me inside. I continue moving my tongue but my movement is limited as your muscles clamp down on me, your hands on my head pull me closer, your hips thrust upward and you have another orgasm.

I can hardly breath being almost drowned by the deluge of your moisture. I swallow and swallow trying to catch my breath. The pull of your hands eases and I take a quick breath — much better. As your hips drop a bit I move to your clitoris and lick at it insistently.

"No, I can't take any more, it's too much", you cry, as your hands try to pull my head away from you.

But I know you and I continue to lick and suck at your clitoris and your orgasm is back in all its intensity. Your hips buck and thrash and I must grab your butt to keep my place. After a few minutes, your hips still and you pound me on the head telling me to stop, you need a break. I raise my face from your vagina and move up to cuddle you. My body is above you resting lightly on you, most of my weight supported by my elbows and knees. You enjoy being cuddled after your orgasms and smile at me.

I have not yet entered you and already I have lost count of your orgasms, not that I was counting. After a few minutes, I start to roll you over onto your stomach.

"No, no, my turn!" you say. I kiss you and tell you that it will be your turn later, leave now to me, as I am not finished. I straddle your hips and start to rub you from the nape of your neck to your glorious ass cheeks. I kneed and stroke you loosening you ever more. I lean down and rub against your back as I kiss your earlobes and the side of your neck. AS I rub I let my hands slip down onto your sides where I caress the sides of your breasts, always ending my strokes at your butt. The sight of your ass always arouses me; you don't understand why, but you accept that I am.

I am still rampant, having lost little of my erection and I am trapped in the crack of your ass. I begin to stroke back and forth and you begin to squirm. I wonder if you are trying to catch me, pull me into you but it is only a momentary thought. As your rear begins to gyrate against my penis, I allow myself to slide down your legs a bit and then I push my penis forward angling downward. We are so wet that I easily slide between your legs, so wet that as I thrust gently, I slide inward easily. There! There I feel your labia opening around my glans and I push till my glans is surrounded by your labia. The warmth, the wetness, so slick, so incredible, I momentarily loose my train of thought. I am totally lost in you. I'm still now, not moving and you push your hips back trying to engulf me, and you want me deeper.

"Please, wait a moment", I gasp, " I'll cum if you keep moving. I need a moment to adjust to this, this is absolutely unbelievable".

You laugh, "OK, but only a moment or two, I need you, I need you to fill me."

After a moment I am able to move again and I begin to make short thrusts, very short thrusts moving my glans about within your labia. The feeling is so incredible for me, a sentiment you echo moments later with a deep, growling moan that almost causes me to loose it. I have to stop again for a moment. The sensations are so absolutely incredible, so sensuous, and so erotic. I begin to move again but this time I am no longer teasing. I begin to make longer strokes so that I am thrusting deep inside of you by the third or fourth stroke. In all the way, as deeply as I can, out till my glans is barely between your labia, almost falling out, then back in as deeply as possible. Over and over, again and again, I thrust in and out till I am on the verge of loosing my mind.

My strokes become ragged, I am hardly aware of what I am doing. I am still stroking your lower back and your ass cheeks but my strokes are erratic and more caress than stroke. Your hands are clutching handfuls of the mattress and as I lean over to nibble on your neck and earlobe you again spasm beneath me. I am almost thrown off of your back and the sensations of your vagina squeezing my penis throws me into overdrive. My thrusts become deeper and stronger and I am grasping your hips pulling your ass into my crotch, trying to get deeper and deeper into you. The sound of our bodies slapping against each other becomes louder and louder and suddenly I am there. I empty myself into your vagina causing you to orgasm again and we are both in another world. I continue to stroke into your vagina with my now softening penis until finally I fall out and we both collapse onto the mattress. Somehow we have enough strength to wrap our eyes around each other and smiling at each other we drift off into a deep sleep.

How long we lay there I don't know but we were awakened by the sound of voices, children's voices and we felt it best that we move off the balcony. Adults would probably not notice us but we feared the children being curious as are all children might discover us. So with a last kiss and a last caress we got up and dragging everything inside we decided to take a shower and get ready to go out for something to eat. We hadn't eaten since some time yesterday and our exertions had built up quite an appetite.

Dinner was at a nearby restaurant, a small casual place where we enjoyed the fresh catch of the day, excellently prepared tuna steaks and an excellent bottle of wine. The restaurant had an attached bar with an excellent combo so we stayed till almost dark listening to the music, then returned to our motel room.

When we got back to our room we changed clothing for a walk on the beach. You pulled on a loose cotton dress that buttoned down the front and fell nearly to your knees. I pull on an overlarge cotton shirt that fell almost to my knees. We had brought these items knowing they would fit into our plans for the evenings. We grab a blanket to spread on the sand.

Leaving our room we took the elevator down then walked through the pool area to get to the beach. Despite our earlier activities on the balcony our walk to the beach was quite arousing. Here we were walking amongst dozens of people, some staring directly at us, you in a lightweight, thin cotton dress, me in an oversized cotton shirt and nothing underneath! If they had only known! You had left several buttons undone and some others and I were able to see the swell of your breasts and you had left some of the lower buttons undone also, which provided an occasional flash of your thighs. I could tell that some of the men were taking more than a casual look at you. My shirt was also partially undone but I hardly elicited the interest that you received. By the time we reached the beach I was half-erect and dripping and you mentioned being wet and aroused by the glances.

"Some of those men had me undressed and stretched out on the poolside in their minds", you said to me. "How do you feel knowing your wife is probably even now the subject of their fantasies?"

"As long as you are with me, they can dream all they want. It doesn't bother me at all."

We walked down the beach toward the state park knowing that there would be fewer people there and that fit into our plans quite well. We were lost in our thoughts and barely acknowledged the few strollers we met. Soon we were on a deserted section of the beach far from the lights of the motel.

"There, over there, the perfect spot", I tell you, turning toward the spot. "Yes," you reply, "It's near the water but out of the path of walkers, the perfect space"

We walk over to the spot and spread the blanket brushing a few shells and bits of driftwood out of the way. I look into your eyes, eyes of jade in the light, but now just dark pools of passion. Softly we move into each other's embrace, holding each other closely, enjoying the sensuousness of the moment. Softly at first we kiss, softly but lingeringly, soon my lips have moved to the side of your neck, kissing softly before moving to your earlobe. My hands are rubbing your back, not urgently, not sexually, just a warm enveloping caress of the one I love.

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