Department of Corrections

by Stormbringer

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating, Slut Wife, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: White wife spys black prisoners doing road work by her house.


Copyright┬ę 2005 by Stormbringer

Ripley distanced himself from the men in the van as soon as it stopped on the side of the road. He took deep breaths of air to clear his head. The man he was teamed with stepped out of the passenger seat. Avery was a giant black man covered in muscles. Ripley had met him only an hour ago and was already totally intimidated. Ripley was a senior corrections officer and the black man was a lowly security guard with King security, but the black man exuded such power and authority that he was now clearly leader of the workforce. Riding beside him, Ripley had glanced over and noticed the guard was adjusting something in his pants. A huge swollen knob rested under the black man's pants up around his knee. Furthermore, the knob was attached to the shaft of what could only have been a huge penis.

Avery opened the back of the van and four other giant black youths in blue overalls with DOC written on the back jumped out. Another prisoner, a white man crawled out behind them. The white prisoner looked as shaky as Ripley was. He wasn't little by any means, but the muscular blacks dwarfed him. The black prisoners all had huge bulges in their crotches like Avery. Ripley didn't know what was going on. He'd worked in the prison for ten years. He had seen hundreds of naked black men and noticed no sizeable difference amongst the races. Avery put the prisoners to work clearing up the trash along the road.

The five prisoners were all members of the King Rehabilitaion centers. All were mostly in prison for minor drug offenses and not considered serious threats to society. They had been moved from the overcrowded prison to the rehab center where they were to undergo a rigorous mind and body program that was supposed to make them better citizens. Apparently it worked as only one in five returned to prison. Solomon King was currently pursuing government funding for his rehab centers and was expected to get it.

The prisoners had exchanged prison time for extended communtiy service. That was the reason Ripley was here. The men were still the state of New York's responsibility and a state correctional officer was required to be present whenever the men left the halfway house. The prisoners would be here all week collecting trash, trimming the trees back from the road, and digging a drainage ditch.

Ripley noticed a car coming along the road. He stood up and waved it past. The car was a convertible driven by a stunning raven-haired woman.

"Yo, cigarette!" One of the black youths yelled.

The woman in the car was startled, but drove on. She pulled her car on to the driveway of a nearby white ranch house.

"You really need a smoke?" asked another black prisoner.

"Nope, just habit."

Kelly Ann locked her door the second she got inside her house. She peered out the curtain at the blacks bagging trash along the road. What were prisoners doing on her street? She didn't like this at all. Not only didn't she feel safe in her house when her husband was away on business, but now she had to worry that criminals were outside her door. The men worked until dusk, then they boarded the van which drove off.

Kelly Ann told her husband about the prisoners when he called that night. He didn't sound too concerned explaining that dangerous men wouldn't be outside working and that they'd most likely be gone the next day.

Kelly Ann was horrified to see the same group of prisoners back working the next day as she returned home from work. She was taking three vacation days the rest of the week to sunbath and would be devastated if the men would be working near her house. She was looking forward to a little down time alone.

Kelly pulled up her driveway, but stopped the car. She got out to check her mail amidst several whistles from the black youths. Given her looks and figure, she was used to being stared at, but not from over muscled black criminals. In a huff, she turned and marched towards the black guard. "What's the meaning of this?"

"Just doing some work for the state, maam."

Kelly Ann read the man's nametag. "Avery is it? Well, how long do you intend to be out here working?" She knew before he answered it would be days yet. The men had just started enlarging the drainage ditch.

"Until the end of the week, maam."

"Oh no," moaned Kelly, her week ruined. "I don't want criminals outside my house Avery."

"Nothing you can do about it. But these aren't dangerous criminals. These are former juvenile offenders do to be freed soon. Hey yo, Hadrian, get over here."

Hadrian appeared to be the biggest and blackest of the bunch. He looked closer to seven feet tall then six feet. "Yes, sir?" His eyes glanced at Kelly Ann, hungrily.

Avery drew his pistol and handed it to Hadrian. The prisoner took it and held it until Avery held his hand out to take it. "See, no threat. These men broke the law when they were young and dumb and now they're working off the last bit of their debt to society."

