Family Camping Trip

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Joyce, Jim and their 15 year old son Robert go on a two week rafting trip. A sudden rain storm decends upon them and wet and cold they hide in a cave for protection from the weather. That night as Jim makes love to his wife something happens that allows Robert to join in the fun and all three go to sleep, alive, happy and sexually satisfied.

After three straight years of not taking a vacation James, my husband, finally bit the bullet and took two weeks off from his precious job so we could go on a family camping trip. It would just be the three of us, James, our son Robert and myself, Joyce Williams. The thought of being out of the confines of our house with my husband and son on a two week trek down a tranquil river conjured up thoughts of sexual intimacies with my husband, things we hadn't done in quite some time. I mean it wasn't like Jim didn't like making love to me it just seemed like he never had the time anymore.

Jim and I have been married for over 18 years and our son Robert just turned fifteen this spring. He is a good boy, if a little bit shy and naïve about life in general. Robert really enjoys school and spends most of his time on the computer or in the city library studying for classes. Although his father doesn't worry about his maturing at all I have been concerned that he has become way too much of a bookworm. Not that I think that there is anything wrong with making good grades, quite to the contrary, but I do think that at his age Robert should have had at least one girlfriend in his life, but alas that had not happened, at least not yet.

On Saturday morning we packed our SUV and four hours later we found ourselves in the National Park, had our raft rented and were off for two whole weeks of rest and relaxation. None of us are expert rafters so Jim had planned a route that would take us down a serene river allowing us to camp on the many beaches along the way. Robert helped his father load the raft and the three of us pushed off the beach and we paddled off down river. Jim had already picked our camping spot for the night, which was about three hours down river, and when he saw the high cliffs and sandy beach he check his map and called up to me to hold my paddle steady so he could make the right turn and head for the beach. We landed the raft without incident and began unpacking for the night. James and Robert set up our tent first then they set up Roberts. While the men folks did all the hard work I set up the camp stove and started dinner.

"Hey mom, what's for dinner?" Robert called from across the beach.

"I'm cooking up some chicken breasts and rice, hope that's OK with you two."

"Sounds good to me mom."

"Me too honey. Right now I could eat a frigin horse. Hey, did you remember to bring the box of wine?"

"Sure did, you want a glass?"

"Love one."

I poured Jim and myself a glass of wine and while he relaxed and sipped on his I finished cooking our evening meal. We finished eating and then sat around a small fire Robert had made talking about the day and the rest of our trip. Jim and Robert helped me wash the dishes with beach sand and water from the river and then we repacked the raft then decided to go to bed early so we could get a quick start the next morning. I was inside our tent and thinking that I was all sweaty from the day on the river and cooking over the fire and I needed to take a pee so when Jim poked his head inside I told him I was going to get cleaned up before slipping into the sleeping bag. "Sweetheart, I'm going to go down the beach a bit and go to the bathroom and then take a quick bath."

"OK hon, just be careful."

"I will." I gathered up a bar of soap, a washcloth and towel and eased out of the tent. I looked over at Robert's tent and it was dark and I assumed that he was already asleep so I quietly crept about twenty feet down the beach and stripped out of my clothes then walked behind a bush, squatted and pee-ed. Finished with my business I walked down to the river and waded out a couple of feet and began to wash off the dust and dirt of the day.

Inside Roberts' tent he was laying back on his sleeping bag just listening to the sounds of the night when he heard his mother tell his father that she was going to go out and wash up. He listened as she walked by his tent then he quietly turned around and grabbed his binoculars and eased open the tent flap a couple of inches. He lay there flat, the binoculars resting in his hands, his wrists crooked up to hold them steady as he focused on the fading image of his mother walking down the deserted beach. There was enough ambient moonlight that he could clearly see her as she reached down crosswise and grabbed her t-shirt and lifted it up and over her head then dropped it onto the sand. She looked upward at the sky as she reached around behind her and unsnapped her bra and let it slide down her arms and then dropped it onto her t-shirt. With a finger on either side of her shorts she pushed them and her panties down and over her butt and then stepped out of them and walked behind the bushes and took a pee.

This voyeurism of his mother was nothing new to Robert, he did it all the time and his mom didn't have a clue. God if she knew what he looked at on the computer she would have a heart attack. As Robert watched his mother undress he could feel his cock getting hard and because of his prone position it was pressing into the bottom of the tent and it hurt, so he reached down and adjust himself. When Joyce walked behind the bush to pee, still framed by the moonlight, he could easily see her urine dripping out between the silky hairs of her pussy as she squatted behind the bush. Oh my God, he thought, I would give anything to see that up close. When his mother waded into the stream he turned his hips to one side and began stroking his hard cock as he watch her wash her naked body. It didn't take long until his cock twitched and then spewed out hot cum onto the tent floor and at that moment Robert closed his eyes and pretended that he was coming inside his mother's pussy.

After quietly cleaning up his mess he turned back around and crawled back inside his sleeping bag and thought about what he had just seen. He enjoyed spying on his mother and had often watched her at home. It took him a while but once he figured out that each Sunday morning, when his dad went golfing with his buddies, his mom took her shower then lay back on her bed, totally naked and, vibrator in hand, played with herself until she had an orgasm. Soon he realized that he could easily slip into her closet while she showered and then watch her jack off through the louvers in the door. He watched her fingers pulling and caressing her breasts and nipples while her other hand, with the vibrator, massaged her clit then she finally slamming it deep into her pussy until her hips lifted off the bed and she had orgasm after orgasm. The first time he watched her fuck herself he was amazed to see that during the session she had maybe eight or nine orgasms, not just one like guys did. Once she was finished she would slip off her bed and go back into the bathroom and cleaned up, and when she did he would ease out of her closet and room. Now, with his hand on his cock, and thinking about his mother, Robert drifted off to sleep.

Joyce finished washing, splashed some river water on herself to wash off the soap, dried off and put on her panties and t-shirt and decided that was all she needed to wear to bed that night — she had ideas for Jim. She walked back up the beach and slipped inside the tent and lay her things aside and eased into the two man sleeping bag. As she slid down into the sleeping bag she felt her husbands' hard cock rubbing on her thigh and she knew it was hard because he was thinking about her and she wanted him. "Hey big boy, want to play a little?"

"You betcha young Indian maiden but we'll have to be quiet so Robert doesn't hear us fooling around and get curious about what were doing."

"Christ James, I don't think you son has a clue about sex. I'll bet we could invite him inside to watch us fuck and he would refuse telling us he would rather read a good book."

"Oh honey, I don't think that's true at all. Give him a little slack, he's just a normal 15 year old boy and I'm sure he's just a little embarrassed by the entire sexual thing he hears us doing and probably what his friends talk about."

"Maybe." Joyce unzipped the sleeping bag to the bottom and threw back the top covering. She reached down and took off her panties then threw a leg over her husbands' torso, settled down on him then reached behind her and found his cock and guided him into her already damp pussy.

"My, my, you're really wet tonight sweetie. Horny are we?" He asked.

"Well I do have a nice clean pussy for you my love and it has been a while since we made love." Using her knees she rocked back and forth feeling her husbands' 8 inch cock sliding in and out of her pussy from the tip to the base. "Play with my breast honey, suck on my nipples." Joyce bent over from the waist and James lifted her t-shirt up to her collar bone and cupped both breast together until he could get both nipples into his mouth at the same time then he began sucking on them, nibbling on the hardness that had at one time fed his son. "Oh God honey, that's sending shivers all the way down to my pussy." She suddenly straightened up, arched her back and began ridding him sideways feeling wave after wave of pleasure rippling through her loins. "Oh God baby, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cummmmm. Agrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

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