Like A Virus: Andy

by Harry The Hermit

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Mind Control, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Incest, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: As Andy Meeker drove away from the farm outside Cooper, his life had changed, even if he didn't know it. The commands implanted in him by the man that he had installed the satellite system for at the farm were working through him, and everyone he came in contact with spread those commands, like a virus.



As Andy Meeker drove away from the farm outside Cooper, his life had changed, even if he didn't know it. {This farm and the people that live here are normal, nudity is normal, sex is normal, family sex is normal, homosexual sex is normal, and consensual sex is normal, and long as both or more parties agree, even if they are underage.} The commands implanted in him by the man that he had installed the satellite system for at the farm were working through him, and for a couple seconds he felt a little shudder. {Take this with you, and everyone you come in contact with will learn this, and like a virus, this message will spread, but it will seem to everyone that they have always believed this.} He pulled to the side of the road for a few moments as a little dizziness swept through him, and he felt a momentary flush like a fever had entered his body and just as quickly left it. {Hate and dishonesty is bad, love and honesty is the way life is to be lived.}

"Maybe I should have taken a break to eat something," he said out loud to himself as he grabbed the small ice chest he used for a lunch box. He took the bag of Fritos and bottle of Mountain Dew out and quickly munched some of the chips and drank half the Dew. The queasy feeling had passed, so he thought that the food had fixed the problem. But was it really a problem?

It took him just a few minutes to get into Cooper, and he decided that the Fritos weren't enough, so he stopped in front of the chicken place next to the grocery store. He looked at his watch, and saw that it was getting late, and decided to just call it a day, and reschedule his last appointment of the day. He went to pay phone at the store, and called his customer, and as it turned out, they needed to cancel anyway, and would call back in a few days for a new appointment. Andy called his wife to let her know what was going on, and since he was at the store already, she gave him a list of things to pick up on the way home.

Andy pulled around and stopped in front of the grocery store to pick up the milk and bread and such that his wife had asked for when he had called. He stepped through the front door, and the first person he saw was Jason, a sixteen-year-old boxboy, on his way out the door, pushing a shopping cart full of groceries. Right behind him was the customer whose cart he was pushing, a cute little mommy and her 14-year-old daughter. As each of the three passed within inches of Andy, they felt an odd dizziness and a flush that was gone almost before they realized it was there.

Andy didn't see it, but both Mrs. Simmons and her daughter Shannon felt their nipples pop to tingling hardness and their pussies started to get wet. They both could feel it, but had no idea what caused it, or that their mother/daughter had the same reaction. At almost the same time, they noticed Jason, and that caused the same reaction they just had, and contributed everything to that.

Jason, on the other hand was a normal sixteen-year-old, and was raging with hormones. It never seemed like it took much to set him off, and so he didn't think a lot about the hard-on he got from the hot mom and daughter he was helping. Sure, it being a small community, he had known them all his life, but he had never really thought about them in a sexual way before. Now that he noticed them, he knew he wouldn't forget them.

Both of them stood by Jason as he unloaded the cart into their car. As soon as he was done, The older of the two grabbed him, and said, "thanks, Jason!" She then proceeded to put a lip-lock on him like he had never experienced before. As they were kissing, she pulled his hand up and placed it on her tit, and used his hand to squeeze her boob. This only served to make his cock get harder, if that was possible.

Eventually, they broke their kiss, and almost before her mother got out of the way, the daughter slipped into his embrace. She took over for her mother, but as soon as she had his hand on her tit, her own hand was stroking his throbbing cock through his pants. Just before he would have filled his underwear with hot sticky cum, she broke off the action, and said, "yeah, thanks, Jason!"

He just stood there, panting, open mouthed, with a hard-on that wouldn't quit as he watched the giggling pair get in their car and head down the road.

Andy came out of the store just in time to see Mrs. Simmons and Shannon do their "thank you" bit, and it gave him a hard-on too.

