Deja Vu All Over Again

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Horror, Tear Jerker, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Harem, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Scatology, Body Modification, Caution, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This story was inspired by a true event that happened to me on my way to work one day. The rest, after the first three paragraphs, unfortunately, is pure fiction. In the true version, she just smiled at me and walked away as I went into work; I never saw her again.


My company had just relocated to brand new offices downtown in that fancy mega-complex that took up four city blocks. I had just parked my car on level B5 and rode the elevator up to the mezzanine level. So here I was Monday morning, with a map of the complex in hand. A lot of companies' hours are 8 to 5, but I was fortunate to work for a company that worked 9 to 5 and included our lunch hour for "free." At close to 9, the mezzanine was relatively sparse with a few people shopping in the stores that lined the mall-like indoor avenues. My footsteps echoed through the near-empty cavernous corridor. Anyway, I was looking for the subterranean entrance to the building called "Core 12." As luck would have it, it was way on the other end of the complex. I'd have to figure out which street portal to drive into to park in a closer section tomorrow.

With map in hand, I was walking briskly while staring intently at the paper and glancing up occasionally at the signs hanging from the ceiling pointing the way to the various buildings, restaurants, services, and parking elevators. It was then that I felt a warm body walking right next to me, her perfume a pleasant distraction. I had been dating Kathy for a few months now, and we were slightly beyond the "just dating" phase. We met at work, she worked for a different group a couple of cubicles away in the next aisle. In the new location, she's going to be on a different floor than me. Bummer.

I put my arm around her without thinking about it, and she did the same a moment later, and we continued walking while I continued staring at the map and hurrying us along. I hadn't had a girlfriend in over a year, and it felt good to walk together, our bodies swaying together as we walked arm-in-arm to our destination. It took nearly ten minutes for us to traverse the main avenue, and turn down a side avenue to reach the glass doors that led past a guard desk to a small interior elevator lobby.

"Tim!" I heard from some distance behind me. It was Kathy's voice.

I looked at the girl in whose arms I had been in for the past ten minutes. "Who are you?"

Before she could answer, Kathy screamed, "You cheating bastard!"

"Wait Kathy!" I said. "It's a misunderstanding. She started just walking next to me and I assumed she was you, without paying attention to her." Looking at the girl, I said, "Right? I guess I looked like your boyfriend from the back, and you didn't pay much attention either?"

"Uhm..." she stammered. She did look a little like Kathy; the same color and style of hair, the same height and build.

Kathy walked up to us. "You expect me to believe that?"

"Yeah! I expect you to believe that! I wouldn't cheat on you. It was an innocent misunderstanding." To the other girl, I said, "Tell her..."

Kathy continued, "My last boyfriend cheated on me, and I trusted him, even after I caught him and he explained it away. I'm not making that mistake again, buster! It's over! Kaput!" She stormed onward and jumped into an elevator.

I yelled at the closing elevator door, "If that's how much you trust people, I'm glad I found out now before we went any further!"

I wanted to cry. I'm kind of shy and I don't connect with women so easily. Will it be another year before I find another girlfriend? I exited the glass doors and walked a distance and sat on a bench opposite the credit union to collect my thoughts. I was in no mood to go to work now. Fortunately, this was also one of those companies that let you accumulate vacation days, and I had saved up, like, a gazillion vacation days over the years. I dialed my boss on my cell phone and said I needed to take a personal day for something that came up at home.

He's a nice boss, and said, "No problem, enjoy your day off."

That other girl had come over and sat next to me while I was on the phone. "I'm sorry," she said when I hung up.

"That's okay," I said. "It's not your fault. You better get away from me before your boyfriend or husband sees us and thinks you're cheating on him..."

"I don't have a boyfriend or husband."

"No?" Something didn't quite make sense about that, but I wasn't sure what.

She said, "I thought you were cute--all lost and flustered and looking at your map and mumbling to yourself." She giggled. "I don't know why I started walking next to you so close like that, but I just did."

"And you let me put my arm around you?"