Kelly Ann had turned pale when the prisoner took the gun. Now she realized how foolish she was. "I guess you're right. Sorry if I bothered you."

"Not at all maam. By the way, it's supposed to be very hot the rest of the week. May we fill our water bottles from your outside spigot?"

"Of course, help yourself." Kelly Ann didn't really want the men in her yard, but she agreed anyway. She returned to her car and drove off.

"Fuck, but that was a fine piece of white ass."

"You're telling me, Hadrian."

"Boss, if I don't get some pussy soon, I'm gonna die. You know what I'm saying?" Some other blacks nearby agreed.

"I know all right." Avery laughed. "Get used to it boys, your gonna need a lot of pussy from now on. You'll learn to control it, but that need will always be there. Normally, we'd have some sluts here servicing you, but for the damn state keeping a guard at the home.

"Well whitey over there is starting to look good."

The white prisoner paled when he heard Hadrian's comment.

"Patience boy. Good things come to those who wait." Avery noticed Ripley was staring at them from further up the road. He waved at the white corrections officer. "Now get to work."

"AAAAYYEEEE!" Kelly Ann clamped her palm over her mouth to stifle the scream. The big dark skinned black prisoner was in her yard filling some water bottles. The scream didn't even startle him. He just calmly looked up. His eyes went wide at the sight of Kelly's bikini top tightly hugging her big breasts. She was wearing low hanging sweat pants over her panties. The straps of her bottoms showed over the edge of the sweats.

"You alright?" he asked.

"Fine, you just startled me." Kelly Ann turned red under Hadrian's gaze. There wasn't a straight man in the world who wouldn't have ogled her, but the dark black man's stare looked like he was ready to eat her. "My face is up higher, mister."

"Sorry. It's just been so long. I haven't been this close to a woman in five years."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Kelly Ann felt sympathy for the black youth. She loved sex and got cranky if she didn't get it once a week and her husband had been gone two weeks now.

"The fact that you're just about the hottest woman I ever seen doesn't help."

"Thanks I guess." Kelly Ann really was feeling sorry for Hadrian.

"Would you let me see you in the rest of your bikini?"

"What?" Kelly was startled by the question.

"Sorry. It's just been so long. I haven't seen a real live woman in a bikini in more then five years. I'd give anythin if you'd take those sweats off."

Kelly Ann felt a thrill flow through her body. She had never had any qualms about showing off her body, but no man had ever asked her to expose herself except her husband. When they were dating, he had asked her to strip for him once on his birthday. Kelly put on her sexiest lingerie and did her best. It must have worked for a week latter she had a ring on her finger.

In truth, Kelly Ann dressed a bit sluttily. No one could ever accuse her of being a slut. In a few months she would turn thirty and she had only been with three men. She was actually rather conservative, but she just dressed tackily. In her early twenties, she had partied a lot in beach bars wearing halters and mini skirts or bikini tops. She was always one of the most scantily dressed women in the bars. She'd even participated in and won several bikini contests. It came as no great embarrassment for her to slide her sweat pants down so she did.

"Ok real quickly," said Kelly stepping out of her pants. "Just get a good look and leave." This particular bikini had won her three bikini contests. It was tacky and slutty, and men couldn't take their eyes off it. The bikini was cheetah print like she was wearing an animal skin. It was tight since she had gained a few pounds in the last few years. The bottoms were a snug fit and forced her to shave closely. The rear was a g-string with a loincloth like flap covering her perfectly rounded ass. "W-what are you doiing?" asked Kelly as Hadrian fumbled with his pants.

"I gotta get off." Hadrian had a week to make this his first white woman though her skin was so tanned, she was practiclly light brown. She looked to be of Italian heritage as evidenced by her tan, ample bosom and ass. Her navel was also studded with a diamond which he found very sexy. He fished his already rock hard cock out of his prison jump suit.

"Just don't come any closer... Oh My God!"

Hadrian grinned as her eyes focused on his exposed cock. "Bet you haven't seen one like mine before?"

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