He adjusted his cock in his pants, got in his truck, and headed to his home, just a few miles down the road. When he pulled into his driveway and got out of his truck, he was still hard. His wife Kate met him at the door with a kiss, and a slight dizziness and a flush took over her body as they embraced.

As they kissed, Kate could feel her nipples getting hard, and her pussy getting wet, as well as Andy's hard cock pressing into her. She practically dragged him into the house, and past their fifteen-year-old son Aaron, and thirteen-year-old daughter Chloe. As they went past the kids, they both felt the typical wave of dizziness and flush of arousal as the virus took over their minds and bodies.

Andy and Kate didn't really notice, or care, for that matter, that their bedroom door didn't close all the way as they stripped off their clothes and fell into bed. Andy tried to get between is wife's thighs to lap at her pussy, but she wasn't having any of that this time.

"Just get up here and fuck me, Honey," she told him, "we can play around later, but right now I just want that hard cock of yours in my pussy. Fuck me!"

They didn't know that their children were watching and listening to every word, grunt, and moan, as Andy fucked her to three orgasms right off the bat. Then he flipped her over and started pounding into her doggie style through two more cums before he finally howled as he filled her with his biggest load of cum ever.

Halfway through the scene before them, Aaron's cock was so hard he just had to do something about it. He tried to be sneaky about it so his little sister wouldn't notice as he stuck his hand inside his pants, but he accidentally bumped into her as he did. When she looked down and saw what he was doing, she turned to him and he saw that she was in the same condition as he was, and had her hands in her pants, too.

They both blushed when they realized that they had both been caught by the other and yanked their hands back out to the air. Chloe was just about to say something to Aaron, but he stopped her, drew her into a hug, and gently kissed her. She started to pull away, and looked into his eyes for a moment. She saw the love in his eyes and smiled, and retuned the kiss.

The cries of their mother's orgasms made them break their kiss and look at the couple writhing on the bed, but they kept holding each other. It was at this time that Andy turned Kate over and lined up behind her doggy style, and they were at a partial side view to the kids, so Aaron and Chloe saw all the action. Aaron turned his sister so she was facing their parents, and he stood behind her. At first, he just had his hands wrapped around Chloe's waist, but it wasn't long before she took one of his hands and placed it on one of her young firm tits, and brought the other to her pussy so that he could rub it, too.

As they watched their parents fucking wildly on the bed, Chloe could feel her big brother's hard prong trying to make a dent in her ass. She reached behind herself and rubbed the hardness in his pants, bringing out a low, but quiet moan from his throat. Feeling around, she found the buttons on his 501's and started to undo them. Her actions inspired him to reach down to the bottom of her t-shirt, and try to pull it up, and he interrupted his sister's attempt to gain access into his pants. She gave a little squeal of frustration, but finally gave up and raised her hands above her head, and allowed him to pull her shirt off, releasing her braless little tits to the air.

Aaron was about to place both of his hands over his sister's breasts, but she stopped him by turning around to face him, and dropping to her knees. She made quick work of the remaining buttons on his jeans and yanked them down to his ankles before making a grab for his cock as it stuck out through the opening in his boxer shorts.

As much as it pained him to stop her, Aaron pulled her hands off his hard cock, and pushed his shorts down to meet his jeans. He quickly kicked off his shoes and socks, and then added his pants and boxers to the pile. Then it was his turn to attack his little sister's jeans, and she helped by kicking her own shoes off, and it was mere seconds before she was completely naked. Aaron completed the act by whipping his shirt off before pulling her back into a close embrace. Their kiss was hot enough to start a fire, his cock was drooling onto her stomach, her pussy was dripping down the insides of her thighs.

Once again, Chloe dropped to the floor in front of her big brother, and this time she wasn't to be denied as she took hold of his throbbing cock. She stroked it a couple of times, and leaned face first into his crotch, and licked up the bubble of pre-cum that was forming on the tip of his cock. He groaned at the contact, loudly this time, and when he realized how load it was, he shot a glance over to where his parents were still going at it. It was obvious that they were so caught up in what they were doing, that they were still unaware of their children's activities just inside the door to their bedroom.