"I almost ran away when you did that; like, what a creep! But I realized you must have thought I was someone else. I broke up with my last boyfriend over a year ago and it felt so good. I don't meet guys easy. I'm sorry about your girlfriend."

"Yeah, I understand. But I guess I'm glad I found out what she was like now. So maybe you did me a favor." I smiled back at her and continued, "So I guess it'll be a while before I meet a new girl now."

"Uhm!" she said somewhat oddly.

"What?" I said.

She smiled, slid closer, and put her arm around me again. "You just DID meet a new girl. My name's Lia. And I trust guys, especially nice, shy guys..."

"I see. Well, I guess we both work for the same company. I'm Tim. Maybe we can meet for lunch or something later this week?"

She reached into her purse and called in to take a personal day too.

"So, what do you want to do on your day off?" she asked.

"I don't know, whatever you want to do," I said.

She reached for that brochure in my hand with the infamous map on it, and we looked at it together. The complex had a small performing arts arena in the center with called The Dish that scheduled local plays, high school concerts, college graduations, and other acts throughout the day, and a local museum on one corner, and there was a hi-rise office tower at another corner with an observation deck and restaurant on top, and the whole place was, like, a huge shopping mall with no shortage of restaurants and stores. Then there was the Coke Arena a few blocks closer to the river that had big-name acts scheduled for most evenings. There was no shortage of things to do.

"Okay, then, c'mon!" she said.

We walked off, arm in arm. It was like déjà vu all over again.


It was slightly after 3 PM. We had done the museum, had lunch at the restaurant at the top of the observation tower, seen a local magic act in The Dish, and we had just bought tickets to see some alternative band in the Coke Arena for next Friday night; I'm not into music so much and forgot who; maybe it was Evanescence, or Children of Bodom, or some such. She had mentioned earlier that she was into Goth and something called "dee-ess," but when I asked what that was, she instantly changed the subject.

Anyway, we huddled off by the side mezzanine away from the jostling crowd. She put her arms around me and whispered, "I'm sorry again about your girlfriend. You liked our day so far?"

"It was wonderful!" I said. "The best day off I ever had! And forget Kathy, she's history!"

In an instant, she had leaned into me, and we were kissing. I didn't get a kiss out of Kathy until about four weeks. Not only were we kissing, but we were drinking from each other, right there in public. It was so erotic! So wonderful!

After nearly a half-hour of sucking face, I guess it was getting time to part ways; being Monday we both had work tomorrow. She stopped into the ladies room, but came right back out saying that it was so crowded and had a huge waiting line.

She grabbed my hand and led me through a door marked "Employees Only" (fortunately, we were employees and had our employee-ID badges with us to prove it) and down a set of stairs to one of those one-only private lavatories. Again, she stepped inside while I waited in the gray basement corridor lined with pipes and maintenance equipment. She opened the door slightly and waved me in.

"What?" I said, walking up to her.

Pointing to the toilet, she said, "The seat's filthy! I need a favor from you!"

"What can I do about it?" I said with a bit of confusion in my voice.

She pointed to a bench set slightly off one wall. "You can be my toilet. Lie on that bench for me."

I was really confused by what she meant by that, but I lay on the bench, anyway. Before I could react, she reached under her skirt, pulled her panties down, swung a leg over my head, and sat on my face. Holy shit!

She lifted up slightly and said, "Open your mouth for me, Tim!"

I couldn't believe a girl I basically just met wanted me to eat her in a public restroom while she sat on my face. Then shit again! I felt a stream of hot salty liquid shoot out of her twat into my mouth. What the fuck? She was peeing in my mouth! Holy shit! Stop! Fuck!

I started flailing my arms to get her to stop, but she just grabbed my wrists and continued peeing.

I heard her say, "C'mon honey; swallow, or you're going to have a problem."

Fuck! She was quickly filling my mouth. My head was pinned under the full weight of her body; I was immobile and helpless. I began to swallow.

After chugging down her bladder-full of piss, she stood off me and said, "Thank you, sweetheart! You must understand that's one of the courtesies I expect from my boyfriends."

Before I could answer, I rushed over to that filthy toilet and puked my whole lunch up.

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