The sensations on his cock, a totally new experience for him, were going to make him cum too soon, and he didn't want that to happen. He once again pulled Chloe away from her task, and got down on the floor with her. He pushed her onto her back, and climbed over her now reclining body. As she looked up into Aaron's eyes, she saw a need, a hunger behind them, and they kissed once more. He broke the kiss, and when she looked at him again, he smiled broadly, and returned to kissing her. He didn't stop at her lips this time, but made his way around her jaw to her ear, and then down the side of her neck. When his lips met her collarbone, she raised her hands to hold him, but he took both of her hands and raised them over her head, holding her helpless against his attack.

As he continued his way down her body, Aaron released his grip on her hands, but they stayed where they were all on their own. She let out a hiss as his lips and tongue finally found her hard little nipple, and as he sucked it into his mouth, it got harder still. He switched back and forth between her tits until the nipples were both as hard as diamonds before he trailed his tongue down her abdomen.

Her passion was building fast, but took a little break into laughter when her brother's tongue dove deep into her navel, and swirled around a couple of times. He stopped a moment and lifted his head to look at her, and when he did, she lifted her head to see what was going on. All she could see was the smile plastered all over his face before he dropped his head back to her torso. He renewed his attack upon her body, and let his tongue trace its way to where he found a few fine hairs on the mound above her cleft, but none anywhere else. As soon as he made contact with her pussy, she cried out, and tried to sit up, but Aaron gently pushed her back onto the carpet.

They had both stopped paying attention to what their parents were doing a long time ago, and Chloe's exclamation brought Andy's attention to what was happening on the floor beneath them. Even though he had just finished filling Kate's pussy to overflowing with his cum, the sight of his naked virile young son eating out the pussy of his hot naked young daughter just a few feet away was enough to make his cock start to harden once again.

His wife lay next to him in a post-coital daze that bordered on slumber when she felt the bed shift as Andy got up off the bed. She quietly rolled over to the other side of the bed to watch what he was doing when she finally caught sight of what her two teen offspring were up to on the floor. Her gasp of surprise was almost silent, but as she watched her husband kneel over Chloe's head, her expression changed to first a big smile, then to a deep smoldering lust.

Chloe sensed that there was somebody close to her head, so she opened her eyes just in time to see her father's leg move over her body, and straddle her face. There before her eyes was the dripping cock that had moments before been buried deeply within her mother's body. She could still smell the pussy juice that coated it, and that made her smile. She reached up and took hold of the meat in front of her, and pulled it down to her lips. She gave it a little kiss, then stuck her tongue out a little and tasted it, and she found that she liked the flavor. She took her other hand and gently grasped the sack hanging from beneath his prick and began to fondle his balls, eliciting a moan from her father.

That moan sounded different to her brother, and he lifted his head from the feast of her pussy to see his father's ass staring him in the face as his sister had half of his cock in her mouth. The movement off to the side of the threesome caught his eye, and his mother came to him and pulled him away from his sister. She put her finger to her lips in a shushing motion as she took his place at her daughter's glistening pussy. She got down on her knees before him, lowered her face to Chloe's grotto, and began to slurp away. With a free hand, Kate motioned her son to move behind her, and as soon as he was in place, her intentions were plainly obvious. Her pussy was gaping open and the combination of her juices and Andy's cum was running down the inside of her thighs. Aaron walked on his knees up behind his mother and started to rub his teenage meat up and down over the pussy in front of him. Kate was starting to get frustrated as his actions and reached between her legs to grab onto his cock, and forced it where she wanted, deep into her twat.

Aaron moaned as he felt the hot wetness of a pussy envelope his cock for the first time in his life. Kate moaned too, as she felt his prick slide deep within her body. Her moan, however, happened to be attached to her thirteen-year-old daughter's clit. The vibrations, in conjunction with all the other sensations she had been subjected to in the last little while were enough to send her into orbit. Her scream would have probably been heard by the neighbors on the next block if it hadn't been for the fact that her mouth was full with just over half of her father's cock.

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